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letter from the President & CEO Dear Friends, As we give thanks in this new year, we are so grateful to have had a year full of growth and innovation at Boys & Girls Aid. After 127 years serving Oregon’s children, we have had time to reflect on who we are and what is most important and necessary for the children we serve. We have been able to give thanks for the opportunities to impact the well-being of children in need. As an Agency, we believe that families raise children, not systems. We believe that no matter what a child has experienced, each one deserves a family or lifelong permanent connection. We believe that no child should exit a system of care without a permanent connection. Whether these connections come through adoption, reunification with family, or even through new relationships - they will offer stability, guidance and emotional support for a lifetime. These beliefs guide the work done at Boys & Girls Aid every day. We have created a Permanency Initiative that promises every child we serve will have the opportunity to exit our care with permanent relationships. We define Permanency as a life-long commitment between and with children and adults. We know these lifelong commitments will create guidance, stability and emotional support. Ultimately, Boys & Girls Aid is committed to preparing, advocating and finding resources for youth that enable them to experience positive outcomes and life-long relationships with caring adults. We understand that every child’s needs differ, but the common factor that brings them together is the need for permanent connections. Our goal by 2030 is that every child will exit our care to a permanent lifelong relationship. This newsletter gives several examples of where the Promise of Permanency is making a significant difference. As an Agency we are thinking differently, no longer are we a triage center but the catalyst for change as we seek a plan for every child. This goal is not an easy one but its importance is enormous. As our friends and supporters, we strive to keep you informed partners in our work. Please know that I, and any members of our Board or Executive Team, value your questions and are open for discussion on this important work. Thank you for your continued investment in impacting the well-being of children in need. Warmest Regards, Michael H. Balter President & CEO

Frank E. Beach Legacy Society

Board of Directors 2011-2012 President Kris Gorriaran Executive Committee B. Gabe Nachand Jim Harbolt Dawn McMaster Tom Szambelan Gaylyn Sher-Jan Libby Hartung Michael H. Balter Board Members Ronald Farnsworth Deana Freres Jennifer Kinkade Donald Klotter Orlando Medina Mike Nyland Emeritus Board Roger Krage, Chair Pat Becker Chris E. Dussin David Grano Kent Holce Jim Homolka Everett W. Jack, Jr. Bruce T. Landrey Daniel L. Larsen Art Lutz Dr. Ethel Simon-McWilliams John J. Tachouet Mike P. Thayer

In 2000, the Founding Members of the Frank E. Beach Legacy Society demonstrated their commitment to children by planning a gift to Boys & Girls Aid through a bequest, beneficiary designation or life income gift. Honored Members include generous individuals who have planned a similar gift and joined the Legacy Society. We thank all of our Legacy Society members for their strong commitment to Boys & Girls Aid! For more information, please contact Lindsay at 503.542.2345.

Founding Members

Honored Members

Gregory and Paula Acker Michael H. and Karen A. Balter Terri A. Barnett Brad and Cheryl Biegert Hedwig M. De Boer Donald H. Frank Joe and Gail Griggs William and Carol Hardwick Raymond and Patricia Hayes Virginia J. Hodges Eric Hoyte and Virginia Beach Hoyte Nancy Beach Johnson Jane R. Kendall Philip and Evelyn Lamb Bruce T. Landrey Peg Mangan Diane Mackenzie Marvin and Roy Marvin Emily J. Munro Patricia Nehl Ann H. Nicholas, Ph.D. Margery M. and Joseph A. O'Brien, Jr. James A. and Marion S. Perry Susan B. Rech Daniel and Ramona Ropek Mark and Linda Steinhauer John and Mary Tachouet Michael and Camille Taylor-Sullivan Barbara R. White Anonymous (1)

Mary Bunday Ruth E. Chapin Ross and Constance Degerstedt Jamie M. Ellgen in memory of Barbara M. Bischoff Roger D. and Betty A. Engberg Don and Kathy Grant Joan L. Hartley Chris and Kellie Herold Frederic S. Hirsch and Kim Everett-Hirsch Everett Jack Eric G. and Sharon T. Jaeckle Rees C. and MaryAnne G. Johnson Dane P. Murphy B. Gabe Nachand Jack Burgess Nichols Jean B. O'Neill Buff Neretin JoAnn Pennock Nancy Putschler Laurie J. Richardson Allan and Patty Rumbaugh Larry and Ruth Schulze Bob and Vera Stoulil John and Janet Tangney Mike P. and Kristy D. Thayer Laurie and Bob Wilson Anonymous (5) Italics are deceased society members

