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The Farm Novel in North America

Genre and Nation in the United States, English Canada, and French Canada, 1845-1945 FLORIAN FREITAG

From John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and

Martha Ostenso’s Wild Geese to Louis Hémon’s Maria Chapdelaine, some of the most famous works of North American literature belong to the genre of the farm novel. Florian Freitag provides the first history of the genre in North America from its beginnings in the middle of the nineteenth century to its apogee in French Canada around the middle of the twentieth. Through surveys and selected detailed analyses of a large number of farm novels written in French and English, Freitag examines how North American farm novels draw on the history of farming in nineteenth-century North America as well as on the national self-conceptions of the United States, English Canada, and French Canada, portraying farmers as national icons and the farm as a symbolic space of the American, English Canadian, and French Canadian nations. Turning away from traditional readings of farm novels within the frameworks of regionalism and pastoralism, Freitag takes a comparative look at a genre that helped to spatialize North American national dreams. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; December 2013; 9781571135377 Ebook: 9781571138774 376 pp, cloth

The Musical Novel

Imitation of Musical Structure, Performance, and Reception in Contemporary Fiction EMILY PETERMANN

What is a “musical novel”? This book defines the genre as musical

not primarily in terms of its content, but in its form. The musical novel crosses medial boundaries, aspiring to techniques, structures, and impressions similar to those of music. It takes music as a model for its own construction, borrowing techniques and forms that range from immediately perceptible, essential aspects of music (rhythm, timbre, the simultaneity of multiple voices) to microstructural (jazz riffs, call and response, leitmotifs) and macrostructural elements (themes and variations, symphonies, albums). The musical novel also evokes the performance context by imitating elements of spontaneity that characterize improvised jazz or audience interaction. The Musical Novel builds upon theories of intermediality and semiotics to analyze the musical structures, forms, and techniques in two groups of musical novels, which serve as case studies. The first group imitates an entire musical genre and consists of jazz novels by Toni Morrison, Albert Murray, Xam Wilson Cartiér, Stanley Crouch, Jack Fuller, Michael Ondaatje, and Christian Gailly. The second group of novels, by Richard Powers, Gabriel Josipovici, Rachel Cusk, Nancy Huston, and Thomas Bernhard, imitates a single piece of music, J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; May 2014; 9781571135926 Ebook: 9781571138910 4 line illus.; 288 pp, cloth

Becoming John Updike Critical Reception, 1958-2010 LAURENCE W. MAZZENO

When John Updike died in 2009, tributes

from the literary establishment were immediate and fulsome. However, no one reading reviews of Updike’s work in the late 1960s would have predicted that kind of praise for a man who was known then as a brilliant stylist who had nothing to say. What changed? Why? And what is likely to be his legacy? These are the questions that Becoming John Updike pursues by examining the journalistic and academic response to his writings. Several things about Updike’s career make a reception study appropriate. First, he was prolific: he began publishing fiction and essays in 1956, published his first book in 1958, and from then on, brought out at least one new book each year. Second, his books were reviewed widely - in major American newspapers and magazines, and often in foreign ones as well. Third, Updike quickly became a darling of academics; the first book about his work was published in 1967, less than a decade after his own first book. More than three dozen books and hundreds of articles of criticism have been devoted to Updike. This volume will appeal to the continuing interest in Updike’s writing among academics and general readers alike. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; April 2013; 9781571135117 Ebook: 9781571138453 272 pp, cloth

The Critical Reception of James Baldwin, 1963-2010 ”An Honest Man and a Good Writer” CONSUELA FRANCIS

James Baldwin is a widely taught and anthologized author. His

short story “Sonny’s Blues” remains a perennial favorite in literature anthologies, and all of his essay collections and novels are still in print. His first essay collection, Notes of a Native Son, is a seminal work that led a new generation of African American writers from beneath the shadow of Richard Wright. The Fire Next Time is widely held as one of the most profound and accurate articulations of black consciousness during the Civil Rights movement. It is difficult to imagine teaching a survey of African American literature or considering the development of black intellectual thought in the twentieth century without mentioning Baldwin. For more than half a century, readers and critics alike have agreed that Baldwin is a major African American writer. What they do not agree on is why. Because of his artistic and intellectual complexity, his work resists easy categorization, and Baldwin scholarship, consequently, spans the critical horizon. Conseula Francis’s book examines the major divisions in Baldwin criticism, paying particular attention to the way each critical period defines Baldwin and his work for its own purposes. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; April 2014; 9781571133250 176 pp, cloth

