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A few bad boys can leave a good girl lost forever. Notorious trash talkers, we tend to group all boys in the same category. But, there are a few good ones out there. For this issue, we’ve found some of the industry’s most adorable boys who’d we’d take home to our parents without the slightest hesitation.

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Photo Credits: Photography Direction + Photographer Selection by Christine [Cee The Photographer] Hamblin Cover Photo by Tone ”There’s Something About Theo photos by Christine [Cee The Photographer] Hamblin Mickey Factz Photos by Texas Photography Christian Rich Photos by Thi Chien for Slanted Vision Theophilus London Photos by Daneil Warrington + Texas Photography AN NY STYLE DIARY PRODUCTION Boys+Clothes Magazine © 2008 All works are considered “Work For Hire” and may not be reproduced without written permission by Teneille Craig. For information, comments or inquiries please email


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Speeding down Broadway during a snowstorm unsure of if we'd be able to shoot that night or not, I got hit in the head with a snowball the size of Pluto. I felt like crying. Theo's train had been cancelled and we had already pulled a couple thousand dollars worth of outfits for him. Unbeknownst to Theo, he was coming to NY to shoot whether he wanted to or not at that point. I would've ridden a bike with Cee [The Photographer] on the handlebars to Rhode Island to pick him up if we had too. But, fortunately we didn't have to go that far and he made it into the city. We picked him up on Atlantic Ave at 4:00AM. We shot for a few hours and then head back to my place where we bonded until the sun came up. Theo missed about 3 trains that afternoon while we scoured the city looking for Cee's dream vinyl shop from her pictorial treatment. All the while, Theo was an absolute gentleman. He never complained and kept the most adorable and heartwarming smile on his face. His only concern was making sure he got back to Rhode Island for church the next morning. A good man is hard to find. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I've overlooked or even bullied a few in my lifetime. I don't know why women tend to group the bad guys and the good guys together when we're upset, so getting better at making executive decisions; I’ve decided to pay homage to the good guys of the world with our first issue. Absorbing all the content, memories and bonds that have resulted over these last few tumultuous weeks, I must say this: I may be the Editor-In-Chief but, every feather in my headdress belongs to the worthy warriors who have literally braved the elements, avoided setbacks and laughed in the face of opposition all in the name of Boys+Clothes Magazine. I promised you all success and I've made it my personal debt to deliver. Yezzir! Tee

This journey seems like it started yesterday or something. I remember receiving a call one evening from Camillia (Marketing Director) asking me if I would be interested in being the Photography Director for Boys+Clothes Magazine. The next thing I know its 4am a week later and Teneille (EIC), Shauna (PR) and myself are in the middle of one of NYC's worst snowstorms on our way to pick up our cover artist Theo from Downtown Brooklyn. Ha! I consider that to be one of the most emotional parts of this journey. We didn't slack and bail out on ourselves; we stood behind our word and delivered an impeccable photo shoot. Theo (who might I add somehow managed to make it down from Rhode Island) was seemingly unaffected by the cold and nasty commute. He was so well mannered, and laid back. That night (morning) we slept on the same couch, and I woke up with all of my garments on, lol. But seriously, I feel my life changing. And everyone is putting their best foot forward on this project. A letter to the Editor In Chief... Teneille, Your passion motivates me to never hold back and second guess things. Your positivity and consistent productive attitude allows me to wake up in the middle of the night and think about some of the most innovative ideas. I want to personally thank you for trusting me and giving me all the creative space I need to bring forth such results. We work absolutely perfect with one another and you're always available for even the silliest texts and phone calls. You’re more than just the Editor in Chief, Boss Lady, HBIC. You are my sister, and I love you to death already! May we take this thing to the top. Our lives are about to change forever! And you know you the shit right! And to Shaina, Camillia, Patrice, Shauna, Sofia, I couldn't have asked for a better executive team to work with <3 Boys+Clothes Magazine to the rescue! - Cee The Photographer I've been patiently waiting to bloooooww!!!! This is bananas, but it’s going to be more than worth it. Every bone in my body tells me that you're going to love it too. But there's more to Boys and Clothes than just blowing up, I feel like I finally have a venue to talk my trash. Finally you see that there’s more to this scene than skinny jeans and wayfarers. It’s our generation, refusing to conform, making sure our voices are heard; be it art, writing, photography, music, we are redefining mainstream...We here and we ain't going no where!!! - Shaina

So far this experience working on first issue of B+C, has been hard because of researching, developing this publication as brand and getting to know your partners. I know all hard-work will be rewarding in the future. B+C’s team consists of 6 women who are different, talented, diverse, creative and smart. All of the elements we bring to the table is REAL. NOTHING’S FAKE OR MADE UP! The funny thing is we all get along. We’re all down for the grind and getting dirty for this publication. -Shana Wow, our first issue, this is all so exciting. Never would I have thought that I would be here, with such a strong team of girls. Well actually I’m lying, I had an inkling. Some how I had a hunch, that some how my friends and I, would some how find other people, who some how wanted to creatively achieve great things, some how. To me B+C doesn’t just represent a magazine, it represents will, determination, and a dream. B+C is a magazine like no other. It is as crazy, unconventional, and rebellious as the women behind it. The journey that took us from the concept of this magazine up to the formulization has been one filled with insight to say the least. I have reunited with old friends, met new ones, and loved the ones I have even more. I’m so excited, and I think I like it! -Camillia Joining the B+C team has been a work in progress, learning a new business and how marketing is such a major part of it. The process behind my role within B+C has assisted in me cultivating my own skills of speech, leadership and creativity and proved to be a really a daunting yet exciting task. Each day as I reach out to new entities, I am brought closer to the reality for B+C. B+C started as a diary between friends that I knew as a child and although I wasn’t around to share in many of the memories of NYSD, I still feel connected because each member has shared a different place in my life. - Sofia I love boys and clothes the same way... I'm picky and I know what I want, surprisingly they come hand in hand within my life. I never understood their direct correlation until I started writing for the blog. It's the two things that often run through my head every single day and I'm sure many females can relate. They both make me smile and stress me out. I'm always bitching about what I'm gonna wear and why he didn't text me back. Everyday we lust over magazines and blogs that all talk about the same crap but you got to give it to B+C for its authenticity. As much as you boys drive us wild (both good and bad) we do this for you. We want to bridge the gap and answer all your questions. It's the 09 for goodness sake why not find a common ground man! Anyway I heart the women that have collectively teamed together to bring this mag to life...stay tuned for more! - Patrice [Kidsister] xoxo

