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February 1, 2011 • Issue 2 • Vol. 8



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February 1, 2011 • Issue 2 • Volume 8


6 Letters For the question and answer portion of this publication, turn to that page up there. We assure you that all responses were backed up by facts and the internet. Not really though.

8 From the Couch Saddle up for a double dose of Montgomery, folks. You probably can’t handle it, but you owe it to yourself to at least try. I remember crying myself to sleep like it was yesterday. Because it was.

10 Film & DVD

23 Candy Hearts, Anyone? You love or hate Valentine’s Day. Either way, we have a few ideas that can work on just about any shoestring budget you wacky kids are working with. Once you get there it’s on you.

As The Social Network continues to make awards shows its b*tch, Brett looks back on what is perhaps a defining cinematic work of our time. There’s totally a lot of poking.

11 Music

What are the albums you should be looking forward to this year? Funny you should ask, since we tell you in this issue!

12 Romance Spring has almost sprung, which means love (or perhaps just lust) is in the air. Ms. Atherton is back to give you ladies a few tips on grabbing that special spring fling.

18 On the Scene February 1, 2011 •

Issue 2 • Vol. 8

On the Cover

Proof that real men do hold hands. Photo by Mark Doescher

LOVIRE A is in


16 Cribs


27 End Notes We can tell you the End Notes are awesome, and you would probably believe us. Or, you can just turn to the back and see for yourself. Call it.


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Q: A:

Now that you’ve filled us in, which movie is really going to take home the big prize? And don’t say The Social Network. — Jeff

I was really partial to Predators actually. I’m expecting big things. Also, my letters page, my rules! I will throw a tantrum over this. — John Montgomery, Boyd Street editor

The Problem With These Shows ...

The Oscars won’t top the Golden Globes for pure entertainment value, will they? I just have a sneaking suspicion that the dry and snarky British humor won’t be topped. – RL I have to say that I agree with you. Honestly, I’m not much of an awards show person, but I do enjoy the Golden Globes. It just seems like a more laid back affair. Of course, our acting treasures get more visibly drunk as the show goes on, so that’s fun too. That might be the problem with the Oscars. Not enough drinking. I’m pretty sure a tuxedo shouldn’t stop you from partying. At least bring a flask. I do, however, have high hopes this year since James Franco is awesome and Anne Hathaway is quite a fetching young lady if I do say so myself.


– JM

January 18, 2011 •

Issue 1 • Vol. 8

and the


Oh, College

– KD

You had a number in the last issue about course loads and getting drunk. I’ve already dropped two classes. I just thought you all should know. – Rachel I’m not sure if we’re supposed to be happy or sad for you. I’ll go with the former, so, congratulations! You’re in college. Drink up. Let me tell you, it’s the best. There will be plenty of time for graduating after you get home from the bar. Or something like that. Shots!


There Will Be Dialogue

Probably a pie chart of all three. I dare say too much though. He’s smarter than me and his fans and defenders would like nothing more than to tell me as much. Honestly, I don’t have time for that sh*t. Clerks was overrated. There, I said it. Flame on. But we’re not on a message board so I guess you can’t. Whew. Dodged that bullet. – JM

– JM

I’m very intrigued by Kevin Smith’s approach to this Red State movie. It sounds like it’ll be a fun story to follow at the very least. So do you think Kevin Smith is a genius, an egomaniac, or just uncomfortably overweight?

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From the Couch

Aesop’s College Fables


o I’m down in Houston a couple of weekends ago with some friends at this bar called Nox. We’re minding our own business, enjoying some bottle service when a guy we’re with thinks he sees Shannon Elizabeth at the table next to us. Turns out it is. For those of you who haven’t seen American Pie: shame on you. For those of you that have: yes, Nadia looks just as good in the flesh as she did in Jim’s bedroom. We ended up partying with her for a little while until it was time for us to hit the road. I don’t know if she’s just that friendly or hit it off with somebody in our party. I guess we’ll never know. But she was nice enough to take a few pictures with us. After we left though, I knew the night wouldn’t get any better than what we just had. Turns out, that was exactly the case. On the cab ride home (designated driver!) my buddy in the back seat got into a fist fight with my buddy in the front seat. Then another guy cried himself to sleep and nobody was sure why. Moral of the story: if you ever get to party with Shannon Elizabeth, don’t leave! Enjoy the issue.

