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Words by Vonetta Berry, but soon to be Vonetta Danner Interview by: Mamba

ersonally this interview is happy and sad... Happy because Vonetta Berry the owner of ABC Bodyart is making moves with ABC Bodyart beyond Houston, TX and she’s getting MARRIED!!! The sad news is that she’s moving herself and her work to Virginia Beach. So on July 26th 2008, Boy-Cott Magazine got a chance to get some last words from H-Town’s Queen of the Body Canvas at her going away BASH:) B.C: For those out there who don’t know what ABC Bodyart is, please explain. ABC: Bodyart is my company and we do temporary Bodyart, hand brushing, bodypainting, full body, face painting, and henna for private events. B.C: How long has ABC Bodyart been around? ABC: ABC Bodyart has been around since 2004, which is the same time I was pregnant. It started as a hobby and it became

something I’m truly passionate about. B.C: Do you think your kids have a big influence on your work? ABC: Absolutely, I started out as a face painter 20 years ago and I decided when I have my own kids I’m going to take face painting to another level. B.C: So, you’re about to leave us and get married! Yay and BOOOO because you’re leaving us... Fill us in ‘V’. ABC: His name is Mike Danner and I’ve known him for 9 years as a good friend. B.C: Wow. ABC: Yes indeed. I feel with this marriage I will grow more as an artist and as a Mommy. B.C: Nice. Any more kids in the works? ABC: :::Smiles:::Maybe:::Smiles::: There may be some ABC Bodyart Babies coming around. B.C: Do you want a girl or a boy? ABC: I want healthy. Haa.. I’m not very picky, Mike and I are still thinking about it.

B.C: What venues have you setup around Houston? ABC: Helios before they became Avant Garden, FitzGeralds, The Cotton Exchange, The Fresh Arts Coalition, The Houston Center and the H-Gallery which was more of my fine art work. B.C: Who does the ABC Bodyart Crew Consist of? ABC: Pat Jones, Rachel G, Sylvester Carrington, myself and all the supporters. B.C: Would you consider ABC Bodyart a movement? ABC: Well, it’s a business and it’s a movement. I feel like we’re stepping it up and motivating all the bodyartist in Houston. B.C: What are your future plans with ABC Bodyart? ABC: Well we’re not closing just because I’m moving. My Houston peeps will be holding down the fort. I’ll be around throwing shows in Virginia Beach and hoping on big conventions. B.C: Who would you like to thank? ABC: I’d like to thank you Mamba!!!! B.C: Awwwww.... ABC: Also Katy Anderson, Pat M, and Houston...

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! ook he h off t t, kegs, e b will contes t you n hich e rty w costum itely wa a p , n n t fi e n e e e d dj, t We allow ur H have a raoke. Y: O L a o s. t k D MA mag oing coarse me re g f o ’ . s o e n . h d W it it ow r, an rt of gh w re d on liquo o be pa ow we’ e throu oust t n m s k y, H . il guy h you ould co m fa ? O h d us and ank pire B.C: Y: Ya’ll s y::: to th friends has ins L d e D a k li r A e u M ho wr ou ld yo ne w f all :::Aw B.C ho wou pport o d anyo n W u a B.C: Y: The s eneral, L g MAD artist in For more info t, P! Artis ORD U W on MADLY STUDIOS: B.C: | info@

marketing tools is word of mouth. If a friend comes to you and lets you know that Big Mama’s restaurant has the best/worst chicken fried steak, you’ll keep that in mind when considering whether you want to spend your money there. Well, this presidential election has had all sorts of marketing schemes from all sides, and word of mouth is no exception. Its one thing to not eat somewhere that you hear has sludge in their icebox, it’s another thing to vote for the leader of the free world based on an email forward. I decided to take two outrageous rumors about each candidate and conduct a survey inquiring as to whether people had actually heard or read these themselves.

John McCain had the fewest ‘yes’ replies to his rumors. No one who took the survey had heard about him having an illegitimate AfricanAmerican child (I actually had to research that rumor, apparently he doesn’t have much gossip surrounding him). Thirty percent of people did hear or read that he had an affair with a lobbyist. I was somewhat surprised that not more had known this considering that it was national ‘news’ earlier this year. Next on the list was Hillary Clinton. Half the people who took the survey had heard or read that she was a lesbian. The next rumor was about her cursing out several secret service agents. Forty percent of those surveyed answered yes to hearing this rumor. The fabrications (or not) surrounding Hillary can be found in many books like R. Emmett Tyrrell’s ‘The Clinton Crack-Up’ and Gary Aldrich’s Unlimited Access. Finally, there’s the word of mouth concerning Barack Obama. Sixty percent of those who took the survey had heard or read that he is secretly a radical Muslim Jihadist. I have personally seen an e-mail

forward with an edited picture of him as Osama Bin Laden. The next rumor was that he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which half had answered yes to knowing about that one.

they do influence people’s decision, and yes, I do think that’s sad. Seek the best-researched version of the truth for yourselves people, the country’s future is at stake.

