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The journey towards becoming a bowhunter is a journey of self-discovery. Each bowhunter has his or her reasons to pursue the hunt, and these reasons often evolve as the hunter makes their pursuit, season after season. I have grown to fall in love with bowhunting for many reasons: the intensity and intimacy of the hunt, the skill and preparation required to be successful, and the simple joy of shooting a bow and arrow. These aspects of bowhunting

are something that I discovered as I hunted with a bow and arrow, but they are not the reasons that I originally started bowhunting. No, the reasons that I started bowhunting were much simpler, much more practical. I grew up hunting the Missouri Ozarks with my Grandpa. Our weapons were rifles and shotguns from a year gone by, and our targets were everything from squirrel and rabbits, to whitetail deer, and even just soup cans on a

fencepost. It was in many ways an ideal childhood for a young boy. It was not long before I found myself in high school, where I ultimately became more interested in pursuing athletics and female classmates, and therefore less interested in those days afield chasing a different type of game. However, sometime during college a switch flipped, and an insatiable longing to return to my roots and resume hunting became more and more pressing.

BowAmerica January 2012  

The e-Magazine for Bowhunters. BowAmerica asked bowhunters across the nation why they bowhunt and how it has influenced them. Book excerpt f...

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