John Denny Montgomery III, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Sugar High

>> Staff’s Pic


Mast Talk w/ Emily Montgomery


h Valentine’s Day. I’m always so torn on how to feel about this “holiday.” What I will confess to loving about Valentine’s Day is that it’s another excuse to hoard candy. Hi, my name is Emily and I’m a candy addict. Giant chewy Sweet Tarts, Skittles, 3 Musketeers, Sour Straws, Starbursts, regular Sweet Tarts, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, Swedish fish, jelly beans. I could really go on and on and on. I have to confess, there have been many an occasion that I just couldn’t stop myself from eating candy and I gave myself a stomachache. Not my most proud moment, yes, but I enjoyed the candy before my stomach started rejecting it.

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By BrettFieldcamp

>> You probably have kids if you’re seeing this movie. True story.

In the Box Theatrical Releases

Opens February 4

>> Sanctum James Cameron produced this taut thriller about a group of experienced cave divers exploring one of the largest and most dangerous cave systems in the world. When a cave-in cuts off their exit, they are forced to venture deeper into the caves and are faced with increasingly life-threatening obstacles. >> The Roommate Sara (Minka Kelly) starts her freshman year with her assigned roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester). They become fast friends at first, but things turn scary as Rebecca becomes obsessed with Sara and begins trying to steal Sara’s life for herself, turning eventually to murdering the people close to her.

Opens February 11

>> Gnomeo and Juliet Obviously, Romeo and Juliet, but with garden gnomes. Two plastic lawn decorations fall in love, even though their owners, two rival neighbors, continue to escalate their feud of garden superiority. A large British ensemble voices plastic frogs and flamingos and Elton John lends new songs.

>> They probably all went home for a quiet night of green tea and crossword puzzles after taking this picture. Yeah. Definitely.

Social Skills

Opens February 4

Now that The Social Network is winning fabulous prizes, it’s time to ask some questions. Like cultural ones and stuff. What does it all mean?!


n September 2010, no one knew what to think about a strangely improbable film scheduled to hit theaters the following month. The pioneering director of Fight Club and Seven was making a movie about the online friend-phenomenon Facebook. This seemed weird enough, but was made stranger by Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and dialogue master, writing the screenplay as well as industrial music godfather Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails, signing on for the score. As The Social Network continues its seemingly inevitable collision course with Oscar victory, the question is: how did something so strange become so great? We know the critics have fawned over the film, but where does it fit into the pantheon of movie classics, and what does it say about our culture? It’s easy to write The Social Network off as another indictment of how personal relationships break down in the face of virtual ones, but that misses the point. Sorkin is quick to point out that the story is not about the internet. Instead, he says the focus is on the friendship between Facebook co-creators Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin and the way it dissolves in the face of unbridled ambition. As the website takes off, they betray one another and fall to infighting and financial disputes. Sorkin presents this as a fable, with no clear hero or obvious side to take. The moral becomes that we have to hold on to the real friendships and connections that help achieve our success, otherwise success won’t mean anything. In this way, Sorkin reiterates that the ambition in the story could center on any enterprise. But it is important.


Often it takes someone with no intention of defining a generation to break through preconceptions and accurately hold a mirror up to the world. Perhaps Sorkin, with his free admission that he doesn’t understand, or even care about Facebook, is the perfect person to comment on its importance in modern culture. Does this mean the film is, in fact, a lament of the new digital society? Not at all. It does, however, cast a light on the ease and near-randomness of outrageous fortune in our new world. The Social Network has been compared liberally to The Great Gatsby, but that story follows the long and complicated road that leads to wealth. Network, on the other hand, gives us a character in Zuckerberg with one good idea that catches like wildfire and propels him into stratospheric importance almost overnight. Never before in history has such quick success been so readily available, allowing for an increasingly younger sphere of wealth and influence in society. Therein lies the theme that has captured the public consciousness and propelled The Social Network to critical worship: the folly of youth. It isn’t hard to believe the characters would easily betray one another or fall to intense jealousy, because they’re still kids attempting to leave childhood behind for a vast, adult future they don’t understand. Their young, immature ambition led them quickly into a world of money, women and power; they barely experienced life without it all, and so, would fight with their lives rather than lose it. The story is about being young and naïve, and we love it because deep down none of us are sure that in our earlier years we could have handled it any better.

>> She can obsess over us any day! Rawr!


by MattParker

Stuck in My Head

w/Matt Parker

Kings of Compassion

Hype. Believe it.

