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Farm Friday: January 29, 2010 Meat Shares: Super Yummy Value

We raised our first pigs, Noodle and Piggy, last year in a portable pen in the old corral. We planted a pasture mix of field peas, rape (canola), and oats for them to root through, but also fed them our overgrown zucchini, sweet corn gone starchy, edamame plants, and other “waste” from our vegetable operation. We took them into Innovative Foods, our favorite local butcher, in December, and now have delicious ribs, ham, bacon, chops, roasts, sausage, and the like to keep the broilers company in the chest freezer. Animals raised here on the farm are not given any antibiotics or other medications, have free access to plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and have diets made up of a combination of forage/range materials, produce grown here on the farm, and feed from local sources when necessary. This is why we call them “pastured” or sometimes, “grass-fed” meats. We also call them delicious, and we know that they have unique nutritional qualities. Customers can order a whole or half hog, or individual broilers or turkeys, but we’ve also created some meat share options that are a bit less expensive than ordering individual items. Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee meat availability, though we may have some extras when it’s all said and done. Call the farm for more details!

Tell Your Friends! It’s Time to Sign up for the CSA!

Do you have questions or requests for more information? Email them to and we’ll try to include them. In the meantime, visit our website at: CSA Price List 2010 Vegetables June-October delivery, 20 weeks of produce Full Share: $525 Half Share: $345 Single Share: $225 Flowers July-September delivery, 10 weeks Arranged share: $250 Stem share: $110 Meat and Eggs Egg share (1 dozen weekly, 20 wks): $90 1 dozen eggs: $4.75 Pastured broilers and turkeys: $3.00/pound Pastured pork: $3.00/lb. (by the whole or half hog, hanging weight, processing not included) Heritage turkeys: $4.25/lb. Meat Shares Large share: $725 1 whole hog (processing not included), 2 turkeys, 12 broiler chickens Medium share: $425 1/2 hog (processing not included), 1 turkey, 6 broiler chickens Small share: $110 2 standard breed turkeys (It’s cheaper when you eat them for two holidays!) Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee your space in our CSA. Please call the farm today!

We’re a pretty small operation without a huge budget for advertising, so we rely on our customers to spread the word about our farm. We have space remaining at all three of our delivery sites (listed below), and would love to have more members for our 2010 season. Our favorite part our being CSA farmers is the strong relationships we develop with our customers. Since we are so small-scale, either Matt or I is always at the delivery site, so you get direct weekly access to your farmers for questions or comments. And we’re planning some pretty fun field days in 2010, if we do say so ourselves. Please spread the word! Greeley: Crabtree Brewery, Thursdays, 5-6 Fort Collins: 1204 Stover Street, Thursdays, 6:45-7:30 Louisville: 210 Short Place, Tuesdays, 6-7

To remove your name from our mailing list, please click here. Questions or comments? E-mail us at or call 970-690-9945.

Farm Friday 1/20/2010  

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