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Green Clippings Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club

September 2012 Phone: 3285 2267 Editor Col Jesse 1


NET We now have a facebook page where I will try to keep you all informed on up to the minute info re games etc. The address is critical, no spacing in typing the name or zilch!!!! try it out. Contents: Chairman’s Report Pennants Ladies President Men’s President Small Talk Fishing Story Carmen Bateman Membership Bistro Staff Col Devlin and Jim McArthur


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A Message from the Club Manager I would firstly like to thank our very hardworking volunteers for giving their time with all the work they have been doing in and around the Club, and to all the other volunteers that have dedicated their time into helping out with bowls days etc. Secondly a warm welcome to our newest staff member David, and a big thanks to all the Bar Staff for all their hard work and support. Thanks to all our members and their guests for your ongoing support.

Cheers, Tracy










A Message from the Chairman of the Board It is now getting close to the time when this current Board's term of Office is finished and a new Board takes over the helm. While it has been a hectic year we have achieved much but there is still plenty to be done to ensure the long term future of the Club. We need new blood on the Board to move us on and I would urge all members to consider offering their services for the coming year. I know I must sound like a broken record when I keep saying that we need more volunteers to help run the Club. But it is true that the Club will not survive without more volunteer help and from more of the members. Since our last news letter we have been advised by the Council that we are totally responsible for all maintenance around the Club including major problems such as leaking roofs etc. You will be aware that there is a leak in the toilet area. We are monitoring the situation and it is on top of our priority list for fixing. We are currently making a grant application to have this work attended to and will advise you of the result of this application as soon as it is known. While we are making money much of the money we make goes back into maintenance as much of our equipment and services are old and beginning to show signs of wear. In each of the last three months there has been a major problem needing fixing such as broken water pipes and kitchen equipment. The assistance of our volunteers has been the only way we have kept the costs to a reasonable level. In this regard I would like to make a special thanks to Scott Crase and Wade Kimler who provided heavy equipment (jack hammer and concrete cutting equipment) plus their own time and energy to cut through the concrete steps where a water leak had occurred. Thanks also to Kevin Phelps, Bill Townsend,


Bob Hasemann, Graham McNiven, Reg Grocott and Bruce Jones who spent most of Thursday morning jack hammering and digging to find the water leak. Your valuable assistance kept the cost of the repair bill to a minimum. Thanks also to our ever present kitchen staff of Hazel Kruger, Margaret Cullen and Glad Smith who ensure we provide good service to the chef whenever required. Thanks also to John Craig and Tom and June Van Leeuwen who set up the function n room with help from a number of others. With Tom out of action due to an operation on his shoulder, Tony Brozic and Margaret Cullen have stepped in to help out. As always Kevin Phelps and Garry Corkhill do many odd jobs around the Club well supported by Bill Townsend's helpers. Bob Hasemann is our gardener and also does a lot of work around the Club keeping it looking good for the members. As you will also be aware we have had to cease our breakfast on Sundays due to lack of support. We hope this is only due to the cold weather and expect to be able to offer breakfast again when the weather fines up. The Board has put together a Constitution Committee which is looking at what changes need to be made to our Constitution. They will also be advising the Board in relation to any changes that may be necessary due to changes in legislation. If you have any issues you wish to have addressed please see the Chairperson, Jeanette Sauer. It would also be remiss of me if I did not thank Kevin Sauer for all the volunteer work he does for the Club and especially in helping collect the grog. In his absence he was ably covered by Pottsy who learned a lot about what the ute can and cannot do on flat tyres. I have already thanked Margaret who also helps with the bar mat cleaning and a special thanks goes to Graham McNiven and his offsider Bomber Brown who clean the car park regularly. All the Best and please continue to support the Club

Bill Evans Chairman


Ladies Committee Patron:

Joan Clark

President: Senior Vice President: Junior Vice President: Immediate Past President: Secretary Treasurer Assist. Treasurer Games Director Assist. Games Director Acting Providore: Delegate to the Board: BNDLBA Delegate:

