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“A New Look A New You” Contact Info; Chicago, Il 773-215-3695 Fax 773-215-3696

J.Lashelles` Grand Re-Opening wouldAslikeowner of J.Lashelle’s Salon & Spa I to invite you out to our grand re-

Below is a detailed list of our services and prices: opening extravaganza which will be held March Manicure $20 2, 2011 at our Chicago, Ill location on behalf of my staff & I. J.Lashelles’ Salon & Spa has BodyWrap $45 undergone several stages of remodeling and renovations to better accommodate and fit you as a Eye Brows $8 customer. J.Lashelle’s is known for our upscale Pedicure $25 services, cliental and even better prices. Hope to Eye Brows $8 see you there; there will be giveaways and discounted services for the day. Stone Massage $15 per ½ hr. Facial $15 per ½ hr. Flat Iron $30 Body Massage $30 per hr. Pin Curls $45 Mud Bath $30 per hr. Deep Conditioner $15 Wash And Blow Dry $25

Janesha Boyce-Ford Journalism 202 Section 2 J.Lashelle`s Salon & Spa Photos Taken From Image Search

Indesign Project  
Indesign Project  

J.Lashelle's Salon & Spa