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CATALOGUE October 2011

Boxed is an online store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories created by independent designers. We connect you with the designers and offer you the chance to customise all your orders and receive them in 3-weeks! We are not fond of mass productions; instead carry a one of a kind modern collection that no other store has. Every item is selected carefully and quality factors come at our top priorities. Not only that, but we also love to give back; we promote emerging designers and artisans in developing countries and offer them a free retail space to sell their merchandise. Please continue to support our talents and help spread the word!

The Idea: Back in 2008, while I was working as a Wedding Planner at a renowned Events Company in Dubai, UAE, I was always on the hunt to find a one stop shop for modern and custommade products. Unfortunately that wish never came true even in the glamorous city of Dubai. When I moved to live in Bahrain, and being away from the ever busy city of Dubai, I had the time to come up with this exciting store concept and help join many designers under one roof. And as I kept going I sensed the enthusiasm of the designers and the need for such a platform. ‘Boxed’ now is on a mission to support independent designers from around the globe, and offer a hand to all artisans working in developing countries to help sustain their livelihoods and increase their earnings! We love what we started and hope to grow gradually in this field. Hope to see you around! Regards, Sarah Saleh, BFA. Interior Design

How To Order Retail Orders You can order In 3-simple ways! Order online: Ordering at is fast and easy, and you can do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After you have added items to your Shopping Cart, just follow the simple checkout instructions and we will respond in 24hrs [apart from holidays and weekends] to confirm your order and provide you with delivery details. You can also save your selected items in your Shopping Cart to access at a later date. Order by phone: Call us on one of the following numbers: Middle East and neighboring countries: +973 (17) 697-582 [Sat. to Thurs. 9am-6pm (GMT+3)] Canada and the United States of America: +1 (416) 619-9239 [Sat. to Thurs. 6am-12pm (EST)] Order by sending an email: Send us an email to:, and tell us what you like to order, quantities and desired shipping location. Corporate Orders Boxed concept of creating affordable customised designs can make a big difference for a corporate company; contact us at to furnish and accessorize your spaces, offices & restaurants etc. Please allow 72 hours for an RFQ, specs etc.

Knitted Ottoman . H 33cm x Dia 46cm . $108.00 (USD). By Bobble Knit

HELAGS Stool. W30 x L30xm x H45cm. $170 (USD) . HETTA Stool. W30 x L30xm x H45cm. $170 (USD). By Hogenbirk Knitwear

90cm Gumball YUMMI Rug. Dia 90cm $259.99 (USD). By Yummi Rugs

ASTERISK Ecological Felt Rug. Dia 112cm x 5mm. $165.00 (USD). By Design Orange

(CWC): MILA Vase & Cover. Top Dia 20cm x H24cm. $95.00 (USD). KYO RED vase & cover. Top Dia 12cm x H40cm. $80.00 (USD). GOBO vase & cover. Top Dia 21cm x H28cm. $95.00 (USD). By Hogenbirk Knitwear

This Page - 9in. Wall TILES. 22.86 x 22.86 x 7.62 cm each. $350.00 (USD) each. By Element Clay Studio Right Page - (CCW): MICRO URCHIN BOWL. 8.89 x 8.89 x H 6.35cm. $50.00 (USD) . NESTING SCALLOP Bowls (Blue glaze). S: 8.9cm x 3.8cm, M:15.2 x 6.35cm, L: 20.3 x 6.3cm. $150 (USD). MICRO URCHIN BOWLS TRIO. 8.89 x 8.89 x H 6.35cm each. $135.00 / set (USD) . NESTING SCALLOP Bowls. S: 8.9cm x 3.8cm , M:15.2 x 6.35cm, L: 20.3 x 6.3cm. $150 (USD) . By Element Clay Studio

CCW: TRIANGLE walnut bowl. 8.3 cm x 17.1 cm x 3.6 cm x 2 cm depth. $40.00 (USD). OVAL wooden bowl. L 34 cm x W16 cm x D 3.4cm. $55.00 (USD). IRREGULAR wooden bowl. L 21.3 cm x W 12.5 cm x H 4.3 cm. $35.00 (USD). By Ighrem Association

FRANGIPANI Lampshade. Dia 37.5cm x H25cm. $156.40 (USD). By Joug Design

Lampshade BEETLE . Bright blue . Dia 8cm to 13cm x H18 cm . $80.00 (USD). Lampshade BEETLE . Baby blue . Dia 8cm to 13cm x H18 cm . $80.00 (USD). By Hogenbirk Knitwear

Personalised Print - OUR STORY . A4 Paper, A3 Mount . $36.00 (USD) . By Chichiboulie

By Peggy Wolf

By Peggy Wolf

By Peggy Wolf

By Judy Kaufmann

(CWC) : MAGIC BOY Print. W28 x L36cm. $40.00 (USD). HOUSES & BIRDS Print. Paper size: A3. Print size:L 26.5 x W 28cm $42.00 (USD). POOL DIVA Print. W28 x L36cm. $40.00 (USD). BON VOYAGE Print. W28 x L36cm. $40.00 (USD).

(L-R) Printed Plushies: Reinaldo The Cat. HT 32cm. $35.00(USD) .Snow White.HT 35cm. $35.00(USD) . Little Red Riding Hood. HT 40cm. $35.00(USD) . Maria The Fox. HT 32cm. $35.00(USD) . By Pink Nounou

One final note

Middle East: +973 (17) 697-582 . Canada and the USA: +1 (416) 619-9239 Working Hours: Sat. to Thurs., 9am-6pm (GMT+3) . Email: . P.O Box 30588, Budaiya, Kingdom of Bahrain .

Boxed Catalogue, October 2011  

Boxed is an online store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories created by independent designers and NGOs! Here w...

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