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Boys and Girls Country News Volume 39, Issue 3, Summer 2010

Inside... Pages 2-3 Message from the Executive Director You're Invited to A Vision for Children! Congrats, Grads! Page 4 Thanks for a great Spring Festival! Page 5 Awards Banquet: And the winners are... Pages 6-7 Memorials and Honorariums Page 8 Join us for the Heritage Award Dinner... featuring comedian Frank Caliendo!

Above: We had a great Alumni Homecoming! Check out the website "News" section for pictures and more!

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Thanks for a Great Summer! We had a relaxing, fun, and active summer...with a lot of help from our friends! We would like to thank the many volunteers who were a part of our program this summer, including tutors Pat Dunaway and Amber Groll, art instructor Diane Parman, dance instructor Lauren Tidwell, swimming instructor Andrea Morton, guitar instructors Charles Barnes and Mark Trekell, and Tom Behrens, a tutor who also runs our Outdoor Club and takes our kids fishing! Gay Getschmann and Judy and Joe Veale came up with fun activities for our kids, and Erika Morton, a college student, coordinated our summer events through an internship made possible by the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program. We also put on a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream with the help of CASE, the Cooperative for After-School Enrichment, which sponsored our Main Street Theater acting classes this spring (CASE After-School Initiative is funded in part by Houston Endowment, Inc.). Clockwise from top right: Fun in the sun at the beach... Learning to dance – and swim!..."A Midsummer Night's Dream," performed outdoors on our College and Career campus...The contestants of "Boys and Girls Country's Got Talent" put on a fabulous show...Anthony gives Wesley a lift in the recreation center...The boys take a picture with lampshades on their heads as part of a photo scavenger hunt...and Olivia stays cool inside the gym!

Message from the Executive Director Over the years, I have learned, time and time again, that it’s sometimes the littlest things that make the biggest difference. Each of our graduates this year spoke to the entire campus at an event we call “Senior Day.” (When I saw the title, I thought it was about me.) At this dinner each high school senior tells our campus family what life has been like for them. They recall their first day here and reflect on what sticks out in their minds and for both of our seniors it was a little thing that made a big difference to them. While I was interviewing for the Director position, back in Nevada, I kept following the Boys and Girls Country website and the preparations for the 2009 Spring Festival. It was heartbreaking for everyone when it had to be cancelled due to rain and soggy grounds. I had read where this was one of the two major fundraising events each year, and the funds generated and the opportunity to share our program and kids with those who visited were crucial to our mission. We knew that this year, with the addition of the new Penny Loyd Student Life Center, we would have our event, rain or shine, and what a beautiful day it was! On the first day of May, Spring Festival 2010 was finally upon us. I say with all honesty, the staff started preparing for this Spring Festival just after the last one was cancelled. By all measures, it was an amazing day. Attendance estimates ranged from 3,200 to 4,000 visitors to our campus. Our first Executive Director (Jack Brewer) and our last Executive Director (Ms. Shirley Wright) were both in attendance, as were our Board of Directors. I finally got my fill of funnel cakes and by the end of the day, despite one of the worst economies in recent history, we had our second best gross and net income in “Spring Festival” history (over 30 years)! We thank the Lord for all of you who have become our guardian angels and helped support us in good times and bad. We know that you do it for these beautiful children and young adults. In between preparations for the Spring Festival, we started a project that we called the 2010 Promotional Video. We know that once people visited our program, they generally fell in love with it and would become partners and supporters. We wondered if there was a way to capture the magic of our campus on video and share it with a wider audience. The kids “profiled” in the video were so tolerant of the long hours of preparation and filming. We put the video on our website, our Facebook page and on YouTube. In these first few months, over 1,000 people have viewed it. Can you view it and tell us what you think? We often encourage the kids (and each other) by reminding them that the only thing that follows hard work is results and success. We found out this school year that our message rang loud and true. Our Residential Education Department partnered with our Teaching Parents and held our children to some very high expectations this past year. We used the Shirley A. Wright and Dennis Alexander Education Center daily. Our children would come after school and climb the stairs to The Hamill Foundation Learning and Life Center for testing, remediation and assistance with homework and school projects. Despite the fact that we admitted 17 additional children over the 2009-2010 school year, we ended up with a campus GPA of 3.12! That’s a “B” average for our “at risk” kids! We are so proud of them! In addition, our college students averaged a 2.81 grade point average! At our Awards Banquet in late June, literally every child showed progress in their plans and every one of our kids received an award that night! We all learned success only comes before work in the dictionary. On graduation day, we all swelled with pride. Waller High School had its largest graduating class in history. As we waited for them to call Ms. Debra and Mr. Levi to the stage, I remembered what they had so emotionally shared on “Senior Day” with the rest of the kids and staff. What made a difference for both of these young adults was what appeared to be a “small” but kind and empathetic act from a loving staff member. It’s not so much what they did to get to graduation, it was what they overcame to get there that choked us up. Our kids are growing up in a time of great challenge and sweeping change. For some bad things that happen in life, there are no answers, but there are answering people. Thank you for helping us guide these precious youngsters through life. The “little things” staff extended themselves to do made the “biggest difference” to our two graduates.

