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owl house 2012

Including views of sussex And work by Painters living in Sussex and kent.

Each year we hold a very informal exhibition at Owl House. This means that the Gallery and Studio are reorganized and cleared up, and that paintings found in dusty corners, are cleaned up and put up on the wall. Often they are tagged at what could be called ‘historically low’ prices. So there are bargains to be had. The exhibition also provides a chance to show works of local interest and this year is particularly strong. There are two watercolours from a Private collection by Robert Thorne Waite RWS and Charles Harrington. Both are scenes of the Sussex countryside a hundred or so years ago. Francis Farmar has painted a watercolour of the Long Man at Wilmington, again from a Private Collection. Then two artists living in Sussex who came to me through the milling throngs at the last Affordable Art Fair—John Hancock with his Oil paintings of the trees and landscapes of Sussex. A happy serendipity as he has only recently turned from his career as a hugely successful Illustrator to his first love of landscape painting. And Jan Irvine with her strong rhythmic drawings of the human figure is another artist, who in my mature years as a sceptical Art Dealer, has managed to rekin-dle that feeling of excitement that we all feel when we see something a bit special. Then there is Fred Bromfield travelling in to the countryside in his tiny car, stacked with easels and paint, which he will unload to set up in front of some far reaching view or glorious Spring flower, and in a few hours of intense concentration, produce a painting full of energy and inspiration. David Fawcett, a man of Tunbridge Wells, married with three boys, a successful Lawyer, and an acute observer of family life through his paintings. The colours and compositions as spot on as the amused titles that he gives his paintings. And Nicholas Gage, owner of Firle Place beneath the South Downs, has very bravely allowed me to show his paintings for the first time. These are painterly and serious images by an artist who never intended them for public show. We are planning a one man show in London later in the year, so this is the only chance of a preview.

And other artists from further afield—Trevor Newton, as inspirational as ever with a new series concentrating on the interiors of classic English rooms. Lincoln Seligman, fresh or maybe a bit jet lagged from his latest artistic triumph in the Far East will be showing paintings and watercolours. Then Judith Kuehne with new exquisite work from her studio in the South of France. And lots of other artists and Paintings. And Sculpture. How can you resist such an invitation ? Nicholas Bowlby. May 2012. Directions from London. Take the M25 motorway. Exit at the M23 and after 10 miles take the exit signed to East Grinstead. Through East Grinstead to Forest Row. Through Forest Row to Nutley (approx 4 miles). Just as you are coming in to Nutley take a sharp left hand turn signposted to Crowborough. Follow this B road across Ashdown Forest for about 3 miles to a staggered crossroads. Turn left then immediately right towards Crowborough. After half a mile turn left at T Junction on A26 towards Crowborough. CARRY ON FOR 100 YARDS STILL ON THE A26 AND WHEN THE HEDGE ON THE LEFT STOPS THE TRACK DOWN TO OWL HOUSE IS IMMEDIATELY AFTER. GO PAST THE THREE SEMI DETACHED COTTAGES ON YOUR LEFT. OWL HOUSE IS THE DETACHED HOUSE AT THE END OF THE TRACK

Front cover:

John Hancock.


Oils on Canvas. 80 x 100 cms. 32 “ x 40”. £4000.

Nicholas Bowlby Invites you to An Informal


Of a Spring Exhibition at Owl House, Poundgate, East Sussex. TN22 4DE On Sunday 20th May 2012 11am until 6pm Cocktails

Friends Welcome Other times by appointment.

Full catalogue is on view at 07831 255691. 01892 667809

Charles Harrington. (1865-1943). ‘Ashdown Forest and the Sussex Weald‟. Watercolours. 26 x 38 cms. 10” x 15”. Signed. £650.

Robert Thorne Waite. R.W.S. (1842-1935). „Feeding the Calves‟. Watercolours. 23 x 36 cms. 9” x 14”. £750.

