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The Sudan Handbook, based on the Rift Valley Institute’s successful Sudan Field Course, is an authoritative and accessible introduction to Sudan, vividly written and edited by leading Sudanese and international specialists.

The handbook offers a concise introduction to all aspects of the country, rooted in a broad historical account of the development of the Sudanese state. It consists of eighteen self-contained, cross-referenced chapters, covering essential topics in the geography, history, sociology, culture and politics of the country, written by outstanding Sudanese scholars and recognized international experts. It includes numerous purpose-drawn maps and diagrams, glossaries of key terms, capsule biographies of key figures, a chronology and a bibliography. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; May 2011; 9781847010308 20 line illus.; 240 pp, paper

Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa The Tragedy of Endowment ABIODUN ALAO

Conflict over natural resources has made Africa the focus of international attention, particularly during the last

decade. From oil in Nigeria and diamonds in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to land in Zimbabwe and water in the Horn of Africa, the politics surrounding ownership, management, and control of natural resources has disrupted communities and increased external intervention in these countries. Such conflict has the potential to impact natural resource supply globally, with both local and wide-reaching consequences. The United States, for example, estimates that a quarter of its oil supply will come from Africa by 2015. Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa is the first book to offer a detailed look at conflict over various natural resources in several African countries. Abiodun Alao undertakes this broad survey by categorizing natural resources into four groups: land (including agricultural practices and animal stock), solid minerals, oil, and water. Themes linking these resources to governance and conflict are then identified and examined with numerous examples drawn from specific African countries. Alao’s approach offers considered conclusions based on comparative discussions and analysis, thus providing the first comprehensive account of the linkage between natural resources and political and social conflict in Africa. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; September 2007; 9781580462679 1 b/w & 5 line illus.; 376 pp, cloth

The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars Peace or Truce DOUGLAS H. JOHNSON


Sudan’s post-independence history has been dominated by political and civil strife. Most commentators have

attributed the country’s recurring civil war either to an age-old racial divide between Arabs and Africans, or to recent colonially constructed inequalities. This book attempts a more complex analysis, briefly examining the historical, political, economic and social factors which have contributed to periodic outbreaks of violence between the state and its peripheries. In tracing historical continuities, it outlines the essential differences between the modern Sudan’s first civil war in the 1960s and the current war. It also looks at the series of minor civil wars generated by, and contained within, the major conflict, as well as the regional and international factors - including humanitarian aid - which have exacerbated civil violence. This introduction is aimed at students of North-East Africa, and of conflict and ethnicity. It should be useful for people in aid and international organizations who need a straightforward analytical survey which will help them assess the prospects for a lasting peace in Sudan. List Price: $29.95/£19.99; August 2012; 9781847010292 3 line illus.; 256 pp, paper

Titles for Development Workers in Sudan & South Sudan

Dealing with Government in South Sudan Histories of Chiefship, Community and State CHERRY LEONARDI


Chiefs in South Sudan have become the focus of much

attention in recent years as national and international policy-makers attempt to build peace and design structures of government in the newly independent nation. This book addresses a significant paradox in African studies more widely: if chiefs were the product of colonial states, why have they survived or revived in recent decades? This study will be of particular importance not only to scholars of Sudan, of Africa and of local governance, but also to policy-makers and practitioners working in South Sudan. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; June 2013; 9781847010674 8 b/w & 1 line illus.; 272 pp, cloth

Peace Versus Justice?

Mozambique is the donors’ model pupil, carefully

following their prescriptions and receiving more than a billion dollars a year in aid. An apparent success story, Mozambique is used to justify the present ‘postWashington consensus’ development model. Here, the case of Mozambique is situated within the broader development debate. This thoughtful book strongly but clearly puts forward its case for a different approach to economic development than is currently promoted by the Western establishment. CHOICE List Price: $29.95/£17.99; March 2010; 9781847013187 25 b/w & 14 illus.; 256 pp, paper

Sudan’s Blood Memory AWARD

WINNER The Dilemmas of Transitional Justice in Africa Edited by CHANDRA LEKHA SRIRAM & SUREN PILLAY

