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WELLCOME On behalf of the city of Aalborg I wellcome all participants and supporters to Aalborg for the European Gold Cup 1996 for bowlers. All the players have qualified in their own countries to reach the European final, and as only one woman and one man participate from each country, it will - without a doubt - give the spectators the possibility of seeing the absolute best bowlingplayers in a championship of this kind. With its 160.000 citizens Aalborg is the 4th largest city in Denmark, and if it is possible for you to leave the bowling center for a couple of hours, Aalborg ean give you many good memories. I would like to mention that Aalborg has some very exiting museums such as the Vikingmuseum at Lindholm Høje (situated close to the bowling center) and the Art Museum of Nordjylland. If you just need a walk and some fresh air, the heart of Aalborg has a couple of small pedestrian streets and several historicai buildings. Furthermore there are squares, cafes and cosy open places close to the pedestrian precint. The city of Aalborg it well known for doing a lot for sports. During the later years we have honoured many champions for their fine results. Lastyear, for instance, we were able to celebrate the national championship with our Superliga-team in football, MB. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the local organization for being the host of the European Gold Cup. It is always nice to see, that a local organization is able to manage a large international event, where about 20 European nations participate. Finally I wish all the bowlingplayers good luck for the championships. Kaj KjÌr Mayor, City of Aalborg

Velkommen til lidt jysk fornuft ej JYS KE BAN K EUROPEAN FINAL - 1996

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European Gold Cup Aalborg - (1996)  

European Gold Cup Aalborg - (1996)  

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