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Autumn 2010




Honour, Interest and Power An Illustrated History of the House of Lords, 1660-1715 Edited by Ruth Paley & Paul Seawar d

Unique illustrated history of the House of Lords during the turbulent period between the Restoration and the accession of George I. Condemned as ‘useless and dangerous’, the House of Lords was abolished in the revolution of 1649, shortly after the execution of the King. When it was reinstated, along with the monarchy, as part of the Restoration of 1660, the House entered into one of the most turbulent and dramatic periods in its history. £30.00, October 2010 978 1 84383 576 9 60 colour & 100 blw illus.: 400pp, HB Published for the History of Parliament Trust.

This highly illustrated book shows their Lordships engaging with the central arguments of the day, but also using Parliament to pursue their own projects; as members of an elite intensely conscious of their status and determined to defend their honour against commoners, Irish peers and each other; as a class apart, always active in devising new schemes to increase their wealth and ‘interest’; and as local grandees, to whom local society looked for leadership and protection. From the proud Duke of Somerset to the beggarly Lord Mohun, from the devious Earl of Oxford to the disgruntled Lord Lucas, the material here presents an initial impression of the nature of the Restoration House of Lords and the men who formed it, showing them in their best moments, when they vigorously defended the law and the constitution, and in their worst, as they obsessively concerned themselves with honour and precedence and indefatigably pursued private interests.


The Temple Church in London History, Architecture, Art Edited by David Park & Robin G riffith-Jon es

First full-length survey of the Temple Church, from its foundation in the twelfth century to the Second World War.

Introductory price: £40.00 until 1st January 2011, after which it reverts to £55.00 October 2010 978 1 84383 498 4 11 col., 109 b/w & 5 line illus.; 312pp HB

Founded as the main church of the Knights Templar in England, the Temple Church is historically and architecturally one of the most important medieval buildings in England. Its round nave, modelled on the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, is extraordinarily ambitious, combining lavish Romanesque sculpture with some of the earliest Gothic architectural features in any English building of its period. It also holds one of the most famous series of medieval effigies in the country. Major developments in the post-medieval period include the reordering of the church in the 1680s by Sir Christopher Wren, and a substantial restoration programme in the early 1840s. Despite its extraordinary importance, however, it has until now attracted little scholarly or critical attention, a gap which is remedied by this volume. It considers the New Temple as a whole in the middle ages, and all aspects of the church itself from its foundations in the twelfth century to its war-time damage in the twentieth. Richly illustrated with numerous black and white and colour plates, it makes full use of the exceptional range and quality of the antiquarian material available for study: drawings, photographs, and plaster casts Contributors: Robin Griffith-Jones, Virginia Jansen, Philip Lankester, Helen Nicholson, David Park, Rosemary Sweet, William Whyte, Christopher Wilson.


Cover image: Temple Church choir, interior view to east. Photograph: Chris Christodoulou (Temple Church). From The Temple Church in London.


N e w in pap e r b ac k

Navies of Rome Micha el Pitassi

A groundbreaking new chronological study of the role played by the Navy in the successful development of the Roman Empire. The Roman Navy was the most powerful maritime force ever to have existed. It secured the trade routes and maintained the communications that allowed the Roman Empire to exist. It brought previously untouchable and unreachable enemies to battle and enabled the expansion of Imperial power into areas thought hitherto inaccessible. Without the support of its navy, Rome would have been unable to survive. This work examines the role of naval warfare in the development of Europe’s first great empire and details the many great battles and campaigns that had to be fought.

£19.99, November 2010 978 1 84383 600 1 10 colour & 24 line illus.; 384pp, PB

N e w in pap e r b ac k

Dress in Anglo-Saxon England Gal e R . Ow en-Crocker

The definitive work on the clothes, shoes, jewellery and even hairstyles of men and women between the 5th and 11th centuries. This paperback is an encyclopaedic study of English dress, drawing evidence from archaeology, text and art, and also from re-enactors’ experience. It examines archaeological textiles, cloth production and the significance of imported cloth and foreign fashions. Dress is discussed as a marker of gender, ethnicity, status and social role - in the context of a pagan burial, dress for holy orders, bequests of clothing, commissioning a kingly wardrobe, and much else - and surviving dress fasteners and accessories are examined with regard to type and to geographical/chronological distribution. There are colour reconstructions of early Anglo-Saxon dress and a cutting pattern for a gown from the Bayeux tapestry; Old English garment names are discussed, and there is a glossary of costume and other relevant terms.

