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architectural space / Musical approaches to space

The design assignment Ruimte (Space) by architect Claudia Schmidt and architect/ musician Jurgen Stoye starts for every student with the analysis of a piece of music, such as Phase Patterns by Steve Reich or the violin concerto Tabula Rasa by Arvo P채rt. Series of rhythmic and tectonic models represent flowing and short rhythms, staccatos and harmonies. Each student distils the building blocks from each musical piece in an intuitive way. These musical building blocks are then translated into architectonic ones and then combined into greater parts so as finally to create an architectonic space. The repetition of building blocks creates the basis for the resulting pavilions. The designs go beyond the formal picture. The form comes to life through the combination of its discovered parts. This creates fascinating spaces where repetition, rhythm, layering, light, shadow and texture play an important role. The parts (building blocks) and the whole (the space) complement one another. The musical composition is transformed into a tectonic structure.

Jasper ten Bosch


Music Space Architecture  
Music Space Architecture