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Bowling at the


# 7 October 2012

Who’s Who in 2012... President Chairman Vice

Doug Hunter - Life Jim Wraight

- Chairman

Alan Pierce


Julie Baker


Geoff Fisher

Captain - Ladies Vice - Captain - Ladies Captain - Men

Val Murton Maureen Richards Ken Watkin

Vice - Captain - Men

Bob Baker

Junior Vice - Captain - Men

Mike Burn

Men’s Match Secretary

Peter Fagg

Maintenance Co-ordinator

Jim Quaife

Bar Steward Magazine Editor Social Members’ Representative

Ken Watkin Mike Burn Cliff Greeley

Additional Committee Members Tony Brough Wendy Greeley

Peter Caton Kate Watkin

[[[[[[[[[ Election of new officers at the Bi-Annual Meeting Saturday 20th. October 10.00 am Nominations close 23.59 hours September 30th. Nomination Sheet available in the Clubhouse… Have you visited recently ? Don’t forget the date - your attendance is important, and if you have a point to make, this is the opportunity to make it! [[[[[[[[[

Bowling at the Bay From our Chairman...

Jim Wraight

Dear members It seems like only yesterday I wrote a welcome to new and existing members. Now here we are at the end of the outdoor season with some of us looking forward to playing indoors. In the previous edition of the club magazine I asked for ideas and criticisms to be put in writing to the committee. As nothing has been received, it seems everyone is content with the way things are being run. Reassuring indeed! New Captain Ken has done a good job and I am pleased to see that our fixtures have been fulfilled with a minimum of chasing for people to play. Thank you for supporting him. The menʼs Shepway League competition has been good for 'The Bay' bringing off some surprise results and keeping us out of the bottom two places.  We recently competed in the finals of the Bernard Annand Competition at Herne Bay Bowls Club, a fantastic day out and a great experience even though we didn't win.  A big thank you to our 'supporters club' at this event, you did us proud. As a reminder, ladies and gentlemen, this is YOUR magazine, and everybody is encouraged to submit an article.  Mike needs the input so that we can keep the magazine going. Jim Wraight#


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Issue #7 October 2012

Notes from Captain Ken Vera’s Day The Jubilee Cup, Editor’s Blog Match Reports, Friendlies. Finals Day Ladies Day BBQ ! We are not alone ! Obituary, David Webb Shepway League Reports - Tony Brough More Reports,Summaries and League Table The Social Club - Cliff Greeley, Chris Butler Trophy

Notes from Captain Ken... Fellow Bowlers.

So we near the end of another season of bowling, and I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer (apart from the weather earlier!) and more importantly, the bowling. We have been lucky with cancelled games, having only lost two, and speaking to other club captains about the problem, heard that some had had up to eight games cancelled. We have had to cancel none ourselves, which was a considerable achievement and this is due to the very good support you have given me, for which I am very grateful. The League games in particular were well supported, in some cases leaving the selection team with the difficult decision of who to leave out, which is never easy. The club’s performance - we have done quite well overall, considering the strength of some of our opponents - we finished two places higher in the League this year, and have won nearly half of our “friendly” matches. I will have the exact figures in my ‘End of Season’ report in the next issue. I would like to congratulate all those members who reached the finals of our club competitions, and the winners, the report for which is elsewhere in this issue of the magazine. Finally, my thanks to Bob and Mike who as my vice-captains helped ease the load, and the ladies who were always there for the teas, where would we have been with out them? The winter season indoors gets nearer - good luck to you all bowling at the Folkestone centre, or short mat in Capel and Cheriton. Don’t forget, the clubhouse is open with a weekly darts and social evening with a raffle on Thursdays, Whist on Wednesdays, Bingo and Fish and Chips once monthly on a Saturday - watch the notice board in the clubhouse ! See you all there shortly!

Ken [[[[[[[[[

Don’t forget the Presentation Dinner!

Friday 9 November at the Folkestone Indoor Club, 6.00 for 6.30pm Music by Acropolis (Angie & John) Tickets: members £15, Guests £17

Vera’s Day Vera Hunter Shield 2012 Vera Hunter, President Doug’s wife, who sadly died 4 years ago, was an ardent supporter of Wear Bay Bowls Club. For many years she helped with match teas and later on she could always be seen on the touchline, home and away, giving Doug and the club President Doug Hunter enjoying the game! her support. The Bay, despite the inclement weather, played this annual internal match to Vera’s memory on Sunday 8th July; the members were able to complete the match, between the showers, 3 games of 6 ends. The shield and prize money were presented by Doug Hunter to the winners Sandra Tutt – lead; Alf Ames – two; Geoff Fisher – skip each receiving prize money of £30 narrowly beating Don Peerless – lead; Evelyn Alexander – two; Mick Kearney – skip by one point and they received £20 each. The afternoon was rounded off with a buffet and £100 was raised by the raffle and donated to the Marie Curie Cancer Care. Julie Baker secretary

