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The secret is out. On Bowen Island your wedding day will be immersed in natural beauty. A romantic cabin settled in the forest, a bit of meadowland magic, sunset at water’s edge: It’s all here…waiting for you to discover.


Get ready for your big day with a relaxing spa treatment with Bowen Island Beauty Spa! We have everything from massages, manicures and pedicures, facials, full hair salon — perfect for the bride and her bridal party! Bowen Island Beauty Spa offers many different packages.

Come in and customize your own package from our wide selection of specialized European spa treatments.

Artisan Square


The Bowen Island Undercurrent, and this 2011 wedding guide, are by Black Press Group Ltd. All Advertising and news copy content are copyright of the Undercurrent Newspaper. All editorial content submitted to the Undercurrent becomes the property of the publication. The Undercurrent is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, art work and photographs. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada, through the Publications Assistance Program (PAP) toward our mailing costs. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities. PO Box 130, Bowen Island BC, V0N 1G0 Phone: 604.947.2442 Fax: 604.947.0148 editor@bowenisland ads@bowenisland

A perfec pe perfect rfec c ct pla p place l ce fo for f a perfect pe fect day Welcome me to beautiful utiful Bowen B Island! Bowen ferry owen is a 20-minute 0-min ride from Horsesh Horseshoe Bay on the scenic Sea to Sk Sky highway. hway. This quiet, forested island ideal choice d is an id when planning day. ning your wedding dding da In these pages, you will discover vve that Bowen Island has it all. Beautit ful shorelines for the perfect wedding photos. Artistic talent in all of its guises - performers, photographers, designers and creators of one-of-a-kind gifts. Spas to pamper you. Abundant flowers and food. Transportation, hospitality, music, wine, chocolate and a place to rest your weary head before and after the big day - it is all here on the shining jewel of Howe Sound. Thanks are due to Black Press and Lorraine Ashdown for assembling this Wedding Guide. As a resident of Bowen Island for a decade, Lorraine felt the call to let

Lorraine Ashdown photo, Snug Cove

the secret out and tell brides and grooms about the many fabulous resources on Bowen Island and why it is the perfect spot for a wedding. Lorraine is a writer, photographer and event planner on Bowen. Ashdown says, “If it is important for you to be surrounded by beauty on your wedding day; if you want to be able to stand in a sacred space - on a beach, in a meadow or just be sheltered and held in a place of supreme magic - a Bowen wed-

ding is for you.� Feel the draw to beautiful Bowen Island and begin to plan your unique wedding day, never to be forgotten. About our cover... Bowen photographer Claudia Schaefer works with the bride and groom to capture the memories that will last a lifetime. For information on her wedding photography, please see her ad on page 9.

Say I do‌ “ â€? ‌with Howe Sound & Cypress Mountain as the backdrop.

Consider the Union Steamship Marina on Bowen Island for your outdoor wedding. Our venue offers:


� an accessible waterfront location with comfortable guest lodgings � a large manicured lawn that can accommodate events for 50 to 400 people � gorgeous scenery show casing mountains, ocean and west coast forests � on-site wedding coordinator who can link you to all the island’s wedding specialists

L?;E@;MNâ– *OH=Bâ– "CHH?L

 ~ -J?H";SM;5??E ~

Located on Bowen Island, just a short ferry ride from West Vancouver. For more information call 604-947-0707 ext 2 email: or visit Bowen Island Wedding Guide


Food Foo od for thought Cocktails and canapés or a backyard shindig…whatever your choice, there will be cake! Cock The food and drink you serve on your wedding day will be Th y important. mportan very Wh her yo Whether you are having a sit-down meal, a backyard party or a cocktail tail p party, the nourishment you provide your guests needs to be car refu considered. carefully To begin with, you u need to know what feeding and watert Divide your food budget by the number ing everyone will cost. of guests and that should tell you how much you can spend per person on catering. First decide which dining option you want to provide your guests. And regardless of the way in which you choose to feed your guests, you will need to let them eat cake! A sit-down dinner is appropriate if you are hoping to create a more formal meal with a high degree of sophistication. This allows for a set menu and no options for guests. A buffet offers more options and variety. If a buffet is your

choice, you will need lots of room for the caterer to create a tasty spread. A cocktail party will work for those on a tighter budget. Hors d’oeuvres cost less than a full meal as long as you keep the party to under three hours. A backyard shindig is the least expensive option, the most casual and can include friends bringing their own selections to throw on the barbeque. For best results on all of these choices, talk it through with your friendly, locall caterer. Bon appetit! Artisan Eats: 604-947-0190 Bowen Appetit: 604-947-2763 Cocoa West: 604-947-2996 Flour Bakery: 604-925-2101 Snug Café: 604-947-0402