Carol Hasemann Desley Hanlon Hazel Kruger Verle Darbyshire Vera Jarrett Glad Smith : Julia Holston Jeanette Sauer Verle Darbyshire Hazel Kruger Carol Hasemann Verle Darbyshire

Social Selectors

Rita Johnson, Cheryl Harding-Smith Hazel Stobie:

Pennant Selectors:

Audrey Ozanne, Brenda Jesse, Ann McArthur Maree Raske, Margaret Ellis


Desley Hanlon

Umpires: Barefoot Bowls Coordinator

Noreen Barry, Julia Holston, Desley Hanlon Lorraine Clark

Promotions Officer:

Vera Jarrett

Playing Days :

3rd Monday : Financial Day : S/S Fours : Men invited Thursday : Social : C/S : 9.30am start : Men are welcome


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Our Two Teams which made the Pennant Finals

No 2

No 4


A Report From the Pennant Selectors The pennant season was finalised on Sunday 23 September 2012. What a fabulous year for the club with four (4) out of six teams making the semi-final play offs. Two of these teams Division 2 and Division 4 proceeding to the finals. Unfortunately both teams were valiantly beaten in the finals. Division 2 went down by the smallest margin of 1 shot to Chermside. In Division 4 whilst not disgraced went down by 11 shots to Toombul. Unfortunately, Eric Carter had to be taken to hospital after collapsing during the game but from all reports is now ok and back on deck. From the selectors point of view it was disappointing that we had a few players who put themselves before the club and decided to pull out of pennants. This was after qualifying for their respective divisions thus making it exceptionally difficult for the selectors to cover these teams coming up to the play offs. On a more positive note it was refreshing for the selectors to have some old faces with renewed interest in pennants and their contribution was what enabled the club to be successful this year. Whilst I will not name them they know who they are and the selector's thank you. We also had a number of new faces that had joined the club over the past 12 months and these players were accepted with open arms and all contributed to the club's success. Thank you to all of them. Then we had several members who filled in at various times to cover absences of several players. The selectors thank you for assistance and contribution. Finally we had all our regular stalwart players who added to and complimented the new players. Thank you to all of you for your effort and contribution. After the home and away matches: Division 2 finished third Division 3 finished second. Division 4 finished second Division 5 finished sixth Division 6 finished fourth Division 8 finished fourth In their respective divisions. A big thank you to all those ladies who helped with the umpiring duties and master scoreboard updating, it was greatly appreciated. Finally a big thank you to all our supporters who came to our games throughout the season, and during the finals, providing great support for the teams. Let's hope 2013 brings greater success for the Club. John Withell Chairman of Selectors


A Message from the Ladies President Hello Bowlers This will be my last Green Clippings as President of the Kallangur Ladies Bowls Club. I would like to thank each and every one of you who supported me during the past year. It has been a busy and fulfilling experience and I have enjoyed all the new friendships made with visiting club members. As we all know it is very important to have a supportive Executive committee, Provider, Raffle Conveners, Selectors, Coach ,Umpires, Games Director, Welfare Officer, Members to set up tables, members willing to do morning tea set up and Help out on Financial days. Without all this help our club could not function. I wish the incoming President and New Committee all the best for the coming year. As you know, we are organizing a two day Carnival to be held on 29 th / 30th October, I would appreciate your help in advertising this event and try to get full greens. Also, we are arranging a Melbourne Cup Day this year with a game of bowls for those who would like to play a mixed game of bowls. Sweeps, Raffles, Prizes for the best dressed man (Stallion) and Woman (Filly). Watch the big race in comfort. Smorgasbord Lunch $20.00 inclusive Non Bowlers welcome. Ros Clark and Kylie Hattie who made it to the second round in the District Pairs, Well done girls, better luck next time.

Keep Smiling Carolyn , 10

A Message from the President of the Men’s Club My name is Colin the president of the men’s club The men went well in the pennants this year four OUT OF Six teams made the semis two made the finals I’m very proud of the club We still need our members to support bowls days so we can become a greater club. THANK U ___________________________

Steve Kaefer showing the Same concentration on the Club pool table as he does out on the bowling green.