Boys & Girls Aid Auxiliaries Boys & Girls Aid would like to thank our dedicated auxiliary volunteers for their commitment to impacting the lives of children in need by providing permanent homes and safe housing. Through events in their communities, these auxiliaries were able to support the work of Boys & Girls Aid by raising more than $155,000 during the 2012 fiscal year. We applaud their dedication and hard work. McMinnville (since 1961)

Alder Branch

Salem (since 1962)

Cherry Branch

Portland (since 1963)

Dogwood Branch

Wilsonville (since 1990)

Cypress Branch Portland (since 1960)

Holly Branch

If you would like to learn more about our auxiliaries or their special events, please call Ashley at 503.542.2342.

Julia, a TLP client transitioning to independence On the outside, Julia’s life appeared to be perfect. To her classmates and teachers, it seemed like she was always provided with everything she ever wanted or needed. But as it sometimes happens, things can be different than they appear. As far back as Julia can remember, life at home was extremely difficult with her father. It seemed that he was always angry with her, her brother or her mother. For years, Julia just dealt with the situation at home. But when she turned 15, something clicked and she decided she was not going to let her dad treat her that way any longer. This only made things worse. Eventually, Julia decided she would leave home. She spent months staying on friends’ couches. She knew this was not a great long-term plan because she still had so many things she wanted to accomplish in life. That is when she found out about the Transitional Living Program (TLP). She moved into one of the program’s apartments and started actively engaging in everything TLP had to offer. The program’s staff knew right away that Julia was going to be a driven client. Julia is thriving in the program. Now, at the age of 18, she is completing her pre-med classes at a local university, excelling at chemistry and math and has a job tutoring at Portland Community College. Julia is also healing by learning healthy ways to deal with her anger and re-building a relationship with her mother.

Julia, age 18 Names and pictures in this newsletter have been changed to protect confidentiality.

3 | Stories from 2011-2012

Oregon Heart Gallery by Boys & Girls Aid Every child needs a loving, supportive and nurturing family. Yet, many Oregon children are still looking for their permanent home; they now live in the state’s foster care system. The Oregon Heart Gallery by Boys & Girls Aid is here to help them. The mission of the Oregon Heart Gallery is to inspire people to open their hearts and provide permanent loving homes to children in foster care. To accomplish its mission, the Gallery displays professionally photographed portraits that capture the spirit and personality of children awaiting adoption. Professional photographers generously donate their time to take the photos and then Pro Photo Supply in Portland, Oregon, donates the high-quality printed photo displays.

Since its official launch in February 2007, the Gallery has visited more than 15 cities and communities, and has been featured in shopping malls, businesses, government buildings, churches and performing arts centers. In June 2011, Boys & Girls Aid acquired the Oregon Heart Gallery. The Gallery includes a permanent display of photographs at Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon, and traveling displays that are showcased throughout the state of Oregon. These displays help us to recruit for each child in a unique waybettering their opportunity for adoption.

finding connections Jenny was already a single mom of two children when she found out she was pregnant. With no support from the baby’s birth father and one child with special needs, Jenny knew she could not be the best parent to any of her children if she brought another child into her home. That is when she came to Boys & Girls Aid. After discussions with her adoption clinician and time to process her thoughts, Jenny chose to move forward with an adoption plan. Considering the needs of the three children, Jenny questioned if an open adoption was in her family’s best interest. With this in her mind she began to look at adoptive family profile books. When she saw Terry and Rita’s profile something clicked. Jenny knew instantly that this was the family to parent her baby. While both the couple and Jenny had the normal apprehension about open adoption, they agreed to meet. Jenny and her two children spent the day with Terry and Rita along with their respective adoption clinicians eating out, going to a museum and getting to know each other. At the end of the day, it was clear that a strong bond was beginning to develop. Both sides recognized that an open adoption would be meaningful and beneficial for everyone. When little Hannah was born in June, there was a waiting room full of supportive immediate, extended, birth and adoptive family excited to welcome her into the world. Both families have found that the open adoption has created a deep connection they couldn’t imagine not having. And most importantly, this connection will have a positive impact on Hannah’s life.