Cocoa West can customize your gourmet chocolate treats.

organic truffles Customized for you, With presentation to fit your style Call Joanne at 604-947-2996

boutique bed+chocolate te Inspiring accommodation on Bowen Island, BC by Cocoa West Chocolatier Perfect for a relaxing get-away or a special gift. 1- or 2-Night Gift Certificates are available. Visit or enquiries to 604-947-2996

4 Bowen Island Wedding Guide

. .

At Alderwood, there’s magic in the air. Expert wedding planners agree that choosing the location of a wedding is the most important planning detail. Once that decision is made, other plans flow out of that choice. When considering a unique wedding day on Bowen Island, Alderwood Farm is an ideal selection. Alderwood is located on five naturally beautiful acres with a covered ceremonial rock garden, tiered, lush patio gardens and many beautiful, personal touches which make it a perfect location for an unforgettable wedding day. At Alderwood Farm you can choose from a variety of wedding packages. A cozy cottage is available for the bride and her party to prepare. A romantic cabin awaits for a quixotic honeymoon. Flowers, food, forest and fun are all on hand and the staff at the farm will look after every tiny detail to make your day run smoothly. You will undoubtedly have many questions. How do I coordinate transpor-

tation to and from the venue? Is there a bus service on Bowen? What do we do if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the big day? What can I plan for my guests to do on the island if they have come for the weekend? The staff at Alderwood will have answers to these and any other concerns you may have. Once you climb the hill to Alderwood and arrive on the peaceful property, you will be amazed how calm and relaxed you feel. And you will be in good hands. For further information and details about specific wedding packages, please contact Jules or Reo at 604-947-9434, email at or visit www.

Bowen Island Wedding Guide


Let music LLe usic be the sound of love Bowen owen Island land and is home to ma man many gifted and diverse musicians. verse musicians Corbin Co Keep is Bowen’s resident residen cellist. solo cello for your Bowen Island Having a so wedding can have a number of advanw edding dd ca ttages. ages. s. One is that the general ambience of a string ng group can be created, at a fraction of the cost. Another is the simplicity and malleability of having a single performer. Repertoire, mood, timing, location can all be adjusted immediately according to the situation as it unfolds. Corbin can also be contracted as a duo, bringing along guitarist Tuen Schut or a trio can be arranged with Corbin, Teun and Holly Burke on vocals and flute. Both classical and jazz styles flow out of these seasoned professionals. If it is a party or dance celebration you desire, Bowen’s five-piece band Taken, will bring you high energy, cover tunes led by the sparkling vocalist Brenda Reid. The band features lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and a fiery harmonica. These are just two examples of musical prowess on Bowen Island. The Island is home to Celtic musicians, classical violinists and pianists, Bluegrass players, country singers, folk singers, small choirs, large

The high-energy music of Taken, a Bowen Island band, will get your guests dancing!

choirs, quartettes, soloists and ensembles. A simple phone call to The Bowen Island Arts Council (604-947-2454) or the

Bowen Island Music Association (604947-2061) will lead you to the doors and studios of these willing artists.

Treasure your perfect day. We specialize in full colour, hard-bound books with images of your wedding. XXXUSVĂľFUSFFQVCMJTIJOHDPNtUFMtFNBJMUSVĂľFUSFFQVCMJTIJOH!HNBJMDPN

6 Bowen Island Wedding Guide

Make it a weekend for everyone While tying the knot will certainly be your first priority on your wedding weekend, there are many things for your friends and family to do if they are feeling adventurous. • Bowen Beauty Spa in Artisan Square is the place to go for relaxation before or on the big day. Brides, bridesmaids and mothers of brides can treat themselves to a variety of experiences from facials to manicures, pedicures, body therapy and more. Visit for more information.

Run, hike, walk - Bowen has fabulous trails all waiting for new explorers. Killarney Lake is a 5 km hike with some steep climbs but mostly very friendly terrain. Mt. Gardner is a more demanding climb. It is an 11 km trek with spectacular views at the summit. Allow a good half-day for this one.

