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indian STUDIES 2013 Visit for full details Br i ti s h Nava l P ow e r in t h e E as t, 1 7 9 4 – 1 8 0 5  The Command of Admiral Peter Rainier PETER A. WARD

The book discusses how Admiral Peter Rainier (1741–1808) kept ships in good repair, provided supplies, collected intelligence, had good relations with London and with other key leaders in India, and how he successfully thwarted French attacks on British possessions and on British trade, and supported the Army commander, Wellesley, in extending British power in the region.

$115.00/£65.00(s) July 2013 978 1 84383 848 7, eISBN 978 1 78204 128 3 1 b/w illus.; 301pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9x6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

Bac teri o lo g y in B r it is h In d i a Laboratory Medicine and the Tropics PR AT IK CHAKR ABARTI

The first book to provide a social and cultural history of bacteriology in colonial India, establishing it at the convergence of colonial medical practices, institutionalization, and social movements. It contributes to a wide field of scholarship like imperial and South Asian history, history of science and medicine, sociology of science, and cultural history. $90.00/£60.00(s) October 2012 978 1 58046 408 6 16 b/w illus.; 316pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Rochester Studies in Medical History In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

Fi nan ci n g t h e R a j 

The City of London and Colonial India, 1858–1940 DAVID SUN DERL AND This book overturns many myths, including the idea that India was subordinated to British economic interests. It demonstrates that those involved in Indian finance did work in the best interests of India and were well aware of how Indian finance was very closely intertwined with the City of London and the wider British economy. This is book offers a detailed analysis of how the government in India was financed during the period of direct British rule

$130.00/£75.00(s) February 2013 978 1 84383 795 4, eISBN 978 1 78204 094 1 256pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

T h e E m e rg e n c e o f B r i t i s h P ow e r i n Ind i a , 1 6 0 0 – 1 7 8 4 A Grand Strategic Interpretation G J BRYANT

This book analyses the developing grand strategy of the British East India Company in India between 1600, when the Company was formed, and 1784, when the British Government took control of the Company’s political affairs. It shows why the Company became involved in the military and political penetration of India, and provides a political and military narrative of the Company’s involvement in the wars with France and with several Indian powers.

$99.00/£75.00(s) October 2013 978 1 84383 854 8 356pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9x6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

T h e E m e rg e n c e o f B r i ta i n’ s G loba l Nava l S u p r e m ac y  The War of 1739–1748 RICHARD HARDING

A detailed overview and operational history of Britain’s involvement in the war of 1739–48, including the campaigns in Flanders and Germany, and the naval and colonial wars, showing how Britain’s strategic thinking, military capability and planning changed over the course of the war. PB $34.95/£19.99 March 2013 978 1 84383 823 4, eISBN 978 1 84383 580 6 HB $120.00/£70.00(s) November 2010 978 1 84383 580 6, eISBN 978 1 84615 906 0 8 b/w illus.; 392pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9x6 inches) In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

I m ag i n i n g G e r m a n y I m ag i n i n g A s i a

Essays in Asian-German Studies Edited by VE RONIKA FUE CHTNER & MARY RHIEL This collection of new essays explores how Germany’s imagined Asia informed its national fantasies at crucial historical junctures. It will influence future scholarly explorations of Asian-German cultural transfer. $90.00/£60.00(s) October 2013 978 1 57113 548 3 13 b/w illus.; 288pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches) HB Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture

Th e E a s t In d ia C o m pan y an d Re li gi o n, 169 8 – 1 8 5 8  PENELOPE C ARSON This wide ranging book charts how the East India Company grappled with religious issues in its multi faith empire, putting them into the context of pressures exerted both in Britain and on the subcontinent, from the Company’s early mercantile beginnings to the bloody end of its rule in 1858. It looks at how the Company dealt with the fact that it was a Christian Company, trying to be equitable to the different faiths it found in India, has resonances for Britain today as it attempts to accommodate the religions of all its peoples within the Christian heritage and structure of the state.

$115.00/£65.00(s) September 2012 978 1 84383 732 9, eISBN 978 1 78204 027 9 291pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

Th e E a s t In d ia C o m pan y’ s Lo n d o n Wo rk e rs  Management of the Warehouse Labourers, 1800–1858 MA RG ARET M AKEPEACE

This book shows how the East India Company combined an exceptionally benevolent approach with regulation and discipline to achieve an acceptable level of business efficiency. It also includes an interesting overview of the Company’s commercial activities in London, providing details of the goods that passed through the London warehouses and how they were handled. Makepeace writes well and her account of an easy to overlook aspect of imperialism should be known to readers of this Newsletter. Boydell Press has produced a well crafted volume that is a fine example of the publisher’s art. BL ACK & ASIA N ST UDIES ASSO CIATION NEWSLET TER