African Literature

In the Name of the Mother Reflections on Writers and Empire NGUGI WA THIONG’O


Renowned worldwide as novelist and dramatist,

Ngugi wa Thiongo’s contributions to the body of critical writing on African literature, politics and society have been highly significant. These latest essays reflect Ngugi’s continuing interests and enthusiasms. His choice of writers is original. He makes us look again at their novels to address his lifelong concerns with the ways to independence, the meanings of colonialism and the takeover by neo-colonialism, and the functions of literature in political as well as literary terms. List Price: $24.95/£14.99; September 2013; 9781847010841 Ebook: 9781782042242 160 pp, paper

Out in Africa

Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan Literatures & Cultures CHANTAL ZABUS

Homosexuality was and still is thought to be

quintessentially ‘un-African’. Yet in this book Chantal Zabus examines the anthropological, cultural and literary representations of male and female same-sex desire from early colonial contacts between Europe and Africa in the nineteenth century to the present. Covering a broad geographical spectrum, from Mali to South Africa and from Senegal to Kenya, and adopting a comparative approach encompassing two colonial languages (English and French) and some African languages, Out in Africa charts developments in Sub-Saharan African texts and contexts through the work of 7 colonial writers and some 25 postcolonial writers. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; November 2013; 9781847010827 Ebook: 9781782042488 312 pp, cloth

A New Generation of African Writers

Migration, Material Culture and Language BRENDA COOPER


written in English. This book tracks the journeys undertaken by a generation of African writers, their protagonists and the solid objects that populate their fiction, to depict the material realities of their multiple worlds and languages. List Price: $29.95/£17.99; July 2013; 9781847010766 Ebook: 9781846156656 192 pp, paper

African Literature Today Edited by ERNEST M. EMENYONU

Challenging the Idea of ‘Minor Literature’ XAVIER GARNIER

For more than fifty years a dynamic modern

literature has been developing in the Kiswahili language. The political weight that Kiswahili carries as the emerging national and pan-national language of many East African countries places this literature, much of it in the form of novels, at the centre of heated literary debates on the social function of literature in the context of rapid global social change. This obsession with social issues relates to larger, all-pervasive political debates running through East Africa: in its press, its streets, its public and private places. The novels both record and provoke these debates. List Price: $90.00/£50.00; October 2013; 9781847010797 Ebook: 9781782041702 208 pp, cloth

Reading Nuruddin Farah

The individual, the novel & the idea of home F. FIONA MOOLLA

Moolla’s analysis of one of Africa’s most important

writers traces his work through the history of the novel as a form and its investigations into modern identities. She examines his writing within the framework of Somali society, Islamic traditions and changing political contexts most significantly the nature and condition of exile. She also explores Nuruddin Farah’s engagement with women’s lives - female characters and their quest for identity being central to his stories - something that has distinguished him from many other male African writers. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; March 2014; 9781847010919 Ebook: 9781782042389 216 pp, cloth

Reading Marechera

Migration is a central theme of much African fiction

ALT 31 Writing Africa in the Short Story

The Swahili Novel


Considered one of Africa’s most innovative


and subversive writers, the Zimbabwean Dambudzo Marechera is read today as a significant voice in contemporary world literature. Marechera wrote ceaselessly against the status quo, against unqualified ideas, against expectation. He was an intellectual outsider who found comfort only in the company of other free-thinking writers - Shelley, Bakhtin, Fanon, Dostoyevsky. From classical allusion to the political philosophy of anarchism, this collection makes clear the extraordinary breadth and quality of thought that Marechera brought to his writing. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; January 2013; 9781847010629 Ebook: 9781571138538 1 b/w illus.; 208 pp, paper


African writers have, much more than the critics,

Breaking the Silence

South African Representations of HIV/AIDS ELLEN GRÜNKEMEIER

Combining approaches from literary, cultural and

recognized the beauty and potency of the short story. Always the least studied in African literature classrooms and the most critically overlooked genre in African literature today, the African short story is now given the attention it deserves. Contributors here take a close look at the African short story to re-define its own peculiar pedigree, chart its trajectory, critique its present state and examine its creative possibilities.

postcolonial studies to make contextualised and historicised readings of creative texts, this study provides a distinct analytical perspective on HIV/ AIDS that contributes to and broadens the medical, sociological, economic and ethical angles from which the epidemic has already been explored.

