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Music and Meaning in Old Hispanic Lenten Chants Psalmi, threni and the Easter Vigil Canticles

EMMA HORNB Y & RE BEC C A MA LOY Although Old Hispanic liturgical chant has long been considered one of the most important medieval chant traditions, its musical notation shows only where the melodies rise and fall, not precise intervals or pitches, and this lack of pitch-readable notation has prevented scholars from fully engaging with the surviving sources. Focussing on three genres of chant sung during the Old Hispanic Lent (the threni, psalmi, and Easter Vigil canticles), this book takes a holistic view of the texts and melodies, setting them in the context of their liturgical and intellectual surroundings. It concludes that the theologically purposeful text selections combine with carefully shaped melodies to guide the devotional practice of their hearers. $130.00/£75.00(s), May 2013 978 1 84383 814 2 14 b/w illus.; 564pp, 24.4 x 17.2cm, HB Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music

Medieval Hispanic Studies in Memory of Alan Deyermond Edited by ANDREW M. BER ESF OR D, LOU I SE M. HAY WO OD & J U LIAN WEI SS This is a volume of essays in memory of Professor Alan Deyermond, one of the leading British Hispanists of the last fifty years. The contributors are some of Professor Deyermond’s former colleagues, doctoral students, and members of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar. The essays cover lyric, hagiography, clerical verse narrative, frontier balladry, historical and codicological studies, and include the draft of an unpublished essay found amongst Professor Deyermond’s papers. $99.00/£60.00(s), March 2013 978 1 85566 250 6 264pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

The Fabric of Marian Devotion in Isabel de Villena’s Vita Christi


L ESL EY K . T WOM EY Isabel de Villena (1430-1490) is one of the most fascinating women of the Spanish middle ages. Related to the royal family, she became abbess of the Poor Clare convent, the Santa Trinitat, in Valencia in 1462, a position she held until her death in 1490. Her treatise on the religious life, Vita Christi, was the first book by a woman to be printed in the kingdom of Aragon. This is the first full-length survey in English of Isabel’s life and literary works. The author pays particular attention to the way in which devotion to the Virgin Mary is manifested and described through material culture, on her rich fabrics, brocades, silks, shoes, and crown. This reflects the status of Valencia as a centre for trade and producer of silks and velvets at the time. $90.00/£50.00(s), February 2013 978 1 85566 248 3 34 b/w illus.; 256pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

The Poetry of Alfonso X An Annotated Critical Bibliography (1278-2010)

Cultural Capital, Language and National Identity in Imperial Spain LU C IA BI NOT T I This study examines the cultural mechanisms in early modern Spain that led to the translation, imitation and selective adoption of the values embodied by the Italian Renaissance. The author outlines the sixteenth-century process of the creation of an expressive poetic language and the quest for literary models, while also tracing innovative methods of historical and scientific analysis in the early seventeenth-century. $95.00/£55.00(s), November 2012 978 1 85566 245 2 9 b/w illus.; 214pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías A

JOSEPH T. SNOW This expanded version of a 1977 annotated bibliography on the poetry of King Alfonso X of Spain (12211284) contains five times as many entries and covers the poetry, the art and the music of the Cantigas de Santa Maria as well as the king’s lesser-known profane poetry.


$115.00/£65.00(s), June 2012 978 1 85566 239 1, eISBN 978 1 84615 961 9 466pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, PB

Research Bibliographies and Checklists: new series

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Music And Ceremony At The Court Of Charles V The Capilla Flamenca and the Art of Political Promotion M ARY T I FFAN Y FE RE R The presentation of Charles V as universal monarch, defender of the faith, magnanimous peacemaker, and reborn Roman Emperor became the mission of artists, poets, and chroniclers, who shaped contemporary perceptions of him and engaged in his political promotion. Music was equally essential to the making of his image, as this book shows. It reconstructs musical life at his court, by examining the compositions which emanated from it, the ordinances prescribing its rituals and ceremonies, and his prestigious chapel, which reflected his power and influence. $99.00/£60.00(s), March 2012 978 1 84383 699 5 4 b/w illus.; 320pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music

M o de rn & Co ntemp o rary / latin A me rica

M O D E R N & C O N T E M P O R A RY

The Novels of Josefina Aldecoa


Women, Society and Cultural Memory in Contemporary Spain N UA L A K E N N Y

Josefina Aldecoa, in her treatment of themes such as women, memory, and society, confirmed her unique dual role as a contemporary novelist and as a writer of the mid-century generation. This book provides the first in-depth exploration of Aldecoa’s entire novelistic output, centring on gender and memory, concluding that Aldecoa’s work reconfigures women’s identity for the modern age.