Love, Teneille, Clockwise from left: Loeffler Randall Shoes Matilde Embossed Anaconda Boots, Dorothy Perkins Bracelet, Turquoise Cabochon + Amethyst Cabochon Drop Earrings, Chloe Mongolian Lamb Embroidered Waistcoat, Fendi Medium Selleria Tote, Vintage Louis Scherrer Sunglasses, Urge The Boys Necklace Images pulled from

Once up on a time Geeks were the underdogs... Throughout the years they've become legendary school playground bait because of their intelligence, tight cardigans, suspenders, bowties and oversized prescription glasses. Once laughing stocks to the bad boys and the popular girls these same â&#x20AC;&#x153;geeksâ&#x20AC;? have reinvented them selves. Everyone's got their eyes open and the fashion world isn't slow to following suit either. From Rugby to various independent street wear brands, designers are hitting high A's from dapper don's all over the globe. And we love these modern day scholars making their way to the front of the class! by Patrice Floy

Dare to be different! Solange Knowles' style is definitely one of her own. Always trendy and edgy this young talented stylista has embraced her inner "Bradshaw" reinventing her style and giving us all something to look forward to when she steps on the scene. From her chic ensembles to the hottest pumps and fabulous accessories her unique style has quickly become a topic of discussion in the fashion world. Fashionably sound this young songstress has become more than Beyonceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s little sister... she's Solange a true trendsetter. by Keisha Buggs

By Teneille Craig

Left: Chloe Handbag Right: Belstaff Motorcyle Jacket

Left: Demonia Stiletto Boots Right: Dorothy Perkins Leaf Wrapper Ring

Left: Marc Jacobs Ruffled Jacket Right: ASOS Studded Fingerless Gloves Images pulled from

By Patrice Floy

Clockwise from left: Sephora: Givenchy Pop Gloss Red Nail Polish by Fun Accessories Blue Dame Sunglasses Helmut Lang Racerback Tank Skirt by Collette La Garconne Philip Lim “Scharf” MAC Plush Lash Mascara Forever 21 Bangles Balenciaga Spiked Stilettos Vivre Ridged Cuff Zozo Money RIng

Clockwise from left: Apple IPod Touch La Garconne Blouse La Garconne Alexander Wang Blazer w/ Scarf Collar Chanel Earrings Men’s Rolex Watch YSL Red Lipstick Pierre Hardy Blue Pumps Prada Handbag The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah Custom Frames by Violet Electric

Clockwise from left: Lee Hale Rose Thorn Stud Earrings at Erie Basin Jewelry Topshop Oversized Poncho Cardi Maurizio Pecoraro Crystal + Metal Chain Cuff Bracelet Miu Miu Oversized Suede Clutch Charlotte Russe Faux Leather Leggings Balenciaga Lurex Platform Booties Ring by Claireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Accessories

Clockwise from left: Acne Long Sleeve Jersey Dress by Brownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fashion Vintage Skull Costume Earrings Prada Fringed Tote Bag Rick Owens Long Wedged Boots Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick Spreads created and images pulled from

Nov Gannon Hip Hop Artist/Creative Director/Akstar Lifestyle Clothing “There's a few things that women wear that instantly send me into a frenzy! The grey skinny jeans, low cut booties or high leather boots. The fellas know what I’m talking about. A nice designer trench coat to top it off and I’m sold :).”

Taurean "GoodLife" Casey Manager/Writer/Market Specialist “So I used to date this girl who swore she was a fashionista. I hated her style. It was so bad that a few times I lied about not feeling good so we couldn't go out, but it was really her outfit that I wasn't feeling. After her, I told myself I couldn't be with another female if I wasn't into her style.”

Adrian "Age" Farquharson Editor-in-Chief of Limite Magazine/ Verbal Kung-Fu Master ”I love to see a woman dress her ass off, hair, dress, accessories, heels, and most importantly...her accommodating lip balm/gloss. Her package has to be smashing from head to toe with a beautiful frame that congratulates her outfit. But, honest to God I hate to see dirty ass female feet on the streets of NYC. Especially, a half hour after they've walked out their home due to the filthy streets and trains of New York. There are plenty of females that rock sandals/flips flop well, but about 80% of them have crusty feet throughout the remainder of the day.”

A-Smash Artiste/A.GameEnt “Okay, I'm not feeling the Ugg things too much. Not because they're ugly but because it says trendy and follower to me. The day after Christmas was like Uggs Hell! Every chick was rocking their gifts hard! Uggs won't stop me from knocking it down though, HA!!! Nah but for real, I love, love, love when a women's style says that she's open-minded and has a forward approach. Get with me.”

Jesse Boykins III Singer/Songwriter “I’m a sucker for the girl in tights and a big button up with a belt piecing it together and closed toe heels. But, I don't mind a young lady who can find a way to make jeans and a blouse sexy. Guess it’s really about a girl being comfy in her clothes then she might be more comfortable around me...”

Vlad Comedian/Youtube Personality (Haitian V)/Actor/ Model/Musician/Designer for Todestule “Ok.... I hate leg warmers over sneakers... I don't think that was the idea when they created the sneaker. It just looks tacky....Yuck..”

By Patrice Floy

Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? As soon as the leaves fall and the weather gets brisk, it's nothing like a few crisp white pieces to help set the cool tone of the season. Stand out in the crowd babe! Clockwise from left: Topman Clear Lens Sunglasses, James Perse Thermal Crew, Belt for Buckles White Belt, Pierry Hardy Day Bag, White Gold Ring, Lanvin Patent Toe Suede Sneaker, Just Cavalli Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Date Bracelet, White Apple IPhone Images pulled from

Clockwise from left: Headphones by 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Purple, Topman Oversized Beanie, Rafman Simons Eastpak Backpack, DSquared White Snow Flake Sweatshirt, Giles + Brother Hook bracelet, Maison Martin Margiela Doors In London Sneakers Images pulled from

Clockwise from left: Sweater by Money Store, DSquared Radio Ring, White Pierre Hardy Sneakers, Burton Watch Images pulled from

Written by Patrice Floy Photos by Ron Bass

In the last few years Brooklyn has been given lots of faces. All of a sudden Willy burg has become the epi-center of all things cool. Screw that, not in our book! We still categorize the whole entire borough as a big block of versatility. When we think Brooklynâ&#x20AC;Śwe think paper chasers of every creed, eclectic artists, weave patting fashionistas, hustlers, ill aficionados, Crown Chicken and West Indian spots on every block and business that exemplifies the hustlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spirit of BK!

