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Fall 2010

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Open Your Heart To A Very Wonderful Bunch siblings, but is particularly close to Madisen. She loves to play with her dolls and stuffed animals, to be read to, and to snuggle up. Such a loving child, the first time this sweet little girl reaches for your hand it will melt your heart. Finding a family for a sibling group of four is no easy task, but Madisen, Chase, Hayden, and Jaydah are lucky to have each other and a special adoptive family will be lucky to have them.

Despite the disappoint over not being returned home to their birth mom, all four children are excited about being adopted. Madisen, age 13, carried the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings, Chase, age 10, Hayden, age 7 and Jaydah, age 5, before being Our Dream Mom: taken into foster care. Even though she now has the Someone to trust opportunity to just be a kid, she continues to look Someone to talk to out for her siblings and wants for all of them to have Likes to cook the chance at growing up with a family that loves them. Madisen wishes for a mom they can trust, has time for all four of them, and is there to talk to and share secrets with. Chase and Hayden both add that they would like a mom that likes to cook. Madisen Our Dream Dad: also wants a dad they can trust, can count on to be Someone to trust there for them and it would be nice if he’s good at Someone to count on math, too. Chase and Hayden would like a dad that Likes to fish and is also able to take them fishing and is able to help build things. them build wood projects and models. All of them need parents who are patient, caring, consistent, and loving while able to set boundaries and accept each child for who they are. Are you the family they’re waiting for? Madisen would like the chance to pursue her love of the arts Madisen, Chase, Hayden, and Jaydah are a few of the more and to one day visit Hawaii, Germany, and Ireland. She loves than 200 Oregon children waiting to be adopted. Learn animals, helping others and science and hopes to put all of more about adoption and other waiting children by calling this to use one day by becoming a veterinarian. Chase is a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids at Boys & Girls Aid. hard-working, hands-on, outdoorsy guy. He hopes to build a model airplane in the future and to continue to build all kinds 503-542-2330 or 541-291-3376 (Southern Oregon) of Lego creations. He says he can never have too many Legos. Easy going Hayden loves playing with his older brother, riding his bike, and helping with his younger sister. His favorite food is shrimp, favorite color is green and hopes to get to go to Disneyland someday. Jaydah enjoys playing with all of her

A Boys & Girls Aid and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Partnership

photo courtesy of Oregon Heart Gallery

Every opportunity to spend with Madisen, Chase, Hayden, and Jaydah is always a delight. These kind, polite, and happy children always look forward to a visit from their adoption recruiter. They are all excited about finding their forever family, but remain patient waiting for the right one to come along knowing that their caseworker and recruiter will help find the best match for them.

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Jasmine’s Family

Submitted By Jeff Walsh, Jasmine’s Adoptive Father When people ask us why we wanted to adopt, we sometimes answer jokingly “We didn’t want to change diapers!” That line always gets a laugh and an empathetic nod. In truth, we had many thoughtful reasons, and we took the decision very seriously. And now that we have Jasmine, our amazing little girl, our reasons are manifested every day. As first-time parents, we had no preconceptions and this allowed us to start with a clean slate. We read, studied, and took classes to learn as much as we could to help serve the needs of our child. It made a huge difference in giving us confidence and made us very aware of just how different and challenging raising a child with special needs can be. However, formal training will not always meet the needs of your child. We found that flexibility, creative problem solving and asking for help are all keys to success.

Gold Star Partners!

Recently we asked Jasmine some questions on how she felt about her adoption. What are some feelings you had when you found out you were going to be adopted? At first, sad and angry because I wasn’t going to be with my birth family ever again.

Portland Children’s Levy:

What do you wish your adoptive parents knew? That they were the bestest family ever.

Thanks to help from Portland Children’s Levy and city voters, we are able to continue to secure permanent adoptive homes and improve the lives of children in foster care that are a part of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids in Portland. Helping children within the foster care system is the new focus of the renewed Children’s Levy approved by voters in 2008. Programs selected to receive funding through Portland Children’s Levy must have a proven track record of success and be able to achieve positive results for the children they serve. Here’s to another year of an extraordinary community partnership! Please visit to learn more.

What do you like about your adoptive family? My dad can pick me up. Well sometimes, when his back doesn’t hurt.

Boys & Girls Aid

What is your favorite restaurant? Mexican food - I love dipping chips into bean sauce and cheese enchiladas. What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor for pets. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, because you get a lot of presents. What do you like about being the only kid in your forever family? It’s the first time having my own room. What don’t you like about being the only kid in your forever family? Sad, because I’m not with my sisters. What are your favorite things to do? Going to the library where I play computer games and play with puppets. I love water fountains. I love to swim.

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Fall/Winter 2009

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Need You!

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Olivia, age 10 “This child is one hundred percent big spirit and big heart.” —DHS Caseworker

Levi, age 4 “Levi can read and

write most anything and is very advanced for his age. ” — Foster Mom

Mason, age 2 “In my work with medically fragile kids, Mason is one of the most wonderful children I have ever met.”

photo courtesy of Oregon Heart Gallery

— Foster Parent/Nurse

Jeremiah, ages 5 “When this child smiles withow

all of his dimples it’s a sh stopper.” —DHS Caseworker

DeaQuan, age 6 “This is a very sweet boy, who has come a long way.” —DHS Caseworker

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Tuesday - September 14th, 6:30 p.m. FREE Adoption Training Weekend - September 24-26 Becoming A Love & Logic Parent® Training This training program provides practical parenting skills that can be used immediately, along with opportunities to practice and debrief each week. Classes highlight the use of Love and Logic with children who have experienced parenting disruptions and are being raised by foster, kinship, and/or adoptive families.  ost: $125 per family C 6 consecutive Thursday evenings 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21 For a complete list of upcoming orientations and trainings, visit: To Register for trainings, call 503-542-2392 or email All trainings held at Boys & Girls Aid To receive our e-newsletter, please email us at

Kimberly Hayes, WWK Recruiter Moving into fall, 2010 continues to be a banner year for WWK Northern Oregon. Seven more adoptions have been finalized, three more children have moved into their pre-adoptive placements and ten more children were added to the caseload. It is looking to be the best year yet in finding forever families for all of these wonderful children. Over the past few months, we have connected with many families and businesses through outreach opportunities at the Oregon Heart Gallery’s new ongoing photo display at Pioneer Place in Portland, the Jantzen Beach Summer Youth Showcase and Wednesday’s Child in both Idaho and Eugene, OR. 503-542-2330

Out of Southern Oregon Rachel Howard, WWK Recruiter

WWK Southern Oregon continues to thrive and grow! Currently 11 children are being served, with six matches completed to date. We would like to congratulate Brian Morton and the newscast team of KDRV Channel 12 in Medford for being nominated as a 2010 Angels in Adoption Award Recipient for their great work in the Wednesday’s Child Program. Children from throughout Oregon are welcome to be included in the program, which features heartwarming stories of children currently waiting homes aired throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. Through the tireless efforts on behalf of the Jackson County DHS staff, several local businesses are also pitching in to help with expenses for children from throughout Oregon to be featured in the program. If you are interested in featuring a child or viewing waiting children, please contact me or Penny Esser at the Jackson County DHS office, 541-776-6120. 541-291-3376

Boys & Girls Aid Focus on Foster Care Fall 2010  
Boys & Girls Aid Focus on Foster Care Fall 2010  

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