Which albums are you going to illegally down ... I mean purchase with straight cash? Yeah, don’t break those copyright laws.


ast issue we looked back on some of the best albums of last year, including Robyn’s return to music and Kanye’s magnum opus. In this issue we are going to take a brief look at some of the most anticipated albums of 2011. Keep in mind, anticipation does not necessarily coincide with quality. Some of these albums may not live up to the hype, or may just turn out to be generally disappointing. Only time will tell.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Likely to be the best-selling album of the year, Lady Gaga and her crew are certainly acting like it will be the best - not only of the year, but of the decade, as Gaga has prophesied. There are a couple of songs that Lady Gaga has already played live on YouTube, and the first official single is coming out February 13th, the day of the Grammys.

James Blake James Blake Newcomer James Blake, a producer from the U.K., is releasing his first full-length album this year. With only a handful of EPs and singles to his name, Blake has already made a name for himself with remixes and original compositions. Although almost all of his songs fall into the instrumental, drone vein, Blake recently proved he can add more to his music through his unique voice.

Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch the Throne More of a long EP than an album, Watch the Throne is a joint effort between two superstars of rap today. Kanye has been dropping hints of the album since last summer, confirming “Monster,” a track off of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as one of the songs on Watch the Throne. With the first single, “H.A.M.” already available on iTunes, the album release should be in the near future.

The Decemberists try a different sound, Iron & Wine continue down the same path as their previous album and Cake returns after a seven-year hiatus! The Decemberists The King is Dead

>> While over-the-top usually is an understatement regarding The Decemberists, The King is Dead marks a sharp turning point in their sound. Fans of the Decemberists may not be too enthusiastic about their new stripped down, country-tinged sound. But frontman Colin Meloy was probably right in taking a break from the good, yet slightly pretentious albums. Combining roots rock with a little bit of classic country, The King is Dead is a great record coming from some of the unlikeliest of people. —released January 18, 2011 Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean

Dr. Dre Detox Arguably the biggest producer in rap, and also known for being somewhat of a perfectionist, Dr. Dre will release his third and final album this year. Long delayed, the project has been in the working stage for at least six years. The album is planned to be a sort of concept album, with contributions by Jay-Z and longtime collaborator Snoop Dogg.

Beyonce TBA Following her hugely successful album, 2008’s I Am ... Sasha Fierce, Beyonce is currently recording what is sure to be another charttopper. The album promises to have a unique “retro-vibe,” drawing influence from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

Coldplay TBA Typical with each new Coldplay album, little is known about it. Working again with the legendary Brian Eno, the songs are still a long way from completion. While it is hard to determine what they will sound like, “Christmas Lights,” a single released for Christmas 2010, doesn’t really show a new side of Coldplay, but rather something similar to their previous music.

>> 2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog received acclaim from both the fans and critics for the evolution of Sam Beam’s minimalist, quiet guitar folk into an orchestra of instruments of all kinds. In Kiss Each Other Clean, Beam,

the only real member of Iron & Wine, decided to further pursue the sounds in the last album, rather than revert to his older style. Many of the songs feature unusual instruments, which add to the unique style that Beam has been crafting. While the album is not as radio-friendly as The Shepherd’s Dog, Kiss Each Other Clean is a more mature album, and is more of an artistic work. —released January 25, 2011

Cake Showroom of Compassion

>> Cake recently released their sixth album; this is their first release since 2004. Although you would expect a seven-year break to change a band’s sound at least slightly, that isn’t true regarding Showroom of Compassion. Basically, if you like Cake, you’ll like the album; if you hate them, you’ll hate it. What’s more interesting about the album is that although it made the Billboard charts at number one, it is the lowest selling album to do so: only 44,000 sold. —released January 11, 2011



by ElizabethAtherton

>> Just like these flowers are blooming in the early Spring sun, so can your relationships. Go forth and plant your seeds. Wait ...

Ask Elizabeth If you’d like to use Boyd Street’s resident romance columnist as a sounding board for your relationship conundrums, e-mail Elizabeth Atherton at

Dinner and a Movie?