An upbeat place that both bleeds and births diverse greats from all walks of life that grind to make their means anyway necessary. It’s no surprise that three young men would add to Brooklyn’s impeccable legacy and build a Mike Nicholas, Matt Jones and Gabe Barber are the creative minds of the popular street brand Brooklyn Sky (BKSKY). Brooklyn Sky is not your artsy-fartsy abstract Tshirt line that’s on the back of every Downtown Soho kid on the scene. It’s straight to the point and reps Brooklyn in its truest form. With images/lyrics of Biggie, emblems from movies, music and quotes like “Paper Chaser,” illustrated on their shirts, BKSKY makes no apologies on not fitting in. These three charismatic and witty hustlers pride on creating a life-style brand that is more than a movement but serves as a staple in their community that three young black men can be more than block-huggers with deflated dreams. As they blast music from Kanye to JadaKiss and chop it up in their two year, Flatbush store with customers and neighborhood friends, they delved in to why the sky’s the limit for their rising brand.

What was the Birth of Brooklyn Sky? BKSKY-Mike: After my first attempt of a t-shirt line that I use to design called Deviat, we all thought we needed a name that fit us and the movement so we decided Brooklyn Sky was a GO! We did a lot of underground promotion, fashion and trade shows. We felt like no one really understood the market so we figured instead of having our stuff in other stores why not do it ourselves. As we started up on our own one of our most known shirts the “Paper Chaser” t-shirt became the baby of BKSKY. I knew the name alone would start a movement because everybody’s a paper chaser to some degree. It’s the hustler theme for anybody, we felt like that shirt really and still defines us.

Everybody has a T-shirt or clothing line but a lot of people can’t say they have their own store that carries only their own brand. Tell me about making that step? Matt: We figured that was a way to stand out. The big issue was where to put the store. I really didn’t want to do it in Flatbush but Mike begged us, and at the end of the day I can’t be mad because the hood shows us love. Mike: Bksky is a major accomplishment not only for us but the community. It’s a store that not only specializes in our brand but actually pays the bills. We went from a brand to a store in a matter of years. People are not doing that. It seems that judging from your clientele and the people in the community you guys are more than entrepreneurs, you’re an inspiration being that you have customers that are not only notables but also mothers, grandmothers, friends, etc. How does that make you feel? Matt: We had people like Diddy, Fab, Lil X, Mike from Day 26, Jeezy, Birdman, Big Tiger, Consequence, Terrance from 106th and Park, and our our very own celeb Haitian V rock our clothes but at the end of the day we serve as a mirror for our neighborhood first. People look at us and see that we created an actual business within a sea of businesses that may or may not be really doing for our neighborhood and that’s a dream come true because we beat the odds. They see us and know that we eat, live, breathe and work here. In the next five years, where can you envision BKSKY? On your back nigga, and on your mother’s back…(Laughs)

Written by Patrice Floy

Just one block away from Brooklyn’s oldest landmark on Church and Flatbush, an interesting store sits in not only the heart of Brooklyn but the center of busy businesses full of activity. As the dollar vans honk their horns and music blares from the bootlegger’s stereo, you can’t help but notice the store’s impressive décor from outside to inside that makes it look more like it belongs on Bleeker street in Soho. Amidst the crowded markets, street vendors and busy Church avenue shoppers, walking into Wealthy Hostage is like walking into a new dimension.

Since opening in 2005 the store has provided the streets with indie brands that has set the tone for trends when it comes to popular Tshirts, sneakers and cool accessories. Carrying everything from Lemar and Dauley to Crooks and Castles, Wealthy hostage’s aims to support any up and coming designer that has clothing that speaks to their consumers needs. Since it’s opening, Wealthy has done an impressive job in carrying brands that are on the backs and foots of all the cool Kids from downtown to uptown. It’s as if the owner and his team walk the city to find out what lines define a culture. In Wealthy you can find what’s trendy and at the same time what works for any individual and that’s usually hard to find. Their rising popularity even launched a partnership with New Era ( where they’ve created hats that dedicate their gratitude to Flatbush, Brooklyn. Wealthy also has an online store ( if you’re too lazy to take the Q train and go shop in there. Jean the owner of Wealthy hostage chopped it up with B+C on the significance of Wealthy.

Since Wealthy opened what has been the initial goal when deciding what your clientele is looking for? Jean: Well I would have to say we are more than just a store, I think we have designed the company and the store’s atmosphere to be more of a lifestyle that transcends gender, race and creed. Anyone can shop at Wealthy, we don’t single any one out if you think you might not fit the mold. How much consideration does yourself or your buyer take when deciding what line you are interested in carrying? Jean: I think we collectively make our decisions eye to eye. Careful consideration goes into each new product whether it's from an already established brand to a new t-shirt line. We also take pride in continually seeking new brands and start up's to keep things fresh in the market. It’s nothing like having something fresh before everybody does. You talk about Wealthy being a movement, tell us why your more than just a store? Jean: We definitely strive to provide more added value to customers in every visitation whether it’s the store or website. Wealthy Hostage strives to take back the streets from the big corporations, mainstream media and globalization and have fun doing it!

partnerships with respected affiliates like Kid Robot, Adidas, DC shoes and Milk Crates Athletics’. Each partnership has scored them more street credibility and admiration from global consumers and fashion connoisseurs all over. As if they weren’t in every boutique or on the backs of notable socialites, designing a sneaker line for Adidas took the cake and put them on the pedestal in showing other brands how far a T-shirt line could go. Not sure if color is their core marketing tool but when you see a Lemar and Dauley piece your forced to gaze and lust over the use of colors. Pinks, turquoises, neon greens and more colors that you only imagine if you’re thinking about candy and ice cream. So it’s no secret that the ladies would be attracted to the line as much as the men were. Who said girls don’t like kicks and T’s too? Apart from building on the women’s line, they have also teamed up with La Vie to create bathing suits. It’s now 2009, so if you haven’t heard of Lemar and Dauley you we’re probably hiding under a rock. The globally popular street brand hit the fashion sphere in 2001 and had every single dude from Brooklyn to China rocking their intricate pastel colored sweaters that are specifically inspired by pivotal moments, artist or images that define our culture. When they first popped up on the scene, the amount of dudes seen rocking the Biggie, “Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn Way,” sweater was immeasurable. It didn’t even matter if they we’re all standing next to each other with the same t-shirt on, it made a statement and conceptualized their respect for the brand. Whether you’re a sneaker king or just a regular dude from around the way, Lemar and Dauley finds a way to translate their creatively inspired culture gear to fit your way of life. Since the enormous exposure in 2003, Designers Daniel Pierre, Kareem Blair and their creative team has embarked on

