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hope this mailing finds you well and in the midst of a successful semester. We at the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law are excited about the challenges and opportunities that a new school year presents. I have the honor to serve as the Associate Dean for Faculty Development to a diverse group of scholars whose ideas are exciting and important. Like Arkansas’s state gem, the diamond, the Bowen School of Law sparkles with many facets of scholarly talent. It is a pleasure to work with such a group of dedicated scholars who have a broad array of interests and interdisciplinary focuses. From a national perspective, this might be tough to see, but once one focuses attention on the individual facets of our faculty’s scholarly achievements, their talent shines. Through this brochure, I hope to introduce you to my colleagues and give you a glimpse of their more recent scholarly achievements. My colleagues have a wide range of interests, and a brief glance at the nature of their writing gives you a sense of its breadth and depth. From domestic law, including issues of particular relevance to Arkansas, to international law, the breadth of knowledge in our building is amazing. From theory to practitioner and student-focused work, the work of my colleagues has something to offer many legal communities. As you can imagine, I am very proud of our scholarly accomplishments thus far, but this is only beginning. Our faculty is on the rise. I hope you will join me in engaging their ideas.

Theresa M. Beiner

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Nadine Baum Distinguished Professor of Law


access to justice... public service... professionalism in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas’ capital city

UALR William H. Bowen School of Law Faculty Scholarly Works 2005-2010 Adjoa Artis Aiyetoro

Historic and Modern Social Movements for Reparations: The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) and Its Antecedents, 16 Tex. Wes. L. Rev. 687 (2010) (with Adrienne D. Davis). Can We Talk? How Triggers for Unconscious Racism Strengthen the Importance of Dialogue, 22 Natl. Black L.J. 1 (2009). Truth Matters: A Call for the American Bar Association to Acknowledge Its Past and Make Reparations to African Descendants, 18 Geo. Mason U. Civ. Rights L.J. 51 (2007).

Coleen M. Barger

ALWD Companion: A Citation Practice Book (Aspen Publishers 2010). Arkansas Legal Research (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research Series 2007).

Theresa M. Beiner

Not All Lawyers are Equal: Difficulties that Plague Women and Women of Color, 58 Syracuse L. Rev. 317 (2008). Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women: Comforting Insights into What Should Be Obvious (But May Not Necessarily Be So), 19 Yale J. L. & Feminism 533 (2008). Diversity on the Bench and the Quest for Justice for All, 33 Ohio N. U. L. Rev. 481 (2007). Insights into the Woes of a Profession, 20 Geo. J. Leg. Ethics 101 (2007) (reviewing A Profession Fails Its Creative Minds). Sexy Dressing Revisited: Does Target Dress Play a Part in Sexual Harassment Cases?, 14 Duke J. Gender L. & Policy 125 (2007). When an Individual Finds Herself to be the Victim of Sex Discrimination, in Sex Discrimination in the Workplace: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Blackwell Publg. 2007) (with Maureen O’Connor ). Female Judging, 36 U. Toledo L. Rev. 821 (2005). How the Contentious Nature of Federal Judicial Appointments Affects “Diversity” on the Bench, 39 U. Rich. L. Rev. 849 (2005). Take What You Can, Give Nothing Back: Judicial Estoppel, Employment Discrimination, Bankruptcy, and Piracy in the Courts, 60 U. Miami L. Rev. 1 (2005) (with Robert B. Chapman). Gender Myths v. Working Realities: Using Social Science to Reformulate Sexual Harrassment Law (NYU Press 2005).

Jessie W. Burchfield

AALL Annual Meetings: An Annotated Index of the Recordings (Rothman, AALL Publications Series No. 32, updated annually) (with Susan Goldner 2006-2008).

John M. A. DiPippa

The Counselor-at-Law: A Collaborative Approach to Client Interviewing and Counseling (2d ed., LexisNexis/Matthew Bender 2006) (with Robert F. Cochran, Jr. and Martha M. Peters). Regulating Food Advertisements: Some First Amendment Issues, 28 UALR L. Rev. 413 (2006).