List Price: $34.95/£18.99; November 2013; 9781847010810 Ebook 9781782041962 192 pp, paper

List Price: $90.00/£50.00; July 2013; 9781847010704 Ebook: 9781782041924 19 b/w & 7 line illus.; 256 pp, cloth

African Literature

A Companion to the Works of J. M. Coetzee Edited by TIM MEHIGAN

Latin American and Caribbean Literature NOW IN PAPERBA CK

J. M. Coetzee is perhaps the most critically acclaimed

bestselling author of imaginative fiction writing in English today. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003 and is the first writer to have been awarded two Booker Prizes. The present volume makes critical views of this important writer accessible to the general reader as well as the scholar, discussing Coetzee’s main works in chronological order and introducing the dominant themes in the academic discussion of his oeuvre. List Price: $35.00/£19.99; February 2014; 9781571139023 Ebook: 9781571138675 272 pp, paper

Latin American and Caribbean Literature

A Companion to Jorge Luis Borges STEVEN BOLDY


This study combines the mapping of Borges’s

intellectual trajectory with detailed analyses of his work. This allows the reader maximum access to the meaning and significance of the work and presents a biographical narrative developed against the Argentine literary world in which Borges was a key player, the Argentine intellectual tradition in its historical context, and the Argentine and world politics to which his works respond in more or less obvious ways. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; September 2013; 9781855662667 Ebook: 9781782042235 224 pp, paper

The Representation of the Political in Selected Writings of Julio Cortázar CAROLINA ORLOFF

Orloff analyses the evolution of the representation

of distinct political elements throughout Cortázar’s writings, mainly with reference to the novels and the so-called collage books, which have received only limited critical attention. This book shows that Cortázar did not become a political writer as a result of the Cuban Revolution, as is often claimed, but rather that the representation of the political was present in Cortázar’s very first writings. List Price: $99.00/£60.00; August 2013; 9781855662629 Ebook: 9781782041368 240 pp, cloth

A Companion to Mario Vargas Llosa SABINE KÖLLMANN

This Companion to the work of Peruvian Nobel

Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa traces his fictional and non-fictional writing throughout the different phases of a career spanning more than fifty years. Against the backdrop of his intellectual and political development the study highlights the continuities and interrelations that give unity and coherence to a diverse body of work. List Price: $99.00/£60.00; February 2014; 9781855662698 Ebook: 9781782042495 336 pp, cloth

A Companion to Gabriel García Márquez RAYMOND LESLIE WILLIAMS


This book offers discussion and analysis of the subtle writing of García Márquez, one of the major Latin American writers of the twentieth century.

[T]his study provides an invaluable understanding of a unique writer who has become a classic in his region and the world. Essential. CHOICE List Price: $29.99/£17.99; April 2013; 9781855662520 200 pp, paper

Gabriel García Márquez and Ovid Magical and Monstrous Realities LORNA ROBINSON

This study examines in detail the similarities and

differences of each author’s style and investigates the impact of politics and culture upon the magical and frequently brutal realities the two authors create in their works. Ultimately the book is interested in the use of magical elements by authors in political climates where freedoms are being restricted. List Price: $99.00/£60.00; January 2013; 9781855662490 Ebook: 9781782040668 200 pp, cloth

César Vallejo

A Literary Biography STEPHEN M. HART

This is the first biography of Latin America’s most

important poet, the Peruvian César Vallejo, who was born in an Andean village, Santiago de Chuco, on 16 March 1892 and died in Paris on 15 April 1938. It traces the important events of his life and evaluates his poetry, fiction, theatre, political essays and journalism. List Price: $99.00/£60.00; May 2013; 9781855662537 Ebook: 9781782040859 10 b/w & 1 line illus.; 304 pp, cloth

