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Candidates’ quiz on CRC

Bring back the herring

New gallery shows

Four MP hopefuls state their position on buying CRC for national park

Fish and wildlife club is going to try project similar to one in Squamish

Two galleries in Artisan Square explore our relationship with landscape

Library faced with tough choices LORRAINE ASHDOWN CONTRIBUTING WRITER


t is not necessary to read between the lines. The facts speak for themselves. Growing pains are causing the board of the Bowen Island Public Library to make some tough choices. Chief librarian Tina Nielsen, the library’s sole full-time employee, says “we have been very fortunate to have run this library for 30 years with an incredibly strong volunteer contingent that allows us to offer the level of service that we do. What we are finding, given the growth of this island since the library began in 1986, and the demographics, is that it is no longer feasible to rely as heavily as we do

on volunteers.” The library depends on volunteers to provide a core service to the public. If a volunteer cannot be in the library, that core service is in jeopardy. An advance in technology means the library requires volunteers to possess expertise that requires time and experience to cultivate. Volunteers are in short supply because the cost of living has increased. Therefore more people have to work, leaving less opportunity to offer up their time. Staff time is required to train volunteers. Nielsen says, “The library is used constantly and recruiting volunteers and getting them into place is actually a full-time job. continued, PAGE 9

Park committee wants to make sure its message gets out SUSANNE MARTIN CONTRIBUTING WRITER


or the last four months, the 31 members of the National Park Community Advisory Committee (NPCAC) have worked diligently to reach islanders and record their concerns and issues related to a potential national park on Bowen. The effort resulted in an extensive report that was presented to council on April 4. It is available online but Don Youngson, a member of the NPCAC, thinks that this is not enough. He said, “There are members of our community who are not totally Internet-fluent. The only way to reach them, when it comes to engagement, is when the

documents come to front door. A second option would be to publish it in the Undercurrent. That would be the culmination of all the excitement of what we produced for everyone to see. At least the document would be there in print form in front of people.” The report was included in a package that went to Parks Canada in preparation of the preliminary feasibility study. At the special council meeting on Monday, April 26, council went through a list of recommendations from the report. Several committee members were in attendance and offered feedback.

Michael Alexander

continued, PAGE 8

A SPECIAL VISIT – When the Easter bunny drops by the Bowfest field, not only will you find lots of chocolate but there’s also guaranteed to be lots of kids, too. The field was hopping with young families on Thursday night when the recreation department hosted the annual Easter Egg hunt. More photos on page 6. Shelley Shannon photo

Canada’s Largest Mortgage Provider

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All personal lending products and residential mortgages are offered by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Rates are effective as of August 24, 2010. † Interest Rate compounded half-yearly, not in advance. Rate subject to change without notice.


2 • FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011


Film explores the people behind financial collapse MICHAEL EPP BOWEN ISLAND FILM SOCIETY


his month’s Bowen Island Film Society presentation is Inside Job, an Oscar-winning documentary [2010] about the most recent world financial crisis, written and directed by Charles Ferguson, and narrated by Matt Damon. Many of the names are familiar to me: Nouriel Roubini and George Soros being the two most notorious whistler-blowers among many interviewed and quoted here. I’m inclined to think that those who would most benefit from a viewing of this film is the 20-something demographic, which is, of course, the demographic least likely to attend a BIFS screening. To that end, I was encouraged to see that the CD included a ‘study guide’ for further reading. This is important stuff. The film documents the way in which progressive deregulation of financial controls resulted in runaway abuses in the housing and investment markets, culminating in the massive collapse in 2008-09 from which we are still recovering. The scenes in which the politicians grill the representatives of various too-big-to-fail banks and investment houses are amusing and sickening at the same time. The banksters take ‘disingenuous’ to a whole new level; it has to be seen to be believed. At the same time, one can’t escape the nagging feeling that the politicians are indulging in a fair bit of political posturing for the benefit of their constituents - where were they when the deregulation laws were passed, one wonders? And perhaps this is the strongest implied message one takes away from this film: the way in which EVERYONE was complicit in these goings-on: the shysters on Wall street, government, the bond-rating agencies, and, yes, the humble citizens who accepted too-good-to-be-true mortgage terms and stock market returns without pausing to recall the time-honoured adage, dating from at least Roman times, ‘caveat emptor’. I have a little bit of trouble with the idea, espoused by this film, that there are really any innocents involved here, including you and me. We have met the enemy and he is us -- us at our most greedy and self-serving. Inside Job screens on Saturday, April 30 at 7:30 pm at Collins Hall. The running time is 120 minutes. Rated PG13 for mention of some of Wall Street’s drug and sex-related antics. Doors and concession open at 7 pm.

Veniez files claim against Weston, letter writer and video makers SEAN KOLENKO S TA F F R E P O RT E R


he hotly contested campaign battle in the West Vancouver Sea-to-Sky riding just got a bit hotter. On Tuesday morning Liberal candidate Dan Veniez filed a notice of civil claim in the B.C. Supreme Court against four people, including Conservative incumbent John Weston. The claim also names Coquitlam’s Paul Veltmeyer, who wrote a letter to Weston about Veniez, and John and Jane Doe, who posted a video on YouTube about Veniez’s role with a troubled forestry company. The YouTube video is no longer online. It included Veniez’s videotaped answers to questions about pension fund policies with statements about Veniez’s involvement with Skeena group and the impact on workers’ pensions when the company went into bankruptcy. The YouTube video was posted by “Dale 5775”. Veniez doesn’t know who “Dale 5775” is. The claim says “the accusations contained in the YouTube video are malicious, false and made unlawfully in a deliberate attempt to damage the general reputation of [Veniez] while he is a candidate for the Parliament of Canada.” John and Jane Doe, the claim says, want the video to affect the outcome of the May 2 election “by use of anonymous character

Expanding Our World Through a National Park An evening to explore the possibilities for learning and science, with senior researchers from UBC, the Suzuki Foundation and Vancouver Aquarium.

When: Friday, April 29 Where: Cates Hill Chapel Time: 7:30-9:30 Our guests will be: Dr. Jeffrey Burton Marliave Vice President Marine Science, Vancouver Aquarium

Jeff has worked at the Vancouver Aquarium for over 25 years. Of his many ongoing projects, he supervises the biological monitoring and video imaging at ecological index sites, to help develop monitoring methods for Marine Protected Areas. Dr. Marliave has produced 70 scientific and technical publications. The AZA has awarded the Vancouver Aquarium its top award, the Edward H. Bean Award, five times on the basis of Dr. Marliave’s propagation work. Dr. Faisal Moola Program Director, Terrestrial Conservation and Science, Suzuki Foundation; Professor, University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry.

Faisal leads the terrestrial team in working to protect endangered and at-risk species that live on land, and the habitats that support them. He is a practicing scientist and has published widely in scientific journals on ecology, conservation biology, and environmental policy. Faisal has conducted research in some of Canada’s most significant wilderness areas, such as the Boreal Forest, the old-growth rainforests of British Columbia and the Acadian woodlands of Atlantic Canada. Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark Veterinarian; UBC- Director of Animal Care Center; VP Marine Life Sanctuaries Society of BC; Co-Director of GEERG (Greenland Shark & Elasmobranch Education/ Research Group)

Chris is the author of over 30 research papers and chapters on veterinary aspects of fish, reptiles and amphibians, and has published a marine life guide to Canadian Atlantic waters, Eastern Tidepool and Reef. He works in the Zoology Department at UBC. His interest in marine conservation led him to a number of television and film credits, including Discovery Channel, CBC, BBC, and the NFB, working as creator, host and director of underwater photography.

