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PREFACE By Kai Holm, President, National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark This year, the Danish Sports Confederation celebrates its centenary, - It was one hundred years ago that Mr. Eugen Stahl Schmidt, founder of the Danish Sports Confederation, took the initiative to form the sports confederation at a meeting at the Copenhagen restaurant "Søpavillionen", Prior to the meeting he had, together with a group of persons interested in sport, worked at drawing up uniform amateur rules for othletes. At the formation in 1896, the Danish Sports Confederation represented ten different sports and a membership of about 3,000, Since then, development has been fast, and today the Danish Sports Confederation is the central organization of 57 national sports federations with nearly 11,000 sports clubs comprizing app, 1,5 million active rnernbers, At the same time the Danish Sports Confederation is National Olympic Committee for Denmark and responsible for Denmarks participation in Olympic Games, The centenary is celebrated nationwide all through 1996 with a wide range of sports activities, cultural events, and conferences which will place sport in a histo-rical context, and at which visions for the future will be dlscussed. The activities aim at elite as well as mass sport, veterans, children, and young, and at organi-zed as well as nonorganized sports people. The Bowling Gold Cup Final is one of the many exiting events which are part of the centennial celebrations and thus contribute to the constant and almost unbroken growth that the Danish Sports Confederation has experienced through its one hundred years of existence, The Danish Sports Confederation gives physical activity, experiences, competi-tion, and the sense of social community pride of plcce. These are the qualities that we hope to experience at the Bowling Gold Cup Final 1996, We wish the Danish Bowling Federation a successful event, Have a good time all through the centennial year!

1896 Danmarks IdrĂŚts-Forbund 1996


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European Gold Cup Aalborg - (1996)  

European Gold Cup Aalborg - (1996)  

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