A Vision for Children You’re invited to take a tour of our Home and learn more about the children we serve – and how your support helps us to raise them. Bring only an open heart and a friend.

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We’d like to host at least 10 people at each of our upcoming sessions: Saturday, October 9 Saturday, November 6 10:00-11:00 am.

Everyone is welcome! You do not need to RSVP, but if you would like for us to know you’re coming, please visit our website at and click on "Register Now". You can also find future Vision for Children dates on the site under “Events”.

We started the summer in the same way that we started the New Year, “in service to others”. The Bible says, “To whom much is given, much is expected” (Luke 12:48). On June 4th, the week school ended, we held our second blood drive, co-hosted by our Normative Leadership Council and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Just before school started, we hosted a third blood drive. This year, to date, we have made 58 blood donations, helping 174 Houston residents in medical emergencies. Most of our donors were staff, with our kids and our community neighbors close behind. Nothing is more important to instill in our children than a desire to help and respect others. As we start a new school year, we start preparing, in pride, for our 40th Anniversary. Early on in 2011, Boys and Girls Country turns 40! What sacrifices those before us must have made! What lives have been saved due to those sacrifices! As a private agency, accepting almost no government funds, we owe that success to our donors, our supporters, our volunteers and our Board Directors, 40 years worth of each! I still arrive before we open each morning and personally sign our thank you letters and read through the notes our donors sent us. What a glorious, encouraging way to start a day! Much of the news across our nation has been troubling. We know that negative voices always play the loudest. But at Boys and Girls Country, we don’t believe those voices. Through cynicism and pessimism, we teach our kids that they have already persevered through very difficult times. Our graduates have the courage to look past their differences with others and to face down their difficulties. Ours is a history of renewal and reinvention where our graduates find a way to adapt, thrive and push forward with energy, ingenuity and optimism. Although Boys and Girls Country plays a role in securing a more prosperous future for our kids, the final outcome ultimately depends on each of our kids and the choices they make. While you are reading this, rest assured that the staff here are preparing our current children for what lies ahead. They will be successful! As I prepare for this column every few months, I get a chance to really review what we have accomplished and what has made the biggest impact on me. I certainly love and admire the kids. I also admire the sacrifice and compassion of a staff that extends themselves, every day. One event mixed the kids and staff together and it continues to stick out in my mind. It happened last November, just before Thanksgiving. I was trying to “fly under the radar” on my birthday when right in the middle of the afternoon, one of our Teaching Parents, Ms. Mary, entered my office with Jean Paul and Justen. Jean Paul had a clarinet and Justen had a trumpet and they proceeded to play “Happy Birthday” to me in a way that was more touching than ever before. It was better than a paycheck! Just as in the experience of our “seniors”, the littlest things make the biggest difference. Check out our new video at to learn more about our Home and the children you help us serve! Lou Palma


Oh, The Places They'll Go!


Congratulations to Levi and Debra, our Class of 2010! At our Senior Day, with words of wisdom from Dr. Seuss and from the staff who loved and raised our graduates since childhood, we sent them off with high hopes, favorite memories of the times we've shared, and support and encouragement as they enter our College and Career program and start over again as freshmen – this time, college freshmen! We would like to thank our friends at Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union and Cypress Creek Christian Church for throwing "Senior Showers" for our kids, and making sure they have everything they need for college!


Levi Quenton Aaron Dudley Levi is a leader with a positive attitude, humble spirit, and grateful heart. He is looked up to as a big brother on campus. He served on the Normative Leadership Council and participated in football, wrestling and powerlifting. Levi plans to become a coach, and is working toward a degree in kinesiology at Blinn College.

