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Memo To:

BQ Directors, All District & Club Secretaries

From: Keith Fullerton Date: 9th March 2011 Re:

Artificial Device Procedures

Ref: 11/ 022

To whom it may concern, Please find below the steps regarding a person using an artificial device when playing lawn Bowls: 1. Any person wishing to use an arm should seek approval from their STA (the approval applies nationally). To gain approval, the member must produce a medical certificate stating that he/she requires an arm to play bowls due to the relevant medical reason; 2. Current approvals (from prior years) will not require medical certificates – it only applies to any new approvals given. 3. No bowlers arm should be used without the appropriate approval (with the exception of social bowls within a club where there is no ‘prize’ – as long as the club is happy with this also). 4. Any new bowlers arm which enters the market will need to be able to demonstrate a benefit which the products that are currently on the market do not offer 5. Modified arms and/or homemade arms are not permitted, however, persons using them will have until 30 June 2012 to update to one of the approved arms 6. STAs should periodically send their list of approved arms to BA so a national record can be kept (in time this will be part of the database) 7. Persons travelling from overseas will need to abide by Australian regulations.


Keith Fullerton Executive Officer

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