Small Talk Congratulations to Col Devlin on winning the B grade singles and commiserations to Jim Mc Arthur . .Many thanks to all who volunteered their time to mark and umpire the champion of champion’s fours and singles games. Also thanks to the helpers who made the games a great success. The B.N.D.B.A. were greatly impressed with our facilities and our efforts and we look forward to holding more events at our club. I was disappointed in the apathy shown by our members in the attendance at the special general meeting. This was a chance to have your say in the future of the club. Mr David Dwyer’s input at the meeting was greatly appreciated and he deserves a lot of credit for his efforts. The meeting resulted in a motion being passed for the constitution committee to submit their recommendations at the annual general meeting in November.


A five year business plan committee was formed with Bob Stevens at the helm and myself, Chris Lehane and Audrey Ozanne included as well. This business plan is part of the new regulations required for not for profit organizations and has to be part of the new constitution. Any member of the club who has any ideas on what should be accomplished in the future for the Club can contact any of the above committee members. Any changes to our constitution which you think are necessary can be given to Bruce Jones or Glad Smith.

This is your club, have your say. Thanks to all those who helped out during the pennant semi finals. Y our efforts helped make the day run smoothly and profitably. Congratulations to division 2, 3,4 and 8 in making the semi finals and division 2 and 4 in making the final. Commiserations to 2nd division going down by 1 in the final. Division 4 put up a gallant fight after they lost Eric Carter when he collapsed and had to go to hospital .We wish him a speedy recovery. The Men’s Club will be holding their annual general meeting in October, please give a thought to help out and run for the vacant positions on the men’s committee and don’t leave it up to a few people to run. Kind regards Ken Small


Men’s Club Committee Patron

Peter Mawson

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer Games Directors: BNDBA Delegate:

Col Devlin Keith Pretsel Ken Small Paul Phillips Chris Manley, Ken Small, Col Devlin Stephen Kaefer

Coaches: Club:

Evan Davies, Mal Horne


Bill Townsend, Ron Bateman, Ken Small, John Withell

Pennants Etc Selectors

Bob Hasemann, Bob Coultas,Trevor Banks John Withell, Graham Evans

Social Bowls Selectors:

Neil Rohde, Garry Corkill


Des Holston, David Hill, Mal Horne

Games are Played :

Subject to Alteration:


Men’s Pairs, self selected


Open Social, club selected

3rd Sunday each month:

Breakfast Pairs, self selected 9 .00 am 14

Dear Fellow Anglers When I retired, I could hardly wait to spend time enjoying my favourite pastime -- trout fishing. I bought my own little fishing boat and tried to get my wife to join me, but she just never liked fishing. Finally, one day down at the Bait & Tackle Shop, I got to talking to Sam the shop owner, who it turned out, loves trout fishing as much as I do. We quickly became fishing buddies. As I said, the wife doesn't care about fishing. She not only refuses to join us, but she always complains that I spend too much time out on the lake. A few weeks ago Sam and I had the best fishing trip ever. Not only did I catch the most beautiful trout you've ever seen, only a few minutes later Sam must have caught its twin brother! So I took a picture of Sam holding up the two nice trout that we caught and showed the picture to my wife, hoping that maybe she'd get interested. Instead she says she doesn't want me to go fishing at all anymore! And she wants me to sell the boat! I think she just doesn't like to see me enjoying myself. What would you do? Tell the wife to forget it and continue my hobby, or quit fishing and sell the boat as she insists?

P.S. On the next page is a picture of Sam with the two trout we caught. 15

Sam and the Trout



The Club has available to approved persons And organizations a large air conditioned function room suitable for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Celebrations, Sporting Club Dinners, Seminars and Club Meetings. Private Bar facilities and catering are available. The Members' Lounge is available to non members after signing the register. For further information contact the Catering Director or Tracy the Club Manager. Bistro Meals are available of a Friday night