The expansion of the brand is expected to go beyond. In such a short span of time the line has become a popular cult favorite and I don’t think it’ll fade like the other brands that has came and left the scene! They’ll be giving you a lot more cool ish! by Patrice Floy

Intro by Shaina Lampkins + Interview by Teneille Craig + Photography by Cee The Photographer Who is Theo you might ask? This Rhode Island native is one of the dopest MC's to emerge on the scene. Did I mention he's a DJ too? There's no limit to the things Theo can and will do. He should be a cocky bastard, but surprisingly he's not. He's a self-proclaimed momma's boy who learned humility by being surrounded by women. He even digs Disney movies! I don't think anyone was more befitting for the cover than Theo. Plain and simple, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Teneille: Ok so maybe it’s a Rhode Island thing but, you are like the most polite guy ever?! How is that possible? Theo: (Laughs) Could be so...some of us are cool, some aren't. .that's how the world is anyhow but, I believe in chivalry. Teneille: Really? So why do you think so many believe its dead? Theo: Umm, I really don't know...I was taught to be a nice guy, a fair guy...In any sense because everything comes full circle. Some people probably practice otherwise just for the hell of it. But, I'm a rebel sometimes so I can understand, but still. Teneille: You were “taught to be a nice guy” huh, so you’re a momma’s boy? Theo: I am. I love my mom, she's great. Teneille: So is she really tough on the girls you date? Theo: Actually no, my relationship with my mom isn’t really like that. My older sister is more of the gatekeeper when it comes to a female, that’s a definite (laughs). Teneille: OMG! So you’re surrounded by women! How much of a role do they play in your career choices? Theo: They are my everything. My full support system and foundation is from those two women, along with my other family, of course. They support my endeavors in every way. Teneille: So how does that influence the type of music you make? Would they give you crap if you sold out and came out with a smack that bitch kind of song? Or would they still hold you down? Theo: I really think they would. They're my family; they know truly who I am so I couldn't go with something that was out of my element, negatively speaking. With them behind me makes me jump higher and run faster towards my goals, I can actually discuss my career

and its manifestation with them and its all love, they chime in ideas...they're great, I love them all. Teneille: Okay you’re officially giving me a toothache now! So if I pulled all your exes in a room they’d tell me u were the best boyfriend or the worst? Honestly! Theo: (Laughs) Honestly...there's no other word they can replace besides best. Teneille: So how come they’re exes? Theo: Some people aren't meant to go certain places. The doors I'm walking through are screened; some people have to just wait there. Teneille: I hear that. So on the flip side being such a good guy, how many bad girls have you fallen for? Theo: Ha, I don't fall often. But, in my earlier days I definitely fell for a lot of girls. But, they're in the last mentioned statement (laughs). Teneille: So why do good guys always fall for bad girls? Theo: Hmm, that's a good question. When I was younger in high school I'd always chase after the girls I thought were dreamy but, now when I see them I'm usually with my little brother while she's taking his order at Burger King or something. Not saying it’s bad, but I didn't know my worth back then, I do now. Teneille: Wow! Theo: So I assume most people don't know their worth. Teneille: So nowadays you’re going for good girls only? Well what qualifies as a good girl? Theo: Yes. A good girl in my criteria hmm: Class, etiquette, vision, fashion sense and nice shoe game are always good too, right? (Continued on next page)

Teneille: Don’t ask me...I’m far from a good girl playboy (laughs)! Ok, I’m on the fence…a good girl with bad habits. So, let’s talk about your music. What’s new? What are you excited about? What’s happening...exaggerate if you want for the groupie love (laughs). Theo: (Laughs) The cliché response is usually that I’m ‘grinding hard’, blah blah' but in reality, I love it. I'm pursuing and it’s progressing. I dropped my debut mix tape 'The Birth' back in April and the response has been great. So for me to just expand musically and really express myself through the art of music and have people enjoy it a blessing. I'm very excited about the forthcoming project, new situations, and so forth. I love it. Teneille: “Blah blah blah” that was hilarious (laughs)! So what do you want to talk about Theo? What do you wish every interviewer would ask but doesn’t? You got the floor! Theo: (Laughs) Hmmm, lets see. .maybe we can talk about what I'm usually up to or my favorite brands (laughs). That sound so selfabsorbed though (laughs). Teneille: So Theo, what are your favorite brands? Theo: (Laughs) Wellllll, so glad that you asked. I'm not really tied onto too many brands but, as far as clothes I'm a J. Crew junkie. I like Ralph Lauren a lot and besides that I'm usually sprinkled a little everywhere.

Teneille: Ooooh you’re so clean. Now what’s up with you and Alice in Wonderland? Theo: That's my favorite movie! Teneille: I always compare my feeling of “lostness” to Alice in Wonderland, ironic (laughs). Theo: I love the movie. I first saw it back in daycare and from then on, I swear, I just fell in love with it. Maybe because I'm putting too much of a deeper meaning on the film then there should be but, eh it’s cool. Teneille: The Disney adaptation was derived from a really twisted novelist. The guy who wrote it was like a pedophile and a drug attack who wrote on a trip or something. Alot of children’s stories have strange roots. Theo: Yea I've read a lot regarding the writer who was acid tripping. It explains a lot in the movie. That's very true though a lot of children’s stories have some odd-trippy-ish roots. Teneille: But, I know you have some shameless plugs to end this with! Theo: Yesss well, is where you can find me, music, blog, pictures…all that beautiful stuff. Teneille: Sweet! It was great vibing with you. I want my son to be just like u when he grows up :) Theo’s Wardrobe Provided by: Brooklyn Sky+Wealthy Hostage+Secret Society NYC Sabit Red+Black Lumberjack, Fuck Soho Secret Society Sweatshirt, Theo’s own cap, Brooklyn Sky Biggie Sweatshirt, Staple Tibial Plaid Shirt, Reason Brand Down Pour Hunting Shirt

When I had last interviewed Mickey Factz he was releasing his Flashback Vol. 1 Mixtape, which you could download for free on the GFC website, he was performing at Sputnik in Brooklyn, and wearing his NYU ID around his neck. Over a year later Mickey has a video in rotation on MTV, interviews with tons of magazines, endorsement deals and he's made the cover of XXL's Top 10 Freshman Class. He's still keeping it fresh in his signature Prada frames and he's still jumping around the stage getting the crowd to go crazy. His music is still amazing and he's still one of the coolest and most genuine boys I have ever met. Anyone who's ever crossed his path has nothing but good things to say about Mickey Factz. I decided to see what this "good guy" has been up knocking at my door and I can't wait to open it. You gonna help me unlock the door?