Photos - Mike Burn, Julie Baker

Editor’s Blog A ‘Bumper’ size issue this time, with many events and games to report, but this may not be the norm for future issues, as I am running short of contributions and having to look further afield for the ‘non-bowling’ content. Hopefully the ladies will recognise that their participation in the future is essential , if we are to regard “Bowling at the Bay” as a complete club magazine. ‘Unification’ means just that - the club must be seen to be working as a unified club, and not two separate units helping one another out occasionally. It is also worth noting that we had seventeen ‘‘Mixed” Friendly matches arranged this season, admittedly five of which were cancelled - but not always even six ladies available to play ! The ladies had twelve fixtures of their own to play in June, and there were also seven mixed triples to find players for, nineteen games for the ladies in thirty days - this is just an observation, not a criticism, but possibly food for thought? What does Unification really mean here at the Bay? The Christmas issue of the magazine will be published in time for the Festive season, by which time we will all have digested the content of the Biannual meeting in October, but remember, incidentally, the issue will only be available in the club house ! There are social evenings every Thursday, and Whist Drives on Wednesdays, and I believe the ladies have an afternoon event. Bingo and fish and chips once a month on a Saturday evening. Meanwhile, my sincere thanks to those who have supported me and contributed to the magazine this year, may I hope for the same, and even more support next year? Good (Indoor) Bowling ! Mike You can contact me on 01303 251693, or by e-mail [[[[[[[[[

The Jubilee Cup 2012

Photo Julie Baker.

The annual fixture for the Jubilee Cup with Folkestone Park took place on our home patch in July, as a result of winning the trophy last year at Parks. It is the custom that the winners provide a meal at the next meeting, and so it was that we filled our opponents up with fish and chips after this year’s game, which alas did not go in our favour ! Four rinks of triples took to the green, and Wear Bay sadly failed to win a single game, the triple losing by the least, just the one shot, consisting of Ken Watkin, Len Price and Roy Tutt. They went down 12 - 13. Another triple, who shall be nameless, were 1 - 17 down after thirteen ends, but did manage to pull their socks up and scrape six shots from the last five ends, but the final score was 7 - 20. The final match score was Wear Bay 43, Parks 83. The Fish and Chip supper was a winner, and one which everybody enjoyed. Speaking after the game, Captain Ken pointed out that over the years the game had been played since the 1950s, there was still only one game’s difference between the two clubs, in the number won. Ken presents the trophy to Pete Holan

Friendly Matches. The last match in June saw us on a drive through the country lanes to Sellindge. A sign of the times, only five triples could be mustered. It was not to be our day, however, even with Ken the Pen, Bert Tutt and Barbara Mills storming to an impressive 32 - 16 victory, with 21 of those scored in six ends. The Sellindge trio gamely fought back, reducing the 25 - 4 deficit down by ten points over the next six ends, but a final five by the Wear Bay triple confirmed their superiority. And that was that ! Sellindge won three of the other four games, and one was drawn 13 - 13, with Kate Watkin, Eve Alexander and Dave Tutt in an evenly balanced game which saw the Wear Bay trio pull back a shot on the final end to avoid defeat. Final score: Selindge 97, Wear Bay 77. July opened for us with a match against River, another of the Dover area teams that we often struggle against. However, River could only field five triples on this occasion, and perhaps their best players were missing, but whatever the reason, they were unable to perform to their usual strength. Winning only one triple, they succumbed to a confident Wear Bay team, who swamped them on two rinks, and scraped through on the remaining two. Despite Alf Ames, Mike Burn and Mick Kearney winning 13 of the 18 ends to record a 23 - 9 victory, following a modest 9 - 5 lead at the tea interval, Captain Ken’s triple with Jim Quaife and Geoff Fisher notched up an impressive 28 shots over 13 winning ends, leaving the hapless River trio a measly 5 shots from five ends to ponder over. If you are ever short of a pen to write with, visit Ken’s home… Final score: Wear Bay 85, River 65. The following weekend we whizzed up the M20 to meet our old friends and opponents, Ashford Rail. Another difficult game, on past experience. Again, only five triples could be mustered, and again Lady Luck smiled upon us, as we came away with another victory, Winning by 82 - 70 . Two triples won, two lost, and one drawn, but it was the overall score that counted ! Len Price, Colin Blake and Tom Webb were the recipients of the pens this time, (Sorry Ken, Jim !) following a 17 - 7 win against an Ashford team that fought well. Ken Watkin, Ray Punnet and John Whibley fought off a surge by Ashford in the final ends to wrap up a 21 - 13 win, after being 19 - 5 up with four ends remaining ! Another country lane trip, this time to Barham, whom we had entertained at home earlier in the season, and recorded a comfortable win. We were able to field the scheduled six triples this time, and with heavy black cloud ever threatening to open up on us, commenced the eighteen ends which we were unusually going to play through without a break. At the halfway mark, Mike Johnson aided and abetted byJim Quaife and Julie Baker were storming ahead 16 - 2, when the Sellindge triple suddenly came alive and reduced the deficit over the next five ends to 4 shots. Was this, with four ends remaining, to be the shock recovery and win of the afternoon? No way, for Mike collects pens, and his triple flew away with another twelve shots, including a six on the final end !