El Documental Cinematográfico y Televisivo Contemporáneo

Memoria, representación y formación de la identidad democrática española ISA BEL M. EST R ADA The book contends that the documentary genre challenges Spanish identity as it was conceived by the teleological historical project of the Transition. It carries out a comparative analysis of the visual discourse of the documentary and the narrative discourses of history and testimony, paying special attention to the relations of power among them. Using theoretical frameworks provided by Badiou and Adorno, the author sheds light on the status of the victim in Spain’s neoliberal democracy. $99.00/£60.00(s), May 2013 978 1 85566 251 3 10 b/w illus.; 176pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

Life Writing in Carmen Martín Gaite’s Cuadernos de Todo and her Novels of the 1990s MARIA-JOSÉ BLANCO LÓPEZ DE LERMA This book studies life-writing in Martín Gaite’s notebooks. It looks at the use of first person narration in the author’s work, drawing a parallel between the notebooks and her fictional work. It also analyses the way the author’s notebooks relate to the development of her later novels as well as the use of writing as therapy. This book offers a way of looking at Carmen Martín Gaite’s work from a personal and intimate perspective. $90.00/£50.00(s), January 2013 978 1 85566 247 6 230pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

$95.00/£55.00(s), September 2012 978 1 85566 244 5, eISBN 978 1 78204 031 6 264pp, 23.4 x 15.6 cm, HB Monografías

César Vallejo

A Literary Biography ST E PH E N M . HART

Writing and Heritage in Contemporary Spain

The Imaginary Museum of Literature STUA RT DAVI S This book is an innovative exploration of cultural heritage and the literary practices that shape the contemporary literary scene. Through a coalescence of museum studies, metacriticism and literary criticism the book interweaves literary analysis with discussion of museum spaces, exploring them as agents of memorialisation and a means for preserving and conveying heritage. $95.00/£55.00(s), September 2012 978 1 85566 243 8, eISBN 978 1 78204 033 0 230pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

The Fiction of Juan Rulfo

Irony, Revolution and Postcolonialism A M IT THAK KAR

This is the first biography of Latin America’s most important poet, the Peruvian César Vallejo, who was born in an Andean village, Santiago de Chuco, on 16 March 1892 and died in Paris on 15 April 1938. It traces the important events of his life – becoming a poet in Peru, falling in love with Mirtho in Trujillo, writing Trilce which would transform for ever the avant-garde in the Spanish-speaking world, fleeing to Paris in the summer of 1923 after being accused of burning down Carlos Santa María’s house in Santiago de Chuco, falling in love with Georgette Philippart and then with communism, writing his Poemas humanos (Human Poems) and then, shortly before his death, writing his moving poems inspired by the Spanish Civil War, España, aparta de mí este cáliz (Spain, Take this Chalice from Me). This book also provides an objective evaluation of Vallejo’s poetry, fiction, theatre, political essays and journalism. $99.00/£60.00(s), May 2013 978 1 85566 253 7 10 b/w illus.; 272pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

Gabriel García Márquez and Ovid

Magical and Monstrous Realities

This is the first extended, English-language study to focus exclusively on the fiction of Juan Rulfo in over twenty years. It contains innovative analyses of a selection of short stories from Rulfo’s collection, El llano en llamas (1953). It also examines in great depth two of the main characters of Pedro Páramo (1955), Rulfo’s masterpiece and only novel.

This study examines in detail the similarities and differences of each author’s style and investigates the impact of politics and culture upon the magical and frequently brutal realities the two authors create in their works. Ultimately the book is interested in the use of magical elements by authors in political climates where freedoms are being restricted.

$90.00/£50.00(s), April 2012 978 1 85566 238 4 190pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB




$99.00/£60.00(s), January 2013 978 1 85566 249 0 190pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB

Latin A me rica / C ompanions


Sexualidades Disidentes en la Narrativa Cubana Contemporánea PATR IC IA VAL L ADARE S - RU I Z This book explores the discontinuities of the basic ideological principles of the Cuban revolutionary system in a representative corpus of contemporary Cuban narratives from 1990 to the present. More precisely, this work is a study of alternative sexual subjectivities as destabilizing instruments with respect to national hegemony.

Painting, Literature and Film in Colombian Feminine Culture, 1940-2005

Of Border Guards, Nomads and Women DE B OR AH MARTI N Women artists, writers and filmmakers in Colombia have consistently foregrounded the relationship between gender and the often violent processes which have marked the country’s history over the past century. This book explores crucial moments in the emergence of feminine culture in Colombia hitherto unexamined in English-language criticism through an examination of the work of ground-breaking artist Débora Arango, best-selling novelist Laura Restrepo, and three generations of documentary filmmakers. Deborah Martin shows how Colombian women writers and artists have critiqued discourses that territorialize femininity and provided alternative models that free women from their passive or allegorical representational status as border guards, re-thinking feminine subjectivity and taking it to new symbolic territories. The book’s approach – comparing art, literature and film – reveals a resistive trajectory in dialogue with dominant tendencies in Colombian feminist theory, itself the product of an intellectual sphere conditioned by the need to think about political violence.