A. Felecia Epps

The Obama Effect: A Pipeline Issue, 1 Faulkner L. Rev. 239 (2010). The Right Responsibility: Does the Right to Procreate Include the Responsibility to Parent? 34 Ohio N. U. L. Rev. 85 (2008). Unacceptable Collateral Damage: The Danger of Probation Conditions Restricting the Right to Have Children, 38 Creighton L. Rev. 611 (2005).

Frances S. Fendler

Private Placements and Limited Offerings of Securities: A Guide for the Arkansas Practitioner (forthcoming 2010).

Losing Faith: Limited Liability Companies in Arkansas and the Fiduciary Duties of Loyalties and Good Faith, 31 UALR L. Rev. 245 (2009). Municipal Bonds as “Non-Securities”: Financial Security Assurance, Inc. v. Stephens, Inc., 500 F.3d 1276 (11th Cir. 2007), 36 Sec. Reg. L.J. 2 (2008). A License to Lie, Cheat, and Steal?: Restriction or Elimination of Fiduciary Duties in Arkansas Limited Liability Companies, 60 Ark. L. Rev. 643 (2007).

Michael Flannery

Considering Post-Death Events in Valuing Deductions for Claims Against the Estate Under Internal Revenue Code 2053(a)(3), 2010 Emerging Issues 5089 (LexisNexis June 2010). The Fiduciary Exception to Attorney Client Privilege in Cases Involving Native American Trusts, 2010 Emerging Issues 5176 (LexisNexis June 2010). Let No Bad Deed Go Rewarded: The Case of In re R.W., LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (April 2009). Adult Adoption, LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (July 2009). The Appointment of Probate Administrators and Estate of Garrett, LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (July 2009). Equating Marital and Probate Interests Through the Elective Share, 2009 Emerging Issues 4191 (LexisNexis August 2009). Special Accounting Issues for All Living Trusts under the Uniform Principal and Income Act, 2009 Emerging Issues 4336 (LexisNexis September 2009). Prudent Investment of Trusts: Cases and Materials (Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook Series 2009) (with Raymond C. O’Brien). Living Trusts: Forms and Practice (Matthew Bender 2009-2010) (revision author). The Division of Assets Owned by Decedents Who Were Engaged in a “Committed Intimate” Relationship: Oliver v. Fowler, LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (April 2008). Revoking a Valid Will, Even When the Revocation Frustrates the Clearly-Established Intent of the Testator: Langston v. Langston (Ark.), LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (April 2008). The Intestacy Rights of a Child Created as an Embryo by In Vitro Fertilization During the Parents’ Marriage, but Who Is Implanted in the Mother’s Womb After the Father’s Death: Finley v. Astrue (Ark. 2008), LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (May 2008). State Bar of California Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct, Formal Opinion No. 2007-173, LexisNexis Expert Commentaries (May 2008). Military Disability Election and the Distribution of Marital Property Upon Divorce, 56 Cath. U. L. Rev. 297 (2007). Decedents’ Estates: Cases and Materials (Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook Series 2006) (with Raymond C. O’Brien). The Use of Hair Analysis to Test Children for Exposure to Methamphetamine, 10 Mich. St. J. Med. & L. 143 (2006) (with Jerry Jones et al.).

Kathryn C. Fitzhugh

Using Legislative History in Arkansas to Determine Legislative Intent: An Examination of Cases and Review of the Sources, 32 UALR L. Rev. 285 (2010) (with Melissa M. Serfass). Moses Aaron Clark, in Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture,

Lynn Foster

Arkansas Probate & Estate Administration (West Arkansas Practice Series 2010) (with G.S. Brant Perkins and S. Renee Brida). Fifty-One Flowers: Post-Perpetuities War Law and Arkansas’s Adoption of USRAP, 29 UALR L. Rev. 411 (2007). The Arkansas Trust Code: Good Law for Arkansas, 27 UALR L. Rev. 191 (2005). Courts and Lawyers on the Arkansas Frontier, in A Whole Country in Commotion: The Louisiana Purchase and the American Southwest (Patrick G. Williams et al. eds., U. Arkansas Press 2005). Ed., Arkansas Real Estate Review and Arkansas Probate and Trust Law Review (online publications available to members of the Arkansas Bar Association’s Real Estate and Probate Sections).

