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Canberra, known as the Bush Capital for its beautiful areas of natural vegetation

including planned gardens, certainly has many excellent dining establishments catering to its multi-ethnic population. Amongst all these dining establishments, however, stands out an amazing cafe in Canberra - Box Diner Fyshwick and for good reasons, too!

Relaxed Ambience After a long day at work, all that Canberra’s will want to do is to relax in the company of good friends, in a good place, and with good food on hand – truly, feeding the body as much as the mind and soul. Good friends are easy to find in Canberra and good places with good food even easier to find because of the abundance of great cafes like Box Diner Fyshwick. The relaxing and relaxed ambience of Box Diner cafe restaurant can easily be seen even from a distance. Its façade has an open, casual and inviting feel - an open roof showcasing the beauty of the sky especially during a sunshiny day and a starry night, tables set for intimate dinners and group gatherings, and a spacious bar for ordering the food, among others. Even the lighting configurations of Box Diner Fyshwick consisting of pendant lights and small spotlights mix privacy and openness that few cafes of its size can equal. And then there’s the enviable location of Box Diner Fyshwick on the east of Canberra’s industrial area. Diners have open vistas of fields to enjoy while eating their delicious dishes and desserts, among other food on the menu.

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

A relaxed and relaxing ambience coupled with a great urban panorama - just one of the things that make Box Diner cafe restaurant the best cafe in Fyshwick!

Excellent Menu Of course, frequent diners at Box Diner cafe restaurant come here not just for the beauty of the place but for the quality of the food, too. We all agree that the quality of the food and beverages served is the ultimate characteristic that we will judge any cafĂŠ on Canberra including the Box Diner Fyshwick and we are proud to say that the diner certainly delivered on great food and beverages. Delicious food and beverages start with the best ingredients including the fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, fishes, nuts, seeds, and dairy products used. The fresher the ingredients, the better the food will taste! To ensure freshness, the chefs of Box Diner Fyshwick ensure that many, if not most, of their ingredients are sourced from local sources. Doing so has its secondary benefits, too, including greater support for local industries and lesser carbon footprint for the diner. Diners at Box Diner cafe restaurant are assured of dishes and desserts prepared with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as fresh eggs, free-range chickens, and Hereford beef from local cattle. Add in artisan breads from a local bakery and jams, marmalades and chutneys from a local manufacturer and your dining experience at the best cafe in Canberra will truly reflect local flavours.

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

Box Diner cafe restaurant serves its delectable foods and beverages from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon on Mondays to Fridays. Enjoy your breakfast and lunch as well as your morning and afternoon coffee and tea breaks here with its regular menus and specials. Box Diner certainly knows how to satisfy the palate and fill the stomach of its diners. For breakfast, try the spiced Turkey raisin toast, bacon and egg roll with the house BBQ sauce, and crepes with many fillings like apple and cinnamon. For lunch, enjoy the chips with a trio of dipping sauces, garden mixed salads, and a wide range of pasta dishes. For snacks, savour the delicious flavours of both heavy snacks like burgers and light snacks like pastries with coffee or tea. In a hurry but you still want to enjoy the delicious food of Box Diner? Order for takeout favourites like baguettes, focaccias, and rice paper rolls, among others, and share the happiness!

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

Box Diner Fyshwick - An Amazing Cafe in Canberra  

Canberra, known as the Bush Capital for its beautiful areas of natural vegetation including planned gardens, certainly has many excellent di...

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