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Memo To:

BQ Directors, District & Club Secretaries


CEO - Keith Fullerton


Friday 9th March 2012


Member Protection Policy

Ref: 12/013

A number of clubs and districts have amended their constitutions to allow all disciplinary actions to be heard under the Bowls Queensland Member Protection Policy. This is incorrect. The Bowls Queensland Member Protection Policy is for Bowls Queensland and Bowls Queensland only. Our legal advice has indicated each club and district should have its own processes for discipline and only use the Member Protection Policy when dealing with the four areas outlined in the policy. These are: 1. Child Protection 2. Transgender Persons 3. Sexual Relationships 4. Anti Discrimination & Harassment Anything outside of these areas will be covered by the disciplinary policy of the club/district or the controlling body of the event. Bowls Queensland Disciplinary Policy is available for clubs and districts to modify to meet the needs of the club or district. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Keith Fullerton CEO

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Member Protection Policy  

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