Boys & Girls Aid annual report 2011-2012 | 4

Lucia, a Pettygrove client her story of success Lucia's life before Pettygrove can easily be described as chaotic and unstable. The 17-yearold admits things were hard for her and her family of six brothers and sisters, but there was always love. Lucia's parents worked as seasonal farming employees at vineyards and farms across Oregon. This meant the family was often moving from place to place. As Lucia was the oldest in the family, she was often left responsible for her younger siblings. The pressure of the situation eventually got to Lucia and she began rebelling against responsibilities and her parent’s rules. She disregarded family obligations and started dating a guy that was several years older than her. Lucia's new boyfriend and group of friends were involved in illegal activities, and after a couple run-ins with the police, Lucia entered Pettygrove. At first, Lucia didn't believe that she was meant to be at Pettygrove. But as she moved through the program's levels, she began to realize that she had a lot of anger inside about the grownup responsibilities that had been placed on her at an early age. Youth care counselors at Pettygrove worked with Lucia to help her understand and process her feelings, while also re-establishing a bond with her parents. Lucia's mother and father were committed to Lucia's care and growth, and were active in family counseling. The caring environment of Pettygrove, coupled with Lucia's capacity for growth and her family's love for her, has helped Lucia successfully complete the program and return home. Lucia is now looking forward to finishing high school and considering her options for college.

Lucia, age 17 5 | Stories from 2011-2012

Annually, Boys & Girls Aid must raise $1.5 million of charitable contributions for our program areas. Your investment in these programs is critical.

Thank you for investing in Oregon’s future. Lifetime Society

FY12 Use of Investment

17% 14%



Shelter Services & Foster Care $2,051,095 Adoption Programs $1,199,800 Homeless & Runaway Youth Programs $816,645 Transitional Living Programs $637,258 Total $4,704,798

Lifetime Society Members have made a cumulative investment of $1,000,000 over a lifetime of giving to ensure brighter futures for the children we serve.

12% 6%


Cerus Industrial Kent and Karen Holce Daniel and Deborah Knierim Mountain West Investment Corp. Gabe and Marina Nachand Sauer Family Charitable Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

E.P. Binney Charitable Fund

Chester C. Schenk Revocable Living Trust

Sue Cooley

The Standard

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Meyer Memorial Trust


The Oregon Community Foundation

The Autzen Foundation

The Estate of Martha Jeanette Rosacker

Dave and Carrie Bonner

Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust

Employee's Community Fund of Boeing Portland, Inc.

Rebecca Carter

Fare Well Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

$100,000+ E.P. Binney Charitable Fund

In FY12 nearly 670 clients were served. These clients were served in the following program areas:

William H. & Mary L. Bauman Foundation

Tyler and Deana Freres

City of Beaverton

John Gray Charitable Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

The Estate of Margery M. O'Brien

The Bill Healy Foundation

Portland Children's Levy

Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

The Estate of Martha Jeanette Rosacker

Hoover Family Foundation

Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust

Ada Jacobson

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

JFR Foundation Lilley Family Foundation


$99,999–$25,000 Bettman Foundation Lesley Cummins

Adoption Programs Shelter Services & Foster Care Transitional Living Programs Homeless & Runaway Youth Programs

Roy R. and Laurie M. Cummins Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Donald H. Frank Designated Subfund of The Oregon Community Foundation Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

A 2012 Audit will be available in April 2013.

$24,999–$10,000 Edward & Romell Ackley Foundation

Jonathan and Heather McGowan PGE Foundation William and Selma Pierce Poznanski Foundation Robert Ratcliffe Harold and Arlene Schnitzer John and Stephanie Strother Jan Swanson Brian and Mary Thompson Craig Tiffany and Brittainy EveryTiffany West Coast Bank West Coast Event Productions, Inc.

Boys & Girls Aid annual report 2011-2012 | 6

OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation

David and Karin Grano

Ruth and Joe Kenoyer

Richard and Mary Rosenberg

Sidney and Deborah Green

Michael King

Jim Griggs

Wayne and Jennifer Kinkade

S&H Landscape Supplies & Recycling

Jim and Monica Harbolt

Donald and Kristin Klotter

Timothy Haslach

Emily Koenig

AKT Benefit Advisors LP

Richard and Karen Hewitt

Roger Krage

Gary M. Anderson Children's Foundation

James and Carol Hibbs

Matthew Kramer and Kathleen O'Neill

Arnerich Massena, Inc. Michael and Karen Balter

John Holley and Candace Newland-Holley

Bruce and Nannette Bassett

The Holzman Foundation

Juan Young Trust


Glen and Gloria Holden

Oscar M. Larsen Trust Doug and Patty Lenhoff Robert and Judy Lovitt Cameron Luck and Lori PajunenLuck

