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JAMS Clubhouse Scoop Volume 2, Issue 9

November 2011

In This Issue: Youth of the Month ……………...Pg. 2 Journal Entries…………………...Pg. 3 Club Events….…………………...Pg. 4 Opinion on Cars……….………...Pg. 5 Kids with Cameras………………Pg. 6 and 7 Pumpkin Carving Contest………Pg. 8 Spooky House…………………...Pg. 9 Halloween Costume Contest…..Pg. 10 Comics…………………………...Pg. 11 Beard Page……………………...Pg. 12 Club Events (part 2)…………….Pg. 13 Torch Club Elections……………Pg. 14

By: Kathy Li I interviewed the current YOM, Karyme Gutierrez for some insight on Youth of the Month life. How does it feel to be youth of the month? I feel really proud and happy in my position. What’s your favorite department? I really can’t say, I love them all. If you couldn’t be youth of the month for everything, what would you be? I would be art center YOM. I love art center. Have you been YOM for any other department? Yes, for Art Center.

O c t o b e r D e p a r t m e n t Yo u t h o f t h e M o n t h

Youth of the Month

Games Room

Art Center

Learning Center

Sound Studio

Tech Center

Ma’Kaya W.

Oscar L.

Iseult L.

Carlos B.

Mariah V.

Noah W.

S e p t e m b e r D e p a r t m e n t Yo u t h o f t h e M o n t h

Youth of the Month

Games Room

Art Center

Learning Center

Sound Studio

Tech Center

Karyme G.

Kathy Li

Eric C.

Maryam P.

Maya M.

Matthew E.

Best Daily Journal Responses for September and October Journal Topic for September 29th: This topic was inspired by Gaby Hernandez: Pac-Man is based on a children’s story about a creature that protected children from monsters by eating them. The monsters were included as ghosts that chase Pac-Man, the yellow creature, around a maze. Each ghost has a name, a unique personality, and a way of moving. For your Journal Topic, invent a fifth ghost. Give his name, color, personality, and explain how he pursues Pacman.

By Matthew Espinoza My ghost’s name would be Sneaky. His color is black because he is hard to see and is hard to avoid. When sneaky was little, he always hid from his parents but they love him anyway. When he was 15, he was sent to “Get the Pack-Man Academy” so he could catch Pac-Man. There were so many ghost training to go get in the game of madness. At the end of training. One ghost would be sent in to try to catch Pac-Man. They were never successful until Sneaky went in. He was black like the screen so you could only see his eyes. His strategy was to command the other ghosts to follow Pac-Man in a line. Since Pac-man doesn’t see Sneaky, he sneaks up on him and catches him. Journal Topic for September 7th: Complete the following story: Jesus Jose Maria Gonzalez, or Jay as most of us know him, woke up after a restless night filled with strange dreams eager to see how much his beard had grown. He looked in the mirror, expecting to see longer bristles, but was shocked when he saw no beard at all. Panicked, he searched the house ….

By Blayne Sutton-Wells Jesus looked in his closet, under his bed, and even in the kitchen sink. No beard. He got ready and ran outside, he looked in the park, in the garbage can and all around the block. No beard. Suddenly he saw something that looked a lot like his beard, he followed it. What he thought was his beard rounded a corner, he jumped around the corner and almost bumped into a lady wearing a scarf. The end of the scarf looked like a beard. Suddenly, he saw what really was his beard but who was it on? He walked up to the man, then the man turned around it was Wade. Journal Topic for October 3rd: Our newest staff, Ryan Shepard, is a big fan of Catwoman. He is so excited about the new movie coming out that he plans on dressing up as her for Halloween. Does dressing up as a female character make Ryan Shepard less of a man? By an Anonymous Writer

By Breeanna Cruz I Breenna Cruz do think that if Ryan Shepard dresses up as Catwoman it makes him a man still because even if he looks like a Catwoman on the outside, he is still a man on the inside. What is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside. Also, it doesn’t matter because girls dress up in boy costumes so why should it matter what Ryan Shepard is for Halloween.

Well dressing up like Catwomen wouldn’t be dressing up like Batman, but some people say that’s his choice and he should be himself. But women might say, “Man we should never hang out with him.” But it’s ok to be yourself. But yes it would make him less of a man, but don’t listen to people who say dressing up as Catwoman is lame. Well Ryan Shepard, be as you want to be and that makes you you. But it does make you less of a man

Journal Topic for October 28th: Write a scary story. Your story needs to include the following 3 things: A Bowl of Candy Corn, A Goldfish, A Pickle

By Abel Ochoa Once there was a pickle and a candy corn watching TV. They were having fun playing and talking. They were so awake they could not sleep. Then, after playing in a bowl of lemonade, they went to sleep and turned off the light. Then something moved, then again, then Candy Corn was gone and pickle was scared, so he went to go and get water then appeared out of now where a blood thirsty six foot gold fish. Pickle couldn’t do anything and got eaten while Candy Corn was in the bathroom. Then Candy Corn went back to sleep and found there was something else on pickle’s bed. It was the blood thirsty gold fish! The same happened to Candy Corn. The blood thirsty gold fish ate all the remains and left in a flash.