Henry Nicholas Gage. Lives and paints at Firle in East Sussex. „

„Firle Place, South East Side‟. 2009. Oils on Canvas. 60 x 50 cms. 24” by 20”. £4500. „Still Life with Famous Grouse‟ 2004. Oils on Canvas. 43 x 54 cms. 17” x 21”. £3500.

Francis Farmar.

„The Long man of Wilmington‟. 51 x 51 cms. 20” x 20”. Watercolours. £1850.

Francis Farmar was born in 1948 and brought up in Surrey. Drawing and painting was a passionate inter-est from an early age. Educated at Eton College (1961-66), he won the school Drawing Prize. He trained in Florence at Simi's Academy before going to St Martin's School of Art, London and the West of England College of Art Bristol.

The Artist gives a contemporary flavour to 'prospect' pictures, a tradi-tion which stretches back to the sev-enteenth century, appearing to fly above the landscape .

Judith Kuehne first studied painting under Gerald L Brockhurst RA and subsequently at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Since 1991 her studio and home have been in the Languedoc-Rousillon, in southern France. „Bowl‟. Oils on Canvas. 20 x 32 cms. 8” x 12.5”. £650.

Trevor Newton was born in Lancashire in 1959. He studied History of Art at Cambridge Univer-sity and later became the first full-time teacher of the subject at Eton College. His work has been commissioned, exhibited and sold by Christie’s, published by the Oxford University Press and has appeared in publications as diverse as: Country Life, Harpers & Queen, The Independent on Sun-day, The Literary Review and The Bookplate Col-lector‟s Quarterly.

„A Country Drawing room in Northamptonshire‟. Mixed Media. 31 x 22 cms. 12” by 9”. £550 „St Paul‟s Cathedral‟. Mixed Media. 57 x 42 cms. 22” x 16”. £750

„Burlington Arcade‟. Mixed media. 36 x 28 cms. 14” x 11”. £650.

Kate Osborne works very freely in watercolour, with the minimum of an unpremeditated

compositional drawing; this gives the paintings look, which attempts to express the beautiful but transitory nature of the subject matter.

‘chicken Sampler‟. Watercolours. 50x 65 cms. 20” x 25”. £850.

John Hancock. „Pigs‟. Oils on Canvas. 56 x 64 cms. 22.5” by 25”. £4000. Born in Plymouth, John Hancock attended Brigh-ton Art College in the 80s and went on to work as a freelance illustrator for the next 30 years. In recent years it has been the landscape which has inspired him and it has brought about a change of approach. Without the need for so much detail, he has be-gun to use a palette knife and a lot more paint to explore his love of trees and the English land-scape.


„Nude Study‟ . Mixed Media. JAN IRVINE. „Turning Figure‟. Mixed Media. 50 x 40 cms. 20” x 16”. £850. 50 x 40 cms. 20” x 16”. £850. Jan Irvine lives in Sussex and specializes in drawing the human body, capturing all its beauty and subtlety with her fluid line.

Alexander James.

‘Dutch Master Series’. 59 x 42 cms. 23” x 16”. £750.

Flowers photographed under water, signed and numbered by the artist. No cropping and no post production either digital or traditional.3/10.

Fred Bromfield. „ Towards Bough Beech‟‟. 24” 18”. £850

Fred Bromfield lives in Kent and his paintings are all ‘en plein air

Lincoln Seligman

was born in 1950 and edu-cated at Balliol College, Ox-ford. He is a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. He is a past selector for the Discerning Eye and has es-tablished the annual Artist's Prize.

‘Green Jade Egg‟ Acrylics on Canvas. 60 x 60 cms. 24” x 24”. £3000.

David Fawcett. ‘Dad trying to get me in to Fishing’.

Acrylics on Board. 60 x 76 cms. 24” x 30”. £850.

David Fawcett lives in Kent and his paintings provide an acute and amusing window in to the everyday intricacies of Family life. 00 44 1892 667809 07831 255691

Augustus John OM


‘The Amorous Tramp’ 16 x 16 cms. 6” x 6”. Etching published in 1919. Signed in pencil. £1250

Spring Exhibtion 2012