Intro + Interview By Shaina Lampkins

Shaina: So last time I interviewed you we damn near had a baby? What you got planned for me this time? Mickey Factz: Lmfaooooo. I don't know what you speak of darling... lol, but I will say success is knocking at my door and I can't wait to open it. You gonna help me unlock the door?

Shaina: No relationships but no one night stands...what do you do? Mickey Factz: I just enjoy life... If people try to define and articulate their activities, things then become complicated... I'm to cool for that... I'd rather just enjoy whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on at the time and dwell on it after...

Shaina: I think I will...I got a lot of keys. What are some of these successes you're referring too? Mickey Factz: My album getting ready to drop, a couple of ventures in video games, mobile phones, a commercial and some TV slots... I'm just waiting for everything to be confirmed. Shaina: Nice. You know behind every good man there's a great woman. You got any positions available?

Shaina: Speaking of being cool...what's the coolest thing you've done this past year? Mickey Factz: Damn, Shoot for my commercial... That was the hottest shit ever! Shaina: Lol. I can't wait to see it! Did they use your music for it? Mickey Factz: Yes they did, but you guys gotta wait to see.

Shaina: Nice. You know behind every good man there's a great woman. You got any positions available? Mickey Factz: That's a lie... why would a woman be behind a man? Whoever made that up is a fool. God took the rib out of the SIDE of a man.... So it should be by the side of every good man there's a good woman... As far as positions... music be holding both my sides down so I'm pretty stable relationship wise.

Shaina: Wait? Aww man. So when's the album dropping? Mickey Factz: Late spring hopefully!

Shaina: My fault....I think I just fainted. Mickey Factz: Lmao!

Shaina: Melodies from heaven...I don't wanna feel like a hussy shaking my ass to it! Do you feel you've grown musically from when I last interviewed you? I think that was the Flashback era. Mickey Factz: Yea, I'm open to singing, playing instruments and just feeling how I feel.

Shaina: That's the nicest thing I heard since a Tyler Perry movie. So you would say you're an overall good guy? Mickey Factz: Overall... Oh yea.. I am... What you think?

Shaina: What does it sound like? Is there something I can get dressed to for a night out? Mickey Factz: It sounds like melodies from heaven... There is a mood for every song.

Shaina: Hmm...I think so. So what was your last relationship like? Good guys usually get the short end of the stick. Mickey Factz: Hmmm last relationship was alot of arguing... Tons of it... too much... so much so that I can't deal with the constraints of being involved.

Shaina: Like Prince without the heels....I dig it Mickey Factz: Hahaha!

Shaina: Constraints of being involved? That harsh! Mickey Factz: Yea, It feels like a nig in jail sometime.

Shaina: Nice. Well, Sir anything you wanna sign off with? Mickey Factz: The Achievement is dropping later this year.

Shaina: Jail! Yikes! So what was your last one night stand like? Mickey Factz: I don't do one night stands....

Shaina: Lol. Just curious....if I was a song what would I be called? Mickey Factz: Rocker. The song will be out soon.

Shaina: Owwww!

Intro by Shaina Lampkins + Interview by Teneille Craig Christian Rich is the super talented team from NY by way of Chicago. I say super talented because they've been involved in the production efforts for the likes of Lil' Kim, The Clipse, and Foxy Brown just to name a few. Not only do these guys produce, but they can show that they're artist in their own right by releasing their EP "The Decadence." They prove to us how much location can influence your music and what kind of chick you like. Off the back, they don't seem like the cover boy for the good guy, but we've decided that "Good guys make good music."

Teneille: So I want to know who Christian Rich is first off. I keep hearing how great of a team you are, what great guys you are and I'm curious to know more about Christian tell me something I'd probably need to know? ChristianRich: We produced "I'm Serious" for The Clipse, if you know that record. But, we do everything, producers, artists, engineer, develop marketing concepts, etc. But [we're] not typical like everyone else. Our brand of music attempts to push the envelope but in a way that is still understood by the basic fan. We started out producing for locals acts around 15 years old, then we quickly fell into the national front by doing records for Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, The Clipse, Young Gunz, etc. Teneille: That's dope. But, what's the story? I read someplace you were from Chicago, another place you were from Atlanta, Nigeria... ChristianRich: So many versions? We are from Chicago, but our family is from Nigeria. We were raised in Nigeria early on, moved back to Chicago, after school we moved to New York for 2 years then we bought a house in Atlanta got bored and came back to NY.

Teneille: (Laughs) So how's life been since you've back in

ChristianRich: (Laughs) Hell naw....this is more like every record is a

NY? Atlanta's a pretty poppin' city right now, how'd u get

hit.... we already licensed a few songs because the mind has been

bored there?

high. It wouldn't be right to just release one video and move on to

ChristianRich: Atlanta is cool, but we just got back here last

the next project. This project will be monumental... I meant to say

April. We were working with Bangladesh as producers. It got

the demand has been high (laughs).

really boring just living in the country and we begged for

Teneille: I was like the mind has been high...I need to stay up on

New York City life again.

my "hipster" slang (laughs)

Teneille: (Laughs) I'm about to get on some arrogant ish for a

ChristianRich: "The Decadence" was recorded in Atlanta. Atl has a

sec…having lived so many places, what are some of the

good musical mood that compliments creativity. So we were able

best attributes of us NY chicks?

to zone out and experiment with many sounds and styles. "The

ChristianRich: Charles Hamilton insert [Brooklyn Girl] (laughs).

Decadence" actually is a word comprised of many meanings. The

There is so much to pick from but, you all just have a thing

most important ones are 1) The decay of nation 2) The search for a

about you that makes us want more. New York chicks are

new sensation in art and culture in the 18th century in Europe. We

bold and that always makes for an interesting relationship

feel the same thing is occurring in our times. There is a decay in

Teneille: Interesting...that's a funny word (laughs)!

morale and people want artistic inspiration to make them believe

ChristianRich: Well I have plenty of stories about NY chicks.

again and we have accomplished that.

Each one is unique, I promise (laughs)

Teneille: That's beautiful! I'm excited about the album...not on

Teneille: Awww gimme one! Gimme a good one!

some groupie shit (laughs) genuinely sounds like an amazing

ChristianRich: Too graphic.... all my stories are too graphic

piece of work.

for tv, magazines, newspapers.