We will start the evening with a wonderful 9 minute video, shot by Chris Harvey-Clark, showing the underwater sea creatures living offshore of Bowen Island. For further info, call Stephen Foster at 604-947-0276

assassination of [Veniez] with false accusations against the character and conduct of [Veniez] with false accusations of unjust enrichment of [Veniez] with pension funds, which accusations are contrary to the public record as contained in the proceedings before the Supreme Court of British Columbia.” In a phone interview with The Outlook on Tuesday, Veniez said he, along with former partner George Petty, took the mill out of bankruptcy in 2002 and returned into bankruptcy two years later after an exhaustive search for additional funding partners. At no point, Veniez said, did he or Petty have access to or control of any pension funds of any employees or former employees of the Skeena Group. The claim says that in April, Paul Veltmeyer wrote a letter to Weston. The claim says that Veltmeyer wrote “I understand that while Dan [Veniez] was in charge of the Ridley Island Terminal in Prince Rupert, a podcast is that the Conservative government appointed him to, that he was even planning to sell the terminal to a company that he had an interest in.” The claim says that Veltmeyer’s statement that Veniez “was planning on selling the Ridley Island Terminal to a company that he had a interest in was false and defamatory of [Veniez] and was a malicious effort by the Defendant Veltmeyer to damage the reputation and character of [Veniez] while [Veniez]

was a candidate for the Parliament of Canada by alleging that [Veniez] breached his fiduciary duties as a director of a Crown Corporation by attempting to enrich himself at the expense of the Crown.” The Veltmeyer letter also included a link to the YouTube video, the claim says. Veltmeyer’s letter, the claim says, was distributed at an allcandidates’ meeting in Sechelt and Gibsons on April 18 by “agents of the Defendant John Weston, with the approval of the Defendant John Weston and/or his agents.” The claim says that on April 15, 2011, the contents of the video were posted on a Facebook page called John Weston Nation. The claim says Weston wrote on the page that “I was not aware of these details about Dan Veniez’s actions with Skeena, a corporation that went into bankruptcy and forfeited its unprotected employee pensions but not before he withdrew >$200K in personal wages himself. If you intend to support him, please watch this video so you stand informed.” The claim says that Weston is a barrister and solicitor and “has a higher duty of care as a officer of the Court in dealing with allegations of unlawful conversion or unjust enrichment of pension funds against [Veniez] which are unsupported in fact and never raised in the Court proceedings over 7 years.” The claim says that the bankruptcy of the Skeena group was supervised by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Ernst & Young and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. “Throughout the lengthy Court proceedings... there were never any allegations of the Plaintiff unjustly enriching himself from pensioner trust funds.” These are unproven allegations and no defence has yet been filed. On Wednesday, John Weston’s campaign office issued a press release saying that Veniez’s accusations are false. In a telephone interview with The Outlook, Weston says the claim looks “like [a] desperate measure in a dying campaign. I characterize our campaign as upbeat and positive and will continue to focus on the positive things that have come to our riding. “We have not been involved in the creation of these documents,” Weston says. “He could have responded years ago to the questions and is only doing it now.” Last week, Veniez filed a complaint with Elections Canada about the matter and requested an apology from the Weston camp.


FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011 • 3

........Federal Election .............................local votes John Weston, Conservative 1. If elected, would you ask the Minister of Environment to consider buying all or part of Cape Roger Curtis to be included in the potential national park on Bowen Island? I am aware of the process, having been approached by people on both sides of the park issue. I have brought the Environment Minister into the discussion. In fact, when Jim Prentice was minister, I had the honor of hosting him twice in our riding. As a rule, Parks Canada does not purchase private land and will only utilize Crown land for a national park. Parks Canada is presently assessing the situation. I have encouraged Parks Canada to solicit public input at every step of the way and I understand there have been many opportunities for such input. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. We have the freedom in caucus to voice our opposition to any policy. There are times I can win the argument. In the end, we are representatives of the people in our riding and a consensus is developed. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? One of our family’s favourite artists is Bowen Island’s own Shari Ulrich, whom my wife Donna and I first met several years ago when she was performing for our community as part of West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival. We love her humor, her poetry, and her musicality and are amazed at the number of instruments she has mastered. A very real West Coaster, we hear through her music her love for her daughter (“I will be there”); her love for nature (“Watching the River Run”); and her love for freedom (“One Step Closer”). Dan Veniez, Liberal 1. If elected, would you ask the Minister of Environment to consider buying all or part of Cape Roger Curtis to be included in the potential national park on Bowen Island? I personally am a strong supporter of this idea and believe it should be protected space. However, I would want to ensure that the public is consulted before a final decision is taken by cabinet. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. I’m a centrist and our policies reflect my values. However, there are areas where I believe we should do more. For instance, I believe that as a public broadcaster, the CBC should not be competing with the private sector and should not be expected to chase advertising dollars. I would like stronger national leadership in fortifying our

T I DES 13.5 12.1 13.5 12.8 13.5 13.5 14.4 10.5 13.5 14.1 13.5 14.4 13.1 17.8

1. If elected, would you ask the minister of environment to consider buying all or part of Cape Roger Curtis to be included in the potential national park on Bowen Island? I would have to find out more about this issue. I know that Bowen Islanders are very protective about their environment, their home. Bowen Island is like a jewel in the Howe Sound crown and I have enjoyed many camping trips and day outings over there. Before making such a commitment, one would have to take into consideration the property rights of the people who live at Cape Roger Curtis, if there are any. I spent a lot of time camping at Beaver Point on Salt Spring Island. At one time this was privately owned by the Ruckle family. They donated it to BC Parks and one of the Ruckle family lived there for a long time. As a Provincial Park it was owned by all and maintained by all who loved the outdoors. Getting back to Bowen Island, I personally think it is a fine idea but I would have to learn more about this. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. My party does not demand blind loyalty to its policies. We appreciate and encourage free votes and freedom of expression. We were one of the first parties to support gay/lesbian rights, we supported the legal rights of common-law couples, and if a Canadian finds themselves in serious legal trouble in another country, we will go to bat for them and make the strongest efforts possible to prevent them from languishing in foreign prisons. You can’t say that for this current Conservative government. I do not stray from my party’s policies because our policies promote social justice, human rights and the improvement


In Effect Sept. 7 - June 28, 2011

LOW FEET 1043 1709 1115 2315 1147 2354 1218 1829 0847


5.6 8.5 4.6 8.9 3.9 9.5 9.5 5.2 3.3

0108 10.2 1322 2.6 0146 10.5 1356 2.3



Snug Cove 5:35 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay

am # 6:00 am am 7:00 am am 8:00 am am 9:00 am + am 10:00 am am 11:00 am am 12:00 pm pm 2:25 pm pm 3:30 pm pm+ 4:30 pm pm 5:30 pm pm 6:30 pm pm* 7:30 pm* pm 8:30 pm pm 9:35 pm pm

Leave Horseshoe Bay

H: 13 L: 6

0350 1709 Sat. 0418 1756 Sun. 0444 1838 Mon. 0509 1919 Tue. 0158 1328 Wed. 0559 2038 Thurs. 0627 2119

Terry Platt,

Leave Snug Cove



economic union by removing barriers to interprovincial trade. I would like a strong national push to develop a productivity agenda. We have fallen dangerously behind and significant incentives are needed to attract major investments in new plant, machinery and equipment. I fear that our manufacturing capacity has eroded to a dangerous degree. Our currency is high largely because of the global demand for our raw material and natural resources. We are shipping raw and not adding value. This is giving us a false sense of comfort that our economy is healthy. It isn’t and won’t be until we invest heavily in education, R&D, innovation, and productivity. I would like to see us commit to a more comprehensive and long-term strategy to modernize our national infrastructure. Our prosperity, productivity, and quality of life depend on it. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? Robertson Davies, a wonderful Canadian author. His books have been my secret hiding place for many years.

Distance: 3 MILES Sailing Time: 30 MINUTES





of the human condition. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? Well, nothing beats belting out anything by Barry Manilow. No matter how down I might feel, I always feel better after a few stanzas of “Copacabana.” I’m also a fan of anything by Cole Porter. “Night and Day” is definitely my favourite song.