Dialogic Aspects of the Cuban Novel of the 1990s INGELA DORADO-OTERO

This book examines six Cuban novels published between 1991 and

1999, all part of the new “boom” of the Cuban novel in the 1990s. It analyses how in undermining monolithic representations of reality these texts employ discursive techniques that question absolute truths, defy established boundaries of literary genres and challenge concepts of national, gender and individual identity. The authors studied in this book–Reinaldo Arenas, Leonardo Padura Fuentes, Abilio Estévez, Daína Chaviano, Yanitzia Canetti, and Zoé Valdés– are placed beyond the dichotomy of outside and inside Cuba in order to focus on the fluidity and heterogeneity of Cuban culture displayed in its literature. This study establishes similarities and differences in the way these authors create polyphonic texts that question whether notions of country and nation coincide in novels that respond to economic hardship, political and social changes, issues of cubanía, and exile. List Price: $99.00/£60.00; March 2014; 9781855662711 Ebook: 9781782042341 280 pp, cloth

German Literature

Emerging German-Language NOW IN PAPERBA Novelists of the CK Twenty-First Century Edited by LYN MARVEN & STUART TABERNER

Presents fifteen new German-language novelists

and a close reading of an exemplary work of each for academics and the general reader alike. Named a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; August 2013; 9781571135797 Ebook: 9781571138552 288 pp, paper

Religion in Contemporary German Drama

Botho Strauß, George Tabori, Werner Fritsch, and Lukas Bärfuss SINÉAD CROWE

Despite claims that the twenty-first century has seen

a sudden “return” of religion to the German stage, religious themes, forms, and motifs have been a topic and a source of inspiration for German dramatists for several decades. Focusing on works by four major dramatists,this book examines how, why, and to what effect religion is invoked in German drama since the late 1970s and asks whether the drama of the period succeeds in developing religious insights or is only quasi-religious, exploiting religious signs for aesthetic, theatrical, or dramaturgical ends. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; March 2013; 9781571135490 Ebook: 9781571138446 184 pp, cloth

Representing the “Good German” in Literature and Culture after 1945 Altruism and Moral Ambiguity Edited by PÓL O DOCHARTAIGH & CHRISTIANE SCHÖNFELD

After the Second World War, both the allied powers

and the nascent German authorities sought Germans whose record could serve as a counterpoint to the notion of Germans as evil, a search that has never really stopped. In recent years, we have witnessed a burgeoning of cultural representations of this “other” kind of Third Reich citizen as opposed to the committed Nazi or genocidal maniac. This volume explores postwar and recent representations of these “good Germans,” drawing together discussions relating to their function and reception in Germany and abroad. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; April 2013; 9781571134981 Ebook: 9781571137876 13 b/w illus.; 280 pp, cloth

Remembering Africa

The Rediscovery of Colonialism in Contemporary German Literature DIRK GÖTTSCHE

A groundbreaking treatment of the themes of

colonialism and Africa in German literary fiction as presented in some fifty novels from the past three decades. This is the first comprehensive study of contemporary German literature’s intense engagement with German colonialism and with Germany’s wider involvement in European colonialism. List Price: $95.00/£60.00; May 2013; 9781571135469 Ebook: 9781580468206 496 pp, cloth

A Companion to the Works of Max Frisch Edited by OLAF BERWALD

One of the most influential German-language

writers of the late twentieth century, Max Frisch (1911-1991) has canonical status in Europe, and multiple recent English translations of his works are available. No comprehensive introductory volume to the works of Frisch is currently available in English, a situation that this volume redresses. List Price: $90.00/£60.00; November 2013; 9781571134189 Ebook: 9781571138729 256 pp, cloth

Aging and Old-Age Style in Günter Grass, Ruth Klüger, Christa Wolf, and Martin Walser The Mannerism of a Late Period STUART TABERNER

This book explores the representation and performance

of aging in recent “late-style” German-language fiction, situating the authors chosen as case studies – Günter Grass, Ruth Klüger, Christa Wolf, and Martin Walser – in their biographical and social contexts and exploring the significance of their aesthetic figuring of aging for debates raging both in Germany and internationally. In particular, the book looks at gender, generations, and trauma and their impact on how writers “narrativize” aging, along with the “timeliness” of these different performances. List Price: $90.00/£60.00; December 2013; 9781571135780 Ebook: 9781571138767 272 pp, cloth

The Undiscover’d Country W. G. Sebald and the Poetics of Travel Edited by MARKUS ZISSELSBERGER