Robert and Lois Bizieff Patty Boday Sarah Bottoms Brown and Caldwell Gayle Caldarazzo-Doty Cambia Health Solutions

Saalfeld Griggs PC Targol Saedi Salem Radiology Consultants The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation John and Junko Seckerson Selco Credit Union John and Linda Shelk John & Linda Shelk Foundation Mahmood and Gaylyn Sher-Jan

Gayle Lundmark


Tony Marnella and Rana Lanz

Ryan and Stephanie Snyder

Martin Hospitality Inc.

So Hum Foundation

Sally McCracken

The Standard Employee Giving Campaign

Columbia-Willamette United Way

Paul and Sally McCracken Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Neal and Danni McLaughlin

Kevin and Kristen Stein

Deacon Charitable Foundation

Joe and Cindy Meduri

Bill and Kimberly Swindells

Ross and Constance Degerstedt

Dan and Maryann Meredith

Tom and Julie Szambelan

Dermody Properties Foundation

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

John and Mary Tachouet

Cascade Business Group, LLC

Scott and AnneMarie DuFault

O.L. Moore Foundation

Charlie and Kristin Dunn

Chris Morscheck

Diane Durnin Mark and Ann Edlen

Moss Adams LLP Hood River Distillers, Inc.

Craig and Julie Nichols


Nathan and Kim Nilles

Irwin Foundation

Mike and Terri Nyland

Kamran and Sarah Fattah

J R DECD & E D Morgan Memorial Trust Fund

Fattah Family Dentistry

OCF Founder's Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

J.D. Fulwiler & Co. Insurance

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

OnCourse Group

Everett Jack, Jr.

Jerry and Sara Frank

Jackson Foundation

Oregon International Air Show Foundation

Andrea Frascone

Bill and Diane Jenkins

Oregon Spice Company

Ted and Diane Freres

Ben Johnson

Edward and Jane Orlowski

Kyle and Trisha Freres

Kerry Johnson

Pete's Mountain Vineyard

Freres Lumber Co. Inc.

Alfredo and Heather Julian

Ellen Pollard

Eva Gage

Matt and Teresa Jung

Portland Spirit River Cruises

Dan and Susannah Gardner

Joseph and Maria Kaempf

Geffen Mesher & Co Dan and Barbara Gerrone

Jim Kamikawa and Shelley WongKamikawa

The Regence Employee Giving Campaign

Colin and Mindy Giddings

Elizabeth Karschnia

Rodda Paint

Duane Gillum

Jane Kendall

Barnes Rogers

Jess Glaeser and Libby Hartung

Jane R. Kendall Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Barnes D. Rogers Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation

Gregg and Mary Engrave Equity Foundation Inc. Ronald and Toni Farnsworth

Michael and Kris Gorriaran

Keith and Ann Ristau

7 | Annual Fund Cumulative Gifts & Pledges October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc

Clark and Claudia Taylor Jim Teague General and Patricia Thayer J. Thayer Company John Thayer Mike and Kristy Thayer Tommy and Amber Thayer Umpqua Bank Robert and Elizabeth Unger US Bank National Association Christian and Gitte Venderby Vernier Software & Technology LLC Darin and Erika Vincent Jerry and Sally Weis Wells Fargo Community Development Kevin West Angelique Willard Williamsen & Bleid Bob and Laurie Wilson Withnell Motor Company Zelda's Shoe Bar

Stephen Hanns and Jennifer Black Jennifer and Jeffrey Heilman Lisa Heller Alice Herrell Warren and Waleria Hill Steven and Kelsey Hitchcock Leslie Hoffman Hoffman Construction Co. Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt, P. C. James and Mary Jane Homolka Hunter-Davisson, Inc. Brian and Suzan Huntington Jennifer Isaac

Ram Steel Co. William and Laurie Rawson S.L. Roth David and Jody Rowell Safeway, Inc. Terrence and Avian Samuel Francis and Shari Scholz Shuler Charitable Trust, J&C. Bill and Janice Smiley Charlie and Darci Swindells John and Janet Tangney Virginia Taylor