Spring Has Sprung

In your pants! The changing season always brings the prospect and hope of new romance. For the ladies out there, Elizabeth has a few things to tell you.


pring is in the air! Some of you might be thinking: allergies, cleaning and, oh God - shorts! Believe it or not, this should be a joyous occasion. Spring is good. It’s good for the flowers, and it’s good for your dating life. There are a lot of ways to snag a date this spring. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t know them. It’s not easy being one of those girls who goes on a new date every other night. Usually, if a girl is dating four different guys at the same time she’s got some deep-seated issues. That’s neither here nor there; this is about you dating in the springtime. So we’ll establish staying in and sitting on the couch watching Glee isn’t going to get you swept off your feet -- you have to actually be standing for that to happen. So I’m going to make this short and sweet, and hopefully some of you gals will use some of this advice to take that first step off the couch, out the door, and into ... well any public place. First things first: you’ll never find a man without leaving your house. I once heard Oprah say, “Never leave the house without makeup on.” This was on the same episode that she said Arlington, Texas was one of the top five places for singles to live. In my opinion, the makeup rule and the Arlington, Texas gibberish ... fallacies, I say. Truth be told, it won’t matter what you look like if you never get out there. Don’t spend all night dressing up, unless of course it’s a special occasion and then feel free to blow him away. I guess step one can be summed up simply as confidence. Confidence lands a guy. Confidence lands dates. If you don’t have confidence, unlike breasts, it’s one of those things that’s okay to fake. Kapeesh? So, moving on ... step two. You really need to put yourself out there. I don’t mean just physically, but a part of dating is how far you’re willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I’m not saying change who you are in order to snag a guy. But you need to tune in to your adventurous side. How many boys do you know whose idea of a good time is sitting in the house and hanging out


all the time? Really, even the guys who like to lay low usually have an outside hobby of some sort. They practice photography, enjoy mountain climbing, or love a good theatrical performance. So my point here is being active makes you attractive (hey, that rhymes!). It represents your budding emotional health, and even to a small degree your self-worth. Sorry, I’m sure you don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. Let’s sum all this up with the word enthusiasm. So we’ve confronted two major things that can help you get a date. We have confidence, enthusiasm and what’s next you ask? Well here is the clincher. Boldness. Yes, this may go hand in hand with confidence, but it’s different. Be brave. It’s fun to play damsel in distress every once in a while, but really, don’t get carried away. If you want to stand out to someone, in your class or even at the bar, be bold. Now, I’m not saying turn into an egotistical, grade-A biatch. I’m saying stand your ground, state your opinion, and if you meet a guy who starts feeding you information that’s well, wrong, call him out. Don’t be afraid to say something. When it comes down to it, guys aren’t looking for someone to walk all over. They’re confrontational people who like a challenge. Think about moose ... they butt heads. Uh huh, you get the idea. Sorry guys, but it’s the only analogy that comes to mind. Although these three things seem obvious, they are crucial when it comes to piquing a guy’s interest. If you want a date, you’ve got to get in the game. Somehow in the act of getting yourself out there on the dating scene and flaunting your stuff, remember to stay true to yourself. You want a guy who likes you for who you are, but you’re not going to find him if you’re not willing to unabashedly put yourself out there. If you’re not willing to stick to your gut, and you just let a guy walk all over you ... you’re going to end up with the wrong man. So there you go kids, take it for what it’s worth.

Dear Elizabeth, Snap! I just realized Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s not exactly my favorite holiday but I feel a little cheesy putting together some elaborate celebration. What’s a good Valentine’s date idea that won’t cost too much but will win points with my lady?

- T.C.

Dear T.C., First of all, you get major props for actually remembering that Valentine’s Day is coming up and thinking of what you’re going to do ahead of time. And, you’re in luck! Our feature for this issue just happens to have some fabulous date ideas. If those don’t strike your fancy, stick to what you know she likes. You can’t go wrong that way.

Standards Shmandards Dear Elizabeth, I just started dating this guy. I’ve noticed him around campus before and we just sorta hit it off. The only problem is that he may not be what my parents had in mind when it comes to the guy dating their little girl. How do I make them see how great he is, not whatever it is that might not meet their standards? - Whitney Dear Whitney, Congrats on the new relationship! Sounds a little tricky, but you have to play up what you love about your guy. If your parents know you’re happy, they’ll just have to work through their issues (if they really exist). I say be happy about your newfound love and give your parents some time -- they’ll probably love him just as much as you do after an adjustment period.