ChristianRich: Thanks. It really is a masterpiece. That's why our

Teneille: Or compare how something a NY chick did, differs

peers brag about us. We have been blessed to speak for those

from how a chick from anywhere else might've done it.

who can't or are afraid to speak. As youngsters we struggled to fit

Please no graphic details...we'd have to put a big PAUSE

in. We always stood out. People would tell us we are too weird

over it (laughs)

and we are whack for liking New York music. Instead of

ChristianRich: Ok, I remember a particular NY chick

crying....we simply used that energy to create history. We make

approaching me and putting moves on me, while an Atl

nerds and gentlemen say I wanna follow my passion. We speak for

chick or Houston chick waits on your move. My New York

the meek, the rich, the poor, the people. I love Louis Vuitton, but

chicks buy me everything. My Atl chicks want everything

appreciate a brand like Lemar and Dauley that makes designs

bought for them and they can be psycho at times (laughs).

affordable when we are not so rich.

New York chicks, are down for anything, two dollar pizza

Teneille: Oh wow, I feel so enlightened and I’m so not trying to be

slices after the club before heading to my spot, same day

funny. Good guys make good music!

action (laughs). Atl chicks wanna wait the next day for

ChristianRich: Indeed good guys win at the end.


Teneille: I'm definitely seeing why people speak so highly of you

Teneille: So I’m a tough girl but I like a sweet attentive guy.


What good guy charms would make me melt like butter

ChristianRich: We are inspired by our peers, from the homies

from a Christian Rich brother?

Mickey Factz to Theo to Kanye to M.I.A.... its great to be among

ChristianRich: On our EP, "The Decadence", we speak of

those talented people.

waking up to your dream girl, who you give the world to on

Teneille: Okay, now tell me about the Lemar + Dauley mix tape

a track callled "Morning Dew"


Teneille: Ok, that’s it?

ChristianRich: Lemar and Dauley to us is what Bathing Ape is to

ChristianRich: (Laughs) Hmmm. Well first I would make sure I

Pharrell. Kareem is our Nigo. We come up with an idea and he

compliment your every step…then proceed to cooking you

executes it visually. The mix tapes with them are an effort to shock

the best meal you've ever had. Salmon with limes, a hint of

people while branding us and branding them in the music world.

tangerine with flavored rice on the side...... you would sit

It doesn't end... we came from nothing... how could I limit my

and smell the aroma and await greatness! After one bite

dreams. I saw the bottom only to realize the top.

you'll know how much I care...Does that work for you?

Teneille: So '09 to Christian Rich is about...

Teneille: Ok, that's better (laughs). So about "The

ChristianRich: The take over...breaks over. We will make all artist


including majors rethink their music and marketing.

ChristianRich: "The Decadence" is one of the best albums

Teneille: Go get 'em tiger! ChristianRich: Make this year a memorable one.

you will hear for a long time. Every song will have a video. Teneille: That's like some Beyonce ish (laughs)

Intro by Shaina Lampkins + Interview by Teneille Craig

Everything about Theophilus London is an experience. His music sounds like a journey through a psychedelic dream of his. A Theophilus performance is like an ecstasy trip..titilating, electric and erotic. I bet you're saying to yourself "what the hell, those aren't words I would use to describe a 'good guy'." On top of those hip moving rhythms are lyrics that talk about love, women and relationships. Mr. London has a magnetic charm about him. He's not your typical good guy but, as soon as he steps off stage he's personable, humble and approachable. All that and he's armed with a smile that doesn't leave you with the impression he's going to do you any harm.

Teneille: So we've been hearing about this charming man Theophilus for a minute and have become victim to his magnetism, what is it about you do you think the ladies find so irresistible? The mole perhaps? Theophilus London: I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the mole. Never had a girl just tell me what it was, they just smile and I smile back and I say man you look great and they say thanks. Women are the greatest! I feel so good around them, I would love an

Teneille: (Laughs) So I guess we can assume This Charming Mix tape will be full of panty dropping music? TL: Actually no, because it’s evil in a charming way. It speaks desires and colors. It expresses moods. Cold pillow for instance, it’s dark and charming at the same time. It makes you feel good overall. Okay, panty dropper it is! Teneille: So you’re revealing the more personal and vulnerable side of Mr. London? Girls love expressive boys! TL: Yep but, you can still dance and here new sounds and new expressions. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Tnt is on there. Teneille: Owwwww! I’m personally crazy stoked about it, the whole project! TL: Thank you. I did the shoot today, I mean three nights ago. My mind draws blanks from the hard work (laughs). Can I send you a flick? Teneille: Of course! TL: You can’t show anyone’s fresh out the oven. Teneille: Got you! I like secrets, tehe! But, anyway so Valentine’s Day will be here before you know...any special lady who should be expecting a memorable 14th? TL: Ooh noo! Teneille: Whaaaaat?! This is the good guys edition and there’s got to be a lucky lady out there claiming to be Mrs. London?? TL: Hmmm maybe there is maybe there isn’t…who knows…she does. That’s the answer (laughs). Teneille: I’m so over these PR answers (laughs)! TL: (laughs) Teneille: You’re a sweetheart I can’t imagine you having a mean streak, but how bad have you been? You gotta have some naughty skeletons in your closet??? TL: (laughs) Yeah all of my past girlfriends think that I have this dark attitude and I’m crazy and scream for no reason. Teneille: You’re kidding right? TL: I’m serious. You girls really test guys. Teneille: So you’re a good guy...gone bad??? TL: You want to see how we react, nope I’m lovely. I have no reason to fight or be jealous. I would take it as an insult, I’m charming. I don’t like movies but I try. Teneille: Awww tito! TL: Yeah. I do cool little restaurants only in BK though. I like doing salvation army trips see who finds the coolest shit, finding new music, show and tell. But, some girls always want more :( Teneille: Awwwwww!! What kind of girl would be ideal for you then?

