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About us : We are Purveyors of the finest vehicle support equipment in the world. This company is privately owned; by a combat veteran of the Korean war and is small business classified. We sell only goods made in U.S.A., Canada and nato affiliated companies. We do not sell Chinese, Korean or goods made in any Asian country!! Be assured the money you spend with us remains within the United States of America. We are distributors of TOP QUALITY American, Canadian, German, Italian & Swiss made products since 1959. Visit us at:

Products: Hoists and Lifts :  MAHA MCL Heavy Duty Mobile Lifting System  MAHA Twin 7000 Hydraulic Double Scissor Lift  MAHA Twin 7000 Hydraulic Double Scissor Lift MAHA 16,000 & 18,000 lbs Capacity, Battery Powered Mobile Column Lifts  Werther Saturnus 45  Werther Stratos SR/M Lift  Werther Stratos S39 Lift  Werther Saturnus 50  Werther Hi-9 Lift  Werther Duplex Lift

Products: Hoists and Lifts :  NUSSBAUM Sprinter Mid-Rise Lift  NUSSBAUM Jumbo NT Double Scissor Lift  Nussbaum Uni Lift 8000  Nussbaum QL 8000  Nussbaum SPL 9000  Nussbaum Axel Jack  Hydraulic Low Rise Portable Lift  Two-Post Lift PK16

Products: Steam/Pressure Washer and Steam Equipment              

Jenny 1530-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Jenny 2040-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Jenny 1550-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Jenny 1530-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Jenny 1223-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Jenny 753-C : Oil Fired Combination Unit Steam Cleaner Davey Air Compressors Jenny Gas Engine Cold Pressure Washers Jenny Gas Engine Hot Pressure Washers Tufoil for Engines Sportsman Multi-Function Ratchet The Teluminator : Carica TK 20/20 TECO36 Special Deluxe all vehicle tire changer

Products: Ventilation/Air  enny Explosion Proof Fans: With Variable Speed  Jenny Direct Drive Ventilation Units  enny 24" Tube Axial Units: Fully assembled. Ready to operate.  Jenny Portable Ejector Ventilation Unit  Jenny Belt Drive Ventilation Units  Jenny Accessories  Absolute Air Fan  Hurricane™ Ventilator  Altra-Air Ceiling Fan  Vornado Wicks

Products: Earth Friendly:  Guard Shack/Security Booths  Flitz Premium Polish Paste  Tufoil for Engines: "The World's Most Efficient Lubricant

Vehicle Tire Changers • TECO20 Semiautomatic Tire Changer makes it smooth and easier for professional tire changers. This tire changer is made to handle motorcycle, turf, scooter and go-kart wheels. Can handle tires with rim size 5” to 23”. Our tire changers are suitable for garage or automobile shop. Contact Bowlin Enterprises International and request a quote today.

Steam Cleaners Jenny USA

• Bowlin Enterprises International is a proud distributor of Jenny products including Jenny steam cleaners for USA. For over 70 years, Jenny has been at the forefront of aqueous cleaning. Select a Jenny steam cleaner from our wide range of combination units, oil fired units, gas fired units and all electric combo units. Book your order now on our toll free number.

Wind Powered Roof Ventilators

• Bowlin Enterprises International is the one of the largest distributor of high quality ventilation products including wind driven Hurricane Turbine Ventilator. This industrial passive wind driven turbine ventilator requires no electricity. Designed to withstand any adverse weather condition. These innovative and energy efficient ventilation systems are alternative to traditional industrial ventilators.

Portable Guard Shacks • Bowlin Enterprises International provides modular and portable guard house / shacks at affordable prices. These weather proof security booths can be installed inside or outside of a building. Can be modified to include tinted glass, bullet proof resistant, spotlights, cameras, intercom systems and any security equipment. Check out booth's materials and specification before placing your order.

For More Details : Visit us at: • ORDER DESK: 800-597-4625 FAX: 800-255108

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