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Ortiz's crude delivery sends the pins flying WOMEN'S MASTERS MARIA ORTIZ was in a daze as tears of joy rolled down. She looked as though she was surprised to be leading the 16strong semi-finalists into the final day of the World FIQ championships at Superbowl. Indeed, there were some among those watching who seerned just as surprised that the 36-year-old accountant had taken a 1,790 total pinfall lead alter eight games. Not that they had doubted her ability - atter all this was the World championships - but the Puerto Rican pos-

sessed a delivery style which is far from elegant. Yet when the ball hit the pins, it was with ferocious power and the pins fell like dominoes. Canada's Cathenne Willis' delivery attracted more attention for its simplicity and ' grace and could well have been in Ortiz's place today had she been steadier. Sue Cassell is Australia's last hope for a medal. She is lying third on 1,693 pinfalls. . For Ortiz, it would have been a perfect day had she not been awarded a foul throw in the seventh frame of the third game against Malaysia's Lisa Kwan. She had left three pins standing and had just delivered her second shot when the buzzer sounded - Ortiz had crossed the foul line. Stunned momentarily as she froze on the spot, Ortiz was then told to be seated while there was a short discussion between officials, Kwan's technicaI adviser Sid Allen and Puerto Rico coach Mikee Perez. Later Ortiz said the incident had not distracted her. She said: "No, no not bothered by the {oul throw at all. For me, I just bowl, I don't even look at the scores, so I

really don't know how I'm doing. On1y my coach tells roe, you know." FOl" Ameriean Lisa Woods and Japanese Kumiko lnatsu, yesterday was hest forgotten. Woods comes to Singapore with the distinction ot being the first woman in the 30year-old history of the Women's National lntercollegiate Championships to win it twice - and tOl" good measure, the 22-year~ld journalism student achieved the teat back-toback, in 1990and this year. Yesterday, she tound thelines difficult to read and except tor a high game of 226, Woods could not manage better and is now two positions from the bettom with a total ot 1,495 pinfalls. Inatsu, who had won a bronze medal in the AllEvents and is a veteran ot two other World FIQ, tound the strikes a rare occurence. She is in 15th position. LeadlIIr; IICOreø: l M. Ortiz (PR) 1,~ % C. Willis (Can) 1,7'20 J S. Cassell 1,693 4 S.L. Lo (Tai) 1,646 5 M. Webb (US) 1,627 1 H. Andersen (Den) 1,6191 L. Kwan (Mal) 1,6158 A. Larsson (Swe ) 1,610 • S. Yjola (Fin) 1,595 l' T. Kujanen (Fin) 1,59111 A. Dewin (Hol) 1,5591% M. Viol (Fra) 1,552 U R. Stor vold (Nor) 1,519 14 L. Woods (US) 1,495 15 K. lnatsu (Jpn) 1,485 II A. Sa&&-

to (Can) 1,472.

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Presseklip VM - (1991)  

Presseklip VM - (1991)  

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