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Project Soapbox!

STUDENT OF THE MONTH Name: Mauranda Keyes Is an INQUIRER: “She actually gets excited about learning new topics!” Is KNOWLEDGEABLE: Mauranda had straight A’s for the first quarter - earning a GPA of a 4.38! Is a THINKER: “She thinks critically and outside the box to solve problems.” Is a COMMUNICATOR: “She was an IB Student Ambassador - helping to recruit future freshmen; she is an elite tour guide, addressing groups without hesitation and encouraging students to be involved.” Is PRINCIPLED: “She tries her best at everything she does. She is a role model to her peers and always has a positive outlook on life!” Is OPEN-MINDED: “She is very accepting of others and their opinions.”

For the past three weeks, students in Human Geography have been writing, revising and presenting speeches responding to the this prompt: "If Mayor Emanuel was sitting in a room and you could tell him something you would like to change about your neighborhood, what would it be? Who should care about this issue locally, nationally and globally and why?  What are three solutions that  YOU propose can help change this reality?"   Congratulations to the ENTIRE freshmen class for completing  this assignment.  In addition, there are nine students that were selected, by

their peers, to go to a city-wide speech challenge at IIT. A very special congratulations goes to Leonardo Martinez , Dominique Gonzalez, Stephany Arellano, Giovanni Torres, Angel Sanchez, Zaima Torres, Jose Hidalgo, Alex Ortega, and Jovana Cruz for their hard work and dedication to this project!  

Is CARING: “She always volunteers to help others having difficulty. She also volunteers after school and on Saturdays for school events!”

Is BALANCED: “She is just as talented in pep squad dances as she is in English with her work - she’s active both in and out of class.”

Is a RISK-TAKER: “She take the initiative to be the leader for group projects.” “She’s always willing to answer questions even if her response might be incorrect.”

Is REFLECTIVE: “She takes the time to listen to the comments made about her work and always finds a way to improve.”

Congratulations, Mauranda!


TEACHER PROFILE Name: Ms. Trisha Tepavchevich Years Teaching: 14 Why did you decide to teach? And why Social Science? I’ve never considered doing anything else. Luckily, I realized at a young age my passion for learning about history, participating in politics, and both national and international travel. Once in college, after teaching canoeing and swimming at a summer camp, I realized how much I loved teaching and that was it! I’ve never questioned my choice - it’s just what I was meant to do. What brought you to BOYCP? I taught IB for my first eight years of teaching and have really missed teaching in that program. Honestly, I believe IB is the best high school academic program out there. Unlike other programs, IB focuses on developing global awareness, critical thinking, and civic participation. Those are the academic and character traits that I believe are the most important to develop in our students. What trait from the IB Learner Profile do you most value? As our world becomes smaller and more

The following students have calculated GPAs of 4.01+ and have earned DISTINGUISHED HONORS: Stephany A., Omar A., Lissette A., Reina A., Rudy C, Martin C., Sielina C., Andy C. Rodrigo D., Biorg D., Alejandra E., Esmeralda F., Rocio G., Marelinn G., Naila G.,Veronica G., Maritza G., Kyreyunna H.,Yessenia H., Shamarah J., Mauranda K., Baoqi L., HaoHui L., Nicholas L.,Vanessa L., Rosa M., Sergio M., Esteban M., Lesly M., Alejandro O., Quran R., Adriana R.,Vanessa R., Gerardo S., Esquipulas S., Ashley S., Heriberto T., Sonia V., Alejandra V., LiLi W. The following students have calculated GPAs between 3.5 and 4.0 and have earned HIGH HONORS: Elizabeth A., Irma B., Jesus C., Enrique C., Nancy C., Richard C., Asusena C., Angelica C., Betsaida C.,Yadira C., Tanya C., Luis D., Odalis F.,Yongqi G., Belen G., Eduardo G., Diamond G., Juan G., Jesus G., Auria G., Ammahd G., Jorge H., Daniel H., Jia Tian H., Jasmin H., Maricarmen J., Meranda K., Xuwei L.,Yuetong L., Cuishan M., Emily M., Maria M., Shuyu M., Rafael M., Cristobal M., Eduardo M., Mayra M., Hector M., Jazmin M., Linda M., Alex N., Jesus O., Hafeez P., Jennifer Q., Luis R., Tanisha R., Wili R., Emily R., Angelica R., Andy S., Carlos S., Brian S., Zaima T., Ivonne T., Grecia V., Jasmine V., Amy W., Guadalupe Z. The following students have calculated GPAs between 3.0 and 3.49 and have earned HONORS: 