TL: Awww man. I think I met her on my flight back from London. Nut as usual I didn’t say shit. Well I gave her my CD! Well my manager did, womp womp. Teneille: (Laughs) TL: I gave her eye contact once more when we landed, she smiled and I smiled and once again but, no convo. She gave me too many chances I thought, so when it was time to get the luggage I just acted brand new like I didn’t know her. Teneille: Gasp! You were that shy? TL: She had two pony tails and black hair. She was Indian, tall, had a plaid shirt, with brown high boots, no make up, innocent, not to fancy, great sense of humor. I sense theses things in a 3 second inspection and even though she wasn’t flashy or too out there, I was so intimidated. Teneille: So what did you do? TL: I gave her eye contact once more when we landed, she smiled and I smiled and once again but, no convo. She gave me too many chances I thought, so when it was time to get the luggage I just acted brand new like I didn’t know her. Teneille: Gasp! You were that shy? TL: I don’t know why. I’m all about the right moment. Teneille: Cold cold pillow tonight night TL: (laughs) Teneille: So if that charming man would’ve kicked in how would the situation have played out? TL: I would of took off my pea coat and skipped the line to get to her and said hey you left your IPod on the plane, give her mine with the new mix tape on it and the rest is ................... Teneille: (laughs) So when's the mix tape dropping and what’s next for the London? TL: It should be here 2nd week of January. I’m gonna be back in London in January for 3 shows then a 35 city tour starting in February through March, SXSW, getting ready for a great summer. Real people are back and it feels good! Love you guys!

Anybody that knows me knows I have a not-sosecret thing for R&B singer Trey Songz. I’m not exactly sure what did it for me, but I was a fan from day one. I even managed to meet him at one of his video shoots from early in his career. That meeting was not what I expected. I expected someone a bit standoffish; instead I got a big-time flirt. He chatted up the all girls on set left and right. No one complained though, most of us were in awe of the fact that he was so open and flirtatious. It was a good time and he managed to cop a feel (my shoulder, it still counts). Trey Songz, I can’t help but wait. Sigh. - Camillia

“I would love for Michael to caress me and be held after some...........” Shana

“There's so much I'd like to do to Aubrey Graham aka Drake. He's good looking, smart, and oh so talented. He even made a wheelchair look good! When I first heard his music is when I fell in love. Not only does he sing and rap, he ghostwrites! And ghost writing is so sexy to me! He can meet my mamma any day, I’m pretty sure he'll say something witty and clever to sweep her right off her feet.” - Shaina

The Case of the EX.. “Upon the departure from the last long term relationship I had, I found myself hooking up with former male interests from the past. You know, that guy you always thought about being with if your love wasn’t locked down. Well in my case, there was a few. So being newly single I decided to try my hand with the second string players. Disaster! Ok maybe not a complete disaster but I realized something. These guys were nothing like they were in the past. In the past they were sweet, smart, fun, and uncomplicated. Now, they’re obnoxious, simple, taxing, and complicated as all hell! They were complete 180’s from their former selves. I mean, we all change, we get wiser, maybe we do a 90 but not a 180, and if we do a major transformation I should only hope it’s for the better. But in any case, they had turned out to be boys not fit to carry the title of men. Cue my dilemma, should I abandon the idea of pursuing those who reside in my past or should the future be the only place I go back to? Look at the white shoes, lol.. OMG! I hate them. No, I loathe them. White shoes are the absolute worst. No matter what, they always seem to look cheap. Boots, stilettos, mules, with the exception of sandals, they all sort of remind me of church shoes that hurt your feet. Everywhere I go, on the train, in the streets, at school, I turn my nose up at the sight of them. I feel like that’s the inexperienced ghetto girl’s attempt to dressing trendy or chic. Cream yes, white no. I think it’s safe to say I detest white shoes. So one day Shaina and I are cleaning out my closet. We are running across all types of fashion faux pas but all of which can be perfectly explained except for one thing, a pair of WHITE stilettos. I mean these were the whitest old white shoes I have ever seen. Shaking my head at me! Here I am expressing my hatred for white shoes left and right, and amidst my own shoe collection were a pair of pointy white stilettos, scuff marks and all.” - Camillia The Late Night Phoner “I usually start my day at about ten fifteen in the morning. First object of the day is to rollover and grab my phone. I check my email, tweets, missed messages and phone calls. I raise an eyebrow at a few texts and im's. I'm noticing that there's one guy making it a habit of hitting me at very inappropriate hours. An inappropriate hour is anytime after you think a person should be sleeping, or a person might be laid up, unless of course you're the person shorty should be laid up with. There's a few other late night phone call culprits, but none are as consistent as this fellow. Of course I discussed the matter with the girls, and as I did, my annoyance grew. The late night phone culprit is a huge problem. First, by hitting you up as late as he is shows his lack of respect for the fact that you could have been sleep. Sleep is something I don't fool around with, it’s extremely important for your daily function. Secondly, if you happen to be laid up with the next dude, or even worse, your man (yikes!), he's definitely putting some tension on that situation. You know when it comes to that late night phone call, your man is looking at you like "so you really gonna take that call?" or "so you can't answer that in front of me?" Either way you lose and now you're arguing because some fool doesn't know how to play his position. Lastly, the hours between one am and until you wake up is prime booty call time. You know, the time when the only thing on any one's mind is having sex. My culprit will hit me up days in a row at three, four, even five in the morning, are you telling me the only time I cross your mind is at these wild times and the only thing you want to do with me is have sex? Late night phone culprits are a nuisance all the way around! Ignoring doesn't always work, sometimes you have to put it in check and let that person know that they are overstepping their boundaries. They might get slightly offended, but they'll be forced to respect it. But the absolute way to ensure that you are not a victim of a late night phone culprit is to not be one yourself! People give you what you give them.” - Shaina