Brennan Wauters, Green 1. If elected, would you ask the Minister of Environment to consider buying all or part of Cape Roger Curtis to be included in the potential national park on Bowen Island? It would be a pity to forego any opportunity to include a substantial protected waterfront component in the proposed national park reserve on Bowen Island. I would encourage the minister to purchase as much as possible of Cape Roger Curtis at fair market value and include the cost of environmental restoration and the carbon cost due to tree removal operations that were undertaken. The creation of the park must include provisions for local jobs, especially in ecological research and education programs so that visitors get specific education and guidance about how to respect and sustainably enjoy a national park. 2. Tell us one specific area where you stray from your party’s policies. My ideas are succinct with the current platform but I’m less willing to send troops overseas, even as Peacekeepers. Difficult decisions must be made with regards to external conflict and my concern is that any military resource deployment justifies a sequence of other expenditures that are not obvious at the point of deployment while at the same time limiting diplomatic options. As in my answer to question 1, I’m a proponent of mandatory voting. In a proportional representation system the Senate should be appointees of the parties elected according to the percentage of their popular vote as suggested by Roger Lagasse. 3. Who is your favourite artist, in any medium? I have several but two who immediately come to mind are Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco. Both use the Earth as their medium and both envision utopia. Fuller is a significant example because out of tragedy and despair he created hope and embarked on “an experiment, to find what a single individual [could] contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity.” We need inspirational examples to push us to reach for the impossible in a time when the world is in ever growing instability with multiple and disparate environmental disasters, exponential human population growth, resource depletion, and species extinction.

Can herring return to Bowen? MARCUS HONDRO CONTRIBUTOR


he Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club might be able to help bring back the herring – and therefore the dolphins – to Howe Sound. As noted in last week’s story, Dr. John Matsen and the Squamish Streamkeepers have been working, successfully, at cleaning up pilings and other areas so that herring eggs might again hatch. The herring population’s increase, some biologist feel, may be responsible for the increase in dolphin activity Fish and Wildlife Club Director Bill Newport says that “with help from Squamish, we’re hoping to entice the herring back into the Cove because years ago there was lots of them there. It won’t cost us a lot and so far, we have many interested people who will donate to the cost.” Newport said that it’s a scaled down version of what the Streamkeepers did in Squamish. “The best spot is Norma Dallas’ float and the municipal docks right there. We’ll be utilizing landscaping cloth on the piers and pilings and on Norma’s floats to prevent the herring eggs from coming in contact with the creosote, which kills the eggs.” Dr. Matsen’s talk is May 26 at Collins Hall from 7 to 9 p.m. Those attending are asked to bring a donation to the food bank. Call 2215.

Places of Worship Welcome You BOWEN ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon Service and Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. Evensong first Sunday of each month 5:00 p.m. Minister of Music: Lynn Williams


BOWEN ISLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Pastor Clinton Neal 1070 Miller Road 604-947-0384 Service 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

ST. GERARD’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Mass: 10:30 a.m. Priest: Father James Comey


CATES HILL CHAPEL 604-947-4260

(661 Carter Rd.)

10:00 a.m. Worship • Sunday School: Tots to Teens Pastor: Dr. James B. Krohn

4 • FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011

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What are the priorities? B owen Islanders are proof of the adage that if you want something done, you ask a busy person. It’s incredible how much volunteerism takes place on this island. Some organizations, such as the Knick Knack Nook and BIRD, rely solely on volunteers while others could not keep their doors open were it not for people donating their time and talents to all manner of tasks, especially fundraising. There’s also a sense of gratitude on this island. People know how much energy goes into some of the island’s favourite events and happenings, and they show their appreciation for this community spirit by supporting those events. No one takes anyone for granted. But every volunteer, or potential volunteer, has limits to what they can accomplish with their time. This is especially true in families where both the mom and dad work, sometimes because they have to if they want to enjoy the wonderful Bowen lifestyle. Add to that the demands of balancing work and home life and sometimes there’s not much energy left at the end of the day to volunteer. The Bowen Island library has a wonderful group of volunteers who provide an essential service for

patrons. They’re part of the reason why it’s such a pleasant experience to use the library. But making sure there is a trained volunteer available for every shift, especially for weekends, is getting increasingly difficult. That’s why the library board wants to add a second full-time staff person. It’s a reasonable request but also reasonable is council’s quest to keep tax increases to three per cent. There are a lot of people who find the annual tax increases onerous, making it harder to afford to live here. But targeting (not in a malicious way) the library budget seems a far too easy way to trim costs. It’s simple to say no to the staff request because it’s one line in the budget. How much more difficult is it to ask about how council spends money in general – lawyer’s fees, studies, asking staff for reports, taking on several large projects at a time... Throughout the year, council makes countless decisions that add, by choice, to the costs of running the municipality. Maybe the island can’t afford to have a library with so many opening hours. That’s not unusual for a small community. But make sure the discussion is part of a broader exploration on spending priorities. Martha Perkins

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Vote for national park simply means to continue the negotiation To the Editor:


ome people seem to think that a vote in favour would mean the establishment of a national park on Bowen overnight. That is mistaken. The Gulf Islands are seven years into their process of establishing a national park reserve and negotiations are still continuing. A Bowen vote in favour in June would simply mean that the explorations of the feasibility of establishing a NPR here would continue, with several later opportunities to call a halt and withdraw from the process if we are unhappy. A favourable vote at this point does not commit us to anything irrevocable. It simply would continue to engage Parks Canada, instead of their going off to explore the other sites in Howe Sound that they are interested in. I urge that the wording of the vote be designed to make people aware of this context. As an alternative to the suggestions about the wording of the vote that I have made in my letter in Appendix 8 of the national park community advisory committee report to council, here I simply suggest the following wording: Are you in favour of stopping the conversation about the establishment of a National Park reserve on Bowen Island? Susanna Braund

Pucker up for kissing contest To the Editor:

T Good Friday indeed at golf course To the Editor:


t is with considerable pleasure and delight I confirm that our development and building permits for the clubhouse were approved on April 21, giving a “hole” new meaning to the following day, Good Friday. Hooray! Site preparations were started on April 16 as we were confident the final approval/receipt of the permits was a formality. How right were we? Site preparations will continue in readiness for the

#102–495 Bowen Trunk Road, PO Box 130, Bowen Island BC, V0N 1G0

delivery of the modular unit during the first week of May. On another high note, we are pleased to report the Liquor Control and Distribution Branch has submitted their supportive report to the municipality who must now give our liquor licence application their blessing, which we expect will be the case after BIM gives the general public two weeks to make any comments, for or against the application. We suspect there will be little opposition and a great deal of support.

Finally, we encourage members and the general public to drop by the relocated Hilton (starter shack) to have a look at the magnificent Barbara Wahler colour/ sample boards for the clubhouse interior. It looks great. Thanks again to Barbara for the donation of her professional interior design services. From here on, it is full steam ahead and hello clubhouse, goodbye Hilton. Bruce Russell President, B.I Golf Club




Martha Perkins

Marcus Hondro

Suzanne Carvell

Phone: 604.947.2442 Fax: 604.947.0148

ime to pucker up for a kissing contest - part of the festivities at my Deep Fun CD release concert on Saturday, May 7, 7:30 pm at The Gallery. The concert and the CD feature my amusing songs about science, food and sex. I also wrote a rather tender song about kissing and I want to offer you the chance to show the world (well, Bowen Island) your smooching prowess. Choose a partner and start osculating. You can demonstrate the passionate kiss, the courtly kiss, the maternal kiss, the doggie kiss ... use your imagination. A maximum of five entries will compete for a valuable made-on-Bowen prize. The contest will be judged by the eminently kissable Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon. Besame mucho! Pauline Le Bel