Some of these are obviously wrong, if you do a minute amount of research you’ll see, while others I can’t necessarily disagree with. Whether these word of mouth tidbits are totally fabricated or not,

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-----------words from your-----------

president of the world:

Reko Trill

So, it’s another Thursday night of Speakerboxx at The Mink Backroom and we decided to sit down & chat with your President of the World, RekoTrill. For those of you who don’t know Reko, well let’s just say he speaks his mind. Reko is the kind of kat that is quick to call you out if you’re in the wrong, and he’ll give thREE paragraphs, a new thesis, & supporting thoughts why he called yo’ punk a** out. It’s really quite comical. So without further ado, I give you the RekoTrill interview. B.C: What’s good Reko? Reko: Keepin’ it Gangsta’ B.C: What I really want to get into is your Guilty Pleasures. Reko: My guilty pleasures basically consist of things dudes do after they get a girlfriend. Such as: Strip Clubs, Comic Books, and Reality Shows. A whole bunch of living! That’s a guilty pleasure right there. B.C: Aight, the next thing I want to get into is ‘Pimpin’ and Simpin’. You’ve been in the game for a hot minute now and I want to know you’re point of view. Reko: Well, we keepin’ real right now right? B.C: Ha Ha. All the time. Reko: (Smiles) Now basically, if you go to the club with a ‘hud’ full of hoe’s, that don’t make you a pimp. Nowadays....(long pause and a smile)...You’re gonna’ get me in so much trouble. B.C: Haaaa! Come on dawg, go ahead and kick some knowledge. Reko: Alright-Alright. If you’re living like today is your last day, think about it like this. Men produce billions of sperm per day, as far as I see it, a woman is very self-centered to believe that’s all for them. B.C: HAAAAAAA!!! WHAT!! Reko: You gotta’ go national geographic with it! We pro-create, although most of the time we are rebels. It’s all about having a good time. The so called pimps nowadays are the dudes that walk in the club with a couple of chicks that they know and they can give you a storyline that is most of the time bullsh*t which basically turns them into a simp. A real pimp is a dude that doesn’t know what he or she is going to be doin’ a.k.a. Reko Trill, President of The World. B.C: :::Nice::: Reko: Pimps don’t talk about what they doin’. Back in the day pimps had hookers and they were making money off them and they really weren’t boning them. B.C: (Laughs) So Reko,

you’re always talking about keepin’ it gangsta. What is the Reko Trill Definition of keepin’ it gangsta? Reko: Keepin’ it gangsta’ is doing you. For example: If you wear Pumas and you’re going to a spot where everyone wears Nike, don’t change to Nike because everyone is wearing Nike, keep it gangsta. If you’re going to a UFC fight you don’t have to wear an affliction tshirt, you can wear a rockets jersey. Keep it gangsta. Do what tha’ hell you wanna’ do. Like I don’t smile in pictures. I’m keepin’ it gangsta. I don’t know why I don’t smile in pictures I just don’t and now I’m known for it. Keepin’ it gangsta. B.C: Let’s talk about a** whoopins. I want you to talk about the parents that quote-unquote, say their child is an angel and refuses to spank them. Reko: Most people that say that are the ones that make an excuse for the child everytime they f**k up. For example: The teacher sucks, or the kids are picking on them. If your child is not afraid of you, you’re not a parent. I love my daughter to death, but my daughter fears me. She worships the ground I float on because she knows if she f**ks up I’m going to beat that a**, and I’ll do it now before the cops do it later. A lot of parents tell their kid to go to the corner, or I’ll take your xbox away, f**k that! I got my ass whooped which makes me the dude I am now. I don’t know what a jail house looks like, I’d have to google earth that b*tch. I’m more afraid of the cops calling my moms. B.C: :::WORD UP::: B.C: Why do you do, what you do? REKO: I get on the mic at clubs because I’ve been going to clubs since ‘95. I’m not showing off my age, I’m just stating facts. In my history of going to clubs there’s always been a dj,