Wayne Armstrong and Rolanne Stafford Steve and Suzanna Bacon Gerald and Vicki Balk Anne Barragar Don Beegle Brian and Anne Bennett Scott and Melissa Berry Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Jan Bliss Julie K. Bolt Dan and Cendi Botti Merle and Louis Bryan

Rosy Twedt

Donald and Margaret Burdg

Rees and MaryAnne Johnson

Umpqua Bank Associate Giving Campaign

Robert Junta

United Rentals

Robert and Shirley Carl

Karen Kane

Frederick and Nancy Waller

Richard and Janet Carlile

Mark and Melissa Adams

Pamela Kelley

Kevin and Nicki Wann

George and Jill Carter

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Richard and Susan Koe

Marshall and Linda Watkins

Kay Chervin

Philip and Rebecca Auer

Bruce Landrey and Michele Desmarais

Jeffrey Zell

Mark and Heather Chism

Jay & Diane Zidell Charitable Foundation

Matt and Shannon Chrisman


Hal Parker and Sheila Barton Thomas and Kelley Bruggere Sara Burton Brad and Annie Carnese William and Holly Coit Maurice and Debra Collada Doug and Vicki Cooper Toby and Nicolle Deering Leonard and Susan DeFrancisco Andy and Jackie Diedrich Melissa Dutoit Meg Eberle Brian and Cheryl Foesch Paul Fortino Jack and Judy Fox Rob and Jane Freres Garvey Schubert Barer The GE Foundation Richard Gilbert Dennis Green and Chris KashmirGreen

LC Portland LLC Jason Lee Rudy and Dorothy Leong Les Schwab Tire Center Mark and Deborah Loeffler David Lucas Art Lutz The Arthur Lutz Foundation Mark and Kim Lyman Chris and Cody Martin J. Chris Martin, D.M.D., P.C. Russ and Erica Martinez Anders and Juneko Martinson Dawn McMaster Jake and Dianne McMichael Mentor Graphics Foundation Paul and Judith Miller Mills Iron Works, Inc. Gail Nelson Randy and Terri Nordlof

Kathy Cain

Marian Churchill Carl and Joan Constans


Kenneth and Connie Cookson

Maddy Abulencia

Todd and Molly Cruz

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Allayne and Gene Dinkel

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

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Gwen Allen

BJ and Regan Donofrio

Lori Almand

Elizabeth Drake


Jamie Ellgen

Donald and Janet Anderson

Barbara Ellison Roger and Betty Engberg Epic Fitness, Inc. Akimasa Fleshler Tom and Joni Fohn Richard and Helen Ford Randolph and Barbara Fraser John and Abby Ganey David and Jane Gardiner Thomas Genereux Henry and Linda Gerhard

Steve and Linda Gregg

Oak Tree Insurance

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Paulson Real Estate, Inc.

Nez and Heather Hallett

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Mike Goldman and Jane Vereschagin

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George and Catherine Go Mark Godvig

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Jerry and Lisa Gorman

Barbara Josephson

Celeste Grannum

Jack and Farol Kahle

Kathleen Grant

Stephen Kendall and Alexandra Zimmer

Jeff Green Pat and Tanya Gregg Carolyn Gronlund and Doralee Moynihan

Edwin Perry and Deborah Peterson John and Molly Peterson Darrin and Lisa Phillips

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Steve and Elisa Klein

Weiss Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Michael Knapp and Lia Saroyan

Dianne White

Pam Kniffin

Willamette Publishing Co.

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Gary and Cathy Willinganz

Tom and Lynda Harriman Trevor and Katherine Hart Joan Hartley Jesse and Rachelle Harvey William and Katherine Hawkins Brian and Virginia Highland Robert and Laura Holcombe Brian and Bethany Holmes Kathryn Holt Dave and Carey Hughes

Intuit Foundation Marjorie Jarvis Donna Jennings

Leroy and Carol Zinsli

Walter and Roberta Lough Douglas and Theresa Lovett

2012 Black & White Ball Sponsors

William Lucke Tim and Jessica Mack Peter and Lisa MacKenzie

George and Pam Pliska

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Market Decisions Corporation

Jim Poland

Michael and Kris Gorriaran

Thomas and Jessica McAllister

Portland General Electric Employee Giving Campaign

The Holce Family

Richard and Gene Reiland

Gabe and Marina Nachand

Mike and Linda Riley

Pete's Mountain Vineyard

James and Betty Lou Rogers

Portland Compressor

Janine Ross

Moss Adams LLP

Art Molseed

William and Julia Rouzie

Mazama Capital Management, Inc.