Journal Topic for October 23rd: Write a story from the perspective of Sound Studio Director Giovani’s pumpkin

By Brian Gomez Giovanni left me outside on the patio and a 7th grader spray painted and stabbed me with a knife. Next day Giovanni saw me all painted and stabbed. He got mad that he got a towel and band-aids to fix me. At six the kid again brought a chainsaw and chopped off the top of my head. Then Giovanni put crazy glue on my head. At 6:30 Giovanni was hiding and saw the kid cutting my stem. He jumped out and scared the kid. That Giovanni saved my life. I almost was turned into a pumpkin pie.

Club Events Santa Monica Farmers Market: No Cook Cooking Class Series On September 30, 2011, twenty five members ditched the typical afterschool snacks loaded with sugars, salts, and artificial flavors to make their own from fresh fruits and vegetables delivered straight from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Darra Henigan, the Education Coordinator of the Santa Monica Farmers- Elena Rey /JAMS Scoop Market taught members about benefits of eating locally produced food and then presented them with avocados, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, four varieties of humus, and pita bread. Members then worked together chopping and passing the ingredients, spreading the humus, filling their pita wraps, and having fun before eating a delicious and healthy snack.

JAMS Chess Team Wins the Fall Playa Vista Public Library Chess Tournament

Elena Rey /JAMS Scoop From left to right: Mia, Lannie, and Moises present their wraps.

Apple Taste Test

By Makaya Washington

15 members attended Eat and Learn on Oct. 14 and sampled 5 different varieties of apple, 4 of which nobody had Daniel B Smith used his queen to destroy heard of. Members learned the plans of his adult opponent in the final that there are 7,500 different moments of the tournament. varieties around the world. The 5 Apples underwent the scrutiny of 11 Blyane Suttonwills was in control from the history of apples goes as far tasters. start. He early on kept his opponent’s king on back 4,000 years ago. Origithe run which allowed him to reign over the nally they are only a couple apples in the world that are original board eventually into his opponent’s territory but the science behind cross pollination has brought these differfor a checkmate. ent types of apples to us. Here are some of the apples that we tried:

The following photos and captions capture a few of the tournaments highlights.

Hardy Cumberland: The Hardy Cumberland was very sweet, juicy, and crisp and won nearly the entire group’s vote for best apple.

Patrick Buschelman played against Venice’s Team Captain .

Angelo Orozco and Alma de la Torre fought tough battles giving JAMS enough points to win the tournament.

Prairie Morgan faced a difficult opponent, but won the match. She credited her pregame snack of carrots for enhancing her board

Nathan Gianette (third from the right) was a strong leader. He beat both of his opponents, but more importantly represented Jams and kept his teammates confident. He demonstrated the upmost class, shaking hands with his opponents and remaining humble through his victories.

Fuji: The Fuji apple is one of those originals I was talking about. It is not exactly a pure red apple but it is definantly one of those originals. Just like the volcano in Japan it has the same name. Mustsu: The Mutsu (also known as Crispin) was introduced in 1948 and is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Indo Apple varieties first grown in Japan. It is named after the Mutsu Province of Japan, where it was presumably first grown. Cameo: We dipped these Apples in Ground Almonds mixed with Honey and they tasted sooo good. They tasted a little like granny smiths because they were kind of sour. Sierra Beauty: This was the crispiest and best looking apple. It had a creamy yellow background underneath a beautiful deep red.

Why We Are Thankful By Rolando Bonales I am thankful for many things. One of the things I am thankful for is that I have a little brother who is three years old. I have someone to relate to and play games with. I am also thankful for my education because if I didn’t have my education then when I grow up and face the hardships of life I wouldn’t be poor and stupid.

By Ronnie I am thankful for my aunt for being my legal guardian because when my dad died, she took me in her home. She didn’t even want to take care of me but she wanted to be nice to me. What I am also thankful for is Marten Luther King Jr. because he stood up for everybody and said they have a right to do stuff.

By Daniel B. Smith I am thankful for a lot of things. Most of the things that I am thankful are those that I have in my life. I am thankful to my mom and my father for helping me with homework. I am thankful for the people in the Boys and Girls Club. I am thankful to Howard for bringing me here and when I came here I met staff members that also helped me where to go. I am thankful for the staff member Erik for helping me become a tech superstar so I can play computer here. I am thankful for the staff member Wade for being the main man after power hour and for the stamp and club bucks. I am thankful for the new staff member, Ryan, for being a helper at chess but also at homework. I thank the person who made my classes because it was a very good one.

