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1998 / Information

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16. General information The Organization during ECI 1998 • The Organizing Committee • Secretariat • Results • Information and equipment • Referees • Bustransportation and -service • Press • Technical Committee • Jury of Appeal

Conditions at and around the playing ground Before the start of each event, a block of an event or a final-event there will be 5 minutes ofpractising. We ask the players and coaches to take notice ofthis. Before practising, at the end of practising and at the start you will be given notice by loudspeakers. After the end of a game, we ask the players and coaches to remain by the lane, where the game has just ended until you hear the whistle. After the whistle, all players and coaches must change lanes at the same time. There will be another whistle, when the next game is to start. Each player has a score-sheet for all her/his games. The player's coach must fill in the score-sheet after each game with the result ofthe game.

Services from Referees The group of referies watch over the activities on the lanes and will be close by to assist players and coaches, if pins are to be risen or if there are problems of any kind concerning the play.

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Profile for Bowleren

European Cup Individuals, Odense - (1998)  

European Cup Individuals, Odense - (1998)  

Profile for bowleren