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Team gears up for emergency preparedness week



hile I find the notion of a national park on Bowen inherently appealing for so many of the reasons others have articulated, I believe that there is a failure of public policy to address the unique situation on Bowen or any other near-urban national park for that matter. Other federal park agencies have developed sophisticated classes of national parks that tackle the needs of the 21st century. They have a variety of park types that address a variety of park mandates and needs. The challenge on Bowen and for Parks Canada administrators and planners is that the National Park Act and its limited classification of park types is being asked to try and fit a near urban-park with all of its foibles (extensive private land, commercial village, disrupted ecosystems etc.) into a model that has been designed for non-urban situations: situations that focus on a mandate of protecting Canada’s various physiographic regions. But, here on Bowen, Parks Canada (and the Bowen community) is trying to apply a model designed and developed for a very different application in a situation where the complexity of cultural, land tenure and development fabric challenges the notion of a ‘traditional’ national park designation. In the early ‘80s, Parks Canada explored other forms of ‘national’ parks: Agreements for Recreation


ith the beginning of the Bowen baseball season I thought I’d do something never done before, reprint in full an old column. This is the very first Slow Lane and it ran way back on July 8, 2005. During the playing of a game in the Bowen Island Fastpitch League we players know lots of things such as where the toilets are, when the ferry is pulling out and what time the General Store closes. There is one thing, however, that we often do not know. The score. We try to keep count but distractions such as keeping half an eye on the kids, yakking with fans, kibitzing with teammates and choosing a batting helmet can cause us to miss a run or two, even an inning or two and before you can say “who’s on first,” we’ve lost track of the score. Back a few games ago during a break in play - I think it was the time Gypsy the Jack Russell terrier was recruited to chase the geese out of right field - I realized that once again I did not know the score. I was sitting in the dugout surrounded by teammates so all I had to do was ask, right? “What’s the score?” There was a silence. “Doesn’t anybody know the score?” “I think that we got...three,” Scotty Miller offered. “Terry hit that homerun, I know that much,” Mike Lightbody said. “Yeah, with two guys on base, so we got three,” reasoned Scott. I recalled Terry Cotter hitting a homer all right but I still didn’t know the score. “I see,” I said. “We got three. That’s great. What about the other team though? I mean how many runs have they got?” “No idea,” Oscar Hoekstra said, getting on his batting helmet. “I think they got... oh, I don’t know,” said Brian Thompson. “More than three?” suggested Mike. We’re hardly the only team that doesn’t know the score. During a

slow lane

Bowen’s ESS team (from left to right): Carol Hussey, Sheree Johnson, Jen McGowan, Howie, Tess Taylor, Reidun van Kervel and Susan Bell with instructor Howie in the centre. Submitted photo available at www.getprepared. and (under the Emergency Preparedness tab)

and please visit our ESS table. 72 hours...Are you prepared? The time is now.

A round peg in a square hole? To the Editor:

Reprising a Slow Lane: Bowen Baseball and The Score Marcus Hondro

uring Emergency Preparedness Week, May 1 to 7, the Bowen Island Emergency Social Services team will be setting up an information table at various locations in our community. For Emergency Week, the team invites all islanders to take a few minutes to make a family emergency plan. This will help your family know what to do and how to stay in touch with each other when an emergency happens. By doing your part, first responders will be able to focus on those in urgent need first during an emergency. A little planning and preparation today can make a world of difference for each of us and our families. More information is

and Conservation (ARC) and Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS). The former had a short life with one ARC signed between Manitoba and Canada and applied along a portion of the Red River north of Winnipeg. It is a wonderful scenic road with national park ‘nodes’ of historic and cultural values protected and interpreted along the route. The CHRS has continued to designate some of our most famous rivers in the country. But Parks Canada has not adopted public policy to fit other emerging needs such as a nearurban type of national park proposed for Bowen (amongst others). Without a clear and measurable policy framework for a near-urban national park category, Bowen is faced with a broad policy discussion that sets out an appealing broad notion with intriguing potential opportunities but with little sense of how policy will be applied in this complex tapestry that is Bowen. Likewise, Parks Canada administrators and planners are being asked to try and frame the discussion in a “policy vacuum.” They are applying a policy framework that is specific to the unique circumstances of a ‘traditional’ national park. That may have worked on other Gulf Islands, but Bowen is not like those other islands: it is adjacent to a large, dynamic and culturally diverse metropolitan area. Bowen is part of Metro. It is a unique place: an island municipality. We are in the midst of a process that is well intended, has

some serious merit and could offer significant opportunities for Bowen. But, the needs of a nearurban park are very different from the needs (and expectations) of Canada’s lauded national park system. We have an opportunity to take a deep breath, sit down with Parks Canada and talk about a new type of national park; one that sets out specific goals, objectives and policies geared to the modern needs and a near-urban agenda. We can enter this relationship with Parks Canada by literally backing into the future or we can pause, reflect with them on the needs of a new type of national park that addresses near-urban dynamics, the multi-layers of nearurban situations (cultural, environmental, social and economic) and the role of regional systems in working together in an integrated policy framework to mutually address common aspirations. We can be a catalyst for change. There will be other similar opportunities in other parts of Canada. It is my view that those opportunities will be lost unless Parks Canada revisits its mandate and its public policy, and creates a new broader system of parks: a system that recognises the rich fabric of the country, emerging needs and importance of integrating rural/urban cultural landscapes with environmental protection. Dave Witty

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FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011 • 5


recent game I was hustling out to take up my position on the minislope in left field when I asked Stu Davidson, running down the other way, if he knew the score and Stu said he thought my team was leading by “two or three runs.” “But I thought you guys were leading by two or three runs.” We started counting runs but that was hard work so before long we gave up. But he continued to insist that we were leading while I, the Celtic, was certain it was the Diggers in front. Mercifully, our second baseman, Don Nicolson, waded in to settle things. “It’s tied,” Don said. It takes a few games in the league to figure out how things work: in the last inning with runners on base and two out, the catcher decides that now is the time he has to know how close the game is. He needs to yell at his pitcher and other teammates to tell them how hard they should try to get the final out. He turns to the umpire - it’s pointless asking teammates (see above) - and asks for the score. The umpire, a player from another team, naturally doesn’t have any idea what the score is, so he walks over to the backstop and calls up to the scorekeeper in the stands. The scorekeeper, Chris or Mara or Glen or George or Mary or Jeff, all excellent scorekeepers, stops yakking with friends, hunches over the scorebook and calls out: “Hold on. I better count again.” “Just play ball!” says the ump. And back we go to not knowing the score. What’s to blame for all this? I think it just might be our surroundings. As teammate Sean Delaney once told me sometimes he’ll be standing on Snug Cove Field and “I’ll look up at the trees and mountains and realize what a great place to play ball we’ve got. So beautiful and peaceful. At times like that I don’t really care about the score.” Sean is right of course. And besides at the end of every game handshakes are delivered, banter exchanged, kids are rounded up and we all go home a winner. Even if we don’t know the score.

Dinner Made Easy!

Relief Caretaker for Tunstall Bay Community Association Part time caretaker relief position two 8 hours days per week (either Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/ Thursdays) starting the week of May 9th with a weekly commitment until the Labour Day weekend. This relief position is a split shift starting at 6AM until 9AM then the remaining 5 hours in the evening until dusk and pool closing. Experience in pool care, yard and garden maintenance, janitorial tasks required. Some involvement with the membership necessary so people skills are paramount. This position will also require that the candidate take a Pool Operators Course on May 3, 2011 8AM to 5PM. Hourly rate of $15. Please fax resumes to 604 947 0136. For more information please call Dee Elliott 604 612 7798 or David McCutcheon 778 689 9244.

Oven-ready Dinners to Go Available at the Snug Open 7 Days a Week 604.947.0402

6 • FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011


West Vancouver Fury dominates soccer tournament


The Fury’s Kiera Schuller (left) and Tyla Porter (right) ready for a high ball from the Dunbar United goal kick during the Gordon Head Soccer Jamboree. Doug Cronk photo SUSTAINABLE REGION INITIATIVE ...


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ast weekend, in the Gordon Head Soccer Jamboree held near the University of Victoria the West Vancouver Fury swept aside the opposition winning all four games and not allowing a single goal. Faced with opponents from the North Shore, Dunbar and West Vancouver, the Fury didn’t miss a beat on the way to win their grouping. A number of Bowen players played key roles in their success. In a tight first game against Dunbar United, Bailey Jones powered in a gamewinning goal giving the Fury a 1- 0 victory. Later that afternoon the Fury routed the North Shore Eclipse 3 - 0 with Colleen Woodward having a solid defensive game including a turn as goalkeeper. The final match of the round robin was a closely fought affair against the archrival West Vancouver Panthers (albeit they are nice arch rivals) and again Jones came up with another game-winning goal. When the points were tallied to determine who would play for the championship, you guessed it, it was the Fury v. Panthers. The championship game was a classic combination of skill and determination. Ashley Callister was the ‘tower of power’ on defence, breaking up several Panther rushes on the left side and, in fact, turning it around and almost scoring on a wicked shot that forced the Panther goalkeeper to make a finger tip save. At the end of the half, however, the score was still nil - nil. The Fury came up with three unanswered goals to defeat the Panthers. In the Fury’s engine room playing holding mid-fielder throughout the tournament was Kiera Schuller who helped set-up the winning goal. Of course, Bowen players made up only part of the team, full credit goes to all the players from Bowen and West Vancouver for their teamwork, intelligence and sportsmanship. Winning is nice but the most important part of the Jamboree was the time spent together as teammates, the camaraderie, getting to know each other, making memories and having some fun. The West Vancouver Fury team was coached by Bowen Islanders Jack Callister and Chris Crowley. A special thanks to the man with the GPS and, rather conveniently, a bus to go with it, Peter King, who got us safely to the various soccer fields in Gordon Head and from Bowen to Victoria and back. Lastly, special thanks to team manager Jayne Lloyd-Jones and to all the parent chaperones.