• Heartstone Spa located in Snug Cove just beneath Village Square is another favorite choice for massage, manicures, pedicures and overall pampering and self-love.

More trails and treks can be discovered by visiting Bowen Island Municipality website at

• The Pier, immediately adjacent to the ferry, hosts several hot spots, including kayak rentals. • Fore! The Bowen Island Golf course is a gorgeous nine holes that boasts a view of the ocean at every hole. Very reasonable rates, rentals and a clubhouse make this a “must do on Bowen” experience.

For guests who like to stroll through galleries and shops, Artisan Square is the perfect destination. With its glorious hilltop view of the Howe Sound and coastal snowcapped mountains, Artisan Square has shops where you can find the perfect gift (or perhaps a handcrafted wedding ring by Christie Grace), including fine art at six galleries. Artisan Eats, with its French flair, is the perfect spot for lunch.

It’s not only a bride who can enjoy Bowen’s spas. Your guests can have a relaxing weekend on Bowen too. Maybe they want to hike a forest trail, enjoy a game of golf or kayak along the coast. Claudia Schaefer photo

Bowen Island Wedding Guide


Beauty blossoms with your floral choices

Congratulations! You have decided to get married on Bowen Island. No matter where you have your wedding, you will be surrounded by natural beauty. Many decisions will have to be made as you plan a wedding that speaks to the importance of beauty and nature in your life. This is where a chat with your florist begins. Our florist on Bowen can become a key person who will help you pull the theme of your wedding together. Here are some questions you may want to consider: 1). What colours do you want? A florist can help you start assembling your palette but it is best to go in knowing the three colours that will be predominantly featured in your wedding.

RR1 A-4 Snug Cove Bowen Island B.C. V0N 1G0

(604) 250-2630 or (604) 947-2243 email: web:

2). How will you divide up your floral budget? You will need flowers for the reception, for the wedding party and immediate family, and flowers for the ceremony. The bulk of your funds should be spent on the flowers for the reception, as that is where your guests will see the flowers up close and personal. Flowers for the wedding party are important as well as they will most likely show up in countless photos. 3). What style of flower do you want? If you are having a casual, country wedding you most likely will choose sunflowers over orchids. However, when you meet with your florist, bring dress swatches, tear sheets from magazines with photos of weddings that appeal to you and wedding decorations that resonate with you. Consult Caroline Walker at

Bowen Arrow



559 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island

604 947 2278

Exquisite florals for all occasions. Personalized service and attention to detail.


8 Bowen Island Wedding Guide

A beautiful bride deserves beautiful flowers. Bowen Island Flower Shop can help you decide what’s right for you, and your budget. Photo by Chanelle Walker

Make sure memories last forever “The day was spectacular, but the whole thing went by so fast and it is now just a blurry memory!” That is how many brides, and some grooms, describe their wedding day after the big event has come and gone. To avoid foggy recall, you want to capture the whole day in order to pass it on to your children, friends and family. You will need to make a few decisions before hiring a photographer regarding the style of photography you want. Would you like traditional photos taken or do you want more of a candid, photojournalism style? Do you want black and white? Sepia toned? Would you like still photographs taken along with video coverage? You will want to interview photographers well in advance of your wedding. Expert wedding planners suggest that ten per cent of your wedding budget be spent on photographs. Decide how much you want to spend before you meet with the photographer. Decide also on the type of coverage you would like. You can choose between classic portraits, artistic candid shots or you may want to take an editorial approach, which would be a mixture of both. You will be allowing the photographer to capture some of the most precious and intimate moments of your life so make sure he/she is a person with whom you can absolutely relax and be yourself. Videographers today also do a splendid job of preserving time and place. A good videographer can create a movie of your wedding day and it will be one film that will never leave your shelf. Once you have chosen who will take your photos, the next question is where.

Bowen Island has scores of fabulous outdoor locations to serve as a backdrop for your prized images. There are several popular beaches: September Morn, Bowen Bay and Tunstall Bay are three of the favourites. Bowen also is home to a large, open meadow featuring a horse paddock and many beautiful points of view. Due to the light and accessibility, many Bowen photographer’s fawn over this location. There is also Killarney Lake, the Lagoon, Crippen Park, and the Marina to name a few. Any local photographer will be able to guide you to the some of the most breathtaking scenery and help you establish which spectacular Bowen location is the best for you and your wedding party.