Vestal Monroe

Thomas and Shirley Sagerser

OnCourse Group

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The Standard

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2012 Sultry Summer Nights Sponsors

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9 | Annual Fund Cumulative Gifts & Pledges October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

David and Karin Grano I.U.P.A.T. DC5 PATCH J.D. Fulwiler & Co. Insurance Martin Hospitality Inc. Jonathan and Heather McGowan Oregon Spice Company

Pete's Mountain Vineyard

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Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

Jerre Munson

Sandy Leong Fine Jewelry

Tracy Murfitt Gabe and Marina Nachand Napa Valley Wine Train, Inc. National Charity League - Blue Heron Chapter New System Laundry the Nines Ninkasi Brewing Company Randy and Terri Nordlof NW Rugs Mike and Terri Nyland The Oregon Golf Club Chet and Wendy Orloff

David and Cherie Sanville Judy Schneider Serravision Photogrpahy Shadow Mountain Resort & ClubPalm Desert Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. Mahmood and Gaylyn Sher-Jan Ryan and Stephanie Snyder Matthew Solomon Ellen Steel Kristen Stein Swagelok Northwest Jan Swanson

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Boys & Girls Aid annual report 2011-2012 | 10

In Honor of In Honor of Amanda Maddy Abulencia Ronald and Toni Farnsworth Jim and Monica Harbolt Ashley Hess Brian and Suzan Huntington Wayne and Jennifer Kinkade Warren Large and Megan Hunter Dave Nelson and Lindsay Biedel Portland Coatings, Inc. West Coast Bank

In Honor of son Dr. Aaron Lorshbaugh Russell and Susan Lorshbough

In Honor of Sarah Vanloan M. and Saundra Plester

In Memory of James Craig Coleman Sarah Bottoms

In Honor of Rick Martin

In Honor of Christopher and Anna Waller Frederick and Nancy Waller

In Honor of Howard McDonald Linda Marshall

In Honor of Mike Ward Michelle Griffith

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In Honor of Barbara White's 100th Birthday William and Carol Hardwick In Honor of Destiny & Jasmine - the two sisters in the 12/26/11 Oregonian Terry Styner

In Honor of Stephanie Amato Donald and Rosemary Amato In Honor of Liz Arjaval Donald and Rosemary Amato

In Honor of Donna, Rose & Amber A.G. Bunch

In Honor of Bonnie and Fred Burchert Linda Foley

In Honor of The Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Krista Longfellow

In Honor of My Grandsons Mike and Thomas Burleigh Ruth Burleigh

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In Memory of Keith R. Ditmars Lynne Schroeder In Memory of Elizabeth G. Elmer Irene Elmer In Memory of Margaret Faro Robert and Beverly Moody

In Honor of Sue DeFrancisco Poznanski Foundation

In Memory of

In Memory of Roy Fear George and Mae Herndon

In Honor of Geraldine McDonald (Dinkel) Harry and Gladys Flesher Duane McDonald

In Memory of Grace Marie Abigail Dean and Barbara Matson

In Memory of Bernard Fleshler Akimasa Fleshler

In Memory of Mike Bales Rose Twedt

In Memory of Marlene Fredrickson Betty Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Atiyeh Robert and Shirley Carl Andy and Judi Cleveland Karen Emerson Frederick and Joan Horstkotte Chris and Pat Kapsa Kyle and Sue Lukins Walter Ramsey Frank and Barbara Sauer E'Lane Tufts Duane and Marjorie Varner Gary and Sandra Willis

In Honor of Asher Evans Jamie Ellgen In Honor of Peter Frantz Robert and Alice Frantz In Honor of Marcia Gunderson Mark and Mary Ann Moller- Gunderson In Honor of Sally Hart Millard and Mary Lou McClung In Honor of Alison Hellesvig Dennis and Lynne Hellesvig In Honor of Chris and Greg Hodes 40th Wedding Anniversary Linda Jessell In Honor of Holly Branch Yamhill Valley Wine In Honor of Larry and Lorene Hunter Dennis Green and Chris Kashmir-Green In Honor of Brian and So Young Knight Mark and Heather Chism In Honor of Sharon Lane Brian and Suzan Huntington In Honor of Laura and Anna Vernon and Becky Boergadine

In Honor of Mike Nyland's New Solar System Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund In Honor of Joseph Petersen Kurt and Janin Petersen