HONOR ROLL TALLY Distinguished Honors, 4.01+


High Honors, 3.5-4.0

58 Honors, 3.0-3.49


Esveidy A., Stacey A., Kevin B., Mia C., Deisy C., Osvaldo C., Priscilla C., Antonio C., Jennifer C., Alberto E., Daniel F., Silvia G., Cecilio R., Dayanna G., Gabriela G., Jose G.,Veronia G., Jose G., Jose H., Peyton H., Miguel J.,Yuzhen L., Laura L., Emily M., Mirka M., Jia Hong M., Alejandro M., Ruth M., Joaquin M., Alejandra M., Jasiel M., Jacqueline M., Juilian M., Maria N., Jesus O., Madison FIRST QUARTER O., Adan O., Jose P., Samuel P., Joshua P., Alejandra Q., AW ARDS ASSEMBLY! Alfredo R., Diamond R., Daniela R., Estrella S., Raul S., Angel S., Dulce S., Eric S., Melissa S., Christian S., Luz T., Please join us for an award Lizbeth T., Juan V., Rocia V., Weilin W., Jing Liang Z. assembly honoring the aca s demic achievement of our stude nts! Who do you accessible, I admire IB’s focus on When: December admire most global mindedness and 11th @ 1:30pm and why? I admire awareness and the call to our students that Where: BOYCP Gymnato rium action- all part of the are committed to characteristics of the learner using the power of profile. The most important their voices to make change thing for our students to learn happen in their communities, is that when they take action, throughout the city, and even whether at a local, national, or nationally and internationally. I global level, change will happen. especially admire our students IB guides them to become that realize that the more they agents of change. know, the more people will listen to their powerful voices!












food drive 9



EXPLORE Testing Q1 Awards Ceremony 16


food drive



Holiday Assembly*


















Winter Break

6 Back to School!

Parents are welcome to join us on: December 11th at 1:30pm for our Quarter 1 Awards Ceremony December 20th at 8:30-10:45am for the Holiday Assembly

ARE YOU Caring? IB SAYS YOU SHOULD BE! Holiday Food Drive As IB learners, we strive to be CARING by showing empathy, compassion, and respect. We need to have a commitment to service, and we have to act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us. With this in mind - the month of December is dedicated to showing that we CARE. BOYCP will be hosting a food drive for the first two weeks of December. All goods will be donated to a local Back of the Yards community center for distribution.

Students who bring in at least 4 non-perishable items will receive an out-of-uniform pass for December 20th. Non-perishable items include but are not limited to: •canned or jarred items (soups, sauces, fruits & veggies, peanut

Attention Parents!

Would you like to su pp our developing IB Pr ort og ramme at BOYCP? Are you int formula, pudding, juice, canned meat) in joining an IB Pare erested nt Association? •dry goods (cookies, crackers, nuts, butter, salad dressing, baby food &

tea, pasta, rice, boxed potatoes, hamburger helper, noodle & rice mixes, beans, etc.)

Contact Ms. Dawn Co x@ OR (773)535-7329 to vo lunteer! Stay tuned for mor e information!

What’s Happening at BOYCP? Spanish

Spanish I students have written and given a weather report and created a scrapbook about their family and friends in the target language. Their next project will include a virtual tour of one of their classes in Spanish. Students have moved past the basics and on to applying what we study in class to real-world situations. Spanish I for Spanish-Speakers students have written an autobiography and connected their own lives to the community and the world at large. They are now finishing a five-paragraph essay on a cultural experience they have had and explaining how it has altered their perspectives of the future. They will be analyzing short stories and writing their own short story for the next unit!


In ESL 1-2, students have started a language journal, have studied a variety of different genres, and have written post-cards, poems, and comic strips demonstrating their vocabulary and grammar knowledge in English. Students are also using Rosetta Stone to improve pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition. Our next project will include writing an advice column to help fellow classmates with a problem they are having.


UPDATES FROM: Physics students have completed two major 1. Athletics projects during the first 2. Art quarter. In the first project, students applied their 3. English knowledge of light and sight 4. ESL to research a visual impairment problem and 5. Physical Education present their findings to an 6. Physics audience. Top groups presented to sixth grade 7. Spanish students from Seward Academy on October 10th World Sight Day. Top groups GO BOBCATS! for our second project then visited Seward Academy on November 15th to teach student-designed lessons on electricity. We will be shifting our focus to motion and car safety for the second quarter with a trip to the Chicago Auto Show planned at the end of the first semester.


Students are currently learning about censorship and power after a long unit on culture and community. We will be reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and reading Divergent by Veronica Roth, independently.

Physical Education

During the month of December, PE classes will be finishing up a basketball unit and beginning to learn badminton. Students will learn and develop new skills and strategies and progress into badminton games towards the end of the month. Health classes will continue to learn about different topics and how to incorporate new health skills into their everyday lives. We will be using the new fitness room and tracking workout plans.

ART Club!

The BOYCP Art Club is looking for donations to help us bring more color to the school! We are in need of empty yogurt cups, old newspapers, magazines, milk jug caps, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and large canvases. If you have any of these items laying around, or are willing to purchase them to donate, we would greatly appreciate any help we can get!

Fall Sports Recap:

The Boys Soccer team went 10-2 - only losing to Morgan Park Academy’s Varsity Team and Solorio’s JV Team. The 22 players worked hard both in and out of school - making sure their grades were a priority. The Girls Volleyball team and BOYCP hosted the CPS freshmen girls volleyball league on Saturdays. The girls worked incredibly hard with their coaches to improve their skills and are looking forward to playing again next year! The Girls Tennis team’s season highlight was scoring their first win against Kenwood’s JV Team. Ms. Collazo is incredibly proud of how hard the girls worked to learn about the sport. There will be a tennis camp this summer so they can work on improving their skills and mentoring incoming freshmen!

Winter Sports Season:

Girls Basketball season opener - December 5th Boys Basketball season opener - December 5th First Wrestling Meet scheduled for December 7th @ Home.

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