Bowen Island was visited by the Easter Bunny last Thursday. The event was sponsored by community recreation who wishes to thank Suzanne Phillipe’s family for sharing some playtime with their sheep and to all the Bowen kids who came out to hunt! Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped out: Eryn Jackson, Conner Mcleod, Brenna Rosen, Katie Brougham, Chelsea Hillhouse and Juliette Pare. Shelley Shannon and Marcus Hondro photos

Long time Bowen en resident, Scott MacKenzie FINALLY married his love, e, Krystal Trudeau (now MacKenzie)) in a beautiful beach each ceremony in Nassau, Bahamas at 4:30 April 1,, 2011. What made a “special day� even more special were all the friends and family who attended the nuptials.


Many, many thanks to all the ho attended and Bowenians who helped keep the party going‌ as long as possible! ible! It’s a very special cial thing when friends “show w upâ€? for you on these kinds of occasions and Scott considers ders himself very fortunate te to have had so many old friends attend and meet et his new friends in the Bahamas. The combination ion made for a very happy py bunch brating a of people celebrating day some of uss thought would never come! ome! CONGRATULATIONS ATIONS SCOTT AND KRYSTAL RYSTAL Love, “Yo Mamaâ€? maâ€?


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FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011 • 7

Juno-award winning band performs on Bowen GREG HOEKSTRA BLACK PRESS


Said the Whale kicks off BC Youth Week with a performance on Bowen Island on Thursday, May 5, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Bowen Youth Centre. Vanessa Heins photo.

hen Said the Whale learned they were in the running for a Juno Award, it took a while for the news to sink in. “It really floored all of us. We really had no idea it was even possible,” says Tyler Bancroft, one of the group’s founders. “The Junos seem to be making a shift from corporate to independent bands, and I think that’s a reflection of the Canadian music scene.” If the nomination was hard to contemplate, just imagine the Vancouver-based band’s reaction when they found out they’d won the Juno for “New Group of the Year.” On Thursday, May 5, Said the Whale will be performing on Bowen Island from 5 to 9 p.m. at the youth centre. All of the proceeds from the outdoor concert are being donated to Bowen Shares, which provides assistance to the Royal Seed Orphanage in Ghana. Its current project is to ensure that children there can get a high school education. Said the Whale has been growing in popularity since forming in 2007. Tracks like “Camilo (The Magician)” and “Emerald Lake, AB” now get steady play on local radio stations. In November, the five-piece band won second prize - and a cheque for $75,000 - in the Peak Performance Project, an annual contest held by 100.5 The Peak FM and Music BC. The local geography, says Bancroft, is something that has inspired more than a handful of their songs, with references to Howe Sound, English Bay, and False Creek.

And, as much as the band loves touring across Canada - which they did this April with Toronto’s Tokyo Police Club - there’s just something about crossing that border between B.C. and Alberta on the way home that always gets them excited. “Oh man, it’s the absolute best,” says Bancroft. “The smell of the trees is overwhelming and amazing. There is nothing that smells quite like it. We always roll all of the windows down in the van when we cross back into B.C., no matter the weather.” The Bowen event will kick off

BC Youth Week. Students from BICS, Island Discovery Learning Community, Rockridge and West Van Secondary are also pitching in. Opening acts are youth bands The Works and Lauren Spear and Emily Allan. Special guests include Lil’ Will and Charlie Bastin-Segal and other surprises. Concert tickets are $15 and are available at Phoenix Photo, Bowen Youth Centre, IPS, BICS. Special “box seat tickets” up above in the preschool playground are available for young families at the Children’s Centre for $40.


Investing in Our Community, Delivering For You.

IN 2008, YOU SENT ME TO OTTAWA TO REPRESENT YOU, YOUR FAMILIES, AND OUR COMMUNITY. Since then, I’ve been hard at work representing each and every one of you:


To lower taxes for working Canadians, business and families To strengthen our justice system To make prudent investments in our communities


We reduced the GST, as well as 120 other taxes since 2006 We passed 12 pieces of legislation to tackle crime, including the Tackling Violent Crime Act and the Truth in Sentencing Act We passed my Crystal Meth Private Members Bill with all party support We invested over $240 million in over 100 projects in our West Vancouver-Sea to Sky-Sunshine Coast riding

Under our Conservative Government, CANADA’S ECONOMY IS NOW RANKED #1 IN THE WESTERN WORLD*. But there is more to do – to continue to grow the economy; make our streets safer; and let families, businesses and workers keep more of their hard-earned income.


E: *source - Bloomberg

8 • FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011


Ferry, Crippen and autonomy the three main park issues continued, PAGE 1 At at the end of the meeting, the advisory committee was dissolved. The committee identified the three main issues for the community as “ferry crowding, the need to maintain as much autonomy as possible in governance arrangements for the proposed national park and whether or not to include all or part of Crippen Park.” To address ferry crowding and overloads due to park visitors, the committee suggested that Parks Canada work with BC Ferries to develop a strategy. Ideally, it should be available in writing before the community vote. Hooper said, “We have to ensure that the residents have access, and that we don’t impair their access. We have to protect Bowen Island taxpayers and property owners from an increase in cost [related to the national park]. This is going to be critical for a

park to be successful on Bowen.” Another suggestion was to discourage park visitors from bringing their vehicles to Bowen Island. But Councillor David Wrinch had another worry. “There is a concern that the passenger capacity of the ferry can be exceeded. Unless we push very hard for a larger ferry for both passenger and car capacity, everyone who walks on is going to be overloaded on a Sunday afternoon. There was talk of a new ferry that was 30 per cent more efficient in fuel. We don’t seem to be addressing the fact that a larger ferry would deal with concerns like capacity, fuel and pollution.” Councillor Peter Frinton said “It is an ongoing concern that the ferry capacity meets the demand. Part of the park discussion was that we wanted to counter that we need a larger ferry. BC Ferries can increase the licence [on the current ferry] to up to 600 passengers. They could also put on more cars through additional deck-


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ing.” He added, “We need to see how this relates to the national park.” On the issue of autonomy, the advisory committee suggested the establishment of a separate management board with an independent dispute resolution mechanism ; park meetings should be open to the public. The report noted there is opposition to including Crippen Park. The advisory committee also flagged the need for research on economic impact. Councillor Hooper said that generally a national park added amenity value. But, he added, “this [item] doesn’t strike me as critical in terms of the time line.” Ann Chollat said that “the issue came up more than once” in the process of public consultation. Kat Hayduk added, “People want to know how [a national park] affects their home value. There were some concerns that property values might drop.” Councillor Nerys Poole said, “We should refer this question to Parks

Canada. I believe they have studies that show how a park affects communities.” Another recommendation urged Parks Canada to invest in infrastructure that supports the needs of island residents or partner with local groups, schools or the municipality towards building community facilities which could also serve visitors such as an interpretation facility with focus on marine ecology and a community hall and arts centre. Frinton said, “I want to thank the NPCAC for grafting those words. I think there is this big misunderstanding that Parks Canada will not do much for the community.” He mentioned examples from the Gulf Islands where Parks Canada has been involved in creating community assets. The committee suggested to make the 40-page-report available to the public in advance of the community vote, for instance through a mailout. Youngson said, “It has to go to people who haven’t gone to the meetings or to the website. We should bring the 30 to 40 per cent up to speed. They don’t have the document, they don’t have anything. Parks Canada’s preliminary concept was pretty light. The community should be briefed before we’re presented with round two of Parks Canada’s The Hero In You® education program offers a series response.” of FREE curriculum-linked lesson plans (grades 4-7) aimed to motivate children to find the champion within themselves. Mayor Bob Turner In addition, teachers can request a FREE classroom called attention to the presentation delivered in-person by a Hall of Fame athlete! length of report and said that it would have If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would to be abstracted for a Attention like to book a presentation for your classroom, call wide distribution. Teachers: Michael Markowsky (604) 647-7449 or visit The report will be to download lesson plans. available at the Bowen Island Library, on the municipality’s website and at


life in their shoes

Since 1978


BOWEN ISLAND MUNICIPALITY Members requested for Bowen Island Municipality Water Systems Local Advisory Committees The below noted Water System Specified Areas are requesting applications from individuals interested in serving on their Water Systems Specified Area Local Advisory Committees (LACs): • Bluewater Park Water System Specified Area • Cove Bay Water System Specified Area • Eagle Cliff Water System Specified Area • Tunstall Bay Water System Specified Area

± The respective LACs provide recommendations to Council regarding the annual budget for their respective water system.