Friendlies, cont. v. Barham, cont. Two rinks away from Mike Johnson, Mick Kearney, Tom Leftley and Sandra Tutt were also going well - 11 - 1 up after seven ends, they applied the pressure again at the eleventh end to add a further 15 shots, leaving the Barham triple a consolation four shots on the final end to lose 26 - 12 overall. Escape of the day was that enjoyed by Bob Baker, ‘Jaffa’ Tutt and Mike Burn, the latter, who upon starting the final end, and trailing by three shots, said to Jaffa ‘‘Only want four shots, Jaffa” - and laughed. They then proceeded to put two lovely woods each close to, and in line with, the jack. Bob added one, the Sellindge Skip retaliated, but Bob held him off, and victory, after a measure for the fourth shot, went to Wear Bay ! Four triples to Barham’s two, and an impressive 110 - 83 victory. Alas, no bar at Barham to celebrate ! A small additional item to this match, although of no great importance, your editor purchased two Hydrangea plants from a stall at the club, labelled ‘Blue’. They have both transpired to be pink ! Who can I sue ? :) The following week saw us at Ashford Town - who have a secret weapon to unsettle visitors: an undulating clubhouse floor that creates the illusion of drunkeness before even having supped a drop ! So unsettling, in fact, that we lost. (We have to find excuses from somewhere for our defeats !) We won only on one rink, that being the ladies’, Barbara Mills, Sandra Tutt and Kate Watkin, who surged away in the last six ends to add 15 shots to their earlier total of 8. Their 23 - 10 win helped reduce the final overall score to Ashford 107, Wear Bay 80. Ron Butcher, Mike Burn and Bob Baker, Bob Hill, Bert Tutt and Tony Brough salvaged well earned draws in their games. Gateway - Our Nemesis. Five triples, one win, four defeats. On their beautiful green we sank without trace, 124 points to 62. Only Jim Quaife, Bernie ‘Jaffa’ Tutt and Dick Stagg saved the complete whitewash, holding back a late rally by the Gateway triple from 21 - 8 to hold on to a 22 - 19 victory. We meet them again in September… Oh, dear ! The annual bash at Tovil opened the August fixtures. Comfortable in our current losing streak, we apparently saw no reason to change the situation, and with only two winning triples from the six, went down by 34 points - 83 - 117 to Tovil. It really didn’t matter too much, for this fixture is one of our ‘Happy Days Out’ where the social side is as important as the bowling, and everybody enjoyed the disco after the game, until the coach arrived to transport the weary but happy members home. The bowling again? Wendy Greeley, Bert Tutt and Kate Watkin on one rink, and Sandra Tutt, guest Bill Charles and Dick Stagg on Rink 6 managed a 16 - 15, and a resounding 25 - 6 victories respectively, which means that one of our triples got whopped… but we won’t go into that ! No names, no pack drill, eh, S’arnt Major?… On the 11th., having lost three games on the trot, our merry men forgot the script, and upset a strong Folkestone side by winning four of the six triples by a total margin of just 8 points, but a win is a win. 98 - 90 in our favour, and Pete Caton, Bert Tutt and Bob Baker took the honours and the pens with a great 24 - 11 win against Dickie Banks’ team.

