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What’s your full name? Robert Alexander Rae

How old are you? 21

Where are you from an what's your background? I was born and raised in Canada, but my grandfather was from Aberdeen Scott land

What agency are you with? I’m with Elmer Olsen models in Toronto, DNA New York, fashion Milan, models one London, Donna Tokyo, bananas Paris,

Where and who do you live with? I live at home with my parents when I’m not traveling in a small town called St Catherines Canada

Whose in your family? There is me my dad, step mom, mom

What’s your daily routine? Depending on where I am it changes but one thing is certain coffee cigarettes’ and emailing.

What’s your hobby? I got a lot I off road jeeps, play hockey and enjoy fixing cars trucks quads and anything with a motor

What were you like at school? I hated school I found it difficult to learn but thanks to some great teachers and my step mom I started to enjoy it. I took auto mechanics all of my high school career

Are you still studying? If so what are you studying or plan to study? I’m done studying for now not sure if I want to change what my field is. I’m an auto mechanic but since modeling I don’t know if I’ll go back to that and presue something else

Do you go out much? When I’m away from home yes I do it’s nice to go out with friends and talk. It makes being away from home easier. Some of these guys I never get to see so when were in the same city we go out a lot.

What is something you do regularly with friends? Weather it be model friends or friends from home we watch a lot of sports and funny shows, but my friends at home we go off roading a lot.

Are you single? No

Do you have bad habits? I smoke cigarettes, and have a tendency to swear a lot lol

What is your best body feature? I have no idea, I don’t even know what other people think is my best feature

What kind of outlook do you look for in a partner? And what feature attracts you most? I look for a women that is into sports, and adventure a women that isn’t afraid of mud and 4x4ing, but they must be easy to talk to and have some of the same values as me such as family friends school and a job they enjoy these things are key to any relationship with me if they don’t think these are some of the most meaning full things in life then I can’t have a relationship with them cause I feel so strongly about that stuff. I also look for a woman with a get up and go attitude. And a live life no regrets attitude.

Do you involve yourself on other blogs/internet or alike much? No

Do you read about yourself and comments made by people on the internet and feel proud? Yes I do its weird but it makes me feel good to know I’m doing a good job

Favourite designer? Burberry the company is amazing everyone is so compassionate about their job and it shows in there clothes and there adds like I’ve done there show the past two seasons and it is by far my favourite show.

Favourite model? I got a few I’ve met so many great guys in this industry its hard to say my favourite, like I admire a lot of them for how they haven’t forgotten where they came from, and some I admire for jobs they have done some of my good friends are top models but if you talked with them you wouldn’t guess it. And I guess that’s what makes us friends we don’t pretend to be anything were not were just a bunch of guys doing a job to the best of our ability.

How did you start modeling? I was grocery shopping in down town Toronto and was approached by Elmer Olsen and after meeting him there I was given his card and a month later I called him and signed with him and started doing small stuff till my first show season, now I’m a full time model

When did you get booked for your first job? My first job was for ten men magazine, it was amazing the images were awesome I meet a lot of people during the shoot that I still talk to today.

How has your family/friends reacted to you doing modeling? In the beginning it was a huge joke, everybody thought it wasn’t going to happen and it was a money grab, after I did some jobs in Toronto I got most people to believe it except for my dad and my best mate Jeff but after my first show season I did amazing shows and made a top ten list for new comers once I got home and told them that and of course showed them I made money I got there somewhat respect for doing this. But either way its kind of funny my family and friends know me as a guy that works on his truck everyday is covered in grease before modeling I couldn’t name three major designers so it was a big change for them. But there happy I’m doing it and yet I still get called zoolander and other names but it’s all for fun.

What’s best/worst about modeling to you? The best is meeting new people and traveling, the worst is traveling for so long and being away from home

What is your goal? The goal is to do this for as long as I can and make my family and friends proud.

What’s your most embarrassing/awkward moment? I was 12 or 13 and was bugging my dog in front of my parents and friends and decided to stick my tongue out at her with my eyes closed... let’s just say I French kissed my dog in front of family and friends and I still hear about it to this day

In fashion, etc there are lots of gay people, what are your views on them? It’s there life and I say do what you want love is weird some guys love women some love guys me I love trucks either way it’s cool like in the beginning it was weird but I got used to it I have a couple gay friends and there hilarious like just cause their sexual preference is different than mine doesn’t make it wrong and certainly doesn’t make them less worthy of rights then me. My only issue is when they know I’m not yet still hit on me and stuff like that but that’s not them being gay its them not respecting my decision so whatever.

What is your style?

my style is Canadian I wear pretty much only Canadian designers and there not even designers lol I wear a lot of skater clothes and fox racing stuff cause it’s who I am

Who has been your favourite person you have worked with/or wish to work with? The person I have worked with that is my favourite and I can’t wait to work with them again is Burberry. But also my proudest job and company I’ve ever worked for is a Canadian company called Hudson bay company, I was fortunate enough to do there Canada Olympic wear campaign I was very proud to do it cause I love my country and it was for the Olympics in Vancouver Canada so even more special.

What was your best job you enjoyed the most? Above Hudson Bay

Are you planning to keep on doing modeling long term or do you have other plans? I’m going to do it as long as I can and see where it takes me maybe there is a future in acting, or even if I make enough to go to school and study something else I’m not sure at the moment of what I want to do

What is a fact that not many people know about you? Most people don’t know that every city I visit I find a church where I can light candles. I light a candle for our fallen soldiers in the wars, one for my grandfather who I never really got to know, one for my uncle Barry who helped me in ways I can’t explain and when he died it taught me family is the most important thing in the world, one for the rest of my family, one for my agents as they have helped me so much and one for me to symbolize the light of my career in this industry I have done really well right from the beginning but who knows how long it last so I light one to keep the light going on my career.

Where will the public expect to see you next? Umm probably in Hudson Bay for there campaign

Have you heard much about Australia or want to visit Australia? Yes I want to go there I have always liked it and think it would be a sweet country to visit and tour in a jeep.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Jeeps, Canada, family

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