some dudes holdin’ up the wall, and one drunk guy having no business in the club. I’m the dude that is quick to call that drunk dude out and say what everyone is thinking. The funny things is, people love to hear that sh*t. That’s keepin’ it gangsta’. B.C: What was one of the craziest experiences you had at a strip club? Reko: The craziest experience I had at a titty bar was at a Midget Titty Bar. B.C: o.m.g. (mouth drops to the floor) Reko: My boy was getting married and we were in Vegas for his bachelor party. There was these two white dudes on the other side of the table talking about titty bars and they were talking about Midgets. Right then and there I thought to myself, I need to bone a midget before I die. B.C: WTF?!!??!!?? Reko: So I ask the two white dudes where it is, and they give me the address. I look at my boy and we give each other the nod, like yeah, we’re going to this. So I get on the phone and ask the lady of the club: Can regular dudes come to your strip club? She replies: What do you mean regular? I reply: Lady, I’m 6’2’. She replies: Oh yeah, it’s cool, it’s cool. My boy and I take a cab

with a cowboy hat on, my feet were on this girl with a g-string, and I have no shirt. I have everything else, just no shirt. This was back in my man whore days. B.C: HAAAAAAA! Reko: So I look out the window to see where I am, and all I see is water, I mean oceans! As I stumbled around I was still kinda’ drunk and the first thing I thought was: These mother fu**ers sent me back to Africa! B.C: AHHHH HAAAAAAA!!!! Reko: So, I gather myself and I was like ok, I gotta’ get back to the states. I look around and there was like 15 naked dudes and chicks on the floor. I walk to the local gas station and ask the clerk: Where am I? He looks at me and laughs and says: Pirate Island. It ended up taking me 87 dollars and 47 cents to get back to Houston. B.C: WOW! That’s one of the most craziest stories I’ve ever heard.: B.C: Any last words? Reko: If you’re upset, stay yo’ a** at home. If you still wanna’ go out, do what I do. Go downtown on the corner of Main and Prarie, post up against a wall and watch homeless people. B.C: That’s WILD! Reko: That’s keepin’ it gangsta’

“...Men produce b!llions of sperm per day, as far as I see it,

a woman is very self-centered 2 believe that’s all 4 them... to Reno and walk in, and it’s just as we expected. A three foot tall stage, tables, and a short bar. So I’m walking in trippin’ over dudes and chicks and they’re all calling me tree all night. The best part of it is, I ended up getting a lap dance from three midget chicks at one time. Which was quite the experience. B.C: What’s your take on emo kids. Reko: I can’t stand them. Number 1: If you wanna’ die, it’s a lot easier to do it and get it over with. B.C: Haaaa! Reko: I mean I’m sure Morissey or The Shins made a song how to kill yourself. I’m not 100 percent, but I bet it’s out there somewhere. Number 2: If you’re going to come outside in tight pants, you have no business in the public. If you sit back and look at emo kids they all look the same. We use to call those kids new waves back in the day. B.C: What was your worst experience at a club? Reko: It was 2005 and I was working at the Mercury Room downtown. Cinco De Mayo fell on a Thursday that year. I bought a bottle of Petron and went over to party on the plaza, and I’m out there doing my salsa dance with these two chicks both named Maria. I somehow ended up at The Fiesta Ballroom at Minute Maid park and I get a bottle of Chuacka. Next thing I know, I wake up

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Living Out the Beat-Attitudes I’m a leader in a church designed to reach folks on the fringe. We discover sacred potential in secular places by worshiping and doing life in public all over the inner city of Houston. In fact, during the week we work out of a Muslim coffee shop where we do our coaching, hold meetings and host discussion communities and Bible studies. It sounds cool, but it’s hard. This approach to living out the Great Commission makes us open to public criticism and persecution daily. Our theme verse could easily come from the Beatitudes, where Jesus says, “Blessed are those who are beat up, kicked and thumped for righteousness, because the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs” (Matt. 5:10, paraphrase mine). We are so often emotionally and mentally beaten that I like to call this passage the “Beat-Attitudes.” For instance, one day I was in the coffee shop talking to Thurman “T” Brown—an agnostic filmmaker who had “beaten” me often—when an unfamiliar patron began a conversation with us, saying she’d heard I was a “down-to-earth prophet and priest of the coffee shop” and needed to talk. I pretended to be hard of hearing and asked, “Could you say that again?” (Just to be sure “T” heard her, too.) She then stated that what we were doing for Christ in the shop was working. Finally, our hard work in the trenches of grassroots ministry is paying off! I thought. Like an inner-city Enoch, I had finally ascended to heavenly places. In that moment I was practically standing to the right of Moses, who is to the right of Christ, who is seated at the right of God the Father. I was the man, next to the man, next to The Man. In a soft, sweet voice she said, “I need your help.” I wanted to respond like an astute urban pope with a “Yes, my child,” but I kept my cool. “Yeah, what’s up?” 124

