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Making a difference as Women Leaders Two unique and complementary programmes for women who aspire to lead effectively with clarity, confidence and presence.

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The Chaos Game, in association with The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science, offers on a public basis its two flagship programmes for senior and aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs. These programmes have been designed to bring a breadth of productive and relevant learning to people who are highly valued and whose diaries are pressured. The faculty are senior practitioners with many years of experience working with organisational leaders in different parts of the world in complex, multi-national and multi-cultural environments. Places are limited to 15 participants per programme: the dynamic of the small peer group is a powerful instrument for evaluating and building leadership skills.

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Leading with Vision and Voice TM

Throughout our history, in difficult times, many women have, through their courageous leadership, challenged conventional thinking and offered a different way forward. They have created a vision for the future and they have been able to inspire and motivate others to follow them, even in the most testing circumstances. What can we learn from their example as we, in our organisations, assume responsibility for leading people today? What can we do to make the world of business a more vital, creative place for our daughters and others who follow in our footsteps? In this two day programme - which is less theory, more story; less fixed, more fluid; less taught, more experienced – we will explore the contributions of women in leadership (in the past and in the present), and draw upon this lineage to create a personal vision for our own leadership. We will also draw on the ancient practice of storytelling – an important skill for all leaders – to develop our capacity to create meaningful conversations in the workplace about the things that really matter. Together we will explore in a disciplined, humorous and moving way how women can make even more of a difference.

“If we are to lead others into the future, we need to look ahead and see that future first. Then we need to take them to that place in their imaginations, so that they are inspired to follow us there.” Kate Cowie

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We will be listening to hear your needs and we are committed to making adjustments to the learning experience to accommodate them, but with us you can expect to:

Understand how women may lead differently

Explore future trends for women and leadership through big picture making for our world, for business and for people

The Programme Leaders:

Revisit our personal values, goals and priorities in order to achieve clarity of purpose

Create a personal vision statement that describes what we will do as organisational leaders

Learn to use language, voice and body to inspire and motivate others

Build our capacity to have meaningful conversations with those whom we lead

Sue Hollingsworth has extensive experience at Director level in

Kate Cowie has 20 years of

business and retrained as a

experience in organisation

professional storyteller in 1994.

development, managing change,

In 1996 she became a founding

team development, leadership

member of the ground breaking

development, executive coaching

consultancy Storytelling in

and human resource management.

Organisations, whose mission

She has worked with leaders at all

was to explore the transformational

levels of business, government and

power of story to address some of

not-for-profit organisations, helping

the key issues in business today.

them to develop and execute

From 1999 – 2005 she also led

strategy, create stronger teams,

the 13 week full time storytelling

grow internal talent, and develop

training at the international School

themselves as leaders.

of Storytelling in East Sussex and was a Director of Emerson

She was also an internal

College, an educational trust.

organisation development manager for Royal Dutch Shell, with whom

In 2005 she founded Storymatters

she spent her corporate career of

Ltd, and in 2007 became a

16 years, working in complex,

founding member of the emerging

multi-cultural and multi-national

Centre for Narrative Leadership.

environments in various locations

She specialises in the use of story,

in the UK and overseas. She is

usually at Director and Board

founder and director of The Chaos

level, working as both consultant

Game, and she is a member of

and coach.

Chartered Institute of Personnel

“Our vision and our voices have never been more needed than they are today.”

and Development.

Sue Hollingsworth

The NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science, and a Chartered Member of the

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When Women Lead from Within


Ultimately we learn to make a difference with our presence, in any situation, anywhere in the world.

In this two-day experiential program women learn to access, cultivate and trust the wisdom of their life experience. Using research from the voices of accomplished women and stories from the participants, we learn to appreciate and practise

Women are moving rapidly into high profile and difficult

our strengths far beyond the boundaries of this programme.

corporate assignments

We will slow our pace and employ brief lectures, exercises and conversation to:

Around the world, voters are selecting women to heal and lead their nations

of knowledge

From a wider range of influential positions, women are bridging the gap between traditional and emerging new forms of leadership; across generations and other

Change is, however, a slow process. Women must still

Demystify the concept of leadership; appreciate our concepts and styles

differences •

Emphasise our experiences as legitimate sources

Link inner experience to presence, influence and best leadership practices

exceed performance expectations on a consistent basis to sustain their careers and to make these encouraging trends a future reality

Craft a simple process for leveraging what we learn into a personal practice

In the fast-paced and complex lifestyles of women who aspire to lead it is easy to neglect the inner field; the place from which our unique and authentic capacities evolve. Women have unique ways of discerning and knowing. When we nurture and repeatedly apply this inner sense to augment what we learn from the outside world we call that wisdom. And while many of today’s leaders and entrepreneurs rely upon this inner wisdom, few of us do so consistently, intentionally or even consciously.

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“After years of grasping for the right skills and the secrets of excellence, often I find the most richly varied responses come from a quiet place inside me. What type of leaders might we also become if we dare to move more fully into our own knowledge, wisdom and theories of what works?” ntic contributions.” Baldwin, Ed.D, faculty member of The NTL Institute

The Programme Leader: Frances Baldwin, Ed.D. has 30 years of experience as an educator and organisation development consultant to private and public sector organisations in the USA and Europe.

Frances has worked in numerous sectors and industries including, military, petroleum, nuclear energy, aerospace, government, education, social services and faith communities. She lived in Brussels for several years where she managed executive education for Esso Chemical Europe. In 1994 she formed DesignedWisdom, Inc., providing consulting and coaching services to numerous large and small companies. Frances is on the faculty of NTL Institute, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Organisation and Systems Development program and the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership in Nova Scotia. When Women Lead From WithinTM was originally presented in 2004 at the Shambhala Institute in collaboration with Dr. Susan Skjei.

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THE NTL INSTITUTE The pioneering NTL Institute has been the premier source of experiential learning since it was established by Kurt Lewin in 1947. It is a not-for-profit educational corporation, and its purpose is to advance the field of applied behavioural science and to develop change agents for effective leadership for organisations of all types. It achieves this through the delivery of a comprehensive range of company-based and public programmes, and by publishing research findings and applications on organisational change, and group and leadership development. Since NTL first began its work, its members have shown more than one hundred thousand people worldwide how to be more effective in their professional and personal lives. •

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