This is an impressive book, impeccably researched and engagingly written. [...] It was a pleasure to read. EC ONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW $99.00/£60.00(s) October 2010 978 1 84383 585 1, eISBN 978 1 84615 877 3 3 b/w illus.; 254pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company

T h e T w i l i g h t of t h e E a s t Ind i a C o m pa n y 

The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics, 1790–1860 ANTHONY WE B STER This book offers an overview of British commercial, financial and political relations with India and the Far East from 1790 to 1860. It shows how the changing nature of trade and the changing nature of associated political lobbying brought about the evolution of the East India Company from commercial company to the mechanism of British rule in India and subsequently to its abolition. Makes an important contribution to our understanding, not only of British imperialism in general, but also of the way in which the transition between mercantilism and liberalism actually took place and the nature of the challenges that the free market economy created. I NTE RNATIONAL JOU RNAL OF MARITIME H I STORY

[An] excellent new book. [...] Many historians will find valuable new insights in these pages.

T h e E a s t Ind i a C o m pa n y ’ s M a r it i me S e rv i c e , 1 7 4 6 – 1 8 3 4  Masters of the Eastern Seas JEAN SUT TON

This book charts in detail the successive voyages by members of the Larkins family, in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, discussing the nature of trade and the involvement of the Company’s ships in maritime warfare. Densely packed with information, the narrative is always clear and readable. [...] As well as providing for the general reader a fascinating account of life on board the East India Company’s ships, this book makes a valuable contribution to business history. BU SI NE SS H I STORY

Meticulously researched, this detailed and eminently readable study will appeal to readers interested in Indian or Chinese history, and in the economic history of South and East Asia. B O OK NEWS $99.00/£60.00(s) November 2010 978 1 84383 583 7, eISBN 978 1 84615 911 4 14 b/w illus.; 324pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company


PB $34.95/£19.99 March 2013 978 1 84383 822 7, eISBN 978 1 84383 475 5 HB $90.00/£50.00(s) September 2009 978 1 84383 475 5, eISBN 978 1 84615 774 5 214pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches) Worlds of the East India Company In India, available exclusively from Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi).

The Richest East Ind ia M e rc h a n t  The Life and Business of John Palmer of Calcutta, 1767–1836 ANTHONY WE B STER

This biography and business history of wealthy British merchant John Palmer looks at the consequences of his spectacular bankruptcy in India and reveals much about the nineteenth century Empire. [A] fascinating hybrid history part personal biography, part business analysis. [...] It is in its rich evocation of the business context of early colonial Calcutta that Webster’s study excels. [...] This is an illuminating, readable, and valuable study. E C ONOMIC H I STORY REVI EW $90.00/£50.00(s) June 2007 978 1 84383 303 1, eISBN 978 1 84615 589 5 5 b/w illus.; 214pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company

w w w. b oyde l l an d brewer. com

Scottish Orientalists a n d Ind i a  The Muir Brothers, Religion, Education and Empire AVRIL A. POWE LL

A detailed assessment of how Western thinking about India developed in the nineteenth century, focusing on the exceptionally full lives of the brothers Sir William and Dr John Muir, who served in the East India Company in North West India from 1827–76, who engaged in political administration, educational projects and scholarship, interacting with Indian scholars, forming and typifying British attitudes to India and to Islam and Hindu religion in this period. This is a welcome study. Readers will walk away with a nuanced understanding of the intellectual climate in the British Raj during its heyday. JOU RNAL OF BRI TI SH STUDIES A first class piece of research to which scholars will refer for years to come. JOU RNAL OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SO CI ET Y

Highly recommended. CHOWKI DAR $120.00/£70.00(s) October 2010 978 1 84383 579 0, eISBN 978 1 84615 882 7 11 b/w illus.; 336pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company

Th e G reat Up r is in g i n In di a, 1 85 7 – 5 8 Untold Stories, Indian and British RO SIE LLEWELLYN-JONES

The events of 1857–58 in India are seen here through a series of untold stories and thereby from a series of different perspectives which show that these events were much more complex than suggested by the label “Indian Mutiny”, applied by British writers, who saw the events as a colonial rebellion, or by the label “The First War of Independence”, which is used by most Indian writers on the subject. Full of fascinating information and engagingly written. H ISTORY TODAY [An] original and less Anglo centric view of history. DA ILY T ELEG R A PH $70.00/£40.00 July 2007 978 1 84383 304 8 19 b/w illus.; 258pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Worlds of the East India Company

C o m m a n der s o f D utch E a s t Ind i a S h i p s in t h e E i ghte e n t h C en tury  JA AP R . BRUI JN This book provides a detailed picture of the lives of the commanders and those around them, both at home and at sea. It includes material on the nature of the voyages undertaken by the Dutch East India Company’s ships to what is now Indonesia. It also looks on the importance of the trade, on how commanders’ careers developed, and on how fortunes were made. A welcome addition to the existing literature for those who have a general or a scholarly interest in the VOC. ITINER ARIO This is an important work that is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of the VOC at its zenith. Those who venture to do so will find a fascinating account of what it was like to be a commander in the Dutch East India Company. PIR ATES AND PRIVATEERS $130.00/£75.00(s) June 2011 978 1 84383 622 3, eISBN 978 1 84615 948 0 36 b/w illus.; 350pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB

T h e Wo r l d s o f t h e E a s t Ind i a C o m pa n y  Edited by H.V. B OWEN, MARGAR ET TE LINC OLN & NIGEL RIGB Y The first multi disciplinary history of the English East India Company, one of the most powerful commercial companies ever to have existed. A useful reference book [that] reveals the richness and breadth of Indian


Handsomely produced.[with] a number of superb black and white and colour reproductions of contemporary prints and ships models. I NTE RNATIONAL JOU RNAL OF

D e p loy i n g O r i e n ta l i s m i n C u lt u r e a n d H i s to ry

From Germany to Central and Eastern Europe Edited by JAMES HODKINSON, JOHN WALKE R , SHASWATI MAZUMDA R & JOHANNES FE ICHTINGER Focuses on the cultural, philosophical, political, and scholarly uses of “orientalism” in the German speaking, Central and Eastern European worlds from the late eighteenth century to the present day. $90.00/£60.00(s) December 2013 978 1 57113 575 9 298pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture


$34.95/£19.99 September 2011 978 1 84383 073 3, eISBN 978 0 85115 877 8 9 colour, 6 b/w illus.; 268pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), PB

S u da n Lo o k s East 

China, India and the Politics of Asian Alternatives Edited by DANIE L L ARGE & LU KE A. PATEY This book places Sudan’s oil industry (examined here in macro, micro and political terms), its economy, external relations and changing politics under the impact of the Darfur conflict and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, in the wider context of the expansion of Asia’s global economic strength.

$29.95/£16.99 November 2011 978 1 84701 037 7, eISBN 978 1 78204 009 5 215pp, 21.6 x 13.8 (8.5 x 5.4 inches), PB African Issues

T h e Ind o - G e r m a n I d e n t i f i c at i on

Reconciling South Asian Origins and European Destinies, 1765–1885 ROBERT C OWAN Nineteenth century German intellectuals such as Novalis, Schelling, and Friedrich Schlegel attempted to reconcile what they saw as Germany’s cultural origins in ancient India with their imagined destiny as saviors of Europe, then shifted to Indophobia when the attempt foundered. The views of Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche on India were disastrously misappropriated in the twentieth century. This book argues that the study of an “Indo-German” ideal continues to offer lessons about cultural difference in the “post-national” twenty first century. Robert Cowan’s book takes the scholarly discourse on German Orientalism in an important new direction with his thoroughly researched and well argued reminder that the subjects of our work were real human beings, real individuals, who brought their personal psychological, philosophical, religious, and political baggage to the reading table. H -NET GE RMAN REVI EWS

E -B o o k s 

Many Boydell & Brewer and University of Rochester Press titles are available as e-books. For more details please contact your usual supplier. As of Autumn 2012, our e-books are available through JSTOR and University Publishing Online.

w w w. b oyde l l an d brewer. com

$75.00/£50.00(s) September 2010 978 1 57113 463 9 236pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), HB Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture

Modern In d ia n K in g s h ip 

Tradition, Legitimacy and Power in Jodhpur MA RZIA BALZ ANI Series editors: W endy James & Nick Allen

Ins i d e r s a n d O u t s i d e r s 

The Indian Working Class of Durban, 1910–90 BILL FR EUND Focuses on the cultural and social history of Indians in Durban, exploring such topics as the rise and fall of the Indian peasantry; the economic logic of the Indian family; why were the workers so militant and why did this militancy subside?; and the nature of capitalism in the South African context.

Addressed not only to those interested in the culture and politics of present day India, but also to those more generally concerned with theories of kingship and ritual and the complex fate of postcolonial nation states. The strength of this publication clearly lies in the thoroughly researched and excellent archival material. SO C IAL ANTHROPOLO GY PB $29.95/£17.99 February 2003 978 0 85255 930 7, eISBN 978 0 85255 930 7 HB $90.00/£50.00(s) February 2003 978 0 85255 931 4 7 b/w illus.; 224pp, 23.4 x 15.6 (9 x 6 inches), World Anthropology

... a well written, complex and stimulating piece of work. JOU RNAL OF AF RICAN H I STORY This is a bold, slim book ... the product of a well defined, contained research project. JOU RNAL OF I MPE RIAL & C OMMONWE ALTH HISTORY $0.00/£19.99 January 2095 978 0 85255 616 0, eISBN 978 0 85255 666 5 6 b/w illus.; 144pp, 22.7 x 14.2 (8.9 x 5.5), PB Social History of Africa

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