Peace versus Justice?: The Dilemma of Transitional Justice

in Africa draws on the expertise of many insider analysts, individuals who are not only authorities on transitional accountability processes, but who have participated in them, whether as legal practitioners or commissioners. While the primary focus is on processes in Africa, many of the contributors also draw on lessons from earlier processes elsewhere in the world, particularly Latin America. Winner of a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award Excellent and well-timed. It covers key and sensitive issues about African transitional justice. It is recommended reading for policy makers, scholars, human rights activists, practitioners and those with a general interest in transitional justice. AFRICAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW List Price: $34.95/£19.99; January 2011; 9781847010216 392 pp, paper

Civic Agency in Africa

Arts of Resistance in the 21st Century Edited by EBENEZER OBADARE & WENDY WILLEMS

The recent eruption of popular protests across North

Africa and the Middle East has reopened academic debate on the meaning and strategies of resistance in the 21st century. This book argues that Western notions of state and civil society provide only a limited understanding of how power and resistance operate in the African context, where informality is central to the way both state officials and citizens exercise agency. With the principle of informality as a template, the chapters in this volume collectively examine the various modes - organised and unorganised, formal and informal, urban and rural, embodied and discursive, serious and ludic, online and offline, successful and failing - through which Africans contend with power. Resistance takes place against the backdrop of deep fractures in state sovereignty, the remnants of colonial rule and the constraints of a global, neoliberal economic system. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; February 2014; 9781847010865 256 pp, cloth

Do Bicycles Equal Development in Mozambique?

The Legacy of War, Ethnicity, and Slavery in South Sudan Edited by TOYIN FALOLA & ALUSINE JALLOH

Many societies worldwide possess oral histories

and long memories, reaching back many centuries, particularly of wars and events of great trauma. Labeling them “blood memories” in this book, Stephanie Beswick presents a pre-colonial history of Southern Sudan, a region that, according to some, “has no history.” Beginning in the fourteenth century, the book follows the region’s largest ethnic group today, the Dinka, from their original homelands in the central Sudanese Gezira between the Blue and White Niles, into their more recently adopted homelands in Southern Sudan. Beswick demonstrates how early precolonial stresses play a critical role in modern-day South Sudan, in what has since become the world’s longest civil war, fought externally against the fundamentalist Islamic Northern Sudanese government as well as internally within the South itself. This book is a remarkable achievement that establishes a definitive standard for all future Dinka studies, a foundation of clarity, comprehension, and creativity. It should be required reading in all government, nongovernment, and humanitarian agencies whose employees work with the Dinka. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW List Price: $34.95/£19.99; January 2006; 9781580462310 224 pp, paper

Borders and Borderlands as Resources in the Horn of Africa Edited by DEREJE FEYISSA & MARKUS VIRGIL HOEHNE

SState borders are more than barriers. They structure

social, economic and political spaces and as such provide opportunities as well as obstacles for the communities straddling both sides of the border. This book deals with the conduits and opportunities of state borders in the Horn of Africa, and investigates how the people living there exploit state borders through various strategies. Using a micro level perspective, the case studies, which include the Horn and Eastern Africa, particularly the borders of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, focus on opportunities, highlight the agency of the borderlanders, and acknowledge the permeability but consequentiality of the borders. A rich and focused volume [which] opens up a crucial debate that nobody interested in African political and social issues can ignore. JOURNAL OF MODERN AFRICAN STUDIES List Price: $70.00/£40.00; June 2010; 9781847010186 288 pp, cloth

Titles for Development Workers in Sudan & South Sudan

Land, Governance, Conflict and the Nuba of Sudan GUMA KUNDA KOMEY

The land factor in Sudan’s local conflicts and large-

Between War and Peace in Sudan and Sri Lanka Deprivation and Livelihood Revival Edited by N. SHANMUGARATNAM


scale wars is the focus of this book. Sudan’s second he consequences of the internal wars of the Sudan civil war (1983-2005) was one of the longest and and Sri Lanka have been devastating for human and most complex conflicts in Africa. Contrary to the livelihood security and for these two countries’ overall conventional perspective that overstresses ethnicity as a development. Both countries have records of failed cause, this study places the land factor at the centre of the root causes attempts to resolve their conflicts by political means; both have been of Sudan’s conflicts. going through internationally facilitated peace processes which have also been linked to post-conflict development. Can claim to be the most comprehensive modern account available of the region... It stands as an authoritative testimony to the political history, basic human integrity, and current predicaments of the Nuba people. SUDAN STUDIES List Price: $70.00/£40.00; December 2010; 9781847010261 6 line illus.; 272 pp, cloth