The following day we entertained Lyminge on our windswept cliff top, and reverting to the script, sadly went down 75 - 103. Two of our triples were successful, four weren’t. Mick Kearney, with Bob Hill and Jaffa Tutt squeezed an 18 -12 victory to acquire the prestigious pens. A four shot success on the twelfth end was probably the telling blow, as their opponents never closed the gap. Off on the following Saturday to our neighbours and friends at Cheriton where they promptly forgot that they were our friends and set about beating us, albeit by only 11 points, and winning only two of the six triples. To our credit, we won two, and tied two ! Len Price, Tom Webb and Jaffa Tutt took the honours and the pens for Wear Bay, hauling themselves into the lead after nine ends to add 17 shots to the Cheriton triple’s five in the second half. 22 to 12 in our favour. Ken Watkin, Bert Tutt and Mike Burn were the other winners for the Bay, winning their last three ends to turn a deficit into three shot victory, 15 - 12. The final score for the match was Wear Bay 87, Cheriton 98 It must be said,too, that playing right through, with cold drinks brought out to the green mid-game, and a great tea after, was a format worth considering for ourselves at home. A week later, we welcomed Faversham to our draughty cliff top abode, and once again stemmed a likely losing sequence with an impressive 99 - 78 success, winning three of the six triples, losing two and tieing one. Jim Wraight, refreshed from his recent holiday, and aided and abetted by two Tutts, Roy and Jaffa, steam-rollered the unfortunate Faversham trio 26 - 5. Pens all round ! St. Margaret’s visited us on the 1st.September, and unfortunately the previous effort of beating Faversham found us exhausted as we succumbed to a heavy 85 - 52 drubbing over four triples. There is really not too much we can say about this game ! The next day, visiting River, we were still fast asleep. This time over five triples we went down 94 -62, but at least there was one success - Kate Watkin, leading Bob Hill and Julie Baker secured a close 15 - 14 victory, which was very commendable as they were down 2 -12 at the halfway stage. It all changed after tea ! A rare mid week game against Gateway found us short of the two ladies triples required they had a league game that evening. The four men’s triples battled bravely but to no avail as once again Gateway showed us how to play on their near perfect green. Only Mick Kearney, Colin Blake and Mike Burn avoided defeat, retrieving a 1 -7 deficit to haul themselves up to a 14 all tie. The final score - Wear Bay 43, Gateway 92. Unfortunately, Gateway failed to get a team together for the return fixture a week later.

Finals Day Sunday 9 September 2012

Photos Julie Baker

Another glorious summer’s day for our most important event of the year, and the club

enjoyed some great and exciting bowling from all the finalists.

The Ladies had three finals to play: The Championship, Kathy Rudman and Sandra Tutt, the Two woods, Jill Clark and Kate Watkin, and the Yardstick, Kathy Rudman and Kate Watkin The Winners:

Kathy Rudman

Jill Clark

Kathy Rudman

The Men: The Championship, Mike Johnson and Jim Wraight, Handicap, Mick Wallace and Ron Butcher, Yardstick, Mick Rainer and Mike Johnson, Two Wood, Mick Wallace and Mike Johnson, and the Pairs, Bob Baker and John Whibley, Jim Wraight and Mick Rainer. The Winners:

Above , left, Jim Wraight Centre, Mick Wallace Right, Mike Johnson Lower Left, Mick Wallace Lower Right, John Whibley and Bob Baker

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL - The Wear Bay Olympians of 2012 !

Ladies’ Day at the Bay A favourite club competition with all those at the Bay is “Ladiesʼ Day”, this year on Sunday the 19th. August The ladies of the club invite the  gentlemen members to join them in a game of bowls and after the match to tea in the club house.  The triples match (one lady and two gentlemen) is played as a round robin with 3 games of 6 ends each and is very competitive, the result was very close and the eventual winners were Thelma Potter (lead), Ray Punnett (two) and Jim Wraight (skip).  P.S. The only drawback to the day is that the gentlemen have to wash up after the tea! Julie Baker (and photo) [[[[[[[[[

Shepway Bowling We were unable to make any headway in the ladiesʼ competitions this year, but Ken Watkin and John Whibley made it to the semi-finals of the Menʼs Pairs, unfortunately to lose to P.Smith and R. Wood of Folkestone. We lost in the quarter finals to Ashford Rail in the Hudson Cup. The men did distinguish themselves, however, by reaching the finals of the Bernard Annand competition, held in Herne Bay. We lost to Minster in the semi-final, and then to Margate in the 3rd/4th.position play-off. As the only Shepway club to be represented, the club can be justly proud of this achievement. Thereʼs always next year !#



Ladies Shepway League Team

Rinks Played







Folkestone Park





Hythe Lyminge

Half Point Draw


Over All Point

Shots For

Shots Against

Shot Difference
























































Wear Bay











New Romney











Ashford Town






















The Mens Final League Table is on Page 17


BBQ Day 2012 Our open day was held this year in glorious sunshine, and supported by some 60 members and guests. Wendy and Cliff worked their magic with the food, Ken and Alan kept us from getting thirsty, several guests, young and old, tried their hands at the great game of bowls, and others just sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere of a warm English afternoon in the sun. Star of the Show “Barney�!

Good to see Jim Hall enjoying the event.


Bert Tutt watches a star of the future





Julie Baker and Roy Tutt call the shots with the raffle

And some just relaxed in the shade and chatted ! Our thanks to Wendy and Cliff for the food...

