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SPARKLING ELEGANCE BOUVET LADUBAY - St Hilaire – St Florent, Saumur, France February 3rd , 2014


n February 3rd 2014, Bouvet Ladubay, as every year during the Loire Valley Wine Fair, welcomed 200 customers, partners, and friends for its annual party. In the heart of the cellars also known as «Cathédrale Engloutie», the guests experienced an exceptional concert with 50 chorists from Contre-Point, a famous choir from Saumur. Chef Yannick Biteau from Val d’Evre composed the menu served to guests in the Cellar of Etienne Bouvet. The dinner was followed by a «Sparkling Fashion Show» in the former Labelling Hall associating the emblematic Cuvées of the House with the creations of fashion designer Jean Doucet. The charming models, who presented this collection, are all from the Miss France pageant. The Brass Band from Tours added rhythm throughout the whole evening. An evening of true and Sparkling Elegance!

Models Laura TANGUY, Laure BELLEVILLE, Alexandra WILLEMIN, Mélanie VILEY and Cécile BICHOT


At the beginning of each new year and once passed the season of good wishes, always charged with pleasant surprises, revived by the memories of one and all, comes the QUESTION when business is calmer, there are cloudy skies and cold weather and the sudden realization: WHAT WILL BE IN THIS NEW YEAR ? Well! Once passed this short moment of worry and anxiety the SPRING �inally comes! It’s the moment when we of�icially announce the results of the past year and the continued improvement of the activity over the last 40 years! In spring everything becomes brighter and this justi�ies the growing number of bottled wines that was decided in November. The purchases from our winegrowers are in constant increase. This year, nearly 900 hectares of vineyards are being used for our wines. 42 years ago it was just 60 hectares. A real success don’t you think? Absolutely yes. This SUCCESS, and you are in a good position to judge it, as it is thanks to YOU that it has happened. It is thanks to your con�idence and of course to the quality of the wine you have chosen and also to your loyalty.

This is also why we pay a particular attention to presenting our wines in competition regularly. We stress on offering you �lawless wines exported across 40 countries and worth your trust. That is also why the spring of 2014 brings us, as every year the «necessary serenity» to make your most beautiful «Fizz» to party with! Thank you,

CH P MONMOUSSEAU CEO & Chiefwinemaker

Bouvet News #6 - Spring 2014







ouvet Ladubay has its favorite Formula 1 team «Sahara Force India» ; in fact, we both have the same owner Dr Vijay Mallya! Our Cuvée Saphir is served at all the receptions in the Motorhome of the Team. We wish much success to drivers Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg for the new season!

NATIONAL SPORTING LIBRARY & MUSEUM POLO WEEK-END Upperville, Virginia, USA September 15th, 2013

29TH EDITION OF «VICTOIRES DE LA MUSIQUE» Le Zénith, Paris, France - February 15th, 2014


he 29th Edition of the «Victoires de la Musique» took place on February 15th at the Zenith, Paris. Jean Maurice Belayche was on hand to celebrate the victories with the artists; among them, the famous Belgian singer Stromae, who won the prize for Male Artist of the Year, for his Album and for his Video. He celebrated his victory with Taille Princesse Rosé de Gérard Depardieu and Bouvet Trésor Blanc!


assionate about equestrian Excellency, Bouvet Ladubay joined the NSLM (National Sporting Library & Museum) for the annual match of Polo whose pro�its are donated to charity. The Actor Robert Duvall was present at the lunch with some other personalities of the state in Upperville, a few kilometers from the capital Washington DC. Met at the «Concours International d’Attelage» in Saumur, Jacqueline B. Mars, the honorary president of the event chose Bouvet Brut and Bouvet Rosé Excellence to delight her guests during this beautiful day.


milie «Voe» Nereng blogger with a glass of Bouvet Rosé Excellence during the launch party of the program «Bloggerne» on TV 2 Bliss in Monkey Bar, Oslo, Norway


Jean-Maurice BELAYCHE and Stromae

Bouvet News #6 - Spring 2014

Culture / Events





ioneering in Wine Tourism since 25 years, Bouvet Ladubay offers its visitors a completely new experience «Cycling Visit of Cellars». Come with your bicycle together with your friends or family! You will also have an opportunity to rent an


authentic vintage bicycle from «Anjou Vélo Vintage». The next edition of «Anjou Vélo Vintage» will take place from June 28th to 29th, 2014. More details at, +33 2 41 83 83

edicated to Jean Carmet, the famous French actor, the Wine & Literature Festival was created in 1996 by Patrice Monmousseau and Jean Maurice Belayche (Bouvet Ladubay) together with the partnership of Parisian editors Jean-Yves Clément and Arnaud Hofmarcher. The aim was to cross two essential elements of French culture and heritage: its literature and its wine. The 19th edition of the festival entitled «L’Humour» (Humor) will bring together gold medal Loire wine producers, 140 authors and prominent people representing the French «art de vivre» at the Bouvet Ladubay premises on Sunday April 13th.