± Applicants must be property owners or residents in the respective specified area for which they wish to apply.

± The term of office is three (3) years. ± LAC members serve without remuneration. If interested, please submit a brief bio or resume outlining qualifications and a statement as to why you are interested in sitting on the LAC. Residents or property owners within the respective LACs are also encouraged to nominate a resident or property owner they feel would be an asset to a LAC. Please advise the Engineering & Operations Clerk, as noted below, of the name and contact information so that BIM staff can follow up with the nominee. Those interested in sitting on one of the above-noted LACs are asked to respond in writing with the requested information by Friday, May 6, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. to: Midge Meeres, Engineering & Operations Clerk Bowen Island Municipality, 981 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0 FAX: 604-947-0193 email: For Information Call 947-4255

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Library may have to cut hours continued from PAGE 1 “We are running out of time to just do the basics of ordering books, getting them on the shelves and provide the additional information and assistance that our patrons request,” Nielsen said In the light of these growing demands, the board of the Bowen Island Public Library recently submitted a funding request to council for additional staff. It was refused. Councillor David Wrinch says, “The short and simple explanation is that we do not have enough money. Every budget had to be trimmed and that had to include the library. Not a popular decision but we really had no choice.” Council says this is an extremely difficult budget year across the entire community. Before submitting their request for funds for additional staffing to council, the library board looked at the history of the library and its current status. They researched other libraries of comparable size in

the province to observe their staffing and budget practices. They examined the circulation of the library, which is the measure that most libraries commonly use to indicate how busy they are. The conclusion the board came to is that it is not realistic to expect to continue to provide the current level of service with only one full-time employee, one person who works 20 hours a week and two people who work eight hours a week. A second fulltime position is required. The issue of safety is also a priority with the library board, staff and volunteers. With the current situation, there may be times when a staff member or a volunteer is the only one in the building. The library is a large space and safety is compromised when a volunteer works alone while the single staff member on duty is on a break. Staff safety is compromised when a volunteer may cancel a shift and solo staff have to manage the large premises by themselves. The current budget has allo-

cated just over a three per cent increase to the Bowen Island Library. This is meant to cover wage corrections that were put forward due to the library becoming a municipal service in 2010. At that point, library employees became municipal employees and needed to come under the municipalities HR policies. These increases do not address the immediate need for more staffing. The choice the library board is presented with is either to hire a second fulltime staff person or reduce service hours. If service hours are reduced, it will be a board decision. In the end, when council decides how much they are going to give the library, it is up to the library board how the money will be allocated. Despite the refusal for funding for more staff, the Bowen Island Library Board is committed to going ahead with a re-modeled service plan. If an additional full-time staff person is not possible, the library will have to re-consider its hours of operation and days open.

Library celebrates anniversary with New Orleans flair


id you know that 30 years was a pearl anniversary? That’s what Google says - so it must be true. And your Bowen Island Public Library is 30 years old! It all started back in 1981, when the Friends of the Library began our first “official” library, shared with the BICS library at the school. Much has changed since then - several moves, many more titles on the shelves, access to computers that didn’t

exist three decades ago. What’s stayed the same is the commitment of the Friends of the Library and the support of the Bowen community for public library service. Join the library staff and friends on May 1 to celebrate the pearl of your community, with some New Orleansthemed events. Razzmajazz, a seven-piece New Orleans band, will be here to entertain and to get your toes tapping, along with the island’s own Black

Sheep Morris troupe dancing around the Maypole, or at least around the library lawn. Volunteers will be serving up gumbo, jambalaya and pearl cupcakes. There’s face painting, balloon animals and cartooning for the kids, Bowen-based authors in attendance, giveaway prizes and a library history timeline for the grown ups, and a “library of the future” ideas wall for everyone. The birthday party is May 1 from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

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Civil Engineering Technologist 1 or 2 (one position) District of Kitimat full time permanent - starting wage $29.24-$42.62, depending on education & experience. Civil Technologist diploma preferred. Reporting to the Engineering Services Manager, duties include a variety of infrastructure investigations, surveying, design, contract preparation, inspection and material testing on projects related to the municipality’s water, sewer, drainage and transportation systems. Candidates should be proficient in using electronic survey equipment, computer assisted design using AutoCad 3D, and MS Office. Valid BC driver’s licence required. For more information contact personnel at or 250-632-8900 (Closing date May 27, 2011) SWICK MINING SERVICES provides exceptional underground diamond drilling services to clients across Australia and North America. Swick Mining Services is a market leader in the development of innovative rig designs and drilling practices that deliver improved productivity, value, safety and versatility. With contracts in Alaska, Nevada, Nunavut and the Yukon, we are seeking experienced individuals for the following positions: o Underground Diamond Driller Supervisors o Underground Diamond Drillers Swick offers a competitive salary, bonus, benefits package and the opportunity for career growth for the right individuals. Please express interest in the above mentioned positions by forwarding your resume to: Karen Whall Human Resource/Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator Fax: 1-705-522-1878



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A well-established Highway, Heavy Civil and Mining Construction Contractor in Southern BC is seeking an experienced Civil Construction Superintendent for a fulltime, year-round position. You must be a highly motivated, self-starting individual. Responsibilities to include: • The planning and schedul-

• •

ing of day to day construction operations including personnel and equipment delegation. Demonstrate and develop a positive relationship with all staff, owners and subcontractors. Knowledge of all aspects of WCB and Ministry of Mines Regulations. Ensure all safety values are met or exceeded.

Please forward Resume in the strictest of confidence to: Only those short-listed will be contacted.



ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL Trainees Needed now! Large & Small Firms Seeking Certified A&P Staff Now. No Experience? Need Training? Career Training & Job Placement Available. 1-888-424-9417 DLVRY/CRANE OPERATOR FOR TMBRMART YD IN BURNS LK CLN ABSTRACT PHYSICALLY FIT SERVICE ORIENT MECHANICALLY INCLINED. FAX 604-794-5893 FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944 MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement also Available! 1-888-778-0459



CONCRETE FINISHERS. Edmonton-based company seeks experienced concrete finishers for work in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Subsistence and accommodations provided for out of town work; Cell 780-660-8130. Fax 780-444-7103. REQUIRED: TJ HD Mechanics for Southern Interior Road Maintenance Company’s Lillooet location. Fax resume to (250)374-4114 or email For further information visit



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BUILDING SALE... Canadian Manufacturer Direct. 25x40 $6320. 30x40 $7370. 35x50 $9980. 40x80 $18,900. 47x100 $31,600. Ends optional. Many others. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers since 1980. 1-800668-5422. SAWMILLS - Band/Chainsaw SPRING SALE - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195.00. 1-800-566-6899 Ext.400OT

Running this ad for 7yrs

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $269, 2 coats (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.



ALLAN Const. & Asphalt. Brick, conc, drainage, found. & membrane repair. 604-618-2304; 820-2187.