£19.99, July 2010 978 1 84383 572 1 12 col., 13 b/w & 238 line illus.; 408pp, PB


Dress Accessories, c.1150-c.1450 G eoff E g a n & F r a nces Pri tc ha r d £19.99 June 2008, 978 1 84383 351 2, 25 b/w & 106 line illus.; 438pp, PB

Knives and Scabbards J. C owgi l l , M . de Neerg a a r d & N . G riffi t h s £19.99 June 2008, 978 1 84383 353 6, 25 b/w & 106 line illus.; 184pp, PB

The Medieval Horse and its Equipment, c.1150-c.1450 Edited by Joh n C l a rk £25.00 August 2004, 978 1 84383 097 9, 42 b/w & 90 line illus.; 202pp, HB

The Medieval Household

Daily Living c.1150-c.1450 G E OF F E G AN £30.00 May 2010, 978 1 84383 543 1, 8 colour & 105 b/w illus.; 364pp, HB

Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges BR IAN SPENC E R

Shoes and Pattens F r a ncis G rew, M argret h e de Neega ar d & Su s a n Mi t for d (illustrations) £19.99 January 2006, 978 1 84383 238 6, 27 b/w & 91 line illus.; 152pp, PB

Textiles and Clothing, c.1150-c.1450 Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard & Kay Staniland £19.99 February 2006, 978 1 84383 239 3, 16 colour, 132 b/w & 91 line illus.; 252pp, PB

£30.00 May 2010, 978 1 84383 544 8, 332 b/w illus.; 362pp, HB




Out of Silence

A Pianist’s Yearbook Susan Tomes

A diary of a year in Susan Tomes’s life as a performer.

£19.99, March 2010 978 1 84383 557 8 280pp, HB

Internationally renowned pianist and bestselling author, Susan Tomes, presents a diary of her work as a performer. The author demonstrates how a working musician draws energy from the events of daily life, and sometimes seeks a refuge from them in music. We follow her as she prepares for concerts and performs, both as a soloist and as part of a chamber ensemble; we experience the highs and lows of practising and the challenges of live performance, we see her planning masterclasses and interacting with both musicians and audiences. She casts her mind back to her childhood – practicing before school on cold Edinburgh mornings, playing ‘Danny Boy’ for a relative – and reflects on paintings, dance, books, sport and gardening.


Letters from a Life: The Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976 Volume Five: 1958-1965

Edited by Philip R eed & M ervyn C ooke

This fifth volume of Britten’s letters covers a period of intense activity in his life and works.

£45.00, October 2010 978 1 84383 591 2 816pp, HB

This volume covers a period during which Britten wrote two major operatic works and his choral masterpiece, War Requiem. Correspondents include Edith Sitwell, E. M. Forster, Christopher Isherwood, Robert Graves, the Earl of Harewood, Yehudi Menuhin, Dmitri Shostakovich, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Barbara Hepworth and Duncan Grant, as well as Peter Pears. Central to the period is the composer’s warm friendship with musicians from the Soviet Union, and Britten and Pears’s visits to Moscow, Leningrad and Armenia. N EW

Alexander Zemlinsky A Lyric Symphony

Marc D. Moskovitz

An exploration of Zemlinsky’s songs, operas, choral works, chamber music and symphonic compositions, following the composer’s search for a distinctly personal sound.

£25.00, August 2010

From Zemlinsky’s early success as a composer and widely recognized achievements as a conductor to his eventual descent into obscurity, this new biography places Zemlinsky (1871-1942) against the backdrops of Vienna, Prague and Berlin and illuminates his relationships with figures like Johannes Brahms, Alma Schindler, Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg. This biography reveals an artist caught up in the music of his time yet unwilling to abandon his 19th century roots

978 1 84383 578 3 27 b/w illust.; 408pp, HB



N EW in pap e r b ac k

Gerald Finzi: His Life and Music Diana M c Veagh

Compulsively readable interviews with the great American composer and his friends and colleagues. The Finzi that emerges from this critically-acclaimed biography is a multi-faceted and complex character. The author shows how he developed from a solitary, introverted youth into a man with strong views and a myriad of interests: everything from education, pacifism, vegetarianism, to the Arts and Crafts movement, the English pastoral tradition, English apple varieties, and the significance of ancestry, friendship and marriage in an artist’s life. She also discusses every work within the narrative of Finzi’s life, and shows what makes his output so outstanding. £14.99, November 2010 978 1 84383 602 5 25 b/w & 1 line illus.; 352pp, PB

n e w in pap e r b ac k

Imogen Holst: A Life in Music Revised Edition

Edited by Ch ristoph er Grogan

First paperback edition fully updated to include new insights arising from the discovery of important unseen archival materials. Imogen Holst (1907-1984), the only child of Gustav Holst, was a composer and arranger of folksongs, writer on music, conductor, and administrator. She also acted as music assistant to Benjamin Britten, of whom she became a friend and close associate. This book offers the opportunity for a full assessment of her life and achievements, both in her own words and through assessments by noted scholars. The backbone of the volume is the journal she kept at the start of her working association with Britten, from 1952 to 1954, around which is woven a biographical narrative by Christopher Grogan and Rosamund Strode, the latter Holst’s successor as Britten’s music assistant and one of her closest colleagues and friends

£19.99, October 2010 978 1 84383 599 8 448pp, PB

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New Aldeburgh Anthology Compiled by Ariane Ban kes & Jonathan R eekie

A book for those drawn back to Aldeburgh year after year for the music, writing and arts. Taking its inspiration from Ronald Blythe’s classic Aldeburgh Anthology, the new volume brings the story up to date and distils the essence of the place. It speaks for and to the present generation, combining young voices with old, those of writers and musicians with poets and artists, of historians with naturalists, and local people. Britten and Pears’ Aldeburgh Festival lies at the heart of the enterprise. Their legacy is re-examined by musicians such as Ian Bostridge and Roger Vignoles. Poets such as Andrew Motion and Kevin Crossley-Holland have all been inspired by Aldeburgh’s bright yet haunting atmosphere. George Ewart Evans and W.G. Sebald are among those who respond to the power of the landscape, others to the spell of the sea. The new Anthology contains some of the classic articles from the original.