Photographers such as Claudia Schaefer can help you create the mood you want in your wedding photographs.

Bowen Island photographers know some of the best locations on the island for those stunning, memorable shots that will capture the beauty of your special day. Bob Semeniuk took this photo at Tunstall Bay, home of the Tunstall Bay Clubhouse.

Bowen Island Wedding Guide


Bowen shares its friendly hospitality Bowen Island residents are often asked the question, “Is there a hotel on Bowen?” The answer is no. However, there are at least 20 charming bed and breakfast operations. Listings for all of the B&Bs can be found on the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce’s website, If a large wedding is being planned, the B&Bs do tend to fill up quickly so it’s best to plan well in advance. If you have guests who sail, why not suggest that they tie up overnight at the Union Steamship Marina. Its popular new clubhouse includes showers, laundry facilities and WiFi. It is also a good idea to place an ad in the Bowen Island Undercurrent or post ads on Bowen’s local bulletin boards and on the ferry, asking if any folks might be interested in doing a “house exchange.” This means some Bowen folks could head to the city for an urban experience in exchange for supplying their home as space for guest overflow.


582 ArƟsan Square, Bowen Island, BC

Choose a wedding giŌ that is truly unique from a wide selecƟon of painƟngs and drawings by west coast arƟst Gregg Simpson. Open Wednesday to Sunday from Noon to 5 pm Phone: 778 997 9408


10 Bowen Island Wedding Guide

The Union Steamship Marine Resort is a popular destination for sailors and visitors alike. The heritage buildings, which include rental cottages, provide a scenic backdrop to the harbour. (And it’s the scenic location of our cover shot!) Maybe some of your guests want to sail to Bowen and tie up at the marina.

A toast to the bride and groom! Paul Rickett of Bowen Island Wine and Beer Store has some suggestions of what to serve.

Head Table For the Toast Ca’ del Bosco Prestige is 100% chardonnay from Italy made using the same method as champagne. Superb value.

Guests Toast Segura Viudas Cava represents great value and is made in the champagne style.

Table Wines What could say more about a wedding than the wines from BC’s Joie Farm.

Table Wines For the economy-minded wedding the reds and whites from Italy’s Tollo are good value.

<99FG Bowen Island Beer and Wine Under the pub


19KCI@869D@95G98HC<9@D D@5BMCIFK988=B;@=65H=CBG:CF K=B9 699F=B7@I8=B; ?9;G5B8GD=F=HG  (CA5HH9FK<5H MCIF6I8;9H K9 75B:=B8K=B9GHC:=H 3CIF-D97=5@)775G=CB

Free Delivery to Your Wedding Location Bowen Island Wedding Guide


Where shall you say â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Doâ&#x20AC;?? Bowen has a variety of options to choose from depending on what style of wedding you are planning. Alderwood Farm is located on a fiveacre piece of land and is a seven-minute drive from the ferry. See page 5 for details. The views of the ocean and the Sunshine Coast from the Tunstall Bay Clubhouse are stunning. With two spacious decks, a full kitchen, pool and three barbecues, the Clubhouse is an ideal spot for a casual, small- to medium-sized wedding. Email or visit Bowen Island United Church: Also known as The Little Red Church, it is a beloved spot for islanders and visitors. It sits in an old apple orchard and was built in the early 1920s. It is quaint and charming and holds approximately 75 people. Next door sits the equally charming Collins Hall which is available for receptions and gatherings. Contact Reverand Shelagh MacKinnon at theten-

12 Bowen Island Wedding Guide or go to http://www. Cates Hill Chapel: This chapel was designed to bring the outdoors inside with large panes of glass to gaze at the beautiful forest outside and brilliant acoustics. The spacious sacred space holds approximately 150 guests and has ample parking. Contact Louise Ferguson at 604-947-4260 or go to St. Gerards Catholic Church: Nestled in the cozy neighbourhood of Deep Bay, and across from the trails to Killarney Lake, it can hold up to 100 people. Go to

The Little Red Church is a picturesque location for your wedding, as Miranda Holbrook and Sean Clarke will attest.

