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YOV know how long the visitors have been in Singapore and how much time they spend at the bowling centre when they can reel off the number and kind of flavours served at the two yoghurt and ice-cream stalls. One Australian official, when asked what she wanted from The Country's Best Yoghurt, replied: "Anything. I think they have chocolate, vanilla and peach today."

LATEST UPDATE on the International Writers bowling competition at Superbowl. Swedish reporter Leif took the gold with blistering games of 213, 214 and 228 for a 655 total. Dutchman Tjeerd took the single high-game a ward with his 235 score. The top three bowlers all a vera ged above 200 and one could easily ha ve mistaken many of the reporters to be FIQ competitors practising at Victor's. Now no-one can say they do not know what they are writing about.

TAIWAN may be ahead in the race for medals but former champion bowler Gail !vfartinez is streets ahead In the hunt for pins and souvenirs. Gail, who is helping out in the backroom, has collected 44 pins from the various countries already. She missed out on only four pins because they did not have any,

TRE Danish contingent became the first group of bowlers and supporters to actually sing their national anthem when it was played af ter the medal presentation. It happened when Danish lass Helle Andersen plcked up the gold in the women's A11-Events. No-one quite expected the gusty singing pertormance as quite a few officials were startled enough to jump when the voices filled the alley.

I during the championships and Ma has been the perfect exponent of the sidespin, which is fast catching on in Asia. "Ever since I started bowling when I was 13, I ha ve been throwing the hall this way. I do not know how and where it originated but many people bowl like this in Taiwan," he said. "I don't know how to bowl in a conventlonal way and I've never tried." . No one seems to know exactly when the helicopter spin was invented but it is an accepted fact that it originated in Taiwan. The technique has already won many supporters around Asia and in fact, tour of the Malaysian men and one from China are using the visually spectacular sidespin here. Said Mort Luby Jr, editor of Bowler's Journal: "This style .is very refreshing bepins and the ball will carry the three, six and 10. The three pin will take care of the five and eight pins while the six will carry the nine. "It is more complicated when it hits the 1-2 pocket but the throw has the advantage of striking from either pocket and a greater prohability of a strike even when it hits the head pin. Also there are fewer five pins and corner pins left when the hall does not strike. Ma - former World Games and Asian FIQ masters champion - is not sure of the monetary award he will receive when he returns home but it is expected to be substantial. "1'11 wait and see but one thlng is for sure, I can bowl for free in any bowling alley in Taiwan for a year," said the Taiwanese hero. THOMAS KOH

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Presseklip VM - (1991)  

Presseklip VM - (1991)  

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