Jan/Feb 2008

Then out of nowhere, in a volume more elevated, she asked, “How does it feel to propagate a white man’s copycat religion that promotes drinking blood every first Sunday?” At first, I was speechless. Then I realized this was my weekly tax for public life ministry. After a few doctrinal references, curse words and passionate arm-flailing gestures (not as many on my part), I soon realized there was

“Like a shopper who thumps a cantaloupe and then listens to test its integrity, she was thumping me to hear God’s freedom resound in my heart.” nothing casual about this conversation, and I felt like a failure. To this woman, I was just the man, next to the man, next to the other culturally irrelevant, simple-minded pastors she’d experienced all her life. To her, I—as well as my message—lacked authenticity. Even though I was hurt, those Beat-Attitudes kicked in. I stopped to process her challenge differently. Like a shopper who thumps a cantaloupe and then listens to test its integrity, she was thumping me to hear God’s freedom resound in my heart. This wonderful woman was seeking to authenticate Christ’s presence in the world from her seat in that coffee shop and God had chosen me to help her do it. I was the

melon in the garden of God’s grace that she was thumping to test His integrity. What an honor it should have been to be the resonant vibration of God’s power in the face of persecution. I also realized that Christ’s purpose on Earth was to be challenged so that God’s authenticity in the world would be confirmed. As the woman shared her closing statements, I was awakened to the fact that by living out the Beat-Attitudes, I get to see Christ’s love, freedom and truth flow through me. And then, just as I was about to stand and declare that I was honored to be a member of a mystic tribe that lives in a promised land of freedom flowing with spiritual milk and honey, guess who stood up for me? Thurman “T” Brown stood and boldly stated, “Calm down, sis. This dude is the real deal.” He went on to say that what he’d seen in our weekly discussion groups and our very presence in the community represented something true, something real. I suddenly saw that this dude who made a habit of thumping me himself in that same coffee shop, who I thought was just using me as fodder for his next film about “misguided” Christians, had just authenticated Christ in that precious moment. To this day, “T” and I still talk about life, love and film over a cup of coffee like we always have, but lately, for me, our conversations seem to be about so much more.

Marlon Hall is the cultural architect and spiritual leader of the Awakenings Movement (, a grassroots church community of social visionaries who worship in coffee shops, clubs and bars in Houston. To dialogue with Marlon about this column, contact him at



the saga continues...

and new chapter has begun with the H-Town Sneaker Summit. This time around Kadoma moved the summit to The Meridian and man was it a treat. He had skaters, graffiti heads, DJ’s b-boy’s, kicks, giveaways and LADIES-LADIES-LADIES fo’ days!!! I can’t emphasize how many dimes I saw...good LAWD! I had to take a shot of Holy Water to say the least...In the later hours of the summit B-Boy Crew Vicious Germz put on a short demo and they went off! The Germz had the crowd in frenzy with their well displayed routines and execution. A lot of people gained a new respect for breaking after their performance. Oh and lets not forget about the premium goods models. I guarantee that every male, female, mother, father, and child had their eyes locked on those dime breeze’s. These ladies we’re not playing around with their attire. It was like time stopped, jaws dropped, and eyes were pealed everytime these ladies made any movement. They truly gave a new meaning to the saying: Sex Sells... Peep the pics::::

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B.C: So Fishr, what’s current with you? Fishr: Man I’ve just been keeping busy working on mashup/remixes for www.crack4djs. net/instinctdjs, got a weekly and monthly gig and just trying to book as many shows as I can for myself. I also try to practice as much as possible, I want to try to get better each time I get out there. I’m also trying to find Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s killer in my spare time. You know OJ can’t do it alone. B.C: You’re known as a hip-hop dj, but you have a real eclectic sound. What made you want to go in that direction? Fishr: Hip Hop is my first love, but I am a fan of music. That is why you can hear a little bit of everything when I mix, but I feel I still keep it hip hop ya know? I mean when you break down hip hop music down to its base it is samples of a lot of different music. For the longest I was getting booked to only play hip hop music, and that started getting boring to me because I knew there were so many songs I was wanting to play. And little by little I would add a little bit in my mix. Now I’m getting to a point where I can almost play anything I want. B.C: What DJ crew are you in and how did you guys come together? Fishr: I am in 2 DJ crews; Los Hip Hop Guys, and Instinct DJs. Los Hip Hop Guys is myself and DJ NVS. We have been DJ’ing for 7 yrs together, and NVS has really helped me become the DJ I am today. The 2 of us are also part of another crew, Instinct DJs, which includes DJs Marvel, Hex, G-Force, and M otion.