Bouvet Ladubay guides : Marine BROUARD, Gabrielle THIBERGE, Virginie DELOMMEAU, Violaine LEGEARD, Julie HANSSENS


Bouvet News #6 - Spring 2014



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th th he 26 heth26 he edition 26 edition edition of Premiers of Premiers of Premiers Plans Plans Festival Plans Festival Festival tooktook place took place from place from January from January January 17th17 toth26 17 tothth26 , toth26 , th, 2014 2014 in2014 Angers. in Angers. in Angers. ThisThis Festival This Festival Festival is dedicated is dedicated is dedicated to the to the discovery to the discovery discovery of new of new of talents new talents talents in in in Bouvet Bouvet Bouvet Ladubay Ladubay Ladubay Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary ArtArt Center, Art Center, Center, Saumur, Saumur, Saumur, France France France European European European cinema. cinema. cinema. Bouvet Bouvet Bouvet Ladubay Ladubay Ladubay has has been has been partnering been partnering partnering withwith Premiers with Premiers Premiers Plans Plans Plans th th th th th Festival Festival Festival for many for many foryears many years and years and awards and awards awards the Best the the Best Actress Best Actress Actress withwith itswith own its own its prize own prize «Mademoiselle prize «Mademoiselle «Mademoiselle June June 6June 6– October –6 October – October 9th,92014 ,92014 , 2014 Ladubay». Ladubay». Ladubay». ThisThis year This year theyear prize the the prize was prize was given was given togiven Nora to Nora to Navas Nora Navas for Navas her for her for roleher role in «Tots role in «Tots inVolem «Tots Volem El Volem El El Millor Millor Per Millor Per A Ella» Per A Ella» A byElla» Mar by Mar by CollMar Coll (Spain). Coll (Spain). (Spain). or the or the second or the second second timetime Bouvet time Bouvet Bouvet Ladubay Ladubay Ladubay willwill host will host anhost exhibition, an exhibition, an exhibition, designed designed designed andandand realized realized realized by the by the by Municipal the Municipal Municipal Archives Archives Archives in partnership in partnership in partnership withwith the with the School the School School of Art of Art of Art andand Label and Label City Label City of City Art of Art and of Art and History and History History andand thisand this summer this summer summer hosts hosts an hosts exhibition an exhibition an exhibition of of of Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Art:Art: a photographic Art: a photographic a photographic journey journey journey through through through history history history on the on occasion the on the occasion occasion of the of the of the centenary centenary centenary of 1914 of 1914 ofand 1914 and theand Great the the Great War. Great War.War.


admission Free admission admission Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday to Sunday to Sunday to Sunday 14h-18h 14h-18h 14h-18h oVéloFreeFree oVélo oth to


On the Onleft: the On Nora left: the Nora left: Navas; Nora Navas; onNavas; theonright: the onright: Mar the right: Coll Marand Coll MarJ.-M. and CollBelayche J.-M. and J.-M. Belayche Belayche

YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS ARTISTS ARTISTS & && ART ART ART ÉLYSÉES ÉLYSÉES ÉLYSÉES 2013 2013 2013 th thth th th October October October 24th24 -28 24-28 , 2013 -28 , 2013 , 2013

Onleft: the On left: the Priyanka left: Choudhary, Priyanka Choudhary, Choudhary, Abhay Abhay Maskara, Maskara, Shine Shine Shivan Shivan On the Priyanka Abhay Maskara, Shine Shivan


ouvet ouvet Ladubay ouvet Ladubay Ladubay partnered partnered partnered Indian Indian Contemporary Indian Contemporary Contemporary Artists’ Artists’ Artists’ exhibitions exhibitions exhibitions in Herve in Herve in Herve Perdriolle Perdriolle Perdriolle Indian Indian Indian Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Art Art Gallery Art Gallery Gallery in the in the in frame the frame of frame YIA of YIA of - Young YIA - Young - Young th th International International International Artists Artists Artists & ART & ART & ELYSEES ART ELYSEES ELYSEES FairsFairs (from Fairs (from 24 (from 24 toth28 24 toth28 October, toth28 October, October, 2013). 2013). 2013). Guests Guests enjoyed Guests enjoyed enjoyed the wine the the wine Taille wine Taille Princesse Taille Princesse Princesse de Gérard de Gérard de Gérard Depardieu Depardieu Depardieu by Bouvet by Bouvet by Bouvet Ladubay. Ladubay. Ladubay.