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In Honor of Julie A. ReynoldsKing Ralph and Rosalee Reynolds

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In Memory of Eric Bush William and Ina Bush Sally Dammeier

In Honor of Sonja, Steve, Kathy Karl and Inge Lamberg

In Memory of Patsy Burns Holly Branch Auxiliary

In Honor of Wendy Walker Terris Mary Walker

In Memory of Bob Caldwell Robert and Beverly Moody

In Honor of Christian Alejandro Thomas Curtis and Carmen Thomas

In Memory of Carolyn Gamble Campbell Barbara Berger Janice Conklin Daniel and Kathryn Montag Suzanne Nipp Harry and Ione Perry Dean and Janet Swanson

In Honor of Rosy Twedt Helen Crowell Cypress Branch Auxiliary Grace Johnson Nancy Larsen Patricia Levy Barbara May Performance Improvement Associates, Inc. David and Cherie Sanville

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11 | Annual Fund Cumulative Gifts & Pledges October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

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Accreditation Boys & Girls Aid is accredited with the Commission of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Boys & Girls Aid is a grantee of the Portland Children’s Levy

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Boys & Girls Aid annual report 2011-2012 | 12

Building Futures Capital Campaign Beginning in September 2008, Boys & Girls Aid embarked on a capital campaign, Building Futures - Staying Here to Get There. The campaign was created for acquisition and renovation of a new home that would be used for the Pettygrove Residential Program. We are please to announce that as of late September 2012, the campaign and the renovation of the new Pettygrove home are complete. Most importantly, the young women of the Pettygrove Program have moved into the home and are thriving as a result of generous investments of time and resources from our community. We would like to express our multitude of thanks to those who helped make this project possible and a huge success. Significant contributions from foundations, corporate and individual donors, our Board of Directors, our volunteer Auxiliaries and community volunteer groups are who made this Campaign a new home a reality. We are grateful for your investments and dedication.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Special Thanks Jan Anderson Sheila Barton William H. & Mary L. Bauman Foundation Jan Bliss Patty Boday Employee's Community Fund of Boeing Portland, Inc.

Cheryl Durbin

Donna Jennings

Cherie Sanville

Chris and Tyanne Dussin

Farol Kahle

Judy Schneider

Faustrollean Fixture Company

Jane King

Ellen Steel

Tyler and Deana Freres

Barbie Liddle

Kristen Stein

Christian and Debbie Thomas Geffrard

Terri Loriaux

Stimson-Miller Foundation

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust

McGraw Family Foundation, Inc.

Bill and Kimberly Swindells

Jake and Dianne McMichael

Marissa Taylor

Meyer Memorial Trust

Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust

O.L. Moore Foundation

Leonard and Jill Ufford

Tracy Murfitt

Umpqua Bank

National Charity League - Blue Heron Chapter

Cary Renee Watts

Kathy Gibbons Jess Glaeser and Libby Hartung Jim and Monica Harbolt

Anna Booman

Ned and Sis Hayes

Boys & Girls Aid Board of Directors

Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation

Allie Clem

Carolyn Holce

The Collins Foundation

Kent and Karen Holce

Cypress Branch Auxiliary

Ashley Holcombe

Sue DeFrancisco

John Holley and Candace Newland-Holley

The Oregon Community Foundation Oregon Spice Company

13 | Building Futures Capital Campaign October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

Molly Weiss Kenneth Wilkes-Holt Williamsen & Bleid

To impact the well-being of children in need.

CRITICAL THINKERS We regularly analyze ideas

and data new and old to improve our outcomes.


To be the best in the field, we challenge the status quo for the best possible solutions.

AUTHENTICALLY VALUE OTHERS We interact with people in a manner that authentically demonstrates the high value we place on others. DO WHAT IT TAKES We do what it takes to serve our

children and families, and to support each other.

DESIRE TO EXCEL We do the best possible job with

passion and attention to detail.

Boys & Girls Aid annual report 2011-2012 | 14

Boys & Girls Aid‌Made an impact by Finding permanent, loving homes for 128 infants and children Providing 508 youth safe places to live temporarily Preparing and supporting 220 adults to be foster parents and adoptive families Training 164 healthcare professionals in understanding infant adoption. Donate, volunteer or learn more at

Boys & Girls Aid 503.222.9661 018 SW Boundary Court Portland, OR 97239

Boys & Girls Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


2011-2012 Annual Report  

2011-2012 Annual Report