Sudan Looks East

China, India and the Politics of Asian Alternatives Edited by DANIEL LARGE & LUKE A. PATEY

By successfully turning to China, Malaysia and India

from the mid-1990s, amidst civil war and political isolation, Khartoum’s ‘Look East’ policy transformed Sudan’s economy and foreign relations. Sudan, in turn, has been a key theatre of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian overseas energy investment. What began as economic engagements born of pragmatic necessity later became politicized within Sudan and without, resulting in global attention. This book provides a groundbreaking analysis of Sudan’s Look East policy. It offers the first substantive treatment of a subject of fundamental significance within Sudan that, additionally, has become a globally prominent dimension of its changing international politics. A very useful reference for many of those engaged in Sudanese studies and affairs. SUDAN STUDIES List Price: $29.95/£16.99; November 2011; 9781847010377 7 line illus.; 216 pp, paper

Out in Africa

Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan Literatures & Cultures CHANTAL ZABUS

Homosexuality was and still is thought to be

quintessentially ‘un-African’. Yet in this book Chantal Zabus examines the anthropological, cultural and literary representations of male and female same-sex desire in a pan-African context from the nineteenth century to the present. Covering a broad geographical spectrum, along a north-south axis from Mali to South Africa and an east-west axis from Senegal to Kenya, here is a comparative approach encompassing two colonial languages (English and French) and some African languages. Out in Africa charts developments in Sub-Saharan African texts and contexts through the work of 7 colonial writers and some 25 postcolonial writers. These texts grow in complexity from roughly the 1860s up to 2010. The author identifies those texts that present, in a subterraneous way at first and then with increased confidence, homosexuality-asan-identity rather than an occasional or ritualized practice, as was the case in the early ethnographic imagination. The work sketches out an evolutionary pattern in representing same-sex desire, as well as in the cultural and political contexts that oppose such desires. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; November 2013; 9781847010827 312 pp, cloth

Each intra-state conflict has its distinct historical, political, economic and cultural characteristics. Yet there are parallels between two developing countries in which post-colonial state formation has become mired in prolonged anti-state armed conflict. This book addresses from different angles and different levels the issues of conflict resolution, peace preparation, people’s perceptions of the impact of conflict on their lives, war-induced grievances, relief, vulnerability, poverty, livelihood revival and social mobility, and development. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; January 2008; 9781847011022 208 pp, paper

Regional Integration, Identity and Citizenship in the Greater Horn of Africa Edited by KIDANE MENGISTEAB & REDIE BEREKETEAB

The Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) is engulfed by wars,

debilitating poverty and environmental degradation. The contributors to this volume address the need for regional integration in the GHA in order to tackle this three-pronged crisis. They identify those factors that can foster integration as well as those that impede it; explain how regional integration can mitigate the conflicts; and examine how integration can help to energise the region’s economy. List Price: $50.00/£30.00; November 2012; 9781847010582 6 line illus.; 280 pp, cloth

Coming in 2014

Disrupting Territories

Land, Commodification and Conflict in Sudan Edited by JÖRG GERTEL, RICHARD ROTTENBURG, & SANDRA CALKINS

This book examines the new dynamics of land-

grabbing in Sudan as territorial claims to land and resources continue to be challenged by small-scale and international actors. Through a political economy of the region, and a diverse collection of case studies, the contributors reveal how pastoral livelihoods are increasingly being differentiated, regrouped in new clusters and exposed to new risks. “Nowhere has a range of case studies of Sudan been brought together in a single volume. Given the concern with the growing number and complexity of conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan there is a significant readership in academic circles and from those involved in humanitarian organisations of all kinds.” Professor Peter Woodward, University of Reading List Price: $80.00/£45.00; May 2014; 9781847010544 7 line illus.; 256 pp, cloth

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2014 Development Workers in Sudan and South Sudan Catalogue  

2014 Development Workers in Sudan and South Sudan Catalogue