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Memo To:

BQ Directors, District & Club Secretaries


Keith Fullerton - CEO


Friday, 31st August 2012


Blue Cards

Ref: 12/034

It has been brought to our attention that some clubs are not quite sure of who within their club should be applying for a blue card. The Bowls Queensland board recommends that anyone who holds a position in office at district and club level as well as committee members at these levels obtain a blue card. There is no cost for volunteers to obtain a blue card. The Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian website can be accessed for further details regarding the obligations for employers, paid employees and volunteers engaged in child-related activities. It is also a requirement for employers and businesses to develop and implement risk management strategies to identify and minimise the risk of harm to children and young people in their service environment. A risk management strategy toolkit is available for downloading from Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian website as listed above.

Keith Fullerton CEO

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