Debra Lea Sparks Debra has a loving, giving heart and is deeply devoted to her younger siblings, and to those who have become family to her. She loves to act and has been in many plays. She also loves reading, writing, and learning, and plans to be a teacher. Debra is attending Lone Star College and working toward degrees in education and psychology.


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Thanks to all of you who came out for our Spring Festival! It was a sunny, fun-filled day, and we loved having you as our guest! The proceeds we raised with your help will provide for our children throughout the year. We would especially like to thank the underwriters who made the event possible!

Title Sponsor

Presenting Sponsor A Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC Company Jim & Leigh Tomforde

Sustaining Sponsors

Schulte Charitable Foundation

Supporting Sponsors

Partners Jeannie & Trey Able

Ryan & Keri DesAutels

Gatewood Family Foundation

Jack & Carolyn Little Penny & Paul Loyd

The Eads Family Friends

Margaret & Lee Matherne, Jr. Friend of Boys and Girls Country

(Michael Bennett, Reed Wood, Justin Gannon, & David Winn)

Brian & Elisabeth McCabe Jim & Arlene Payne Family Foundation

Bob & Helen Howard

Coe Wilson

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Amegy Bank/Steve Stephens Bryan & Kelly Basham Bob & Lisa Kurtz Herb & Cheryl Listen Midway Foundation The Mirand Group Mirand Response Systems Tina Jenks & Bryant O'Neal J. R. & Susan Sult Julie Todaro Tomรกs & Laura Torres Scott & Loraine Wegmann Woodforest National Bank

Buddies Jim & Mary Alice Daniel Rigo & Sally Flores The Galloway Family Kolkhorst & Kolkhorst CPA's J. Ray McDermott, Inc. Jim & Barbara Metcalf Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions Methodist Willowbrook Hospital Mirand Card Services Linda C. Murray George O'Neal, III Parkman Whaling LLC RDC/Cytex Plastics Dick & Rose Scott Tex-Trude TransCanada Corporation Triad Energy Corporation Wade & Company, LLP The Wardenburg Family - Pete & Marilyn The Weingeist Family

At our 24th annual Children's Awards Banquet, we celebrated our children's achievements over the past year...from their personal growth to achievements at school and in their extracurricular activities. The theme of the evening was "Keys to Success"...and we thank each of you for being key to our children's success! We give special thanks to our friends at St. Francis Episcopal Church for providing us with the venue, equipment, and great volunteers who prepared a wonderful dinner, and to the Cypress Belles Chapter of the National Charity League for providing beautiful decorations and centerpieces, along with volunteers who were on their feet all evening, serving the hundreds of guests who came to watch our children receive their awards!

Academic Awards Kindergarten Awards Harley Michelle A Honor Roll Ashton Audrey Brianna Daniel Ethan Jean Paul Kaleigh Kamry Luke Lyndon Meadow Rebekkah Most Improved Elementary School Ka’Tara Junior High School Shantel High School Rhonda

Special Awards

A & B Honor Roll Alexandra Allea Ashleigh Chelsea Christina Crystal Debra Helen Hunter Jacob Jared Jason Jocelyn John Kiewan Kim Mekdelawyt Michael Olivia Raina Serriah Sherry Stephanie Taylor Tiffany Wesley Xavier Left: In addition to the academic and special awards, each student was recognized for character and individual accomplishments with a personalized trophy. Right: Alexandra, Chair of the campus Normative Leadership Council, presents the Kids' Choice Award to Levi and Denisha. Levi also received the Gerry Lyon Memorial Award for his grateful heart, positive attitude and perseverance.

Scholars of the Year for highest grade-point averages

Kaleigh (Elementary School) Lyndon (Junior High School) Rebekkah (High School) Volunteer of the Year for outstanding community service

Denisha Citizen of the Year for exceptional leadership and positive role modeling