$95.00/£55.00(s), November 2012 978 1 85566 242 1 12 colour illus.; 252pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

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$95.00/£55.00(s), March 2012 978 1 85566 237 7 208pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

Los Bildungsromane Femeninos de Carmen Boullosa y Sandra Cisneros Mexicanidades, Fronteras, Puentes YOL A N DA M E LGAR PE RNAS Based on a double comparative foundation constituted by gender difference and by the Mexican cultural legacy shared by Mexicanas and Chicanas, the book represents the first attempt to understand the relationship between the literary production of both groups from a perspective that integrates gender and genre, as materialised in the concept of ‘female Bildungsroman’ that structures the exploration of the narratives examined. $90.00/£50.00(s), February 2012 978 1 85566 234 6 268pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

Gender, Race and Patriotism in the Works of Nísia Floresta C HA R LOT T E HAM MOND M AT T H EWS Nísia Floresta Brasileira Augusta (1810-85) published prolifically in Brazil and Europe on the position of women and other subjects central to Brazilian national identity after independence. As such she is a hugely significant figure in the development of women’s writing and feminist discourse in Brazil, yet this book is the first full length study of her work to be published in English. $99.00/£60.00(s), February 2012 978 1 85566 235 3 226pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías


A Companion to Gabriel García Márquez R AYMOND L E SL I E W I L L IAM S This book offers discussion and analysis of the subtle writing of García Márquez - a traditionalist who draws from classic Western texts, a Modernist committed to modernizing the conservative literary tradition in Colombia and Latin America, an internationally recognized major writer of the 1960s Boom, the key figure in popularizing what has been called “magic realism” and, finally, a Modernist who has occasionally engaged in some of the strategies of the postmodern. $29.95/£17.99, April 2013 978 1 85566 252 0 200pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, PB Monografías

A Companion to Latin American Women Writers Edited By BRGI DA M . PASTOR & L LOY D H U GH E S DAVI E S This volume offers a critical study of a representative selection of Latin American women writers who have made major contributions to all literary genres and represent a wide range of literary perspectives and styles. Many of these women have attained the highest literary honours. The distinctiveness of the book lies in its attention to writers from widely differing historical and social contexts and to the diverse theoretical approaches adopted by the authors. $95.00/£55.00(s), October 2012 978 1 85566 236 0 260pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

Avai l a b l e ag ain


Los Siete Libros De La Diana Jorge De Montemayor



La Práctica Escénica Cortesana De la Época del Emperador a la de Felipe III TER ES A F E RRE R VAL L S

This volume is the first critical edition of Montemayor’s Los siete libros de la Diana, the first Spanish pastoral romance, using eight of the earliest editions extant. The base text used is Zaragoza 1560, without the errors noted in the collatio, and therefore the closest to the archetype; variants, notes and corrections based on the stemma are presented in footnotes. An introductory chapter discusses the problem of the date of the first composition and publication of the work. Reproductions of the title-pages of the editions used, preliminary poems, additions to the text (except that of Abindarráez) and water-marks form an appendix.

A study of the relationship between court festivity and theatre in the sixteenth century, placing special emphasis on staging. The author argues that throughout the reign of Philip II court spectacle perpetuates the complicated staging of traditional performances, but with greater emphasis on their dramatic aspects and on the use of music and song. In the first two decades of the seventeenth century, and above all in specific plays by Lope de Vega, court spectacles come to reflect also the influence of Italian staging techniques.

$90.00/£50.00(s), 1996 978 1 85566 044 1 380pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB

$90.00/£50.00(s), 1991 978 1 85566 005 2 210pp, 24 x 17cm, PB




Una Poética de la Oscuridad La recepción crítica de las ‘Soledades’ en el siglo XVII JOAQUN ROSES LOZ A NO Luis de Góngora completed the first version of his Soledad primera in the spring of 1613. Immediately his poem became the centre of a vigorous literary polemic. The writings of his detractors and of his supporters marked the beginning of a period of intense literary criticism in Spanish letters. The corpus of these writings has yet to be properly listed, edited and analysed in its totality. Approaching the problem of the obscurity of Góngora’s writings by way of the reception of the Soledades in the seventeenth century, the author has been able to determine why his contemporaries found difficulty with the poems, and to study the significance of literary obscurity, its sources, causes and consequences and the new emphasis lent to it by Góngora. On the basis of this new interpretation the critic reconsiders and reviews various long-held assumptions in Gongorine criticism. The work includes a preface by Robert Jammes, of the Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail. $90.00/£50.00(s), 1994 978 1 85566 026 7 232pp, 23.4 x 15.6cm, HB Monografías

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No Pasarán

Art, Literature and the Civil War Edited by ST E PH E N M . HART The six essays collected in this volume are a selection from a number of papers which were given at a one-day colloquium on ‘Art, Literature and the Spanish Civil War’ which was held in Westfield College on 18 July 1986, precisely fifty years to the day after Franco’s military coup in the Canary Islands, which was destined to have such a decisive effect on the course of Spanish history. Though this date subsequently became a Francoist celebration – the so-called ‘Dia del Alzamiento’ (Day of the Uprising) – the papers collected here do not demonstrate a Francoist bias. The overall approach is intertextual and interdisciplinary, thereby stressing the international nature of the artistic response to the war. For the benefit of the English reader, all foreign quotations are followed by an English translation.

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