Kenneth S. Gallant

The Principle of Legality in International and Comparative Criminal Law (Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law 2008). The International Criminal Court, in Defense in International Criminal Proceedings: Cases, Materials and Commentary (Transnational Publishers 2006). La Lutte Contre la Criminalite en Droit Federal Americain (Etats-Unis, in Nouvelles Methodes de Lutte Contre la Criminalite: La Normalization de L’exception: Etude de Droit Compare (Belgique, EtatsUnis, Italie, Pays-Bas, Allemagne, France) (Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2006) (with Catherine Denis and Cecile Mathieu).

W. Dent Gitchel

Trial Advocacy Basics (National Institute for Trial Advocacy 2006) (with Molly Townes O’Brien).

Susan D. Goldner

TSLL 30-Year Index, Technical Services Law Librarian (2007) (with Virginia Bryant). AALL Annual Meetings: An Annotated Index of the Recordings (Rothman, AALL Publications Series No. 32, updated annually) (with Frank G. Houdek 1989-2005, with Jessie Burchfield 2006-2008).

Sarah Howard Jenkins

Application of the U.C.C. to Nonpayment Virtual Assets or Digital Art, 11 Duquesne Bus. L. J. 245 (2009). Forward: Symposium - The Private Ordering of Contractual Relations: Contracting Out of the UCC, 40 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 1 (2006). Contracting Out of Article 2: Minimizing the Obligation of Performance & Liability for Breach, 40 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 401 (2006). Arkansas Sales Law: The Shifting Landscape, 57 Ark. L. Rev. 835 (2005).

Philip D. Oliver

Increasing the Size of the Court as a Partial but Clearly Constitutional Alternative, in Reforming the Court: Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices (Roger C. Cramton & Paul D. Carrington eds., Carolina Academic Press 2006). Tax Policy: Reading & Materials (3d. ed., Foundation Press University Casebook Series forthcoming 2011).

Ranko Shiraki Oliver

In the Twelve Years of NAFTA, the Treaty Gave to Me . . . What, Exactly?: An Assessment of Economic, Social, and Political Developments in Mexico Since 1994 and Their Impact on Mexican Immigration into the United States, 10 Harv. Latino L. Rev. 53 (2007).

Kelly Browe Olson

Special Issue, Mediation and Conferencing in Child Protection Disputes, 47 Fam. Ct. Rev. 1 (Kelly Browe Olson & Bernie Mayer eds., 2009). Family Group Conferencing and Child Protection Mediation: Essential Tools for Prioritizing Family Engagement in Child Welfare Cases, 47 Fam. Ct. Rev. 53 (2009). Innovations in Family Law Practice (Kelly Browe Olson & Nancy Ver Steegh eds., 2008). Introduction of Special Issue Editors, 46 Fam. Ct. Rev. 434 (2008). Special Issue, Inter-professional Collaborations on Domestic Violence and Family Courts, 46 Fam. Ct. Rev. 434 (Kelly Browe Olson & Nancy Ver Steegh eds., 2008). The Importance of Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques and Processes in the Ethical and Informed Representation of Children, 6 Nev. L.J. 1333 (2006).

Richard J. Peltz

From the Ivory Tower to the Glass House: Access to “De-Identified” Public University Admission Records to Study Affirmative Action, 25 Harv. Blackltr. L.J. 181 (2009).