John Most Dedicated of the Year for dedication to goals and commitments

Evan Resident of the Year for highest overall ratings

Jorge Kids’ Choice Award selected by peers for leadership

Denisha Levi

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In Memory Of Received March 1, 2010 - July 15, 2010 Marilyn Albers A.C. & Annazell Von Minden Ann Amalfi Jake & Rose Jacobson Marie Ray Anderson George & Lynne Mitchell Tony Barcelona, Jr. Paul & Debbie Blackshear Peter Bryce Bedell, III Jack & Carolyn Brewer Janette McDonald Richard Bean Janette McDonald Hertha Bennett Paul & Debbie Blackshear Dennis Bissitt Ralph & Noelene Birkelo Cecil & Shirley Bishop Beth Bitner Judy Higginbotham & family Irma Blackshear Paul & Debbie Blackshear Nita Blankenship Jim & Barb Liebl Dorothy Bonnette C.B. & L.R. Cadwallader Mrs. Shirley Cenac & family Joycelyn Cook Mrs. Gail Fabre & family Frances Kreihs Mr. & Mrs. Don McCullough Christine Porter Brother of Mary Jo Boswell Tom & Jane Liles Arilla Bowerman Mr. & Mrs. Noel Jones Lt. Ben Britt A.C. & Annazell Von Minden Mrs. Lois Brow Eleanor Evans Chet Burchett Carol Brown Winston S. Buster, Jr. Lawrence Gift Willie & Orca Willhelm Sharon Wright David Calhaun Doris O’Reilly RW Carey Austin Suderski

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Allie B. Futrell Edgar & Carolyn Reeves Christine Garcia James & Amanda Windsor Eugene Gardner Benjamin & Aileen Kirkham Milton Gautreaux Scott & Paige Dunlap Betty Gillespie John & Cynthia Birdsong Mrs. Norbert Gloyna Jim & Barb Liebl Jackie Goates George Polk, Jr. Nell Green Edgar & Carolyn Reeves Al Groschke Becky Groschke Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Groschke Becky Groschke Bob Hanson Marion Hanson Sophie Hargrave Kathy & Gary Friedel Jenevieve Hatch Julia & Charles Ferrell Tom & Patsy Patterson Patsy Hauck Paul & Debbie Blackshear James E. Haynes Tom & Jane Liles William R. Haynes Alice P. Craig Gail Heidelhoff Fern Basden Edd Kellum Hendee Doris O’Reilly David Hendricks II David Hendricks Lois Steele Hicks Tom & Jane Liles Linda Hofmann Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Von Minden Vernon & Alice Holderrieth Hal & Brenda Doerre Stacey Brooner Hughes Robert Terry & Louise Riggle Paul Hutson Louise Bean Appel Reba Jo Irwin LaDora & Eric Jernigan Sherry Johnson Ryan & Joanne Pittman

Celina Kilpatrick Don & Belle Dawson Mrs. Leora Klein Klein Funeral Homes & Memorial Parks Employees Louise Knapp Nancy Merritt Evelyn LaBorde Clovis Kendrick Ross Laechelin John & Cynthia Birdsong Bud “Doc” Lamar Bob & Pat Haygood Tom & Mary Hobbs Lufkin Educational Broadcasting Foundation George Murray Lyle Laughlin Jim & Barb Liebl Eddie Leeson Cecil & Shirley Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Hamish Lillie Jim & Barb Liebl Nancy Long Bobby & Betty Craig Harold Lott Bobby & Betty Craig Jewell Maher Eunice Allardyce Joyce Manahan Paul & Debbie Blackshear Grace Mandola JoAnn & Anthony Mandola Danny Martin Jim & Barb Liebl Michael Martin John Baldwin Eagle Motors Denise Hammond Kenny Mannigel Richard Rogers Virginia Martin Charlotte Humphrey Jimmy May Patricia May Neal McClaugherty Carol & Doyal Gillespie Howard McNutt Edgar & Carolyn Reeves Ruth Merrill Donald & Betty Belle Dawson Elizabeth Merritt John & Cynthia Birdsong

Lon C. Mitchell, Jr. Dorothy & Mickey Ables Beck-Ford Construction Sean Blakley Roy Breen (Part of the Spectra Family) David & Lisa Brimberry The Bursar’s office at Purdue North Central – Westville, IN Steve & Kathy Bush Greg & Nancy Cooper Alice Craighead Archangela DeSilva Dorothe Foreman Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Gamel Sherry & John George Jonna Grizzle Janet LaFave-Hall Alan & Karen Harris Teresa & Glen Krueger Wally & Virginia Landeck Jimmy & Yvonne Marr Tom & Linda McConnell & family Frances Mears Eloise Novotny Property Owners Association of Century Oaks Estates Laura Buss Sayavedra Nicole Singer Tom & Kathy Watt Brenda Wisniewski Cozy Moore Ernestine & Jim Robertson Maria (Raynal) Murphy Charlotte Villman H. Louis Nichols Larry & Robbie DeHay Kie Nobra Stan & Sharon Zbylot L.E. Palma Lou & Ginger Palma Elijah E. Petty Curtis Petty Mark & Judy Wadsworth George Polk, Sr. George Polk, Jr. Wendell Pounds Ernestine & Jim Robertson Elton Freeman Reid Jane Turlington Janet Reitz Donald Reitz