£14.99, April 2010 978 1 84383 588 2 20 col. & 32 b/w illus.; 376pp, PB Published in association with Aldeburgh Music.



Pap e r b ac k original

A Critical History of German Film Steph en Brockmann

A historical survey of the greatest and most important examples of German film, from the beginnings to the present.

£19.99, November 2010 978 1 57113 468 4 40 b/w illus.; 456pp, PB Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture Series

A history of German film dealing with individual films as works of art has long been needed. Existing histories tend to treat cinema as an economic rather than an aesthetic phenomenon; earlier surveys that do engage with individual films do not include films of recent decades. This book treats representative films from the beginnings of German film to the present. Providing historical context through an introduction and interchapters preceding the treatments of each era’s films, the volume is suitable for semester- or year-long survey courses and for anyone with an interest in German cinema. The films: The Student of Prague - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - The Last Laugh - Metropolis - The Blue Angel - M - Triumph of the Will - The Great Love - The Murderers are Among Us - Sun Seekers - Trace of Stones - The Legend of Paul and Paula - Solo Sunny - The Bridge - Young Törless - Aguirre, The Wrath of God Germany in Autumn - The Marriage of Maria Braun - The Tin Drum - Marianne and Juliane - Wings of Desire - Maybe, Maybe Not - Rossini - Run Lola Run - Good Bye Lenin! - Head On - The Lives of Others

N e w in pap e r b ac k

Literature and Film in the Third Reich

Ka rl-Heinz S c hoeps, Translated by Kathl een M. Dell’Orto

The first comprehensive survey in English of the literature and film of Nazi Germany.

£19.99, September 2010 978 1 57113 472 1 14 b/w illus.; 384pp, PB Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture Series


This book is the first survey in English of literature and film in Nazi Germany. It treats not only works sympathetic to National Socialism, but also works of the so-called Inner Emigration, of the resistance, and those written in prisons and concentration camps. Schoeps also analyzes Nazi cultural policies, fascist histories of literature, and the role of German studies and Germanists in the Nazi movement. A major section of the book is devoted to film, then a relatively new medium of communication whose propaganda value was clearly recognized by Goebbels. One of the most interesting areas of research in recent years is the relationship between Hitler’s cultural commissars, in particular Goebbels, and the literature and film production of the Nazi years.



Burke’s Peerage – Royal Families of Europe Wil liam Bort rick

Royal Families of Europe is the first volume on royal genealogy to be published by Burke’s in over thirty years. It is written by William Bortrick, Burke’s Royal Editor. This unique work is a comprehensive dictionary of the European Royal Families, reigning and non-reigning. The volume features individual entries for over 50 Royal Houses, which have reigned in Europe since the eighteenth century. It is also the first Burke’s publication to feature the newly announced editorial policy of listing offspring in order of birth rather than giving precedence to male children as was the case previously.

Introductory price: £125.00 until 1st June 2011, after which it reverts to £149.00 October 2010

The volume is the definitive up-to-date guide to royal genealogy and will also be of great interest to European historians. Entries comprise a detailed narrative pedigree of the Royal Families, and include Arms and portraits of the reigning sovereigns. Royal Families of Europe also includes a searchable PDF on CD-ROM featuring the full contents of the book.

978 0 85011 083 8 600 pp, HB Burke’s Peerage and Gentry Series BURKE’S PEERAGE


A Companion to Magical Realism Edited by ST E PH E N M . HA RT & W E N - C H I N OUYANG

A refreshing new slant on magical realism as an international literary phenomenon emerging from the trauma of colonial dispossession.

A Companion to the Fairy Tale Edited by H ILDA E LLI S DAVI D S ON & ANNA C HAUDHR I

A discussion of the characteristics of the traditional fairy tale in Europe and North America, and various theories of its development and interpretation. £19.99 June 2006, 978 1 84384 081 7, 304pp, PB

£19.99 March 2010, 978 1 85566 213 1, 304pp, PB

A Companion to the Works of Thomas Mann

A Companion to Chrétien de Troyes



Sixteen carefully focused essays on the prose works of one of the great writers of modernity.

A fine excellent introduction to Chrétien’s world and work. Highly recommended.

£19.99 June 2009, 978 1 57113 405 9, 368pp, PB

£19.99 April 2008, 978 1 84384 161 6, 264pp, PB


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TRADE BOOKS Autumn 2010 First full-length survey of the Temple Church, from its foundation in the twelfth century to the Second World War. U...


TRADE BOOKS Autumn 2010 First full-length survey of the Temple Church, from its foundation in the twelfth century to the Second World War. U...