We are not alone ! There are never that many spectators at our games... The main news item in the Folkestone Express, Sandgate, Shorncliffe and Hythe Advertiser’ for Saturday 31st July 1926 covered the exceptionally violent thunder storm the previous Tuesday afternoon which had caused widespread damage in the town. It reported that at 3.45 p.m. “there was a terrific flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder which shook the whole town.” The Martello Tower Number 3 on the East Cliff overlooking the Harbour was struck by lightning and badly damaged. The brick shell of the tower, which varied in thickness from seven feet on the landward side to thirteen feet to seaward, was split open and a mass of brickwork over the entry port dislodged. Debris were scattered up to 100 yards around the building. The next morning a chestnut fence was put up around the base of the tower and a photographer from the Borough Engineer’s Department sent up to record the damage. Some eight or ten onlookers had gathered including Council officials and it is from the personal observations of one of the latter that this account is written. A lone schoolboy was standing at the fence looking up at the damage. Apparently it was decided not to ask him to move and the photograph was duly taken with him in place. He was definitely alone and dressed as a well to do schoolboy of the period. Later, when the film was developed, a shadowy figure appeared to the right of the boy, with the fence visible through it. An enlargement shows the figure to be that of a young male about the same age as the schoolboy but dressed quite differently in a jersey, shorter trousers, bare legs and feet and without a cap. The figure appears to have its arm linked with the schoolboy and to be looking up at the damage with him. The developed film caused sensation and an inquiry. The obvious conclusion that it was a double exposure was soon eliminated. There was a group of onlookers who would certainly have spotted the elaborate set-up needed to produce a second figure; and it would certainly not have been in the interests of the photographer, a professional carrying out a routine assignment, to perpetrate a complicated practical joke. The film manufacturers confirmed it was not a double exposure and stated there was no conceivable image that could have been on the film before it left the factory in its sealed container. Even if, in some way, the image had been put on the film it would have been beyond the realms of possibility that it would have been of the same size and with its arm linked to a figure that happened to be in precisely the right position when the film was exposed.

Photographic images are produced through the reflection of light rays from objects, focussed through the lens of a camera and reacting with the light sensitive chemical coating of a film in other words a physical process. The fence is visible through the figure and the only conclusion is that, for a brief period of time less that the exposure time of the camera and too short a period for the human eye to register, there was the form of a young male next to the schoolboy sufficiently solid to reflect light and cause a chemical reaction on the exposed film.

There has never been a satisfactory scientific explanation put forward, although there has been no lack of meta-physical theories. Unfortunately, with the time lapse between taking and developing the photograph the schoolboy could not be traced. The negative and all prints were ordered to be destroyed but it so happened that one print and an enlargement were somehow overlooked. Jack Gill We are most grateful to the Folkestone & District Local History Society, and Alan Taylor in particular, for kindly allowing us to reproduce this article from their own Newsletter. If you are ‘on line’, and are interested, more information about the society is available here:


Obituary We sadly have to report the loss of David Webb, who was a member here at the Bay in 2005. He played for a couple of seasons before deciding to play on the indoor green, but rejoined us at the beginning of the current season. He was unfortunately only able to play a couple of games before his ongoing illness stopped him. David was only a few days short of his 75th birthday. Our deepest condolences to his family. Julie has received a list from his family of David’s bowling gear available for sale, the proceeds of which are to go to the Ashford Pilgrims Hospice. It is posted in the changing rooms and the club house.

The Shepway League Reports

Tony Brough

What you are about to read is perfectly true, as Skip Peter Fagg remarked to his 1 and 2 Geoff Fisher and Tony Brough (where have you been for the last 6 weeks?) On the receiving end were the visitors Dave Ditcher, John Criddle and Rob Hambrook who only managed to win 4 ends culminating in a 26 shots to 10 defeat. Following this game the opposition requested a drug test which thankfully proved negative. Mick Rainer, Mick Wallace and Jim Wraight nearly let go of a10 shot lead with 5 ends but recovered to eventually win 20 shots to 18 against the Lyminge triple of Gordon Lewis, Gordon Boucher and John Marlow. A turn round in the Bay’s favour was produced by Mike Burn, Mike Johnson and Mick Kearney, when from being 7 shots down with 3 ends to go produced a remarkable set of 8 shots over those ends to win 18 shots to 17. Not so lucky were Colin Blake, Peter Caton and Captain Ken Watkin, only winning 5 ends and seemed to miss out by 1 shot each time giving Paul Reddick, William Strange and John Norton a well deserved 15 shots to 6 result. Wear Bay 6 1/2 Lyminge 3 1/2. Playing Folkestone Parks, Mick Kearney with his triple of Bernie Tutt and G Fisher fell apart during the final 4 ends dropping 6 shots to lose to Ashley Relf, Peter Cardy and Roy Trow by 17 shots to 13. With some players absent Captain Ken Watkin had to rearrange his triple to include new bowler Dave Harding and old timer Tony Brough, who started well until Parks lead Callum Hart came to life, and with Dave Reeves and Don Farrar punished the visitors 22 shots to 10. Not going a lot better were the Bay’s Bert Tutt, Bob Baker and Mike Johnson who could only manage to win 5 ends against an on form Park’s triple of Dave Martin, Bradley Relf and Mike Munn who took 21 shots to the Bay’s 13. However every cloud has a silver lining and yet again for the umpteenth time it was the deadly trio of Colin Blake, Mick Wallace and Jim Wraight who cruised to an 18 shots to 2 lead after 8 ends going on to win by 28 shots to 11 against the Park’s triple of Ray, Jason, and John Roberts. Parks 6 1/2 Wear Bay 3 1/2. Wear Bay saw the welcome return of John Whibley who with Geoff Fisher and Skip Mike Johnson showed no mercy to Cheriton’s Hugh Coleman, Mike Barr and Brian Waters in their splendid result of 30 shots to 15 which included an 8 on the 17th. end. Equally successful were the triple of Colin Blake, Mick Wallace and Jim Wraight who continued their winning format 19 shots to 12 against Paul Hillier, Alan Hall and John Russell, during the game spectators asked why does MW run after his last wood, is he training for something, no they do not have an egg and spoon race in the Olympics. Answers on a postcard please. Cheriton’s Alan Johnson, Tom Matcham and Mike Lukehurst were having a battle royal against the Bay’s Mick Rainer, Bob Baker and Peter Fagg, and with 15 shots apiece at 16 ends it could have gone either way but the visitors 3 shots to Cheriton’s 1 gave them an 18 shots to 16 result. The Bay’s Mike Burn, Ken Watkin and Mick Kearney were in desperate trouble from the start as Mike Berry, Terry Hardie and Ernie (mind your legs) Goodall were 11 shots up at halfway stage and continued to keep the pressure to record a 21 shots to 12 win. Cheriton 3.5, Wear Bay 6.5. Continued on page 15