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS GL ROOFING. Cedar shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Flat roofs BBB, WCB $2m Liability. Clean Gutters $80. 24 hrs. 7dys/wk. 604-240-5362



Get your trees or tree removal done NOW while they’re dormant

✓ Tree & Stump Removal ✓ Certified Arborists ✓ 20 yrs exp. 60’ bucket truck ✓ Crown reduction ✓ Spiral pruning ✓ Fully insured. Best Rates

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PETS 477


CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CHIHUAHUA P/B pups. Ready now Vet ✓. Shots, 2 M, 3 F. Short hair. Family raised. $600. 604-852-1805 LAB RETRIEVER PUPS, yellow & black, $650. Vet check, quality lineage, dew claws, 1st shots, dewormed. (604)702-0217


WALKER POPLAR, plugs: $1.69/each for a box of 210 ($354.90). Full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. 1-866-873-3846 or







4 bdrm South Facing Waterfront Vacation Home On Shuswap Lake!


RANDALL YIP CA - Accounting, tax, consulting. Tel: 947-9586 Email:



YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



Refinishing old hardwood floors. Sanding,staining, installing, supply & repairs. Free estimate. Call Radek 604-618-6747



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329 PAINTING & DECORATING MILANO PAINTING. Int./Ext. Prof. Painters. Free Est. Written Guar. Bonded & Insured. 604-551-6510

Lakeshore living At it’s Best! Miniature Chinese Sharpei pups M/F’s available. CKC reg. $1200. 604-315-8774 NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or PUG PUPS, 8 weeks old. 1st shots. 5 females, 1 male. $800 each. Call 778-808-5445. SHIHTZU. Ready to go. M / F. Black. $500. Incl. 1st shots. Will trade for Peke or Shihtzu. Call 604746-0072. Marshall / Emerson VIZSLA PUPS, CKC reg’d, shots, guaranteed. $850. ph, 604-8192115 or email: WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER pup. Female, born Feb. 26. 1st shots. vet ✓. Ready to go. $1100. 604850-6567 Abbts.



DO-IT-YOURSELF Steel Buildings Priced for Spring Clearance - Ask about Free Delivery to most areas! Call for Quick Quote and Free Brochure - 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170.

101 ft frontage by 88 ft. Fabulous 180 - degree water view with tons of outdoor living space. VACATION HOME 1-1/2 Story - 1200 sq. ft. Upper level - 3 bdrms Main level - 1 large bdrm Main bathrm, Open floor Plan - dining rm, kitchen and front room with dbl patio door access to Large deck - over 700 sq. ft. Large floating wharf - 512 sq. ft. 2 buoys, Firepit BACKYARD: Storage shed, grassy play area & fenced kennel. Perfect getaway for your family & all your friends with loads of summer fun for everyone! 5052 Squilax Anglemont Rd. Celista, BC. Only $729,000

Call 604-542-0865 or 250-955-6398 Email: For more details


An amazing opportunity awaits you...

On the Calendar Schut, Elaine Taylor and Buff Allen. Neale will sing, tell stories and read. Free, with refreshments.

FRIDAY, APRIL 29 • Legion Dinner: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Members and guests welcome. • Baby Connections: For new and expecting parents and babies 0-12 months. 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Family Place 947-6976. • Youth Centre: 6 -10:30 p.m. Free food, free movies. Drop in.

• John Bottomley memorials: 11 a.m. at Xenia, bonfire (if no rain). 12:30-6 p.m. at Legion, potluck.

MONDAY, MAY 2 • West Van Secondary PAC meeting: BICS multi-purpose room, 7:15 p.m.

• Montessori spring kid & kaboodle sale: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Montessori School, Artisan Square.

• SKY: 9 a.m. line dancing, 9:45 a.m. exercises, 10:30 a.m. singing and refreshments, 11 a.m. Bev Rogers speaks about Geoff Burnett and the role of the Merchant Navy during World War II.

• Ready, Set, Learn: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; meet at BICS. A free program for families with preschool-aged children. Activities, resource information, complimentary snack.

• Family Place: For parents, caregivers and children 0-6 years. Mon., Tues., Thurs., 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 947-6976. Lower Artisan Square.

SUNDAY, MAY 1 • Library’s 30th Birthday Party: 7-piece New Orleans band, Cajun cooking, Black Sheep Morris dancing, face painting, balloon animals and cartooning for kids. Noon to 4 p.m. • Only the Fallen Can See: Jude Neale releases her second book of poetry at The Gallery @ Artisan Square, 4 to 5:30 p.m. with the musical talents of Teun


20 Acres $0 Down, $99/mo. ONLY $12,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas (2nd safest U.S. City) Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Money Back Guarantee. FREE Color Brochure. 800-755-8953 BIG BEAUTIFUL ARIZONA LAND $99/mo. $0 down, $0 interest, Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from Tucson Int’l Airport Guaranteed Financing,No Credit Checks. Pre-recorded msg. 1-800-631-8164 Code 4001



• Parent and Tot Drop-In: 9:4511:15 a.m. in BICS gym. • Drop-in Meditation Circle 7:15 p.m. in the yurt at 903 Windjammer. Call Lisa 947-2246.



• Montessori spring kid & kaboodle sale: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Montessori School, Artisan Square.

• AA Meeting: Women’s: 9:15 a.m., Collins Hall. • Bowen Children’s Centre: Community Daycare, and Bowen Island Preschool. Programs run Mon.-Fri. 947-9626. TUESDAY, MAY 3 • Legion: Open from 4-7 p.m. every Tues., Wed. and Thurs.


Shared ownership late model 40’ 60’ cruising yachts moored on Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland. Sail & Power. Professionally maintained. 604-669-2248.



Mortgage Help! Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1-888-685-6181

The Bowen Island Undercurrent newspaper has an outstanding opportunity to develop a rewarding career in advertising and marketing.The candidate must have the ability to build relationships with clients and offer superior customer service.

• AA Meetings: Open Meetings, 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall/United Church. 434-3933.

The successful candidate will have sales experience - preferably in the advertising or retail industry. You are a team player and will be called upon to grow an existing account list. Good interpersonal skills are a must and experience is an asset. The position requires a highly creative individual with an ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

• Bowen Island Library: Library hours: Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Wed. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Now open Sun. Closed Mon.

Please submit your resume with cover letter by May 20th, 2011. To: Ad Manager, North Shore Outlook fax 604 903-1001 #104 – 980 West 1st Street North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3N4

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4 • Drop-in knitting group: Every Weds., from 2-5 p.m., in the lounge at Bowen Court. All levels welcome.


HEALTH & WELLNESS Genevieve McCorquodale

CertiÅed Massage Practitioner

• Said the Whale youth concert: 5 - 9 p.m. at BICS. Tickets at Phoenix, IPS, Youth centre and Children’s Centre.

wholistic massage & doula service member, Natural Health Practitioners of Canada gift certiÅcates available • 604-722-4472

• Youth Centre: 4 to 6 p.m. Practise with your band or listen to music. Free food.


• Bridge Club: 7 p.m. at Bowen Court.

604-947-9755 CATHERINE SHAW

• Rotary Club: 7:30 to 9 p.m., Snug Cafe. All welcome.

Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist

• Vocal Play Workshop: Pauline Le Bell hosts a transformative vocal playshop for singers and non-singers. 7 - 10 p.m. Contact community recreation at 2216 to register.



$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.



Dr. Gloria Chao Dr. Peggy Busch

Dr. Dana Barton

Naturopathic Physician


596 B. Artisan Square


Artisan Square • 604-947-0734 Fridays 10am-5pm

Natural Family Medicine

Horseshoe Bay • 604-921-8522

Bowen Island Family Physicians



Lisa Shatzky B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., RCC

Reg. Massage Therapist Classical Homeopath

Family Therapist


Family, Child, Couples and Individual Psychotherapy


Registered Physiotherapist

Dr. Susanne Schloegl M.D. Call for an appointment 566 Artisan Lane, Suite 203



AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673 SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Min. 10. Toll Free Call:1.877.334.2288 The Scrapper


Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley




WHOLESALE FACTORY DIRECT. Manufactured, Modular & Park models. Tremendous savings. Luxurious 1512 sq. ft home including delivery and installation only $ 109,950. Many other plans available. The Home Boys 877-976-3737, 509-481-9830 or


Advertising Representative

Drop by for socializing, pool, darts and shuffleboard.

• Weight Watchers: Collins Hall. 6:15-7:15 p.m. Info: Angie 947-2880.