Meadows, farms and beaches: Bowen Island ample natural venues that are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Contact the Bowen Island Municipality

at 604-947-4255 or visit The Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce can be reached at 604-947-9024 or visit

5 things you need to know about Bowen 1 Bowen Island is just that. It is an island. This means it relies on ferries to

3 Our beaches are fabulous places to swim and frolic in the waves. To make

on Bowen Island until the early eevening. g The bus will pick you up anywh anywhere e along the route.

move people back and forth from Snug Cove to Horseshoe Bay. If you are coming to Bowen from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, BC Ferries insists that you be at the terminal at least ten minutes before sailing time. For a current ferry schedule, visit BC Ferries at When leaving Bowen, the line-ups can be quite intense after a sunny, hot weekend. Be sure to line up at least half an hour before your boat sails. You can get your car in the line-up and then go for a stroll, an ice cream cone or let the dog and kids have one final bathroom stop.

the best of the hot weather, bring an umbrella for shade, water-shoes for the rough patches, plenty of sunscreen and lots of water and food. Most of the beaches are 10 to 15 minutes away from Snug Cove.

Once the bus service shuts e shu uts down for the evening, folks are ar on their own for transportation.

4 Bowen is filled with winding roads, trails and

2 Bowen is a beautiful, hilly island. If you are bringing bikes over for rec-

many forested areas. A map of Bowen Islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roads, trails and popular sites is handy. Maps can be found at Cates Pharmacy in Village Square, The Office at Artisan Square and the visitorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; information cottage next to the library.

reational riding, make sure you are somewhat conditioned or prepared for an uphill workout. The good news is that the downhill ride is very rewarding!

5 There is hourly bus service that meets the ferry

FLOUR Bakeshop

At Flour we bake everything in-house, from scratch, using only the Ă&#x201E;nest ingredients. Call us today to discuss the perfect cake for you. ~ Christine. 6363 Bruce Street in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver www.Ă&#x2026; | 604.925.2101

Personal Chef & Catering


Small Dinners to Big Celebrations We handle everything from menu planning & wine selection to serving & clean up. Bowen Appetit helps you enjoy your party! Dharma Lunde








Getting here is half the fun Spot dolphins and whales as you cross the Howe Sound. Your guestsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; trip to Bowen Island is part of what makes a wedding on Bowen a truly special occasion. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing more romantic than a trip across the water to get everyone in the mood for a day that celebrates love! BC Ferries sails to Bowen nearly every hour of the day. The ferry departs from Horseshoe Bay, a quaint marine village that is surrounded by the mountains of the Sea to Sky highway and the Sunshine Coast. Leave your car on the ferry deck and go up to the spacious lounge where you can meet with friends, or enjoy the gorgeous view from the outdoor observation deck. Keep your eye out for the dolphins and orcas which are known to frequent the Howe Sound. The BC Ferries schedule can be seen at The last ferry off Bowen at night leaves at 10 p.m. sharp.

Cormorant Marine has several water taxis that can take you and your guests across the Howe Sound. You can charter them for any time of day, which reduces your reliance on ferry schedules.

If you and your guests wish to stay on-island longer, you can rely on the friendly water taxi provided by Cormorant Water Taxi. For their full list of services and departure times, go to Cormorant Marine can be reached at 604-250-2630 or 604-947-2243.

There is a TransLink bus service that meets the ferry and transports passengers to various points on the island from the early morning until early evening. For more information on schedules, go to

CAPTURE THE MAGIC OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY! We provide simple and elegant documentary and cinematic style videography for your event. Preserve your precious memories with our signature artistic shooting and editing style. We can customize a package to suit your needs. Please contact us at 778-899-9991 for more information on a detailed assessment.

14 Bowen Island Wedding Guide

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yes, I do weddings.â&#x20AC;?

Robert Semeniuk international photojournalist

We custom design a menu that fits your personality, taste and budget. Whether we host your event at Artisan Eats Café or cater to your Bowen Island location of choice, our team of professionals is ready to make this a delicious event.

Artisan weddings from Artisan Eats

Or fancy a wedding in Tuscany? Tuscany Restaurant – a bustling European–style trattoria in a heritage style house with a lush garden patio. It's like a trip to the old country without the airfare! Located right in Snug Cove and walking distance from the ferry... even in heels!


539 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island, BC

TUSCANY Pizza Artigiana & Mediterranean Cuisine

Bowen Island Wedding Guide 2011  

Discover why Bowen Island is the perfect place to have the perfect wedding

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