W.G. Sebald (1944-2001) is the most prominent

and perhaps the most enigmatic German-language writer of recent decades. His innovative approach to writing brings to the fore concerns that are central to contemporary culture: the relationship between memory, history, and trauma; the experience of exile and our relation to place; and the role of literature in the remembrance of the past. This collection of essays places travel at the center of Sebald’s poetics, examining its various modalities in Sebald’s writing, such as walking, flying, and textual travel, their relationship to writing, reading, memory, and place, and the affinities between Sebald and other literary travelers. This book is destined to become a standard. Highly recommended. CHOICE List Price: $39.95/£19.99; April 2013; 9781571135667 7 b/w illus.; 408 pp, paper

“The Space of Words”

Exile and Diaspora in the Works of Nelly Sachs JENNIFER HOYER

A new evaluation of one of the most significant Holocaust poets,

Nelly Sachs (1891-1970), offering the first sustained critical analysis of Sachs’s largely unanalyzed prewar poetry and prose. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; June 2014; 9781571135513 208 pp, cloth

German Literature

A Companion to the Works of Hermann Hesse Edited by INGO CORNILS


New essays on the works and themes of Hesse, one of the most perennially relevant and widely-read German authors.

The contributions are based on a good knowledge of the earlier research and yet go beyond it. ARBITRIUM List Price: $39.95/£19.99; August 2013; 9781571135810 Ebook: 9781571138934 8 b/w line illus.; 448 pp, paper

Translingual Identities

Language and the Self in Stefan Heym and Jakov Lind TAMAR STEINITZ

This work explores the psychology of literary

translingualism - writing in a language other than one’s native tongue - by examining the works of two authors who, forced into exile by the rise of Nazism, chose English as their language of artistic expression. The author argues that translingualism leads to a psychic split and proposes these authors as representative models of translingualism, which is expressed as loss and fragmentation in Lind’s case and opportunity and mediation in Heym’s. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; September 2013; 9781571135476 Ebook: 9781571138637 224 pp, cloth

Heimat, Space, Narrative

Toward a Transnational Approach to Flight and Expulsion FRIEDERIKE EIGLER

At the end of the Second World War, millions of Germans and

Poles fled their countries. This monograph examines how the experience of traumatic displacement has played out in novels since the 1970s, asking how writers have responded to memories and postmemories of “the lost Heimat in the East.” Eigler engages with important currents in scholarship, arguing for a transnational approach to the legacies of flight and expulsion and for a spatial approach to Heimat. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; June 2014; 9781571139030 Ebook: 9781571138927 224 pp, cloth

Writers and Politics in Germany, 1945-2008 STUART PARKES


George Orwell said that all writing is political; but

the writers of some nations and some periods are more political than others. German writers after 1945 have exemplified such heightened politicization. This book considers their contribution to the democratic development of Germany through their directly political, non-fictional writings. It pays particular attention to the student movement of the 1960s and ‘70s and to the unification of 1989-1990, which posed a major challenge to writers in both East and West. Considering the continuing East/West division and changing attitudes to the Nazi past, the book asks whether the intellectual climate has swung to the right and whether political involvement is less important for younger writers who see the Federal Republic as a “normal” democratic state. List Price: $29.95/£19.99; August 2013; 9781571135803 Ebook: 9781571137548 256 pp, paper

My Shadow in Dachau

Poems by Victims and Survivors of the Concentration Camp Ed. by DOROTHEA HEISER & STUART TABERNER


This anthology contains sixty-eight poems by thirty-two inmates of

Dachau Concentration Camp. They appear in the original languages of composition and facing-page English translation. Closely linked to the poems are short biographies of the poets, which where possible go into the concrete circumstances of the poems’ composition. All the poems, having arisen in the experience or memory of extreme human suffering, are testimonies to the persistence of the creativity of the individual in the face of such circumstances. They are also a warning not to forget the darkest chapter of history and a challenge to the future not to allow it to be repeated. A prologue by Walter Jens and introduction by Dorothea Heiser are joined here by a foreword by Stuart Taberner of the University of Leeds, who organized the translations into English. Cloth: List Price: $75.00/£50.00; 9781571139078 Paper: List Price: $45.00/£30.00; 9781571135681 20 b/w illus.; 200 pp, June 2014

Edinburgh German Yearbook 7

Ethical Approaches in Contemporary GermanLanguage Literature and Culture Ed. by EMILY JEREMIAH & FRAUKE MATTHES