Friday April 29 2011 11




1997 BUICK PARK AVE heated, memory, leather seats, pristine cond, priv, $5900. 778-565-1097

1998 Audi A4 quattro, V6, 5spd, 317KM. $3000 obo. 250-307-1215. 2000 LASABRE LTD. V6, Gran Touring pkg, 16’’ alloys, 19K’s, spotless, priv, $7500obo. 604-364-1554 OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999. V6 auto, 4 door, loaded, low km’s, no accid, AirCared til July ‘12. $3500. 778-888-6805 / 778-837-6577


1980 CHEV crane truck, 8 ton lift, $7000 obo. Call Doug @ 604-7500194 2001 DODGE 1500, ext. cab, black, w/box liner 4X4 318 V8 fuel injected trailer hitch, elec trailer brake. Aircared. $12,750.obo. 1 owner, well maintained. Purchased new at Abby Chrysler. Joe 604-309-7302



PRINCECRAFT Resorter. Like new. 14’. With floor, 8 HP, elec. starter, tilt, Yamaha motor, front mounters, W55 remote controlled electric motor, galvanized trailer etc. $6500. obo. 604-855-0116

821 CARS - SPORTS & IMPORTS 2010 NISSAN VERSA, 4 dr. H/B, auto, red, 20,000 Km, many options, $8500 firm. 604-538-9257.



2006 NORTHSHORE 30 FT Travel trailer, 36” dble slides, bunk units, fully loaded $24,000. 604-824-8970



CA$H Top Dollar Today!

Scrap Cars & Trucks


CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal. 100% Free Information Booklet. 1-8-Now-Pardon (1-866-972-7366). Speak with a Specialist- No Obligation. A+BBB Rating. 20+ Yrs Experience. Confidential. Fast. Affordable .


ARTISAN EATS CAFE & BAKERY is HIRING a food counter person. Must be able to work weekends. Some food experience is a good thing. Friendly, outgoing personality a must. Email BOWEN ISLAND PUB WE’RE OPEN Wed-Sun 12-12 THURSDAYS - Steak & Prawns with Live Music - 7:00 pm STANLEY CUP PLAYOFF SPECIALS - CALL FOR INFO 947-2782 GO CANUCKS GO!! FOR RENT: 4 bedroom apt. between Village Sq. & Municipal Hall. Occupancy June 1st. Sorry no pets. References req’d. 947-2944 FOR RENT @ Artisan Sq. Corner Office. Bright, utilities incl. $300/mos. Avail. Apr 1 947-9119 FOR RENT Millers/Scarborough Area Lg. 2 BDR, In-suite Laundry Wood Heater, Hardwood floors, Sep. Entry, N/S, N/P $750 947-9228 Lance’s Recycling I’ll pick up your recycling and deliver to BIRD for $20/load. Kindling - $20 a box Call 947-2430 Men - follow Christ through a study of the Gospel of John. Sat. mornings @ Artisan Sq. Email



MEXICAN COOKING LESSONS Eat, Cook & Speak in Spanish! Learn how to play with organic ingredients for authentic Mexican flavor. From simple salsa to fancy gourmet Mexican food. Gigi - 604-315-9777 NORTH VANCOUVER ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE Grand Blvd., Grand Manor Guest House & Apts. Avail. Day, Week, Month. Furnished rooms/apts, NS/NP 604-988-6082 Office/Studio/Retail Space available @ Artisan Square 604-329-5643, 947-9119 or 947-2293

PANEFREE window washing, gutter cleaning & power washing estimates - wcb insured 604 947 0787 778 987 3878 PRIME RETAIL/OFFICE SPACE: 1200 sq ft available. Suite 101, 102, 103 - 485 Bowen Isl Trunk Rd. in Snug Cove (under Union Hair & Ruddy Potato offices) 947-0099 ext. 104 SUITE FOR RENT Large, 1 Bdrm Suite $750 - includes utilities 778-288-2676 or 947-2938



SUMMER DAYCAMP LEADERS BI Comm. Recreation is looking for enthusiastic, creative & reliable people for our popular Mini/Club Bowen Daycamps this summer. These are full-time positions for up to 10 weeks. Leaders will work with children 5-12 yrs old in a variety of settings & assisting with training & supervising of youth volunteers. People with previous experience working with children are preferred. Email resumes to or by May 13, 2011

TUSCANY RESTAURANT is hiring experienced line cooks. You are reliable & punctual & play well with others. Bring your enthusiasm & creativity to our team. Email: VACANCY COMMERCIAL SPACE Location: Artisan Square, 569 A Prometheus Place Size: 400 sq. feet Available Now 1st Month Rent Free Contact: Audra Orring 604 908-0545 604-565-0750 YARD SALE Sat. Apr. 30 & Sun. May 1 1129 Lenora 11-5 Tools, Books, Clothing & more

12 • FRIDAY APRIL 29 2011


COASTAL PATTERNS GALLERY Artisan Square, Bowen Island, BC

Raincoast Visions runs from April 27 to May 23 Coastal Patterns Gallery is open from Noon to 5 pm from Wednesday to Sunday

Raincoast Visions Relationship with landscapes: at local gallery new show features Hornby artists CAROL M. CRAM





n exciting exhibit featuring three wellknown artists from Hornby Island will open on April 29th at the Gallery @ Artisan Square. Caroline James’ abstract paintings are about the endless creative possibilities that come from remaining open to the qualities of materials. Quoting Ansel Adams, she describes art as “the turning out to the light the inner folds of the awareness of the spirit. It is a recreation on another plane of the realities of the world: the tragic and wonderful realities of earth and human, and all of the interrelations of these.” Robin de Lavis’ training includes fine, applied and digital arts as well as classical animation. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Italy. In this exhibition she is showing her “abstract landscapes”. They are paintings with a vibrant surface and explosive, organic shapes. Roberta Pyx Sutherland’s paintings reference both maps and landscape. She says, “These pieces seek to engage the global perspective and

t Coastal Patterns Gallery, the light and warmth of the Mediterranean has morphed into the deep shelter of the rainforest. Entitled Raincoast Visions, the new exhibition of works by Gregg Simpson celebrates the somber beauty of the west coast environment. Paintings, charcoals, and mixed media works present Simpson’s vision of the rainforest that has been part of his psyche for his entire life. “I grew up with the Capilano Canyon as my back yard,” Simpson says. “The works in this show are directly influenced by what I saw outside my window every day.” A highlight of the exhibition is the charcoal drawings from two series: Slatscapes and Striation Studies. Ironically, Simpson completed most of these works while living in Montreal and Toronto. “My body was in the city,” Simpson says, “but my mind saw trees and rain in place of concrete and buildings.” In all the works in the exhibition, striations wash down vertical surfaces, half-revealing anthropomorphic forms tricks played by the eyes on a rainy west coast afternoon. Raincoast Visions runs from April 27 to May 23. If you missed A New Arcadia, you can check out the exhibition online at Coastal Patterns Gallery is open from noon to 5 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.


Roberta Pyx Sutherland is one of the artists whose work will be on display at the Gallery @ Artisan Square until May 22. broad view of landscape inspired by satellite imagery.” The opening reception is Saturday April 30 from 1 to 3 p.m. (Please note this is a Saturday reception, rather than the usual Sunday date for receptions). The artists will all

be present to discuss their work. The show will run April 29 to May 22. Hours are Friday to Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. Visit, and robertapyxsutherland. com for a taste of what to expect at the exhibit.

VA N C O U V E R ’ S L A S T A N D BEST OCEANFRONT 10-ACRE OCEANFRONT LOTS WITHIN METRO VANCOUVER FROM LESS THAN $1.5M IT’S CALLED THE CAPE ON BOWEN. But it might as well be called Once-in-a-Lifetime Bay with its unsurpassed views of Georgia Strait. Waterfront land like this is extremely rare anywhere close to Vancouver. Estate lots set in 10 acres, free of existing structures, just 20 minutes from West Vancouver are simply no longer available. Except at The Cape on Bowen. There are just 14 exclusive oceanfront lots available. This can be your legacy property, for retirement or for weekends. It can also be an architectural statement that complements an exquisite island location.

Don’t miss out on this never before, never again opportunity. This is not an offering for sale. E.&O.E.


1.866.710.0003 P R E - R E G I S T E R AT

April 29, 2011  

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