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Liberation Movements in Power

Renowned worldwide, as novelist and dramatist,

The liberation movements of Southern Africa

Reflections on Writers and Empire NGUGI WA THIONG’O



Ngugi wa Thiongo’s contributions to the body of critical writing on African literature, politics and society have been highly significant. His best known critical work is Decolonising the Mind, which since publication in 1986 has profoundly influenced other writers, critics, scholars and

These latest essays reflect Ngugi’s continuing interests and enthusiasms. His choice of writers is original. He makes us look again at their novels to address his lifelong concerns with the ways to independence, the meanings of colonialism and the takeover by neo-colonialism, and the functions of literature in political as well as literary terms. They will appeal not only to his international band of supporters. They will also introduce his views to young people discovering African and Caribbean literature. List Price: $24.95/£14.99; September 2013; 9781847010841 Ebook: 9781782042242 160 pp, paper

The African Diaspora

Slavery, Modernity, and Globalization TOYIN FALOLA

The African diaspora is arguably the most

important event in modern African history. From the fifteenth century to the present, millions of Africans have been dispersed to other continents, creating large communities with African origins living outside their native lands. This historic displacement has meant that Africans are irrevocably connected to economic and political developments in the West and globally. Among the known legacies of the diaspora are slavery, colonialism, racism, poverty, and underdevelopment, yet the ways in which these same factors worked to spur the scattering of Africans are not fully understood–by those who were part of this migration or by scholars, historians, and policymakers. In this definitive study of the diaspora in North America, Toyin Falola offers a causal history of the western dispersion of Africans and its effects on the modern world. Reengaging old and familiar debates and framing new ones that enrich the discourse surrounding Africa, Falola isolates the thread, running nearly six centuries, that connects the history of slavery, the transatlantic slave trade, and current migrations. A boon to scholars and policymakers and accessible to the general reader, the book explores diverse narratives of migration and shows that the cultures that migrated from Africa to the Americas have the capacity to unite and create a new panAfricanist movement within the globalized world. List Price: $85.00/£55.00; July 2013; 9781580464529 21 color & 48 b/w illus.; 452 pp, cloth

Party and State in Southern Africa ROGER SOUTHALL

arose to combat racism, colonialism and settler capitalism and engaged in armed struggle to establish democracy. After victory over colonial and white minority regimes, they moved into government embodying the hopes and aspirations of their mass of supporters and of widespread international solidarity movements. Even with the difficult legacies they inherited, their performance in power has been deeply disappointing. Roger Southall tracks the experiences in government of ZANU-PF, SWAPO and the ANC, arguing that such movements are characterised by paradoxical qualities, both emancipatory and authoritarian. Analysis is offered of their evolution into political machines through comparative review of their electoral performance, their relation to state and society, their policies regarding economic transformation, and their evolution as vehicles of class formation and predatory behaviour. The author concludes that, while they will survive organizationally, their essence as progressive forces is dying, and that hopes of a genuine liberation throughout the region will depend upon political realignments alongside moral and intellectual regeneration. List Price: $80.00/£45.00; May 2013; 9781847010667 Ebook: 9781782040804 400 pp, cloth

Empire, Development and Colonialism


The Past in the Present Ed. by MARK DUFFIELD & VERNON HEWITT

This collection explores the similarities,

differences and overlaps between the contemporary debates on international development and humanitarian intervention and the historical artefacts and strategies of Empire. The parallels between the language of nineteenth-century liberal imperialism and the humanitarian interventionism of the post-Cold War era are striking. The American military, both in Somalia in the early 1990s and in the aftermath the Iraq invasion, used ethnographic information compiled by British colonial administrators. Are these interconnections, which are capable of endless multiplication, accidental curiosities or more elemental? The contributors to this book articulate the belief that these comparisons are not just anecdotal but are analytically revealing. From the language of moral necessity and conviction, the design of specific aid packages; the devised forms of intervention and governmentality, through to the life-style, design and location of NGO encampments, the authors seek to account for the numerous and often striking parallels between contemporary international security, development and humanitarian intervention, and the logic of Empire. List Price: $29.95/£17.99; October 2013; 9781847010773 Ebook: 9781846157172 224 pp, paper

Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade REBECCA SHUMWAY


The first book-length history of the Fante people

of southern Ghana during the Atlantic slave trade, this volume provides a historical framework for the relationship between Ghana’s coastal forts and castles and local African societies during this complex period. An elegantly written masterpiece of a crucial period in West African history when a coastal belt of European slave forts and African chiefdoms consolidated new forms of ‘fetishism’ and political economy. ANTHROPOLOGY OF THIS CENTURY List Price: $34.95/£19.99; January 2014; 9781580464789 Ebook: 9781580467391 15 b/w & 4 line illus.; 248 pp, paper

Commercial Agriculture, the Slave Trade and Slavery in Atlantic Africa Edited by ROBIN LAW, SUZANNE SCHWARZ, & SILKE STRICKRODT

This challenging new perspective on slave-trading

and slavery in Atlantic Africa, examines the transition from slave trading to legitimate trade through the role of commercial agriculture. Re-appraising the links between slavery and colonialism, it will be significant reading for those in colonial studies, Atlantic history and African history. List Price: $90.00/£50.00; October 2013; 9781847010759 Ebook: 9781782041788 5 line illus.; 288 pp, cloth

Remembering Africa

The Rediscovery of Colonialism in Contemporary German Literature DIRK GÖTTSCHE

WIn the late 1990s, in the wake of German

unification, multiculturalism, and globalization, a surge of historical novels about German colonialism in Africa and its previously neglected legacies hit the German literary scene. This development, accelerated by the centenary in 2004 of Germany’s colonial war in South-West Africa, has continued to the present, making colonialism an established theme of literary memorialization alongside Germany’s dominant memory themes - National Socialism and the Holocaust, the former GDR and its demise in the Wende, and, more recently, “1968.”

Indirect Rule in South Africa

Tradition, Modernity, and the Costuming of Political Power J.C. MYERS


Indirect rule – the British colonial policy of employing

indigenous tribal chiefs as political intermediaries – has typically been understood by scholars as little more than an expedient solution to imperial personnel shortages. A reexamination of the history of indirect rule in South Africa reveals it to have been much more: an ideological strategy designed to win legitimacy for colonial officials and the basic template from which segregation and apartheid emerged during the twentieth century. This new study, based on firsthand field research and archival material only recently made available, unveils the inner workings of South African segregation. Drawing influence from a range of political theorists, Myers develops a groundbreaking understanding of the ways in which leaders struggle to legitimize themselves through the costuming of political power. List Price: $24.95/£16.99; August 2013; 9781580463621 Ebook: 9781580467421 1 b/w illus.; 160 pp, paper

Managing the British Empire NO The Crown Agents, 1833-1914 DAVID SUNDERLAND


The Crown Agents Office played a crucial role

in colonial development. Acting in the United Kingdom as the commercial and financial agent for the crown colonies, the Agency supplied all non-locally manufactured stores required by colonial governments, issued their London loans, managed their UK investments, and supervised the construction of their railways, harbours and other public works. In addition, the Office supervised the award of colonial land and mineral concessions, monitored the colonial banking and currency system, and performed a personnel role, paying colonial service salaries and pensions, recruiting technical officers, and arranging the transport of officers, troops and Indian indentured labour. In this important book, the first in-depth investigation of the Agency, David Sunderland examines each of these services in turn, determining in each case whether the Crown Agents’ performance benefited their clients, the UK economy or themselves. His book is thus both an account of a remarkable and unique organisation and a fascinating examination of the “nuts and bolts” of nineteenth-century development. List Price: $29.95/£17.99; August 2013; 9781843838418 1 b/w illus.; 368 pp, paper

The Emergence of British Power in India, 1600-1784

This is the first comprehensive study of contemporary German literature’s intense engagement with German colonialism and with Germany’s wider involvement in European colonialism. Building on the author’s decade of research and publication in the field, the book discusses some fifty novels by German, Swiss, and Austrian writers, among them Hans Christoph Buch, Alex Capus, Christof Hamann, Lukas Hartmann, Ilona Maria Hilliges, Giselher W. Hoffmann, Dieter Kühn, Hermann Schulz, Gerhard Seyfried, Thomas von Steinaecker, Uwe Timm, Ilija Trojanow, and Stephan Wackwitz. Drawing on international postcolonial theory, the German tradition of cross-cultural literary studies, and on memory studies, the book brings the hitherto neglected German case to the international debate in postcolonial literary studies.

