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How the Single, Eligible Man Finds His Perfect Partner on a Tight Schedule In today’s fast- paced world, the odds appear to be stacked against the hard working, professional man finding the perfect partner. Hayley & Natalie Bystram, co-founders of Bowes-Lyon Partnership the UK’s exclusive introduction company, hear time and time again that living in a bustling city does nothing for your love life. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it appears the larger the city, the harder it is to find the love of your life. With over 15 million singles in the UK alone, why is it such a challenge to find ‘the one’? According to Hayley Bystram, one half of the sister team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, the reason is simple: “As you get older, social networks become smaller and you have to maximise your opportunities to find a partner. Once you’ve exhausted being introduced to ‘friends of friends’, it’s difficult to know where to look next.” Online dating seems the easiest and cheapest option but it can be a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. In order to find someone with even a hint of compatibility means hours of trawling through ambiguous profiles. The haphazard and time-consuming approach of online dating means more and more single, eligible men are turning to introduction companies that offer a more personal, bespoke and efficient service. According to Natalie Bystram, the other half of the sister team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership: “Joining the right introduction company means that you will be meeting people who have already been interviewed on your behalf and are a strong match with your preferences and criteria.” With over a 70% success rate, employing the services of Bowes-Lyon Partnership can be viewed as an investment in the future. It greatly increases the chances of finding a suitable partner while reducing the time and effort involved. For further information on Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd. Please contact Hayley & Natalie Bystram (Directors) at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership offices on T: 020 7152 601 E: Bowes-Lyon Partnership has been established for 2 years and is the exclusive, international introductions company, specialising in bringing together successful and like-minded individuals. Spanning a vast diversity of professions and backgrounds, our members are all accomplished and motivated individuals, who benefit from the tailored approach offered at Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

How The Single, Eligible Man Finds a Partner on a Tight Schedule  

Methods of dating for busy professional men

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