Speaking of Sports

By AlEschbach

There’s No Dynamite The Sooner men are working through a tough season. Al has a few ideas on how they can get back on track.


here are many reasons why Oklahoma’s basketball fortunes have fallen like no Sooner team in the last 30 years. Of course the biggest reason was the problems with the McDonald’s All-Americans. When Tommy Mason-Griffin and Tiny Gallon came in last year they didn’t mesh with the third prep All-American, Willie Warren. It turned out to be a recipe for a disastrous season. A lot of people then thought well, maybe you don’t have to have great talent. Just get guys that will hustle. Get guys who will play hard all of the time. Well that’s what the Sooners have this year.  Personally, I’m going to take highly recruited players over the ones who aren’t every day of the week. You look at other teams in the league, such as Kansas, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. I could keep on naming the other teams. They have better players than OU does. Perhaps the biggest problem Jeff Capel has had since he has been at Oklahoma has been recruiting the top-notch junior college players. “If you are Oklahoma you have to get the great junior college players,” Billy Tubbs has always said. “It will be tough going against the likes of Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke trying to out-recruit them on the best high school players in the country. So you have to mix in high school players with a group of quality junior college players.”

That’s Cade Davis. He’s shooting a possible three. We speculate that it’s a pull-up three from the left wing and he’s fading in a direction. Photo by Lisa Hall

The guy that took over for Tubbs, Kelvin Sampson, agrees. “There’s no doubt about that,” Sampson began. “Oklahoma is a program that has a history of getting the best junior college players in the country. The state of Oklahoma produces outstanding high school players, but many times there aren’t the numbers that there are in other states. So it’s really important to have a pipeline into the junior college ranks.” That pipeline has sprung leaks since Capel has been at Oklahoma. He has tried to bring in some jucos, but the success rate has not been impressive. Probably the only junior college guy that had a wow factor was Juan Pattillo. This 6-foot-6 forward from Las Vegas looked like he was going to be a star. He played a big role on the run to the Elite Eight with Blake Griffin two years ago. But Pattillo was like a lot of junior college players that Capel has brought in. They just don’t last. He was booted off the team after just one year in Norman. “There’s no doubt that sometimes you run the risk with junior college players. But they can be such a key for your program,” said Sampson. Just look at the two Sooner teams that have reached the Final Four under Tubbs and Sampson. The 1988 team featured junior college standouts such as Mookie Blaylock, Harvey Grant and Ricky Grace. The 2002 team had juco transfers like Ebi Ere, Aaron McGhee, Jabari Brown and Daryan Selvy. Don’t you think they made a little difference? Capel is getting some help in the way of Robert Goff. He’s a 6-foot-9 center in the Kansas juco ranks. He’s on one of the top junior college teams in the country. He’s currently averaging eleven points and seven rebounds a game and will be OU’s starting center next year. But this Oklahoma team needs a fix for the immediate future. And there’s no better place to get that than in the junior college ranks. That’s what Sooner basketball has been all about when it has been really good.


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February 06 22





•Kristin Stehr Country @ Brewhouse 10 p.m. •Daniel Whittington @ Othello’s 8 p.m. •Carrie Weber & Sarah •Hockey vs. Oakland Grote @ Othello’s 9 p.m. University 4 p.m. •The Pidgen Band & Montu •Wrestling vs. Missouri @ Brewhouse 10 p.m. 3 p.m. •Hockey vs. Oakland •WBB vs. Iowa State 12:30 University @ 7 p.m. p.m.


•Thunder vs. New Orleans Hornets 7 p.m.






•Shelly Phelps @ Othello’s 7 p.m. •Two Fold w/ Still Breathing @ Brewhouse 10 p.m.

•The South 77 Band w/ Elise Davis @ Brewhouse 10 p.m. •Olivia Duhon @ Othello’s 8 p.m. •Wrestling vs. Wyoming 7 p.m.

•The Stumblers @ Brewhouse 10 p.m. •Dustin Prinz @ Othello’s 8 p.m. •WBB vs. Iowa Missouri 2 p.m.


•Anthony Nagid Jazz Quartet @ Othello’s 7 p.m. *Mike Hosty Solo @ Deli


•MBB vs. Baylor 6 p.m.

•Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies 7 p.m.


13 29

$20 Towers All Day

•The JonBear Fourtet @ Brewhouse 10 p.m. •Lauren Deger @ Othello’s 7 p.m. •Hockey vs. Eastern Washington University @ 7 p.m.

•Hockey vs. Eastern Washington University @ 12 p.m. *Mike Hosty Solo @ Deli

$3.50 Mimosas & Bloody Mary Bar

•Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings 7 p.m.

•MBB vs. Texas 8 p.m.

Coming Soon

•Feb. 16: MBB vs. Nebraska 8 p.m. •Feb. 18-20: Baseball vs. William & Mary •Feb. 19: WBB vs. Texas 5 p.m. •Feb. 22: Thunder vs. LA Clippers 7 p.m. *Matt’s Picks: The shows •Feb. 27: Thunder vs. LA our music editor says you Lakers 1:30 p.m. can’t miss.