British East India Company in India between 1600, when the Company was formed, and 1784, when the British Government took control of the Company’s political affairs. It shows why the Company became involved in the military and political penetration of India, and provides a political and military narrative of the Company’s involvement in the wars with France and with several Indian powers.

List Price: $95.00/£60.00; May 2013; 9781571135469 Ebook: 9781580468206 8 b/w & 3 line illus.; 496 pp, cloth

List Price: $120.00/£75.00; October 2013; 9781843838548 Ebook: 9781782041795 3 line illus.; 376 pp, cloth

A Grand Strategic Interpretation G. J. BRYANT

This book analyses the evolving grand strategy of the

Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80 TIMOTHY STAPLETON

A look at the ambiguous experience of black security force personnel in white minority ruled colonial Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

A highly significant and engaging monograph with many insights to offer to scholars and students alike on the particular history of Southern Rhodesia/modern Zimbabwe and Southern Africa as a whole. H-NET REVIEWS List Price: $90.00/£60.00; June 2011; 9781580463805 Ebook: 9781580467339 23 b/w illus.; 336 pp, cloth

Writing Revolt

An Engagement with African Nationalism, 1957-67 TERENCE RANGER


‘I did not set out for Rhodesia as a radical’ writes

Terence Ranger. This memoir of the years between 1957, when he first went to Southern Rhodesia, and 1967 when he published his first book, is both an intimate record of the African awakening which Ranger witnessed during those ten years, and of the process which led him to write Revolt in Southern Rhodesia. Intended as both history and as historiography, Writing Revolt is also about the ways in which politics and history interacted. The men with whom Ranger discussed Zimbabwean history were the leaders of African nationalism; his seminar papers were sent to prisons and into restricted areas. Both they and he were making political as well as intellectual discoveries. The book also includes a brief account of Ranger’s life before he went to Africa. List Price: $34.95/£19.99; February 2013; 9781847010711 6 b/w & 1 line illus.; 224 pp, paper

Edward Wilmot Blyden and the Racial Nationalist Imagination TESHALE TIBEBU

This is a critical study of one of the most prolific

and knowledgeable black-world intellectuals of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Focusing on his writings, it shows the contradictions, ambiguities, complexities, and paradoxes in Blyden’s powerful black racial nationalism. Blyden was a modernist who called upon African Americans to “uplift” Africa; yet he was a defender of Africa’s culture and customs. He was the most sophisticated critic of Eurocentrism; yet he was an avid Anglophile. He was a Protestant who admired Islam’s “civilizing” role in Africa. Blyden was the first black intellectual to advocate for the symbiosis of Africa’s “triple heritage”: indigenous, Islamic, and Western. His voluminous writings laid the groundwork for some of the most important ideas of African and black diasporic thinkers of the twentieth century. Though Blyden is often overlooked in the history of modern black thought, in this book, Teshale Tibebu brings him out of oblivion and engages the reader in an extended, systematic evaluation of his written works. This clearly written, jargon-free study will be the definitive history of his ideas for decades to come. CHOICE List Price: $90.00/£60.00; August 2013; 9781580464284 Ebook: 9781580467902 232 pp, cloth

Financing the Raj

The City of London and Colonial India, 1858-1940 DAVID SUNDERLAND

A detailed analysis of how government in India was financed during the period of direct British rule.

List Price: $120.00/£75.00; February 2013; 9781843837954, Ebook: 9781782040941 15 line illus.; 256 pp, cloth