Boys + Clothes From Shana’s Eyes Clothes : “How long are tights going to be the new pants in women's fashion ? Why should logo apparel or accessories dictate your sense of style?“ Boys : “Dogs are no longer chasing cats ! Cats are chasing dogs ! Is cats the "new dogs" seeking companionship? Why do some guys buy expensive cars and cannot take care of their kid?” - Shana Winter Love ”Running four miles in zero degree windchill in Central Park at the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve takes a really stupid person. But waiting for a girl on the sidelines, with the cups of frozen water and glasses of chapmagne ice, supporting her passion and admiring her for it, for forty-five bone-chilling minutes, takes a really good one. I've dated runners who could talk for hours about our mutual love of running, who could advise me on injury-related questions and who could romance me with lines like "Let's go watch the runners in central park," or "I would love to see you at the end of a long, hot run." I dated runners and I love running-- and so I fell quick and hard and was hurt in the end. Whether I admitted it or not, I was looking for them, too, on a fitness dating site, in my local running club, on the street on bitter cold night runs. But the thing I was looking for, really, wasn't on the race course, but on the sidelines. My closest friend of three years, my first boyfriend, and my latest boyfriend (all the same friend), was waiting for me at the finish, to take my picture, to kiss me for the New Year, to tell me he was proud and that I was so passionate and dedicated and he respected that so much. This New Year, I guess I made the resolution to stop looking at the other runners, and to look at myself, at the good guy at the end of the race, and to realize that it's the person, not the hobby, that really makes him good.” – Katie Downtown Politics ”Welcome to our first edition of Downtown Politics 101 where we discuss everything related to pleasing the know that special little place down the yellow brick road that most times require a little special attention? Remember ladies this place is the core of what makes you who are so cherish it, value it, and don’t let anyone treat it like it’s not gold. The thought of today surrounds motive, ladies have you ever wondered what makes him take a trip downtown? Like is he a freak? Is he really into me? Does he do this to everyone? Or am I special? And has your opinion of why or how he did it (well after he is finished) led you into what to do with him next? Well believe me a guy that wants to go down on you the first time you meet him no matter how tempting is a major turnoff and as much as this special attention is so needed, girls please be warned…if that is the first thing he wants to do…maybe there is a reason why? Like he knows that a good head job is as good as money in the bank for some chicks and no matter how much of a sleaze job he is, once you get that pleasure you kind of forget. Or maybe that is the only thing he can pretty much offer you in a relationship so he wants to give it to you quick and fast so later in the relationship you don’t ask for it because you just did it so openly and freely and your like wow…this is keeper…NOT!! Ladies use caution, if he is going to please your downtown…make him wash his mouth first or make him use a dental dam...too many germs in the mouth. But, just before he takes you there take a moment to think about what happens next. Next time we will cover methods of pleasure…what do you prefer?” - Sky Sexcetera ”So there was this guy that I had the most serious thing for. It was more than a crush, way more. He was so sweet. I remember the way he used to look at me. He would kind of peek up at me when I wasn’t really looking. It was all so romantic in a way. Nevertheless, we both wanted to take it to the next level but things like boyfriends, girlfriends/ baby mommas, and crazy phone calls stood in the way. Fast forward five years later, we were both unattached and still had a genuine interest in each other. Not so much as even a kiss we previously shared so you could only imagine the anticipation built around our encounters. Well the time had finally come. We were at his place. We talked about any and everything, watched movies, and rekindled. We smooched some and that turned into some “fondling”, but wait, what is that I feel? That can’t be his…? Is that his…? No, it can’t be. It was the smallest thing I ever felt. It was somewhat reminiscent of a dog’s private parts, it was so small. Instantaneously, I lost all desire to do anything. I was not prepared for his canine love and wanted no parts of it. As soon as I realized the huge dilemma that was before me, I immediately began to turn to my contingency plan. I made up some crazy excuse on why I had to leave and high-tailed it out of there. After five years, that’s what I had to look forward to? I almost threw up all over myself thinking about it, ugh. Moral of the story: Some things are better left undone!” - Camillia

Written by Kyle $port Hayes

"Cuz I got more than just a big d!#k, and some money..." - D'Angelo - 'You Should Be Here', 2002 A couple of weeks ago, myself, Tee and Shaina were all sitting around talking about all kinds of shit. Somehow, we ended up on the topic of dating and all that it entails these days. While I can't remember the exact setup, I remember saying to Tee, 'Now imagine how tough it is when you're trying to be a good, respectable dude.' She just laughed and followed that up with, 'Yo, I don't even know what that IS.' In my mind, I'm thinking, 'Word?? How fucked up is that??'. But I couldn't blame her one bit. I can't imagine what it's like on a daily basis for a decent young lady trying to make her way in the world. Your sense of paranoia is heightened due to the plethora of 'serial bitch-baggers' and Jim Jonestown followers. Chivalry is so far in your rear view mirror, that when it actually does appear, it's either laughable or so rehearsed that it's straight-up pitiful. I won't play the blame game. I refuse to tip my nose up at the wack-ass dudes that run the planet, and the ladies who allow such wackness to remain a constant. At the rate society is going, the 'nice guy' is soon to be pictured behind a glass case at the Natural History Museum. Look, I'm not perfect, by any means. All I'm saying is that there are STILL nice, respectable guys out here, myself included. We're not here to blatantly charm you out of your panties. We really do enjoy you and all of your really, we do. Let's put the shoe on the other foot. What about US? Just as much as you all hate being played for the typical slut or a white girl, imagine how we feel about coming in second to those fleeting 'hustlers'? Here we are, going through our days on a mission to secure decent surroundings for ourselves, only to watch wonderfully good women be constantly soiled by our more unstable brethren. You all go through so much with these clowns, that by time WE show up, you're either 'jaded' or worse; gay. I can speak for more than a few of my brothas on this. We enjoy worthwhile conversation. We're don't have a million and one excuses why we can't meet your parents. We can listen to Young Jeezy without feeling the sudden, yet undying urge to move weight. We don't want to be Wilt Chamberlin. Our sexual partner body count is at an honest two hands, or even one. Monogamy isn't a cuss word. What about US? You can usually catch us on the way to, coming from, or at work. We're not in the club, but when we are, we're usually welldressed and quite reserved. We don't use our future aspirations as pickup lines (read: up-and-coming producer/CEO of XYZ Clothing Co./dopest emcee you've never heard of). We watch you from a distance because those other maroons are trying to get close to you. When the opportunity to take a swing is finally granted to us, we are forced to do the hard sell. Our role goes from suitor to construction worker in that we have to devote a great deal of time towards trying demolish the Berlin Wall you've built in the name of protecting your heart. We spend so much time telling you who and what we are not, that sometimes we can forget who and what we really are! Personally, I've had to high-step and spin around so much baggage, shit ain't even funny. I've dealt with your crazy exes and super deadbeat baby daddies who can't father their own kids, but will be damned to any and all hell if another man so much as buys a toy. Yet, through all this, I keep telling myself that all is not lost. If I allow myself to become affected by all this by resorting to more 'playa' ideals, then I'm only becoming the dude I'm trying to separate myself from. Because of all these things, I'm now shy as shit. I've seen so many beautiful women, but there's nothing I can do about it, except admire from afar. I'm afraid of rejection. Let me rephrase that; I refuse to be rejected on the strength that you're comparing me to the rest of these fools. I know that I'm alright and I'm not about to catch a side-eye just because I wanted to introduce myself and tell you how pretty you are. Fuck that. My skin ain't all that thick. It's plain to see that standards and decency have been traded in for 'swag'. And most of the 'swag' that's being broadcasted is so manufactured, it's beyond belief. But us good guys will be here when the music stops. We're more than a Louis rag. We know how to be gentlemen. We believe in honesty, spontaneity and romance.... ....THEN comes the LV. - $port


The Good Guys Edition  

B+C Magazine Issue 1

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