Wear Bay shared the points with their visitors Folkestone in a evening which produced some high scoring triples on both sides. Colin Blake, Jaffa Tutt and Mick Wallace notched up a creditable score of 26 shots to 9 against Alan Harris, Richard Wood and John Sutton. Not to be outdone the visitors Frank Sandland, John Bowles and John Berry who struck a purple patch at the 8th where they picked up 19 shots over the next 6 ends to defeat John Whibley, Geoff Fisher and Mike Johnson by 25 shots to 12. It was the turn of the Bay’s Bert Tutt, Ken Watkin and Mick Kearney to take the honours scoring 23 shots to 9 against John Sage, Gordon Lash and George Mitchell. In the final triple Folkestone’s lead Bob Taylor was in brilliant form alongside Roger Millen and Peter Smith they only conceded 4 ends resulting in an 31 shots to 5 win against Mick Rainer, Tony Brough and Peter Fagg. Hythe welcomed visitors Wear Bay hoping to repeat their previous win earlier in the season. However the Cliff Toppers had other ideas by producing a fine 5.75 to 4.25 result. Heading the charge were the triple of Geoff Fisher, Tony Brough and Peter Fagg who led from start to finish winning 19 shots to 13 against George Pearson, Gordon Culpin and Ken Wraight. John Whibley, Len Price and Mike Johnson had an interesting tussle against Hythe's John Ryan, Bob Russell and Trevor Llewellyn, the visitors only managed to win 4 ends out of the first 12 but two ends of 5 shots helped them to draw level at 14 shots each, during the later ends of the game they managed to pick up a further 11 shots to win by 25 shots to 18. How frustrating can life get for the Mick Kearney's triple of Bert Tutt and Captain Ken Watkin, having won 11 of the first 16 ends were 8 shots ahead only to concede 8 shots on the last two ends to draw 21 shots each against a somewhat grateful Len Maris, Stan Hull and Rubin Grigsby. The Bay's final triple of Colin Blake, Bernie Tutt and Mick Wallace were no match for a very on form Alleric Rose, Bob Owen and Graham Funnell who produced a superb win 27 shots to 12. Not a happy evening for two of the Wear Bay triples who both suffered heavy defeats at the hands of the visitors New Romney. Mick Kearney’s triple of Bert Tutt and Ken Watkin were bowling well being 20 shots to 9 up with 6 to go but Tony Paine, R Brown and M Minson were having none of it and staged a brilliant recovery resulting in a 23 shots to 20 win. Equally under the cosh were Mick Rainer, Bob Baker and Colin Blake who fell foul of the skills of the Marsh men Phil Bowman, Harry Lismore and Dave Richards losing 20 shots to 9. A little unlucky this week for Peter Fagg , Geoff Fisher and Mick Wallace who lost by 1 shot on the last end 18 to 19 against Ken Brown, Dave Province and Eddy Fowler. Funny old game this as the Bay’s John Whibley, Bernie Tutt and Mick Johnson were 16 shots to 7 down after 12 ends to the visitors Alan Tinker, Roy Eade and Derek Hoadley, but a complete reversal saw the home side pick up 12 shots on the last 6 ends for a well deserved win by 19 shots to 16. There was no express delivery for Ashford Rail as the visitors Wear Bay shared the spoils at 5 points apiece on a sunny Monday evening. Jim Wraight unfortunately was still in holiday mood as with the help of Colin Blake and Bernie Tutt they came to a sticky end losing 9 shots to 25 against Bob Rand, Roy Murton and Vince King. Mick Kearney’s triple of Bert Tutt and Len Price found themselves 9 shots behind with 3 ends to go but could only pick up 6 to go down 14 shots to 18 against Geoff Smith, Clive Allen and Tony Mapstone. There is however some good news as Peter Fagg’s front end of Mick Rainer and Tony Brough produced some excellent bowls to defeat Reg Abbs, Tony Barnes and Eric Peacock by 21 shots to 16. Not to be outdone John Whibley, Geoff Fisher and Mick (where is my cap) Wallace collected 7 shots on the last 2 ends coming from 3 down to claim a well earned win 19 shots to 15 against Gary Breeds Kenny Adams and Keith Smith.