Double Exposure: Hannah Clay and Mark Shields look picture perfect with their respective pets: Butters and Gremlin.

Wise Guys:

One can only imagine how the two acquired (or named) their watchful owl they call Isha.

Sweetest Spot in Town These two roommates prove that fun can be found in the most outrageous ways.


hat do Harry Potter, games of Would You Rather? and a father/ son stripper duo have in common? Everything, if you’re roommates Hannah Clay and Mark Shields. The advertising alum and zoology graduate student met during their freshman year of college, and it’s been apples and bananas ever since. “Mark’s very happy and fabulous,” says Clay. “He’s a lot of fun!” Meanwhile, Shields cites his friend’s love of laughter as one of the reasons they get along. Despite crazy work schedules and taking care of rescue dogs, they manage to keep their living space highly energized with a dash of inappropriate fun. “We try to throw the occasional party, but it usually results in lots of banging on the walls from neighbors,” said Shields. Keeping up the shenanigans, Clay once hired male strippers for Shields’ birthday, but the joke backfired when they discovered the dancers were related! However, this mishap hasn’t detoured the two’s household policy that nudity is a-ok.

On more chill nights, the roommates spend time watching television and making prank phone calls to their friends. “We used to be obsessed with Lost! Now we watch a lot of 30 Rock and pretty much anything on Bravo,” said Shields. Call it dysfunctional, but whatever system these two have clearly works because they’ve been onagain off-again roommates for three years. However, their current living situation is definitely one of their favorites. “We love living above a liquor store, a donut shop, a tanning salon and Maggie Moos,” says Clay. “It’s very convenient.”



Trading Spaces:

Both Clay and Shields say that they regret not having people over to hang out as often as they’d like.

Animal Planet:

The roommates are huge animal lovers! Since living together, they’ve owned several fish, dogs, chickens and ducks.

Do you have what it takes to be in College Cribs? If you have a camera and e-mail access, the answer is yes. If you occupy any sort of dwelling and want it featured in Boyd Street, send photos of your college crib to Make sure to include your name and a contact phone number. Also make sure you’re an OU student. Photos by Mark Doescher • Story by Lauren Abram



CRIBS J’adore the Décor: After studying abroad in France, Shields chose to decorate his room, and many parts of the apartment, with knickknacks he bought along the way!

Fashion Fiend:

Clay admits to stealing her roommate’s clothes but claims that she hasn’t done it in a while.

Smile for Me:

Shields proudly displays his Polaroid collection in which every new houseguest had to strike a pose!

That’s So Rave-n: Shields loves listening to electronic music; he cites Crystal Castles as one of his favorite bands.

Peep Show:

Besides dancing and listening to Hanson, Clay also likes to chill in her room decorated with vintage art that her grandmother made!

Shoe, Su, Sudio: Clay

used these shoes to walk all over Italy when she traveled abroad.



>> On the Scene

>> Louie’s Too

>> Brothers

>> Bison Witches

>> in the raw

>> Brewhouse

>> Texadelphia

>> Library

>> Logan’s 18

>> O’Connell’s

>> Joe’s

Photos by Chadsey Brown

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>> The Abner

>> Joe’s

>> Logan’s

>> Brothers

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>> Louie’s

>> Othello’s

>> in the raw 20

>> Mont


>> Louie’s Too

>> Seven47

>> Eve

>> The Abner

>> Mont

>> Brewhouse


>> Mont >> Fuzzy’s

>> Brothers

>> Othello’s

>> Seven47

>> O’Connell’s


Valentine’s date ideas

by JamieBirdwell


hether you’re just trying to get through this year’s VDay without pulling the stuffing out of each individual oversized pink bear holding a cupid’s bow, or you want to shout out who you love on top of Dale Hall Tower, you could all use a little advice on how to spend your Valentine’s Day with a sweetheart, that guy that sits behind you in chemistry, or your longtime group of girlfriends. So instead of the boring old dinner and a movie routine, shake it up Boyd Street readers! Take a cue from all of those romantic comedies and be original, precise and cheesy while executing date ideas. Even though we’re pretty sure Hallmark made up this whole holiday, it’s not an excuse to be unprepared for the love fest that is Valentine’s Day. BS • 23

Laser Tag at HeyDay

Picnic at the Duck Pond

Roller/Ice Skating

Dance Lessons at Shall We Dance?