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In Memory Of Received March 1, 2010 - July 15, 2010 Joe Hunter Reynolds Jane & MT Crump Michael & Mary Draper Vala Moye Dr. & Mrs. J.F. Warren Dick Richards Lee & Gladys Sparacino James W. Roach, Jr. Jane Turlington Melvin Robinson Jean Robinson Ross Robinson Dr. Arlys Bing Walter Schiel George & Caroline Polk Johnie Schulte Ruben Ruiz Leonard (Jack) Scott Sharon Wright Betty Smith Della & A.A. Brautigam Rita Spleth Eileen Ball Biering Jack & Carolyn Brewer Brad Harris Mickey & Judy Herrmann Clay & Karen McDermeit Mrs. T.O. Shindler

Don Stidham John & Cynthia Birdsong Billy Sutton Winston & Shirley Buster Dan Sweeney Julia & Charles Ferrell Myrtle Telep Jean Robinson Mrs. Ralph Thomas Jean Robinson James Tinkler Carolyn Beall Bill & Virgie Harlan Jeffrey Tomchesson Albert & Hazel Tomchesson Roselea Trousdale Beacon Class – Second Baptist Church Cecil & Shirley Bishop Pat & James Ingram Cal & Millie Reed Reba Trwin Virginia Crowson Jason Valentine Mary Alice Dupree

Paul Wahlberg Leonard & Margaret Bedell Jack & Carolyn Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Webb Becky Groschke Donald N. Wilkinson Evelyn Wilkinson Kim Wilson John Dean Jeff Elkin Debbie & Gary Hall Lisa Koss Bruce Rowley David Sambrooks Videlle Wilson Arlys Bing Joan Windham Garth Fletcher The Friedkin Companies Inc. & Gulf States Toyota, Inc. Friends at Fred Haas Companies Fred & Mark Haas Mary Beth Haughton Leslie Hollingsworth Amy Hsu Richard & Janet Kay

Joan Windham (cont'd) William & Melissa Kimbrough & family Anne & Todd Newlin Ricky Patterson Phillip Porter Angie Sherrell Vance & Kristin Tillman Fred Winter Gail & Sidney Adcock Phyllis & Sam Allen Tom & Mary Brandt Dan & Bobbe Burke Lewis & Cynthia Crossley Tuesday Morning & Wednesday Night Classes at Cypress Creek Christian Church Julia & Charles Ferrell Tom & Kay Gallatin Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Girotto Robert Grossman Bud & Barbara Habel Jean Susan Hanks Robert & Marilyn Hillery Larry & Beverly Hornback William & Jacqueline Liles

Fred Winter (cont'd) James Meek Faburn Murray Steve & Elaine Neeld F.G. & Johnette Oakes Alice & Dennis O’Geary Tom & Patsy Patterson Tanya & David Pilant Arnan & Vicki Rasch Carol Ann Reid Ellen & Jim Seigler Robert & Sylvia Shook Doyle & Carolyn Simpson Barry & Judy Smith Dan & Sandra Wagner Al & Nancy Weaver Mark & Olivia Wood Marienne Womack Doris O’Reilly James Wood Cynthia & John Birdsong Dr. Jay A. Workman Uncle James O. & Aunt Wilma F.S. (Sonny) Young Jack & Carolyn Little

In Honor Of Received March 1, 2010 - July 15, 2010 All the Housemothers on Mother’s Day Lenore Dunwoody Angelina, Nicole & Rik Linda Murray Charles & Nan Austin Gordon & Donna Marcum Bill Beard – 76th birthday Kathy, Mark & John Salvie Mary Ann Belin – 80th Birthday Barbara Strobel The Birth of Mr. & Mrs. David Bergeron’s grandchild Bunny Halvorson Thelma & Arthur Betties Brad White Mary Ann Bathe – 75th Birthday ER & Laverta Bishop Jack & Carolyn Brewer Leonard & Margaret Bedell