By Mariah van Putten I am thankful for my sister. Why? Because with out my sister I would be lonely. Yes sometimes I wish I could be an only child, but I still love her. I also need a sister to fight with. If I didn’t have a sister to fight with, how would I and on what would I take my anger out on? Certainly not on my mom, and definitely not on my dad. I would take it out on my sister, and then I would say I sorry for what I did sometimes and most of the times. Do we sometimes get into extreme fights? Yes. Like when my sister punched me in the stomache and when I hit her all the time. But in the end we’re both talking to each other again. And not mad anymore. I know that’s probably not how you fight with your sibling, but me and my sister fight at an extreme. But, I love her sooooooo extremely much anyway. That’s why I’m thankful for my sister.

By Lauren Auerbach I am thankful for many things, but one of the main things I am thankful for is living in Santa Monica. Compared to places where people don’t have a home or are starving, Santa Monica is paradise. Also in some places it is freezing cold or burning hot, but here the temperature is just right. When it’s snowing elsewhere and everybody is in their house, here we’re out in the sun at the beach or having a blast outside. Another reason I am thankful for living here is that it is incredibly beautiful. People come from all around the world to California to just see Santa Monica. Some of my favorite things here are the pier where I can go on rides and play games, the promenade where I can go in stores or see a movie; and my all time favorite the beach! At the beach, there aren’t any big sharp rocks like other places. And even though the water temperature is a little cold, you still have lots of fun. All in all, I think any person living in Santa Monica should be thankful for all the things I have listed and much, much, more.

By Alberto Ruiz I’m thankful for a lot of things like… Having brothers and sisters that love me, parents that care about me but mostly a family that loves me. Another thing I’m thankful for is having a house to live in and enough money to live. Also I’m thankful for going to school , and having the BEST MOM EVER. But mostly for not breaking any bones of my body…. Yet : )

By Esteban Schamp I am so thankful that Ihave a family that is the best. And that I have a roof ovr my head. I am thankful for that because lots of people don’t have a good family like I do. Or a house to live in. I feel sorr for tose people who don’t have the things like cabel, internet, or xbox360. Or even food to eat or meoney to buy it with and that’s why I am so thankful for the family I have and the things I have.

By Isabella Sandoval I am thankful for having a family and friends. I’m also thankful for having food and a home. I am very thankful for having money and a school to go to because many people don’t have that. Al of these things lead to a great education and career.

To see each Member’s work come and visit the Tech Center.

JAMS CLUBHOUSE PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST By Gaby Hernandez On Friday October 28, 2011 there was a pumpkin carving contest. Team 6 had won with their evil pumpkin face. Pumpkin carving involves a lot of hard work, precision cutting, and lots of time taking out all of the pumpkin guts. Though it was a lot of hard work, all those who participated had a lot of fun. Each team consisted of an average of 5 members all of whom demonstrated excellent teamwork. 7th grader, Angelo Orozco, enjoyed the group aspect of the pumpkin carving. “When you and other people are working on a pumpkin, you can come up with better ideas.�

The Winner! Maya, Faith, Ilana

JAMS SPOOKY HOUSE By Itzel Sandoval The Haunted House was terrifying! The staff blocked out all of the sunlight and they decorated the tech center with cob webs. Augustino led us through the house with a story accompanied by scary sound effects that many members believed were produced by Giovani aka. DJ Fresh. The House was too scary for even some adults on the scene. “When I saw terrified members run out screaming,” said Wade, “I decided it was too scary for me. Middle school students are hard to scare.”

Best Costumes Ever

Most Creative The Cutest

Most Scary & Best Over All

Most Funny


Beards Invade the Faces of Nearly the Entire Male Staff at John Adams By Kathy Li Beards have a long history. Leonardo Da Vinci had a beard, so did Brad Pitt. John Lennon had one, Abraham Lincoln had one, and almost all of our male staff have on inspiring this hairy page. So here are all the beards of the staff members that have them, and I asked them one question: How do you take care of your beard? I mean, if you have a beard, you need to do something to keep it looking nice! And I came out with some pretty weird answers Floyd: First, I brush it with a fine whale tooth comb and then I use baby seal fat to moisturize it. I shave it freehand with straight razor. And to keep it looking grisly and rugged, I wrestle a bear until its unconscious, and then I rub my face in the bear’s fur. At night I play Barry Manilow to it. Can you guess who each beard belongs

The Sloppy Craig David


The Greasy Beard

Augustino: I grow it, and then I shave Jordan: Wash it every day, cut it once it. But I don’t shave it until I absolutely in a while. have to. One certain staff member shaved off Wade: The reason why I have a beard his beard! Jay shaved off his beard! is that ever since I started growing Why would he do that? Nobody else is one, people started treating me more exactly miserable because of their like an adult. I keep the beard tightly beard. But there must be a good reatrimmed, allowing just enough of it to son for Jay to do that to his beard. cover up the baby face. Jay: To tell you the truth, Kathy Li, the Ryan: Once a week I trim it . I blowreason I shaved my beard is because dry it after a shower. I like my beard I like the sound of freshly trimmed and my girlfriend won’t let me not whiskers when I rub my face. have it!

