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Los Angeles 2009/2010

Secta by peter gurnz

Isabel Lu by damon kidwell

Skingraft by gitte meldgaard

Les Sang des Betes by steven & laura duncan

Lloyd Klein by luke duval

Lekuin by dirk mai

Factory by Erik Hart by ben cope

Lloyd Klein by robert voltaire

Future Heretics by peter gurnz

Orthodox by lionel deluy

Postage by ben cope

Louis Verdad by don flood

Gabby Applegate by sam hessamian

Corpus by patrick hoelck

Kanvis by robert sigler

Jeffrey Sebelia for FLUXUS by kurt iswarienko and shannen doherty

Eduardo Lucero by august bradley

Zak by catherine asanov

Jerrel Scott by peter gurnz

Skingraft by ben cope

Goldspun by adam secore

Funktional by ninelle efremova

Michael Costello by ben cope

Fashion : Refocus Los Angeles is a fashion event experience produced twice a year by BOXeight during LA Fashion Week. We celebrate the art of fashion photography by inviting fashion designers to invoke their creative spirits and present their collections via an open photo shoot installation. This eye-catching avant-garde presentation of collections, set against artistic backdrops, makes for a one-of-a-kind backstage experience. Guests of the event get a behind the scenes look at designer collaborations with some of fashion’s most in-demand photographers, models, and stylists. Fashion : Refocus bridges the gap between fashion and art through photography. A season captured in a lens, the publication of this photo narrative gives each fashion week artists, and collection, visibility beyond the runway. The following images are the manifestation of the 2010 spring/summer and fall/winter visions.

Thank You Los Angeles Confidential Magazine • LA Models GEN ART • Flaunt Magazine • Paper Chase • UNITE Eurotherapy • Dior Beauty • Kravetz & Co PR • Kick Mix • MONSTER Energy • Voyeur • EDGE Grip • SBE • Freshwata • V-MODA • The Art Institute of California- Los Angeles • East Pleasant Our Crew Julie Stein • Jenny Aroskag-Gent • Natalie Fetini • Melissa Triber • Patrick Thomas Kearns • Thomas Cathey • Cielo Garcia • Viktoria Pavelka • Velvet White • Alexandre Mouracade • Michael Duarte • Isaiah Garnica • Phoenix Rose • Paul Anderson • James Outlaw • Otis Blue Designs Secta • Isabel Lu • Skingraft • Les Sang des Bêtes • Lloyd Klein • Lekuin • Factory by Erik Hart • Future Heretics • Orthodox • Postage • Louis Verdad • Gabby Applegate • Corpus • Kanvis • Jeffrey Sebella for Fluxus • Eduardo Lucero • Zak • Jerrel Scott • Goldspun • Funktional • Michael Costello Photographers Peter Eaton Gurnz • Ben Cope • Damon Kidwell • Gitte Meldgaard • Steven & Laura Duncan • Luke Duval • Dirk Mai • Robert Voltaire • Ibnel Deluy • Dan Flood • Sam Hessamian • Patrick Hoelck • Robert Sigler • Kurt Iswarlenko • August Bradley • Catherine

Asanov • Adam Secore • Shannen Doherty Hair Michael Haase • Sean James • Katie O’Neil • Amber Nichols • Caroline Kim • Jessica Ashley • Michelle Evans • May Mineyoshi • Kristen Anthony • Mattison Perron • Yiotis Panayiotou • Hilda Levierge • Jason Stanton • Debra Ferullo • Michael Kanyon • Aviva Pera • Kristen Ess Make Up Garret Gervais • Anthony Gordon • Jamie Sorkin • Ally Fisher • Demetrius Cooper • Angela Peralta • Katie O’Neil • Andrea Steel • Ashley Sul • Lauren Kay Cohen • Craig Beaglehole • Kathy Jeung • Gordon Banh Models Lauren Stovall • Katrina Hunter • Lauren Browne • Sarah Frigo • Rafael • Laura Lane Sarah DeAnna • Linda Taylor • Stephanie C. Rina • Amara DePaul • Meagan Mitchell • Pernilla • Yulla D. • Zdenka • Chelsea • Veronica Jacques Isabella Applen • Bradley Nickel Jennifer Mcmanis • Porsche • Maria Granberg • Peter Ursich • Victor Ross • Britta • Angelsa Bordeaux • Mark Carrol • Tiago Riani • Colton Hobizal • Zdenka Sutton • Alex Jay • Hadar Bar • Josh Reeves • Maria Granberg • Rina Sukhorukova • Heather Burton • AJ English • Ania Zeyne • Algo Brehane • Tenley Nordstrom


BOXeight is an arts organization that provides a platform, which supports brands and artists, by producing content designed to showcase these collective talents internationally. Our mission is to lead an Artist Movement and house a destination where creative giants come to share in a common purpose of fusing art with commerce. Founder Peter Gurnz alongside partners Azzurro Mallin, Benjamin Cope, and Michael Utsinger have positioned BOXeight and its 12,000 sq ft. Art Gallery and Photo Studio as a cornerstone to the resurgence of the Downtown Los Angeles arts and fashion communities. Since 2007, BOXeight has steadily become the leading producer of Los Angeles Fashion Week Events. These efforts have been deemed by the headlines of local newspapers and fashion magazines as the only event to nurture and support emerging and established designer talent in Los Angeles during Fashion Week. Modeled after the Warhol factory, BOXeight is a fantastical folly into the land of make believe. This great studio in the slum is the set of a film waiting to be called to action. BOXeight is a place where magical things happen.

1446 E Washington Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90021




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