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Shrek ’ s Junior News    

October/November  2011    

NORTH  QUEENSLAND  JUNIOR  CHAMPIONSHIPS   The North Qld Junior Championships were held over the weekend of September 24 to 26. A total of 19 players participated and everyone had a good time with major sponsor Tyco Flow providing fantastic prizes including a sample bag of goodies for all players, parents and officials. The winners were Liam Bartlett and David O’Keefe in the pairs on Saturday, Liam for the singles on the Sunday and Liam with Tyler Pettigrew and Robert Olsen for the triples on the Monday.

Back Row: Liam Bartlett, Robert Olsen, Kayden Burley, Aric Visentin, James Parker, Bradley Reason. Middle Row: Jake Bailey, David O’Keefe, Matthew Dunlop, James Rowley, Keli Visentin, Damien Connell, Hayden Hohnke. Front Row: Tyler Pettigrew, Justin Cribbin, Emma Rowbotham, Christine Muller.



Everton  Park  Bowls  Club  On  the  Edge  Junior  Classic  Pairs     Everton  Park  Bowls  Club  hosted  its  inaugural  Junior  Classic  Pairs  on  16th  October  2011.  Junior  Bowlers  from  all  parts  of   South  East  Queensland  attended  this  tournament  including  Australian  Junior  representatives  Rohan  Wilson,  Sean   Ingham  and  Lauren  Wilson.  Alongside  were  several  other  Queensland  Junior  representatives  and  district  players.       The  format  consisted  of  both  Under  15  and  open  sections  that  consisted  of  four  games  in  total  being  3  bowls  pairs,  2   bowl  pairs,  2-­‐4-­‐2  pairs  and  traditional  pairs.  Major  sponsors  for  the  day  were  Almark  Edge  and  Twisties  Bowls  Shops   with  additional  sponsorship  from  local  businesses  Wilson’s  Air  Conditioning  and  Keith  Brady  Professional  Real  Estate.       This  event  gave  an  opportunity  for  eight  of  the  local  Everton  Park  Junior  Bowlers  to  play  against  many  top  Queensland   Juniors  on  their  home  green.  This  provided  further  valuable  experience  to  the  top  performing  Everton  Park  players.     The  day  was  a  huge  success  with  many  of  the  Juniors  and  their  parents  commenting  on  the  format,  prizes,  food  and  the   general  running  of  the  day.  Special  thanks  must  go  to  Amanda  from  Twisties  Bowls  Shop  who  ensured  that  every  player   was  awarded  a  bowls  pack  for  participating.         Winners  for  the  day  were  locals  Daniel  Keogh  &  Bradley  Lawson  who  narrowly  beat  Dale  McWhinney-­‐Shillington  and   April  Wilson  in  the  Under  15  section.  In  the  open  age  group  Rohan  Wilson  &  Lauren  Wilson  were  victorious  with  Jessica   Parolin  and  Jamie  O’Brien  awarded  as  runners  up.       Everton  Park  Bowls  Club  offers  a  Junior  Lawn  Bowls  Academy  every  Thursday  afternoon  from  3:30  –  5:00pm  and  is  free   for  all  who  wish  to  attend.  The  success  of  this  academy  has  seen  some  of  the  Everton  Park  Junior  bowlers  play  in  the   club’s  first  division  pennant  side  and  Super  Challenge  squad.  For  further  information  you  can  call  Dave  Keogh   0408729350  


Everton  Park  Juniors-­‐Tegan  Wilson  (Left)  &   Isabella  Lawson  (Right)  

A  great  turnout  of  top  junior  &  youth  lawn  bowlers  at  the  Everton  Park   Junior  Bowls  Classic  -­‐  2011  

Everton  Park  Juniors  -­‐  Nathan  Wilson   (Front)  &  Nathan  Casey  (Back)  in  action  at   the  Everton  Park  Junior  Bowls  Classic  

Under  15  Winners  –  Bradley  Lawson  (Left)  &  Daniel   Keogh  (Right)  –  Everton  Park  Bowls  Club  



  Open  Section  Winners  –  Rohan  Wilson  (Left)   &  Lauren  Wilson  (Right)  


Some  of  the  Everton  Park  Junior   Bowlers     Left  to  Right  –  Nathan  Casey,  Liam   Hibbett,  Nathan  Wilson,  Kane   Wilson,  Daniel  Keogh,  Tegan  Wilson,   Devon  Slater  (Coach)  




Upcoming  Events I  have  been  busily  updating  the  junior  calendar  for  2011,  if  you  wish  to  check  if  your  event  is  listed  go  to  the  Bowls   Queensland  website    Just  follow  the  link  and  all  Junior  Events  including   District  Academies  have  been  listed.       If  you  have  events  you  would  like  listed  please  send  them  through  to  me,  you  can  never  advertise  too  early.  It  doesn’t   matter  if  you  don’t  have  flyers  for  the  event,  you  can  send  them  through  later.  If  you  do  have  flyers  you  would  like   linked  to  your  event  please  send  them  through  to  me  as  well.       I  want  to  include  as  many  junior  events  as  possible  on  the  calendar  so  if  you  have  any  upcoming  junior  events  including   Junior/  Senior  days  let  us  know  so  we  can  include  them  on  the  calendar.     Send  any  junior  news  or  information  to    

Oct-Nov 2011