Carmen Bateman 2012 Singles Champion


MEMBERSHIP REPORT This will be the last report before the annual general meeting, which will be held at the end of October 2012. It’s a good time to compare our current membership figures with the same period last year. Men’s Full Membership = 174 (now) 213 (Oct 2011) Ladies Full Membership = 72 (now) 75 (Oct 2011) Social Full Membership = 200 (now) 300 (Oct 2011) As you can see there has been a decrease in all divisions from last year. This can only be blamed on the past uncertainty of the clubs financial position, however now that our future is assured we must strive to recruit new members to the club. Since the last report we welcome into the club the following new members: Marion FARROW, Rhonda STEEL, John BEADLE, Lewis BEILBY, Bruce NEIL, Peter WILSON, Brian FLETCHER, Daniel O’DRISCOLL and John FLETCHER. A reminder for all those members with duel membership with other clubs, when you require a “Club Clearance Form” for any reason, you must obtain one from each club that you are a member of.

Ron Bateman Membership Officer 19

Board of Management Officers for 2012 Chairperson

Bill Evans

Deputy Chairperson

Jeanette Sauer


Glad Smith


Chris Lehane

Assistant Treasurer

John Broad

Director of Bar and Gaming

Phil Blank

Director of Catering

Hazel Kruger

Director of Greens

Michael Breen

Director of Membership (acting) Ron Bateman Ladies Club Delegate

Carol Hasemann

Men’s Club Delegate

Bruce Jones

Directors of Other Works

Trevor Banks Mal Horne Verle Darbyshire


The Volunteer Bistro Staff

Glad Smith, Bill Evans, Hazel Kruger, Marg Cullen

Brian, our Chef, with the work all done. 21

North Lakes Retirement Village For more information Phone : 3886 4111 _______________________________________________________

A1 Furniture Clearance Centre 1469 Anzac Avenue Phone : 34913500 ________________________________________________________

JT Automotive Brendale Phone : 32052111 ________________________________________________________

Lifestyle Patios Phone : 32896392 22

Col Devlin and Jim McArthur

B – Singles Winner- Col Devlin With Runner up Jim McArthur


Peko Cleaning and Maintenance Services Peter Mawson Ph: 0413 731 998 Ah: 3886 2707 Fax:3886 0266 ___________________________________________

Garry Fulton Solicitor Suites 11-12/ 1386 Anzac Avenue Phone : 07 3204 5022 Commonwealth Bank 441 Gympie Road Strathpine _______________________________________ Gumnut Furniture Pty Ltd 15 Leonard Crs. Brendale Ph: 3881 0170



I looked around my house for something I had started and not finished and I managed to finish off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butel of wum, a pochage of Prungles, the mainder of bot of Prozic and Valiminum Scriptins, the res of the cheseke and a box of choclity. Yu haf no idr how bludy fablus I feel rite now. Plaese tell orl yur frens how gud dis works. Xxxx. ______________________________________________________________ COACHING. Do you believe in practicing? After approximately 100 deliveries exactly the same way, this part of the procedure comes automatically to hand. Even practicing with a tennis ball at home gives the same result. Once you are confident with your delivery, it means that this is one less thing to think about; therefore you can apply more thought to your line & length. If possible try to make time to hold your bowl every day & practice a delivery without releasing the bowl. This gives you a good indication of the weight of your bowl. Practice for your line first before worrying about weight and once confident start on a minimum length as it is always easier to put on weight than take it off. (Just ask anyone who is on a diet.) Mal Horne Coach You have the right to look down on people only when you are helping them to get up.


Theo’s Nursery and Garden Centre Old Gympie Road Kallangur Ph: 3204 5490 __________________________________________ Potters Paint Place 14 Dixon St Strathpine Ph: 3881 0688 _________________________________________ Seasons Supported Living Anzac Avenue Kallangur Ph: 1300 506 116 _________________________________________ Kenton Ross Funerals 1185 Anzac Avenue Kallangur Ph: 1800 855 155 or 3285 5155


Oh well, we didn’t win a flag but we gave it a good try Look out next year. 27

Trading Hours Excluding Bowls’ Days Monday







8.30am------- 6pm


11am------ 10pm


10am-------- 7pm


11am-------- 6pm

The Club may open or close at Different times at the Management’s discretion


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