Wear Bay entertained Sellindge Swans hoping to ruffle their feathers but to no avail, as the results did not all go their way. Leading the attack were the triple of Jaffa Tutt, Bob Baker and Jim Wraight who although losing the 5 of the last 7 ends completed a resounding win by 22 shots to 12 against Nigel Dawkins, Gerald Jeans and Lawrence Harvey. Who said I don't believe it as again Mick Kearney’s triple of Bert Tutt and Colin Blake leading 13 shots to 6 then lost the last 6 ends to lose 17 shots to 13 against a very happy Malcolm Sinclair, Jim Neap and John Martin. The Bay’s John Whibley, Geoff Fisher and Mick Wallace shared the spoils with Ernie Beavers, Don Johnson and Charles Marsh 17 shots each due to a tied end on the last. Dropping a 5 on the penultimate end does not help in any way as Mick Rainer, Tony Brough and Peter Fagg found out as they watched Bernard Long, Malcolm Cage and Carl Akers forge ahead for a 21 shots to 15 result. Wear Bay 4.25 Sellindge 5. 25. Mixed fortunes were the result of Wear Bays visit to Lyminge. With the bells ringing and that country smell what could be nicer as the Bays Mike Johnson with Geoff Fisher and Jaffa Tutt produced a strong finish picking up 13 shots to 2 over the last 8 ends against R Goody, W Strange and J Norton resulting in a 17 shots to 10 win. Dave Harding, Mick Wallace and Ken Watkin were unable to contain the home side of D Jenkins H Winnley and R Hambrook who went on to win by 14 shots to 9. J Criddle, M Laker and K Povey were never in trouble cruising to a victory of 15 shots to 7 against the visitors Bert Tutt, John Whibley and Mick Kearney. Every cloud has a silver lining but "whoops" that was close as Mick Rainer, Tony Brough and Jim Wraight saw their 10 shots to1 lead vanish when the two Gordons (Lewis and Boucher or gin and tonic to their friends) assisted by John Andrews pulled back to 12 all, with all to play for it was our Jim who with his last wood secured the win for the Bay triple 14 shots to 12. The final game of the season… Folkestone Parks visit to Wear Bay resulted in a win giving them the league title by 1.5 points over Ashford Rail. Wear Bay were by no means an easy target as all 4 triples could have gone either way. Bob Baker, Captain Ken Watkin and Mick Kearney lost out by 4 shots to J Avery, J Marsh and M Hughes 12 shots to 16. John Whibley, Jaffa Tutt and Jim Wraight leading 12 shots to 2 after 9 ends nearly gave it away as a fine recovery by C Hart, G Greenland and D Farrah picked up 12 shots just 2 short of the Bays total of 15. Colin Blake, Len Price and Mike Johnson were not quite so lucky 12 shots to 7 up with 3 ends to go allowed H Fergason, A Phipps and R Trow shots to collect 5 shots to tie the game 12 shots all. Last but by no means least were the Peter Fagg triple of Tony Brough and Mick Wallace battling against the formidable trio of P Cardy, R Foster and R Herridge just lost out by 11 shots to 12. [[[[[[[[[

more friendlies, continued Ashford Rail were our guests on 8 September, seeking revenge for the defeat they suffered to us at home in July. It was close run thing, with two of the five triples played in our favour, two in Ashfordʼs, and one tied. Tony Brough, Jaffa Tutt and Bob Hill were never in danger in their game, winning handsomely with a 20 - 6 scoreline. Dick Stagg, Mike Burn and Joyce Barr nearly snatched disaster from the jaws of victory, surrendering a 13 - 1 lead at the halfway stage to find themselves 15 all at the end of the 17th. A great last wood from Skip Dick Stagg rescued us ! Another Wear Bay triple, who shall be nameless to save their blushes, alas did snatch disaster from the jaws of victory… cruising comfortably ahead with a 13 - 5 lead after thirteen ends, their opponents notched up four shots on the 14th, but still trailed 15 - 9 at the 15th., but then dramatically rolled in eight shots in the last three ends to win 17 - 15. Final score : Wear Bay 76, Ashford Rail 74. Summary of results to date:


