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The Danish Bowling Federation, Idraettens Hus, DK-2605 Brondby, +45 43262211 (phone), +45 43262216 (fax)

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Delagates of the day As a result of the referees among the lanes and a number of skilled Danish Officials we will propose, that no officials from the federations will be involved as delegates of the day.

Equipment Please notice, that it is not allowed to remo ve the bowlingballs from the centre, after they have been controlled. Likewise eventual new balls, ment to be used in the championship after the control has taken place, must be controlled before use.

Postal trays for each federation Outside the Secretariat you will find a postal tray for each nation, in which we will place information for the officials (for example printouts of the scoring system after each event). Please empty your tray at interval s during each day.

Press In the pressroom you can use the telephone, ask to have a fax transmitted or use a-phone line with your modem in your laptorp. There will be no charge for the use ofthe communication equipment. The pressrom will only be open for members ofthe press.

Bustransportation and extra service Bustransportation consists of one or two busses, used in the pre-scheduled plan (please notice information earlier in the material) as well as a minibus primarily used for transportation if needed. If you'd need an extra transportation back to the hotel from the centre - beside the known schedule oftransportation - you are allowed to use the minibus for this purpose. We will thus try to get some people together before departure. If you like to use the minibus - please make an enquiry to the Information

Extra tickets for the vietory banquet y ou can buy extra tickets for the banquet at the Information at a price of 200, - DKK. The tickets must be bought before Thuersday the

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Profile for Bowleren

European Cup Individuals, Odense - (1998)  

European Cup Individuals, Odense - (1998)  

Profile for bowleren