Laser tag at HeyDay is the perfect activity for those of you couples (or groups) that like a little bit of healthy competition. Sessions range from a thirty-minute period with four games to a ninety-minute period with twelve games. If you and your Valentine can handle the intensity of the 7,000 square foot, two-level gaming zone, then may the force be with you or something like that. Oh, and preferably don’t tackle your laser tag partner if you don’t know them very well, seeing as this could be considered bad form on a first (or even a fifth) date.

Remember being too embarrassed to ask that cute boy/girl in your second grade class if they wanted to couple skate while “Waterfalls” by TLC was playing in the rink? Well you’ve got your chance once again! Star Skate in Norman is the perfect place to show off your sweet rollerblading skills to your date. And if you haven’t got any, you can just make him/her laugh by holding on to the railing the entire night and taking massive spills. Don’t worry, it’ll be hilarious and perhaps they can ice your bruises while you share a huge bag of popcorn or perhaps a hot dog. For the truly adventurous, take your Valentine’s Day date to the next level at the Blazers Ice Centre, which guarantees more spills and probably more bruises.

Racquetball at the Huff A racquetball date is the perfect occasion for a very athletic couple. Although Boyd Street did try to Google how you play this very strange sport, the rules were quite challenging and difficult to understand. Most likely the object of the game is not to get hit by the flying ball and try to see how many times you can hit it on the wall without breaking a nose. Is your date not an OU student? No problem. Just ask one of the nice office people to print off a guest pass for a small fee.

Movie at Meacham & Dinner at Crossroads

The classic American dinner and a movie date gets a University of Oklahoma twist. This date is perfect for a freshman with a meal plan and without a car. And don’t be too quick to say that the student union isn’t romantic. It may have actually been where a lot of people’s parents met back in the day. Just picture sticking two straws into one of those giant milkshakes they make. Who knows? The picture could wind up on the wall in one of the hallways as classic OU memorabilia one day. The best part of this date? All OU students get free admission to the movie they show in the auditorium on Friday night.

BS • 24

Although we can never be quite sure what the weather is going to be like on Valentine’s Day, this scenic Norman spot can guarantee you a lovely afternoon of picnicking and smooching, if you should be so lucky. Pack anything from your favorite sandwich to filet mignon with a side of scallops in your picnic basket, spread a large blanket and pray that the ducks and geese don’t organize an attack.

So maybe not every guy is like John Travolta and maybe not every girl is like Natalie Portman in Black Swan, but they can be on their way with private instruction from Shall We Dance? studio in Norman, located right by Hastings. Dance lessons are a great way to get close, have fun and finally bust out all those moves you’ve been practicing at night in the mirror. Shall We Dance? teaches anything from the hustle to the ever-seductive and romantic tango. Group classes are also available depending on the size and date.

Get Creative at Picasso To Go

Have an artsy date? No need to brush up on the difference between Monet and Manet, just pick up a brush and paint a decorative bowl. Picasso To Go is inside Quail Springs Mall and is a place where you can paint bowls, tiles, plates and other assorted ceramics in any type of design you please. To make it more interesting, give each other your finished products at the end of the date so you’ll both have a souvenir of the night.

Cooking Class

Think you and your date have serious chemistry? Try it out in the kitchen by taking a cooking class, like the February 2nd demonstration at International Pantry with Chef Anthony Compagni of Benvenuti’s in Norman. If you can’t find a cooking class nearby or one that suits your taste buds, turn on the Food Network and watch what Rachael Ray or other chefs have to cook up and replicate it in your own kitchen.

Visit an Art Museum

There’s not too much in this world that can be more romantic than a beautiful piece of art. And luckily for OU students, a world-class art museum, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, is right around the corner with free admission for OU students. Be sure to check out some of the other metro art museums as well, like the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and the Jacobson House in Norman.

Ok Spirits


and is a to catch Do not and ne

Oklahoma Vineyard Tour Couples Massage Did you know that there are multiple vineyards in this great state? For the 21+ crowd, this date is romantic and sure to be memorable. Taste the state’s sweet fruits while looking at gorgeous scenery. Go to to find a winery that is nearby, such as Native Spirits Winery near Lake Thunderbird, or one that sparks your interests.

