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Audition Process

Mission Statement

All students will do a voice check that will help to determine placement in the proper voice part and ensemble.

Activity Fees The activity fee allows for the Choral Department to pay for accompanists and take care of various monetary needs that are not covered through the school budget.

The Bowie High School Choral Department is committed to strengthening the vocal student in mind and soul through vigorous rehearsal, challenging repertoire, and meaningful relationships.

This fee also pays for T-shirt for informal concerts and spirit days, as well as the rental of the Choir Dress or Tuxedo for formal events. Activity Fee is set at $50.00, and is due within the first two weeks of school.


Private Lessons We encourage our choir students to gain additional knowledge and training through the AMEP Private Voice Lessons. Private lessons will help to strengthen student ability and confidence in singing, which in turn also helps this organization grow and strengthen. Weekly lessons are currently set at $16.00 per lesson, paid at the first lesson of each month. If you are interested in Private Voice Lessons, please fill out the AMEP Private Lesson page located in the Bowie High School Choral Department Handbook. The handbook can be downloaded at

Bowie High School Choral Department Jermaine Lobaugh, Director of Choral Activities

Fund Raisers Students are expected to aid in fund raisers throughout

Stanley Moody, Asst. Director of Choirs 2101 Highbank Arlington, TX 76018

the year to supplement the activity fund. Office: 817-330-4281 E-mail:

Jermaine Lobaugh Director of Choral Activities Stanley Moody Asst. Director of Choirs Office: 817-330-4281 Email:

Bowi e H i gh Sch ool Choral Dep ar tmen t The Bowie Choral Department is a growing and

Melodia (A Day/1st)

form repertoire from all musical periods. Chorale

Bowie High School. Currently, there are six choirs

A non-auditioned choir made of 9-12 grade wom-

ity to remain in the choir. This choir will perform

for all singers, ranging from beginner to experienced

en, Melodia will focus on the basics of sight-

at UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest and are

Our primary goal and objective in the

reading, harmony, breathing, musicianship, choral tech-

required to perform at all Choir Concerts through-

Choral Department is to engage and enrich the stu-

nique and music etiquette. This choir may perform at

out the year. As opportunities arise, this group will

dents in the program through music.

Music is an

UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest if eligible and are

also perform outside of regular concert venues, and

emotion, and it is our desire in the department to

required to perform at all Choir Concerts throughout

all members are required to participate in all con-

guide students in understanding how to express that

the year.

certs. Additional rehearsals outside of school time

strengthening organization open to all students at


emotion through proper technique, sight reading, and concert experiences. Music is kinetic—a whole body experience. We will rehearse in a variety of places, through a variety of activities, and in a variety of ways. Through this, we strive to build a team of musicians that will do more than simply sing songs—they will engage themselves in music. Whether the students’ plan involves a future in music, or they simply wish to have an outlet to share their talents, the student will understand the importance of teamwork

Camerata (A Day/2nd) Camerata is an auditioned women’s chorus made of 9-12 grade students. The women of Camerata

expected of all members.

Volunteer Voices (A Day/6th) This highly select ensemble is an auditioned

performance and competition. Camerata will perform at

group of 7-15 students. They are expected

UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest and must remain

to be self-motiviated, self-directed students that will

eligible by passing all classes through the year.

take initiative to create unique and exciting a cappella repertoire from current and past “pop” music

Chanson (A Day/3rd)

being placed on a person, but rather the status of

This choir is an auditioned choir made up of 9-12

“choir” being placed on the entire community of

grade women. This choir will perform repertoire

singers. The following pages will give an overview of

from all musical periods. As an advanced level choir,

each group, and their identity in the Choral Depart-

Chanson is expected to maintain academic eligibility to

ment. If you have questions about any of the infor-

remain in the ensemble. This choir will perform at UIL

mation in this brochure, or if you need answers to

Concert & Sight Reading Contest and are required to

something not mentioned, you may contact us

perform at all Choir Concerts throughout the year. As

through e-mail at, call 817-

opportunities arise, this group may also perform outside

330-4281, or through the Bowie Choral Department

of regular concert venues, and all members are required to participate in all concerts.

sources. The Voices are the face of the Bowie Choral Department and are expected to maintain excellence in behavior, attitude, and academic eligibility. They will perform extensively outside of regular Choir Concerts, and are expected to prepare and rehearse outside of class time.

Evocatus (B Day/8th) The voice of the men of Bowie High, Evocatus is open to all male students who have a desire to sing. We will focus on the basics of sightreading, harmony, breathing, musicianship, choral


Bowie Chorale (B Day/7th)

Jermaine Lobaugh, Director of Choirs

The Bowie Choral is an auditioned ensemble

Stanley Moody, Asst. Director of Choirs

are part of this class, and personal rehearsal time is

focus on continuing to build their musicianship through

to reach a common goal, without the status of “star”

Website, at

members are expected to maintain academic eligibil-

made of 10-12 grade men and women that are experienced singers and musicians. This choir will per-

technique and music etiquette. This choir will perform at UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest, and are required to perform at all Choir Concerts throughout the year.

Bowie Choir Brochure  

Bowie Choir Brochure