Global Warming Trend? The Creeping Indulgence of Fair Use in International Copyright Law, 17 Tex. Intell. Prop. L.J. 267 (2009). Fifteen Minutes of Infamy: Privileged Reporting and the Problem of Perpetual Reputational Harm, 34 Ohio N. U. L. Rev. 717 (2008). Preface: Bringing Light to the Halls of Shadow, 9 J. App. Prac. & Process 291 (2007). Access to Judicial Records; Freedom of Information Act; Freedom of Information and Sunshine Laws; Media Access to Judicial Proceedings; United Nations Subcommission on Freedom of Information & the Press, in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Paul Finkelman ed., Routledge 2006). The Arkansas Proposal on Access to Court Records: Upgrading the Common Law with Electronic Freedom of Information Norms, 59 Ark. L. Rev. 555 (2006) (with Joi L. Leonard & Amanda J. Andrews). Arkansas’s Public Records Retention Program: Finding the FOIA’s Absent Partner, 28 UALR L. Rev. 175 (2006). Open Government Guide: Access to Public Records and Meetings in Arkansas (5th ed., Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press 2006) (with John J. Watkins). Tort and Injury Law (3d ed., Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook Series 2006) (with Marshall S. Shapo). Interstate Rendition Clause in Heritage Guide to the Constitution 273 (Edwin Meese II ed., Regnery Publishing 2005). Limited Powers in the Looking-Glass: Otiose Textualism, and an Empirical Analysis of Other Approaches, When Activists in Private Shopping Centers Claim State Constitutional Liberties, 53 Clev. St. L. Rev. 399 (2005-2006). Pieces of PICO: Saving Intellectual Freedom in the Public School Library, 2005 BYU Educ. & L.J. 103.

Melissa M. Serfass

Using Legislative History in Arkansas to Determine Legislative Intent: An Examination of Cases and Review of the Sources, 32 UALR L. Rev. 285 (2010) (with Kathryn C. Fitzhugh).

Joshua M. Silverstein

Overlooking Tort Claimants’ Best Interests: Non-Debtor Releases in Asbestos Bankruptcies, 78 UMKC L. Rev. 1 (2009). Hiding in Plain View: A Neglected Supreme Court Decision Resolves the Debate Over Non-Debtor Releases in Chapter 11 Reorganizations, 23 Emory Bankr. Devs. J. 13 (2006).

Robert Steinbuch

Bonding Justice, 80 Miss. L. J. __ (forthcoming 2010). Don’t Bank on Big Medicine: The Virtue of Specialty Hospitals, 32 UALR L. Rev. 315 (2010). Don’t Tread on My Specialty Hospital, 102 J. Natl. Med. Assn.__ (forthcoming 2010). Further Empirical Insights and Discussion of the Eighth Circuit, 44 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2010). Legal Ethics for Medical Practices: Regulating Restraints of Trade for Physicians, 102 J. Natl. Med. Assn. 246 (April 2010). Healthy Competition:  Getting the Best Hospital Care for Patients, 102 J. Natl. Med. Assn. 491 (June 2010). Justice Denied, 32 Natl. L.J. 34 (August 16, 2010) (with Brett Tolman) (headed the National Law Journal’s list of Most Popular Stories) Placing Profits above Hippocrates:  The Hypocrisy of General Service Hospitals, 32 UALR L. Rev. 315 (2010). That Ain’t Kosher, 33 UALR L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2010) (with Brett Tolman). UNOS Coordinated Organ Sales:  Towards Improving the Health and Welfare of the Historically Underprivileged, 102 J. Natl. Med. Assn. 40 (Jan. 2010). Who Owns Your Genes?, 102 J. Natl. Med. Assn. 836 (Sept. 2010) (with Jonathan Rosen). Cleanliness is Next to G-dliness, 101 J. Natl. Med. Assn. 87 (Jan. 2009). An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Political Party Affiliation on Reversal Rates in the Eighth Circuit for 2008, 43 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 51 (2009). Kidneys, Cash, and Kashrut: A Legal, Economic, and Religious Analysis of Selling Kidneys, 45 Hous. L. Rev. 1529 (2009).