13 May 19 May 26 May 2 June 3 June 10 June 16 June 23 June 24 June 30 June 1 July 7 July 15 July 21 July


Hythe Away Kearsney Away Barham Home Chislet Home St.Margarets Away Deal Away Cheriton Home F’stone Park Home Charing Home Sellindge Away River Home Ashford Rail Away Barham Away Ashford Town Away

won lost won lost lost lost won lost won lost won won won lost

114 - 89 49 -117 113 - 80 90 - 99 38 - 43 80 - 85 108 - 73 85 - 92 91 - 87 77 - 97 85 - 65 82 - 70 110 - 83 80 -107

29 July Gateway 5 August Tovil 11 August Folkestone 12 August Lyminge 18 August Cheriton 25 August Faversham 1 September St.Margarets 2 September River 5 September Gateway 8 September Ashford Rail 12 September Gateway 15 September Chislet 16 September Kearsney 22 September Fʼstone Park 23 September Tovil

Away Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Home

lost 62 -124 lost 83 -117 won 98 - 90 lost 75 -103 lost 87 - 98 won 99 - 78 lost 52 - 85 lost 62 - 94 lost 43 - 92 won 76 - 74 CANCELLED lost 89 - 91 lost 82 -114 lost 75 -104 RAINED OFF

The Shepway League Final Positions

Folkestone Park Ashford Rail Folkestone New Romney Hythe Lyminge Wear Bay Cheriton Sellindge





16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16

13 10 8 8 6 6 5 3 3

0 4 5 3 2 1 4 1 1

3 2 3 5 7 9 7 12 12

Shots For 1371 1587 1503 1351 1097 1398 1021 918 1168

The Ladies Final League Table is on page 10

Shots Against 1191 1221 1309 1146 1050 1393 1082 1257 1657

Rink Points 62.00 59.50 57.00 55.75 48.00 48.50 43.50 31.50 26.75

Venue Points 44.0 45.0 44.0 39.0 35.0 28.0 30.0 14.0 13.0

Total Points 106.00 104.50 101.00 97.75 83.00 76.00 73.50 45.50 39.75

The Social Club

Cliff Greeley

A short note this time, just to say what a lovely BBQ we had in July ! I would like to thank Wendy, my daughter Becky, her boyfriend Paul, and Harold for their help in moving, setting everything up, and the cooking and feeding everybody, of course ! Harold supplied the BBQ, and Paul the van for moving equipment back and forth. We could still do with some new volunteers at future events, though, to relieve those who are always there every year. Thanks too to Julie, conducting the raffle, Ken and Alan for keeping us from dying of thirst in the sun, and everybody who helped get things ready for the afternoon, and clearing up afterwards. We also had a good day out at Tovil. I didn’t beat my last year’s record of 11 pints, but was close with ten… Only joking ! I wish all of you a good winter season, and don’t forget to come along to the club for the social evenings we hold every week. Cliff. [[[[[[[[[

The Chris Butler Trophy The competition this year was won again by Mike Burn, who played in eight winning games out of the eleven he played in total, which gave him a total of 32 points. Mick Rainer was a close second, with just one loss, but that by less than five points, thus securing a total of 30 points. Mick Kearney was third, with 29 points. The competition will hopefully be played again next year, and possibly as part of the Tuesday or Thursday Roll-up sessions, rather than on Thursday evenings. The competition is in fact very similar to a Roll-up, other than recognised skips are appointed to lead each triple or pair, the remaining players being drawn much as the roll-up teams are drawn, but by name. Ladies would of course be eligible, and in fact are encouraged, to join in. It is a case of ‘The more, the merrier‘! The whole subject will be discussed later, probably at the Bi-Annual Meeting. [[[[[[[[[

In Passing… New girls Joyce Barr and Sylvia Coles have settled in well in their first season with the club, Roy Thatcher is hoping to be back next season, nice to see you around again, Roy. Jim Quaife has again been performing wonders, with useful additions to the green - the new step, ditch markers, a rack for old sets of woods in the mens’s room - and Tom Leftley has also helped, coaxing the sprinkler system into life ! Thank you, gentlemen!

Designed, Edited, printed and Compiled by Mike Burn, on behalf of the Wear Bay Bowls Club, for the benefit of all members, and with much assistance from Julie Baker providing facts and photos. Contact details : 01303 251693, e-mail

Bowling At The Bay  

End of the season at Wear Bay Bowls Club, Folkestone

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