The Nose Beard


The Sloppy Craig from Friday


The Alpha Beard

The “Shadow”


The Philosopher


El Diablo

____________________ ____________________




po s s a

nh a to M

Halloween Dance Spooky House


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rt Gi rls

ics t o b Ro


Gra y k o po

ms Chess Club

Torch Club Campaign and Election Results Page By Sabrina Gianette After a two week race that for the candidates involved a speech before the clubhouse announcing their candidacy, a press conference, and day to day campaigning, the votes have been cast. The four Torch Club leaders below will be the voice for members of the JAMS clubhouse.

Throngs of club members gathered after Power Hour to cast their ballots.

Loyal supporters of Gaby Ruiz campaigned

The Torch Club Student Body Meets once a week and runs its own meetings in which the representatives make and vote on proposals designed to make the club better for all. Candidates were questioned by journalists of the JAMS SCOOP during a press conference.


To be a successful president I have to have the support from all you club members, including the staff to make this “a positive place for kids.” To prepare for my campaign, I got wonderful supporters Sabrina Gianette and Brittney Kinear to help me with my campaign. I feel really happy and thankful for being the Torch Club President because I know I will make a lot of magnificent changes to our club house. I promise to you club members promises I know will be kept. I did not make any promises that I could not keep such as getting Facebook and Youtube back. Getting to keep promises such as getting new snacks in the snack shop, reopen the bathrooms, and reopening the art center, etc. will be hard work, but I will accomplish them. Also, you can tell me any ideas you have about the club and I will do my best to accomplish them. Thank you for voting for Gaby, you made the right choice.


Miriam Pierce casts her ballot as Amir (on crutches) fills his out.

Vice President

The Vice President ‘s responsibility is to make poster’s and advertise events. They must have a good sense of what members would like to see at events.


To prepare for my campaign, I made The Treasure posters and little cards. I feel good keeps track of and bad about being secretary. I feel all the profits the good because I won office and in eleTorch Club mentary school I went for office and makes. The did not win. I feel bad because I got treasure must third place and not many people votbe good with ed for me or trusted that I would be a numbers and good president. As a secretary I will ask club members what they have innovative want here at the club then deliver the message to the Vice President ideas for profit or the President so they can make the ideas possible.

Cars - Good or Bad? a The good side: When you are traveling long distances, say, a relatives house, what do you use? A car! Cars have so many good qualities. The elderly can sit in buses, instead of walking that long way to the store. If you drive a car to school, it might be the one time you are not late. You can go to work in cars, when you go on a vacation, you will probably drive a car! The advantages go on and on! The bad side: Where do you think pollution, death and obesity is coming from? Cars! They pollute the earth and kill millions of people! Ever seen how much cars cost? Well there’s a big chance that that’s too much! One person dies in a car crash in the U.S. every 13 minutes. There are about 2 million car crashes a year, and the next one could be in your car!

Journalism Club Members Kathy Li - Editor-in-Chief and Interviewer Maya McComsey - Senior Staff Writer/Designer Elie Chenevert - Staff Comic Elena Rey - Staff Photographer/Writer Matthew Espinoza - Staff Writer

of Santa Monica

Ma’kaya Washington - Staff Writer Karyme Gutierrez - Staff Writer/Photographer Kyla Walker - Staff Writer Fiona O’Callahan - Staff Writer Mariah Vanputten - Staff Writer/Designer Selah Wilson - Staff Writer/Designer Gabriela Hernandez - Staff Writer/Copy Editor Laura Vasquez - Staff Writer Daniel B. Smith - Contributing Writer Sabrinna Giannette - Contributing Writer Itzel Sandoval - Contributing Illustrator/Writer

JAMS Staff Facilitator


s e r

P e h


u P s

Wade Moody & Eric McKendell Learning & Tech Center Director

A Special Thank You to our volunteer Debby Dana and BelAir Investment Advisors LLC for graciously printing JAMS Scoop.

Send Letters to the Editor lub Get C s Buck

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The response can be anonymous. Tell us what you thought about a particular article or this entire issue of the Scoop. Did you agree or disagree with anything? Would you add anything? Just make sure to give your response to the journalism staff so that you can earn club bucks!

If you would like to be a part of the prestigious Journalism Club stop by the Learning Center and talk to Wade.

Halloween/Thanksgiving Issue 2011  

Halloween/Thanksgiving Issue 2011

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