Mere Thieves, 41 Sec. L. Rev. 313 (2009). Outsider Hacking & Insider Trading: “Mere Thieves” Affirmed, S.D.N.Y. Reversed, 37 Sec. Reg. L.J. 344 (2009). Placing Profits Above Hippocrates: The Hypocrisy of General Service Hospitals, 31 UALR L. Rev. 505 (2009). Racist, 25 Harv. Blackltr. L.J. 199 (2009). Why Doctors Shouldn’t Practice Law: the American Medical Association’s Misdiagnosis of Physician Non-Compete Clauses, 74 Mo. L. Rev. 1051 (2009). The Butterfly Effect of Politics Over Principle: The Debate Over the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and the Motherhood Protection Act, 12 Quinnipiac Health L.J. 223 (2008-2009). Dirty Business: Legal Prophylaxis for Nosocomial Infections, 97 Ky. L.J. 505 (2008-2009). Mere Thieves, 67 Md. L. Rev. 570 (2008). The Executive-Internalization Approach to High-Risk Corporate Behavior: Establishing Individual Criminal Liability for the Intentional or Reckless Introduction of Excessively Dangerous Products or Services into the Stream of Commerce, 10 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Policy 321 (2007). Preventing Under-Equipped Medical Facilities from Killing Heart Attack Patients: Correcting Inefficiencies in the Current Regulatory Paradigm for Providing Critical Health Care Services to Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, 17 Health Matrix 17 (2007). Reforming Federal Death Penalty Procedures: Four Modest Proposals to Improve the Administration of the Ultimate Penalty, 40 Ind. L. Rev. 97 (2007). Regulatory Changes for the Treatment of Patients with Heart Attacks, 99 Am. J. Cardiology 1166 (April 15, 2007). Running to the Extremes: Evaluating the Polarization of Contemporary Political Contests (essay), 29 UALR L. Rev.759 (2007). The Value of Incumbency: A Law and Economics Interpretation of Primary Challenges (essay), 29 UALR L. Rev. 341 (2007).

J. Thomas Sullivan

Lethal Discrimination, 26 Harv. J. Racial & Ethnic Justice 69 (2010). Lethal Discrimination 2: Repairing the Remedies for Racial Discrimination in Capital Sentencing, 26 Harv. J. on Racial & Ethnic Just. 113 (2010). Developing a State Constitutional Law Strategy for New Mexico Prosecutions, 39 N.M. L. Rev. 407 (2009). Crawford, Retroactivity, and the Importance of Being Earnest, 92 Marq. L. Rev. 231 (2008). Danforth, Retroactivity, and Federalism, 61 Okla. L. Rev. 425 (2008). The Honorable Judge George Howard, Jr.: A Life of Courage and Civility in the Law, 30 UALR L. Rev. 245 (2008). Ethical and Effective Representation in Arkansas Capital Trials, 60 Ark. L. Rev. 1 (2007). The Clinician as Ethical Role Model in the Criminal Appellate Litigation Clinic, 75 Miss. L.J. 741 (2006). Ethical and Aggressive Appellate Advocacy: Confronting Adverse Authority, 59 U. Miami L. Rev. 341 (2005). The Perils of Online Legal Research: A Caveat for Diligent Counsel, 29 Am. J. Tr. Advoc. 81 (2005). Unpublished Opinions and No Citation Rules in the Trial Courts, 47 Ariz. L. Rev. 419 (2005).

Aaron N. Taylor

“Your Results May Vary”: Protecting Students and Taxpayers through Tighter Regulation of Proprietary School Representations, 62 Admin. L. Rev. 729 (2010). The Quiet Crisis: How Higher Education Is Failing America (book review), 8 Intl. J. Educ. Advancement 252 (2008).

Kelly S. Terry

Externships: A Signature Pedagogy for the Apprenticeship of Professional Identity and Purpose, 59 J. Leg. Educ. 240 (2009). Shifting Out of Neutral: Intelligent Design and the Road to Nonpreferentialism, 18 B.U. Pub. Int. L.J. 67 (2008).

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This document highlights Bowen faculty research since 2005.

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