Reg Brockwell – Father’s Day Jennifer Brockwell Wayne & Michele Brown Robert Brown Gene & Joan Swang Rosie Williams Kristi Avoli-Camann Vic & Betty LaBonte Lynn Castro – birthday Pete & Marilyn Wardenburg Nancy Chickering Chick Chickering, Kristi, Cam & Nash Hulda Coskey – Birthday Lewis & Jean Blackwell William & Kathy Sisco L.C. & Cathy Courtney – 50th Wedding Anniversary Edgar & Carolyn Reeves Ryder Derryberry – Birth Bunny Halvorson

Robin Emmott – Birthday Viona Howe Steve Emmott – Birthday Viona Howe 2010 Graduates Scotty Sanders Curt Grindal – Birthday Dana Grindal Sten Gustafson & Sofia Adrogue Damon Thames Richard Hasten – Retirement Tom & Patsy Patterson William Henry – Birth Bunny Halvorson Judy Herrmann – Birthday Eleanor Evans Natalie Janaski John & Kay Krebs Todd Jett – Birthday Edgar & Carolyn Reeves

Jean Xu & Warren Johnson – Marriage Becky Perry Barb Liebl – Mother’s Day Jamie & Jennifer Liebl Jane Liles – Mother’s Day Karen & Ryan Liles Jane & Tom Liles – Wedding Anniversary Karen & Ryan Liles Janette McDonald Dick Slaughter Betty McMahan Cecil & Shirley Bishop Jimmy Pappas - birthday Tessie Pappas Tom Patterson – 75th Birthday Patsy Patterson Ruthie & Glenn Polan Carol Ann & Tom Smith Alfred Rios Melissa Brown

Braden Susman – 3rd Birthday Bunny Halvorson Del Tiebel Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Wayne & Debbie Turner – Marriage Mrs. Florence Abercia Ashlyn Wardenburg – birthday Pete & Marilyn Wardenburg Jan West – Mother’s Day Wrenne West Harold Wisher – Father’s Day Mike & Shannon Scacewater Shirley Wright Leonard & Margaret Bedell

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Boys and Girls Country of Houston, Inc. 18806 Roberts Road Hockley, Texas 77447 Address Service Requested



WISH LIST Our Education Department Needs: 5-Subject Spiral Notebooks Fine-Point Permanent Markers Tab Dividers Large Sketch Pads


d8d Honoring


Our Clothing Closet Needs: In all sizes, except where indicated: Girls’ and Boys’ Black No-Show Socks Boys’ and Men’s Boxers and Boxer Briefs Boys’ (all sizes) and Men’s (size S, M) Undershirts Girls’ Training Bras and Women’s Bras (size C & D) Girls’ (all sizes) and Women’s (size 8 & 9) Hipster Panties Girls’ and Boys’ Tennis Shoes & Casual Shoes; Girls’ Dress Shoes Our Commissary Needs: Hair Care Products (shampoo, conditioner, African-American hair care products, etc.) Men’s Razors Canned Chili Spaghetti Sauce Kitchen Cleaner (Spray) Bath Cleaner (Spray) Toilet Brushes Our Cottages Need: Alarm Clock Radios Hand Mixers Blenders Twin-Size Mattresses (only top mattresses) DVD Players Blowdryers and Flat Irons Garment Bags for Suits Queen-size Sheets Bath Mats Our Maintenance Department Needs: Plumbing supplies and tools Electrical supplies (boxes, outlets, switches, covers, etc.) Paint Supplies Full list at Click on "Donate" and "Fill a Wish List"


Mike and Cindy Gatewood

Frank Caliendo

Save the Date

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2010 Reception 6:00 PM

Dinner 7:00 PM


Houston, Texas 77010

Mike and Cindy Gatewood have given their hearts to our children through Mike's service and leadership on our board since 2002 – including an extended term as Chair – and through their personal commitment to our Home. Join us for an unforgettable evening as we honor Mike and Cindy, with entertainment from renowned comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo! For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Elaine Petranek, Director of Development, at 281-351-4976 extension 219 or by email at New! Our Heritage Award Dinner website ( will keep you up-to-date with news and information about the event! Learn more about our honorees and entertainer, become a sponsor online, and get a sneak peek at the fabulous auction items that will be up for bid that night! You can also have updates delivered right to your inbox...Just click on "Sponsor Sign Up"!


Boys and Girls Country Summer 2010 Newsletter  

We had a great summer...Meet our graduates, and learn more about our Spring Festival and Heritage Award Dinner!

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