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Module 2: Design Week 3-5 Semester 2, 2013 By: Bow, Jason and Leeson

Personal Space: “Personal space refers to an area with invisible boundaries surrounding a person's body into which intruders may not comel.� Some people claim that they can visualise or feel the aura or color around human bodies. Some people are more aware of their personal space than others. Also, people react differently to different kinds of people they know. When personal space is invaded, we often move away or tell or threaten the others to not come closer.

Learning from animals and theory of color:

Peruphasma schultei

Wings in action: suddenly displaying brightly coloured wings

Red is a very powerful colour and is one of the most visible colours in the spectrum. It gives a perception of anger, aggression and strength. It also has the property of grabbing our attention straight away, hence it is used in traffic lights and stop signs. It also activates the “fight or flight� instinct. Insects such as a stick insect has a Deimatic behaviour which is also known as a threatening and defending behaviour. When it is invaded by a potential predator, it suddenly reveals its hidden wings which are brightly coloured. In doing so will momentarily distract or scare off the predator, giving a chance for the prey to flee.

Inspiration: This dress is designed by Ying Gao. “The Walking City dress 1 is hypersensitive to its immediate environment. It reacts to the viewer’s presence by means of a motion detector connected to a pneumatic system. When the piece is filled with air, the fabric origami contract and expand, like a fragile form of protection.” It is as if this ready to wear dress can breath like a human. It pumps and breathing movement is from pneumatic pumps which are hidden inside the dress. This dress shows how inflatable system is merged with panel and fold system.

Origami Flower Folding: I have experimented many origami foldings to acquire inspirations for the final model. I found out that this lotus flower origami can open and close. This gave me an inspiration of adding an open inflatable system inside. When the balloon inside is inflated, the ballon itself will expand and so opening the flower petals.

Merging systems: Panel and Fold, Inflatable and Skin and Bones systems

Previous Design: Panel and Fold and Inflatable Systems

Prototype Model: Front Back

Rhino Models: Showing when the flower petals are opened and closed. Balloons are hidden inside, when they are inflated, they will push the flower petals outwards causing the colour red inside to show. Straws are attached to the balloons, they must be manually blown up by the wearer.


Week 5 presss  
Week 5 presss