2022 April Issue

Page 44

Expert Alley


Bridgette Hanisch & Jacquline Delporte


he bar business is big business, but keeping track of your inventory can create a hangover-type headache. Overpouring, cash skimming, product theft, free drinks, careless pouring, and drinking on the job are common, everyday occurrences that cut into your bar’s potential revenue, increasing the cost of doing business. Liquor and beer control systems can help alleviate these common bar challenges resulting in more cash for your operation. Here’s the rundown on a few tools you may want to consider putting in place at your center. Liquor pour control systems, and liquor portion control pourers allow you to accurately measure just how much alcohol is being served throughout the day and cross-reference it with the number of sales made. Pour tracking systems, liquor pour spouts, and even shotpour training tools can help monitor the booze at the bar. Portion-controlled spouts come in a range of regulated portion sizes and various colors, which can be used for

44 IBI April 2022

price grouping, categorizing different types of alcohol, or being aesthetically pleasing. We all know beer and bowling often go hand-in-hand at a bowling center or FEC. Beer control products are designed to help bar operators maximize their sales yield-perkeg to increase the safety and efficiency in a beer dispensing environment. Draft beer control systems and managers can eliminate foamy beer created at keg changes, slow down on free beers being given away by employees, put an end to unauthorized employee drinking, and prevent unregistered sales. Keg storage options are another way to help optimize freezer space by creating efficient storage for your kegs. Alcohol Controls offers videos to help business owners determine if their center is bleeding profits and evaluate pour cost. This will help strike profits and not cause a split between your operations. Reach out if you’d like more information – Happy pouring!