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B o u vet News #3 - Summer 2012

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Edito The boomerang back,


although I have no specific links with Australia, apart from a long lasting friendship with our importer who knows what is good.

Elodie Martineau, Ambassadress for Miss by Melle Ladubay Cuvees


n the occasion of the Loire Wine Trade Show 2012, Bouvet-Ladubay hosted a Dinner Party on Monday Feb. 6th with more than 200 guests attending. An evening full of surprises: Russian motives from the violinist Alexandra Stavia, miracles from the illusionists Victor & Vanda, lively music from Brass Band of Tours, and finally, the most exciting event of the party: competition of six beautiful models to become Miss Mlle Ladubay. Elodie Martineau was voted as Ambassadress of the new Cuvees Miss by Mlle Ladubay Blanc and Rosé Brut.



The idea of the boomerang and above all its course always guided my way of thinking and acting for my family or BouvetLadubay; which for me is the same thing. Thus, the more you believe in one idea and the more energy you put into a project you consider right, the more vigorous the return is the more happiness it brings to the person who completed it. That is what I call “the boomerang flies back”

That is true for our Contemporary Art Center where Richard Texier already exhibited his work 17 years ago; he is coming back. That is true for the Theater, whose patrons, 20 years ago, were Brigitte Fossey and JeanClaude Brialy whom we had met during the Anjou Theatre Festival 10 years before. She is coming back.

That is true with the Whyte & Mackay Whiskies; they joined our Indian group at the same time as Bouvet-Ladubay after distributing our wines in England 40 years ago. We are together again. That is true for the Literature and Wine Festival. Each year, dozens of prominent authors, artists and public figures visit us; they are all loyal friends. That is true for almost all our clients. They never forget our house and always come back with a smile even if for some years they may have had other concerns. And, what is also true is that for me Boomerang is spelt with a capital L as in Loyalty. Patrice Monmousseau

Président Directeur Général

Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012




BOUVET IN THE INDIAN SKY International Balloon Festival – Pushkar, India - November 3rd - 6th 2011

CELEBRATING BOUVET-LADUBAY AND WHYTE & MACKAY AT TFWA Dinner - Ile Ste Marguerite - Cannes - September 18th 2011


résor, the Bouvet-Ladubay hot air balloon participated in the Pushkar International Balloon Festival, with 20 other balloons from all over the world, from 3rd to 6th November 2011. BouvetLabubay was thus in the Indian sky for a few hours, as a symbol of our ownership.


Left to right: Patrice Monmousseau, Dr Mallya, Richard Paterson

Whyte & Mackay and Bouvet-Ladubay have been linked for a long time. Whyte & Mackay distributed the BouvetLadubay wines in Great-Britain for many years, some 40 years ago. Furthermore, Patrice Monmousseau was a trainee at the Dalmore Distillery in Invergordon. Dr. Mallya reunited the history of these two houses when he acquired them in 2006.


CHRISTOFLE, Paris - March 1st 2012



n 18th September, for the Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes, in “Le Grand Jardin” his property on the Ile Ste Marguerite facing the city of Cannes, Dr. Mallya hosted two of his companies and their guests: Bouvet-Ladubay, Saumur and Whyte & Mackay, Glasgow, honouring the Taille Princesse vintage and the most prestigious Whiskies of the Dalmore Distillery.

n March 1st 2012, at CHRISTOFLE – Paris, Nupur Tron, a French-Indian Art and Culture Ambassadress organized an unique exhibition « Jewels of India » presenting her collection of Indian jewels, the photographs of JJ. Valaya and the installations of Mario D’Souza. Bouvet-Ladubay associated its precious Saphir Brut Vintage to this event.

Halle, Germany - June 9th - 17th 2012

OPENING NIGHT MONACO GRAND PRIX Indian Empress, Monaco - May 24th 2012


r. Mallya welcomed many prestigious guests on the Indian Empress, his megayacht, for Sahara Force India, his F1 team. The guests appreciated the Bouvet Saphir and the Bouvet Trésor Cuvees before a high-speed weekend.

Left to right: J.Monmousseau, N. Hülkenberg, J.M. Belayche



Roger Federer et Tommy Haas

he Gerry Weber Tennis Open, part of the ATP World Tour Professional Tennis Tournament celebrated its 20th edition with the Trésor Blanc & Rosé Wines. The BouvetLadubay team with Benoît Defranoux, head of sales, Germany were present.

Left to right: Gerry Weber, Ralf Weber, Henri Leconte

Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012


Wine and Litterature Fesival - 17th Edition Bouvet Ladubay Saumur – May 12th - 13th 2012

Literary Awards Ceremony (left to right : A.Duléry, R. Bohringer, Jérôme Clément, Y. Queffelec, P. Poivre d’Arvor)

Tasting Gold medal Loire wines


A. Duléry et JM Belayche

Meet the authors

Left to right: M. Carmet, Jacques Puisais, Jean Miot, JM Belayche Rencontre des auteurs

P. Poivre d’Arvor et JM Belayche

T. Dutronc

edicated to Jean Carmet, the famous French actor, the 17th edition of the Wine & Literature Festival National Days 2012 took place at the Bouvet-Ladubay premises on Sunday 13th May. Entitled “l’Ivresse de la liberté” this festive and literary event gathered more than 6,000 visitors, together with 140 authors, gold medal wine producers and prominent people from all walks of life representing the French “art de vivre”. Thanks to panel discussions, literary talks, readings, piano concerts and the “Jean-Claude Brialy, 15 years of books and wines in Saumur” exhibition, this festival dedicated to wines and writers has been a real popular and media success as it is the case every year. Seven literary prizes were awarded by the Juries of more than a hundred members, among whom: Florian Zeller, Nicolas d’Estienne d’Orves, Denis Tillinac, Irène Frain, Jacques Puisais, Régine Deforges, Nelson Monfort, Claude Hugot, David Foenkinos ...


Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012



La “Suite Birmane” Richard Texier

« Cocteau en musique »

Bouvet-Ladubay Contemporary Art Center

Anjou Festival 2012

July 6th – September 30th 2012

Petit Théâtre Bouvet-Ladubay - June 27th - 28th 2012 Director of the Festival and made his first encounter with Bouvet-Ladubay. Seven years later, he and Brigitte Fossey both accepted to become the patrons of the Bouvet-Ladubay Petit Théâtre.


his summer RICHARD TEXIER is coming back in Saumur, 17 years after his first exhibition at the Bouvet-Ladubay Contemporary Art Center. The artist spent the month of April on a nomadic workshop in Myanmar / Burma ; honored by the friendly and participative visit of Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize recipient. This exceptional exhibition was presented in Yangon on April 27th, 2012. The opening in Bouvet-Ladubay Contemporary Art Center in Saumur, Loire Valley was held on July 6th, 2012 and it is the first European presentation of this work : 40 paintings, an ensemble named «LA SUITE BIRMANE».


ouvet-Ladubay has for many years been involved in a number of artistic domains and since 1995 has been collaborating with the Festival d’Anjou. On that same year JeanClaude Brialy was appointed Artistic

Brigitte Fossey

This year, on 27th and 28th June, during the Anjou Festival, in the Bouvet-Ladubay Petit Théâtre, Brigitte Fossey with Yves Henry, a pianist and Xavier Le Maréchal, a tenor singer, presented a literary and musical show entitled “Cocteau en musique”, with texts by Jean Cocteau.

Richard Texier and Aung San Suu Kyi


Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012


Spitsbergen - NORWAY Kansas City - USA

Tokyo - JAPAN

Taipeï - TAIWAN




Saumur AOC

Spitsbergen, Longyearbyen, Norway


From the world’s most northern luxury hotel, guests can appreciate a magnificent Norwegian landscape in a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere, above all if they are served a flute of Bouvet Rosé Excellence.

Wine boutique ESLITE Taipei, Taiwan Eslite is one of the largest retail bookstore chains in Taiwan also associating books and wines. Bouvet-Ladubay fully shares this philosophy and is pleased to see its wines in Eslite’s selection for its wine cellars.

A few wise comments …

Wine boutique VINSANTE

“Ripe grape nose full of exotic freshness. Tangy fruit palate with honey blossom and apple”. The Bouvet Trésor Brut Millésimé is the only Loire Valley wine to win a medal from the Decanter World Wine Awards 2011.

Wine boutique Vinsante is a wine shop of our importer Mikuni which offers one of the best selections of high quality wines in Japan. Bouvet-Ladubay has been included in this selection for many years.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2011

[…] It is fuller bodied and less acidic (compared with Champagne). We think that the Trésor Brut should not be compared to champagne. It does not even need the “best sparkling wine of the Loire Valley » label. It is of excellent quality as it is. […] » Thomas Günther,

Tokyo, Japan



Kansas City, USA This luxury restaurant, one the oldest independent restaurants in Kansas City, has been the property of Jimmy Frantzè for more than 27 years. There are more than 1800 references in its wine list, which is recognized by Wine Spectator as one of the best in the world. Trésor Rosé has been sparkling within this exclusive selection for a long time.


Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012

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Selection of wines Taille Princesse Rosé “Bouvet-Ladubay-well- Taille Princesse Rosé “The holiday castle” for the Queen’s Dia- de Gérard Depardieu versed in bubbles” de Gérard Depardieu mond Jubilee by Bouvet-Ladubay by Bouvet-Ladubay “Bouvet-Ladubay’s Saumur Brut uses the same methods as Champagne with a different grape (chenin blanc) in an elegant, punchily fruity and affordable fizz”.

“A sophisticated Brut de Loire, a blending of Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, pink colour with light orange hues. Fine red berry flavours and a delicate taste of brioche. It is ideal as an aperitif or with fish and crustaceans or with cocktail sandwiches”.

“The cellars of Bouvet-Ladubay are located where the former Belle d’Anjou Abbey was. Here the wines are refined and perfected […] their large and complex bouquet can conquer the most demanding palates[…].”

“ [ … ] Collaborating with the Empire of Crémant, the famous Bouvet-Ladubay in Saumur, Gerard Depardieu created his own vintage Cuvee called Taille Princesse Gérard Depardieu. It shows excellent fine bubbles with aromas of gooseberries, ripe apples and pears. […]”


[…] In the cool underground cellars of limestone quarries near the ruins of an old monastery, we took a lesson of a traditional method from Patrice Monmousseau. We left the Cellars with a bottle of Trésor vintage, the best Wine of the House. Trésor, more cunning than many Champagnes. »



Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012

Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012  
Bouvet News #3 - Summer 2012