Arbuckle Wildnerness

A short drive down I-35 South can get you and your date to one of the most unique spots in the area. Arbuckle Wilderness is essentially a drive-thru zoo where you and your date can feed animals straight from your car, safari style. Arbuckle Wilderness is open year-round and is a great opportunity for those who have never seen the Arbuckle Mountains to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. Warning: Do not try to coax a camel to come eat if it doesn’t want to. Remember, his head and neck can fit across your entire car. You have been warned.

This luxurious date idea is probably best for couples who have been together for a while, otherwise it’s just going to make you look creepy. There are dozens of spas in Norman, but a particularly great choice is Integrative Health Center on Lindsey; they offer a half-hour couples massage for around fifty dollars. Ask around for the best deals, but be quick because the appointments will undoubtedly be filling up the closer we get to V-Day.

Scavenger Hunt

This date is a chance for one of you to get really creative. Again, only partake in this activity if you have been together long enough to have spent at least a birthday with the other person. If not, you will look kind of overzealous. Send your Valentine all around to your favorite landmarks in Norman. Be sure the clues aren’t too hard and that your Valentine can actually find you at the end. The possibilities are literally endless. Good luck! BS • 25

End Notes Next Issue on the street February 15









16 18




24 27




35 37












ACROSS 1. Haul 5. Drumbeat 9. Printer's measures 12. Distinctive quality 13. Fine and delicate 14. Large container 15. Permits 16. Inspires dread 17. Supplement 18. Acquire through merit 20. Hurl 22. Wager 25. Decease 26. Beautiful 27. Resinous deposit 28. At a great distance 31. Taverns 32. Punch








DOWN 1. Indian dish 2. Regret 3. Illustrative craft 17 4. Not solid or liquid 20 21 5. Blaze 6. Mown grass 25 7. Very skilled person 28 29 30 8. Of occult character 9. At any time 33 10. Mackerel shark 11. Simmer 36 19. Insect 38 21. Masculine pronoun 22. Large wading bird 23. List from which to choose 46 47 48 49 24. One of the divisions of a window 52 25. Tap gently 27. Chield 55 28. Goat's milk cheese 29. Smallest component 33. Second letter of the 30. Wife of a rajah 32. Piece of work Greek alphabet 33. Belt worn across the 34. Bring civil action shoulder against 35. Make pure 35. Seed vessel 36. Bleat of a sheep 36. Wand 37. The ratio between 37. Tavern circumference and 38. Italian sausage diameter 39. Flight of steps 38. Fish covering 42. Great quantity 39. Split 43. Falsehood 40. Periodic movement of the 44. Notion sea 46. Shower 41. Great age 50. Revised form of 42. Search Esperanto 51. Combustible matter 45. Pair 47. Fuss 52. Doing nothing 48. Class 53. Cardinal number 49. Born 54. Symbol of slavery 55. Half burnt coal 7

*Solution published February 15

The Numbers Don’t Lie* The current issue, broken down for the stat books

>> No. of staffers that think a great Valentine’s date needs nothtotally ing more than pizza bagels, Franzia and Call of Duty: high five! >> No. of staffers that are definitely getting laid on the 14th: ... >> No. of staffers that will cry themselves to sleep that night: 2 >> No. of staffers that think Coldplay, like, really sucks. Like, a lot: >> No. of players on the men’s team that could be described as “tough,” “hard-nosed,” or “scrappy”: 12 >> No. of those players you ideally want on your team: little < 12 >> No. of staffers patiently waiting for the movie about Friendster: 0 >> No. of girls that need to stop crying and get boldly drunk: amirite?! >> No. of weeks you have left to get that spring break body you’ll be too drunk to make use of : 6

* Or do they?


• In the January 18 issue, we gave you the crossword answers to the printed puzzle. We were under the impression that that particular crossword was extra tough and that the answers might be helpful. It won’t happen again.

Last issue’s puzzle, solved:












love LOVE 2 14 11 love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVELOVE love love love LOVELOVE love love loveLOVELOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE love LOVE LOVE love LOVE love LOVELOVE LOVElovelove love LOVE LOVElove LOVEloveLOVE LOVE love love love LOVE LOVE love lovelove love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE love love love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE LOVE LOVE love LOVE LOVE love love love VALENTINEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOVE loveLOVELOVE love love LOVE love LOVE LOVE love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE love LOVElove lovelovelove love LOVE LOVE love love love LOVE love LOVELOVE lovelove LOVE LOVE PRICES





HAPPY love


DAY love

LOVE love love love love

LOVE love love LOVE


love love LOVE love LOVE LOVE loveLOVE love love

LOVE love love love love LOVE LOVE love


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