Colonialism and Violence in Zimbabwe

Slaves of Fortune

Suffering, the experience of violation brought on

The parallels between the language of nineteenth-

A History of Suffering HEIKE I. SCHMIDT

by an act of violence or violent circumstances, is omnipresent in today’s world - if only indirectly through global media representation. Despite this apparent immediacy, understanding how a person makes sense of his or her suffering tends to be fragmentary and often elusive. This book examines this key question through the lens of rural Zimbabwe and a frontier area on the border with Mozambique. It shows how African women, men, and children fashioned their life-worlds in the face of conflict. Historian Heike Schmidt challenges the apparently inseparable twin pairing of Africa and suffering. Even in situations of great distress, she argues, individuals and groups may articulate their social desires and political ambitions, and reforge their identities - as long as the experience of violence is not one of sheer terror. She emphasizes the crucial role women, chiefs, and youths played in the renegotiation of a sense of belonging during different periods of time. Based on sustained fieldwork, Colonialism and Violence offers a compelling history of suffering in a small valley in Zimbabwe over the course of 150 years. List Price: $95.00/£55.00; February 2013; 9781847010513 Ebook: 9781782041191 16 b/w & 4 line illus.; 304 pp, cloth

Sudanese Soldiers and the River War, 1896-1898 RONALD M. LAMOTHE

century liberal imperialism and the humanitarian interventionism of the post-Cold War era are striking. The American military, both in Somalia in the early 1990s and in the aftermath the Iraq invasion, used ethnographic information compiled by British colonial administrators. Are these interconnections, which are capable of endless multiplication, accidental curiosities or more elemental? The contributors to this book articulate the belief that these comparisons are not just anecdotal but are analytically revealing. From the language of moral necessity and conviction, the design of specific aid packages; the devised forms of intervention and governmentality, through to the life-style, design and location of NGO encampments, the authors seek to account for the numerous and often striking parallels between contemporary international security, development and humanitarian intervention, and the logic of Empire. In examining martial race theory and British/Sudanese relationships, Lamothe adds to the historiography of imperial history. AFRICAN HISTORY List Price: $80.00/£45.00; December 2011; 9781847010421 Ebook: 9781782040132 28 b/w & 14 line illus.; 248 pp, cloth

Bacteriology in British India

The Freetown Bond

Laboratory Medicine and the Tropics PRATIK CHAKRABARTI


The first book to provide a social and cultural

history of bacteriology in colonial India, situating it at the confluence of colonial medical practices, institutionalization, and social movements. It contributes to a wide field of scholarship like imperial and South Asian history, history of science and medicine, sociology of science, and cultural history. List Price: $90.00/£60.00; October 2012; 9781580464086 16 b/w & 4 line illus.; 320 pp, cloth

The Twilight of the East India Company

The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics, 1790-1860 ANTHONY WEBSTER

This autobiography includes an account of Eldred colonial rule.

List Price: $50.00/£30.00; November 2012; 9781847010551 Ebook: 9781782040545 16 b/w & 3 line illus.; 192 pp, cloth

A Victorian Gentleman and Ethiopian Nationalist


An overview of British commercial, financial and

political relations with India and the Far East from 1790 to 1860, showing how the changing nature of trade and the changing nature of associated political lobbying brought about the evolution of the East India Company from commercial company to the mechanism of British rule in India and subsequently to its abolition. An excellent new book. [...] Many historians will find valuable new insights in these pages. ASIAN AFFAIRS Makes an important contribution to our understanding, not only of British imperialism in general, but also of the way in which the transition between mercantilism and liberalism actually took place and the nature of the challenges that the free market economy created. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARITIME HISTORY List Price: $34.95/£19.99; March 2013; 9781843838227 Ebook: 9781846157745 216 pp, paper

Durosimi Jones’s his early years, giving a vivid picture of growing up in Freetown in the latter days of British

The Life and Times of Hakim Wärqenäh, Dr. Charles Martin PETER P. GARRETSON


his is the first full biography of Hakim Wärqenäh Eshäté (Dr Charles Martin), a man of overlapping identities as a world citizen, a citizen of the British empire and an Ethiopian nationalist. He was a major progressive force in Ethiopia, played a significant role as a spokesman for the African diaspora during the 1930s, became an elder statesman in Ethiopia in the 1940s, and his extended family (and many of those he mentored) had a major impact on modern Ethiopian history. This detailed [...] narrative illustrates much that is important about this turbulent period in Ethiopian, and indeed global, history. REVIEWS IN HISTORY Students of Ethiopian history are greatly indebted to Garretson for this comprehensive account of the life of a unique member of a fascinating generation of Ethiopian intellectuals. JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY List Price: $95.00/£55.00; June 2012; 9781847010445 Ebook: 9781846159688 8 b/w &2 line illus.; 336 pp, cloth

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