There has been an “ethical turn” in the literature,

culture, and theory of recent years, a period that has seen an increase in global instability, the European economic crisis, and the decline of Western hegemony. Building on a long tradition of ethics in German-language literature and culture, this volume examines a number of contemporary literary works, films, and essays that deal with questions of age, generation, memory, gender, and religion (especially Islam), and with the ethical issues inevitably bound up with these topics. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; November 2013; 9781571135506 Ebook: 9781571138804 184 pp, cloth

Reworking the German Past


Adaptations in Film, the Arts, and Popular PAPERBAINCK Culture Edited by SUSAN FIGGE & JENIFER WARD

Coming to terms with the past has been a

preoccupation in German culture since the Second World War, and there has been a surge of interest in adaptation of literary works in recent years. Focusing on adaptation of twentieth-century German texts from one medium to another and from one cultural moment to another, this volume combines the two areas of inquiry, showing that adaptation studies are well suited for tracing Germany’s obsessive cultural engagement with its history. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; August 2013; 9781571135650 4 b/w illus.; 296 pp, paper

Born under Auschwitz

Melancholy Traditions in Postwar German Literature MARY COSGROVE

Uncovers the literary traditions of melancholy that

inform major works of postwar and contemporary German literature dealing with the Holocaust and the Nazi period. List Price: $75.00/£50.00; April 2014; 9781571135568 Ebook: 9781571138897 248 pp, cloth

Australian Literature

Portuguese Literature

A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature

A Companion to Portuguese NOW IN PAPERBA Literature CK



Australian Aboriginal literature, once relegated

to the margins of Australian literary studies, now receives both national and international attention. Until now, however, there has been no comprehensive critical companion that contextualizes the Aboriginal canon for scholars, researchers, students, and general readers. This international collection of eleven original essays fills this gap by discussing crucial aspects of Australian Aboriginal literature and tracing the development of Aboriginal literacy from the oral tradition up until today. This comprehensive anthology gives students and beginning researchers a clear overview of the issues at play in indigenous Australian literature today. . . . Handsomely produced and well indexed, this volume is a substantial contribution to the literature. CHOICE List Price: $75.00/£50.00; August 2013; 9781571135216 Ebook: 9781580468213 1 b/w illus.; 240 pp, cloth

The volume offers a chronological overview of

Portuguese literature from the 12th century to the present day by some of the most distinguished literary scholars of recent years. It provides essential chronological and bibliographical information on all major authors and genres, with more extensive treatment of key works and literary figures, and a particular focus on the modern period. A remarkably inspired and personalized introduction to the unattainable task of contextualizing perfectly the totality of Portuguese literary history. [...] It is unabashedly canonical yet revisionary, at once unassumingly authoritative and entertaining, resourceful and pleasantly concise [and] will satisfy both the novice and the scholar, and is bound to become an essential reference for advanced students of Portuguese, Lusophone, and comparative literatures. ELLIPSIS List Price: $34.95/£19.99; September 2013; 9781855662674 Ebook: 9781846157080 240 pp, paper

Romanian Literature

Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania

Fernando Pessoa’s Modernity without Frontiers Influences, Dialogues, Responses Edited by MARIANA GRAY DE CASTRO


Studies of Romanian national imagination have historically focused

on moments in twentieth-century history in which Romanian intellectuals imagine their nation working toward “major” cultural status. Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania examines translations by canonical Romanian writers Lucian Blaga, Constantin Noica, and Emil Cioran following the imposition of Communist rule, arguing that their works reveal a new, “minor” mode of national identity. Drawing on theorists as diverse as Benedict Anderson, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, and Françoise Lionnet, Sean Cotter proposes that this new conception of the nation is better suited than older models to understanding a globalized cultural field, one in which translation plays an indispensable role.

This book testifies to Fernando Pessoa’s central

prominence in the world of modern literature, particularly English literature. Its eighteen short essays by the most distinguished international scholars examine Pessoa’s influences, his dialogues with other writers and artistic movements, and the responses his work has generated worldwide. The book is intended for both students of modern literature and general readers interested in one of its major figures. List Price: $115.00/£65.00; July 2013; 9781855662568 Ebook: 9781782041122 4 b/w illus.; 264 pp, cloth

List Price: $85.00/£55.00; April 2014; 9781580464369 192 pp, cloth

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