B.C: Do you have any mixtapes or any in the works? Fishr: Los Hip Hop Guys have a mixtape that should be out real soon, and I will keep posting mixes along with the other Instinct Dj’s on B.C: Back in mid-June 2008 you performed in Houston, how was that party? Fishr: Man I love Houston; you cats really know how to party. I love the fact that everyone in attendance was there to have a great time and dance, and got down with what I was doing. I can’t wait to come back to Houston and rock again. B.C: So Fishr, I heard you’re quite the sneaker head. How many pairs of kicks do you own, and do you think Nike would throw you a pair of custom DJ kicks? Fishr: I am at about 96 pairs right now, and the collection is growing slower than it use to. Once I quit the day job to put my all into music its not as easy to cop, but now I just go after what I really want instead of just buying cause I kinda liked a pair. As for a custom pair of Nikes, man I hope I can make enough of an impact to where Nike is down; and HEY Nike if you’re reading this Get at me in 2 yrs. B.C: How is it working with Icon the Mic King? Fishr: Man working with iCON is a blessing. I’ve been lucky enough to see so many places, meet so many people, and get my name out because of that dude. Its always great when I DJ for him, and its funny because we have yet to really sit down and plot out a set. So watch out because when we do its going to be crazy.

B.C: What mc’s or dj’s do you plan to colab with in the near future? Fishr: I’d like to get a few Qenetic Storm beats to see if I can do some mashups, I did a mixtape with Dallas’ Picnic Tyme last year and I’d like to work with him again, and I’m working with my boy Mister Green on some stuff. I try to keep the people I work with down to a minimum ya know, Quality of Quantity. B.C: Who would you like to thank? Fishr: I’d like to first thank Boycott for giving me this interview, I want to thank my brother iCON but it’s too much to type, NVS and the other dudes from Instinct DJs for making me work at being a better DJ. Houston thank you for reading, and BRING ME BACK. Most of all I want to thank Reflect June for giving me someone to whole heartedly hate on a day-to-day basis. Hating that dude from my old 9 to 5, peep his myspace and tell him I hate him please.

The Fucking Transmissions...quite the title right? Yeah, I felt the same way too. The Fucking Transmissions consist of four invigorating gentlemen that combine hip-hop, punk, and rock to electrify your mind, body, and soul.

B.C: Why the name The Fucking Transmissions? TFT: Well, we wanted the name to have a little slang in it and it’s cliché’ on purpose. The whole name needed to be controversial and there’s a duality in transmissions because it’s a sound and a duality in anger because things are collapsing without your control.


The Fucking Transmissions write Interview songs to make your ass move, ears bleed and brain explode...The Fucking Transmissions is not just a show, it’s a theatrical production.

by Mamba

B.C: Who does T.F.T. consist of? TFT: Hodge-MC, / Visual Artist, Cornbreadd-MC, Ben-Bass, Cello, Guitar, Tha Nigga w/ Tha Megaphone-Visuals + Turntables, and Mike On Drums.

B.C: How long has The Fucking Transmissions been around? TFT: 2 years solid. B.C: Let’s talk about The Fucking Transmissions Mascot. Has anyone beat up the Mascot

TFT: Noooo..Whoa..Haaaa. B.C. I had to ask:) Who is the Mascot? TFT: Fat Tony. B.C: Any groupies? TFT: We had groupies before we had the band. B. C : H A A A A A . Word:: TFT: Naw, we’re just focusing on the music, but we wouldn’t turn down a groupie. B.C: Let’s talk about the song Die Motherfucker Die. Where did the concept come from? TFT: Well, it came from a song we don’t play called AB Conversation. The song is about a dude named ‘A’ and a dude name ‘B’ going to make a connection with a dude named ‘C’. The whole conversation is spoken with letters and at the end of the story after the connection is made the last verse is pop-pop-pop Die Mother Fucker Die.

B.C: Wow, that’s different... TFT: YEAH! Get this: Ben our guitar player created this nasty hook to the song that took us to this dark state and the rage began to form. We don’t create our songs in a perfect orderly fashion. Our music is created purely on inspiration and our surroundings. B.C: Any last words? TFT:Shout-out to The Proletariat (R.I.P.), 90.1, 91.7 Rice Radio(Ktru), Parents, all the fans, Cornbreadd’s Mom, and the fans, people who we learn good and negative things from Houston, TX.

Boy-Cott Issue # 16 (CURRENT ISSUE)  
Boy-Cott Issue # 16 (CURRENT ISSUE)