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Bouvet Bouvet Bouvet News News News #6 #6 - Spring #6 - Spring - Spring 2014 2014 2014

Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore - INDIA - INDIA - INDIA Bombay Bombay Bombay - INDIA - INDIA - INDIA



Brut Brut Brut

Saumur Saumur Saumur AOC AOC AOC NV NV NV

P On theOn left: On theAshok the left:left: Ashok Capoor, Ashok Capoor, PDG Capoor, dePDG United PDG de United de Spirits United Spirits andSpirits Juliette andand Juliette Monmousseau; Juliette Monmousseau; Monmousseau; on theon right: the on the right: Juliette right: Juliette Monmousseau, Juliette Monmousseau, Monmousseau, Abhay Abhay Kewadkar Abhay Kewadkar Kewadkar and Marie andand Marie Marie Monmousseau Monmousseau Monmousseau ©Subash ©Subash Arora ©Subash Arora Arora


n collaboration n n collaboration collaboration withwith Abhay with Abhay Abhay Kewadkar Kewadkar Kewadkar (Winemaker (Winemaker (Winemaker & Director && Director Director of Four of of Four Seasons Four Seasons Seasons Wines), Wines), Wines), Marie Marie Marie Monmousseau Monmousseau Monmousseau (Head (Head (Head Chef Chef and Chef and owner and owner owner of Restaurant of of Restaurant Restaurant La Route La La Route du Route Sel, dudu Le Sel,Sel, Thoureil) Le Le Thoureil) Thoureil) and and Juliette and Juliette Juliette Monmousseau Monmousseau Monmousseau (Deputy (Deputy (Deputy Managing Managing Managing Director Director Director of Bouvet of Bouvet of Bouvet Ladubay) Ladubay) Ladubay) two Food two two Food and Food Wine and and Wine pairing Wine pairing pairing events events were events were were organised organised organised in Luxury in Luxury in Luxury Hotels Hotels ITC Hotels Group ITCITC Group in Group Bangalore in Bangalore in Bangalore (ITC (ITC Gardenia) (ITC Gardenia) Gardenia) and Mumbai and and Mumbai Mumbai (ITC (ITC Grand (ITC Grand Central). Grand Central). Central). Guests Guests Guests and Journalists and and Journalists Journalists enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed a 3 Course a 3aCourse 3 Course MenuMenu designed Menu designed designed by Marie byby Marie highlighting Marie highlighting highlighting a contemporary a contemporary a contemporary French French French Cuisine Cuisine Cuisine withwith Loire with Loire accents Loire accents accents paired paired with paired with Bouvet with Bouvet Bouvet Ladubay, Ladubay, Ladubay, Brut Brut deBrut Loire dede Loire and Loire Four and and Four Seasons Four Seasons Seasons Indian Indian Wines. Indian Wines. Wines. Apu

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« Maison « Maison « Maison Bouvet Bouvet Bouvet Ladubay Ladubay Ladubay produces produces produces Saumur Saumur Saumur Brut Brut Brut NV, which NV,NV, which iswhich perfumed is perfumed is perfumed and youthful and and youthful youthful with with a chalky with a chalky a chalky edge.edge. Itedge. is especially It is It especially is especially well well matched well matched matched with with sushi with sushi orsushi or or �ish and �ish�ish chips and and chips » chips » »

Daily Daily Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, Telegraph, UK UKUK

On theOn left:the OnAbhay the left:left: Abhay Kewadkar Abhay Kewadkar Kewadkar and Ranvir andand Ranvir Bhandari, Ranvir Bhandari, Bhandari, generalgeneral manager general manager ITC manager Gardenia ITCITC Gardenia (Bangalore) Gardenia (Bangalore) (Bangalore) ; on the; on right: ; the on Kuldeep the right: right: Kuldeep Bhartee, Kuldeep Bhartee, general Bhartee, general manager general manager of manager of of ITC Grand ITCITC Grand Central Grand Central (Bombay) Central (Bombay) (Bombay)

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Bouvet Bouvet Bouvet News News News #6 -#6 Spring #6 - Spring - Spring 2014 2014 2014

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«Patrice Monmousseau, CEO of Bouvet Ladubay, the most prestigious winery of the Loire region, is an eminent person. Vitality and charm are some of his features that he has succeeded in mastering intelligently to overcome life challenges and achieve great success in the world of sparkling wines, largely dominated by the image of Champagne […]»

«Specialist of �ine sparkling wines of Loire region [...] presented in Bordeaux its curiosity: Brut Zero. [...] This wine [...] occupies a special place among purists who �ind in it the whole essence of wine. The beautiful freshness of this Brut Zero is ideal for an aperitif and it pairs very well with �ish. A wine of experience: in every sense of the word. »

«This is deliciously ripe wine, aged in wood to give roundness to the blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. It is full bodied and rich in the mouth, with orange and pineapple flavors giving a great lift to the mineral texture.»

The wine Trésor received the highest score in the category «France» of international guide of wine made by the traditional method, published by the magazine Meiningers Weinwelt. «One of the pioneers of sparkling wines aged in barrels, now with discrete and delicate notes of wood, the fruity odor is more and more present. It’s a sparkling with well de�ined and mastered contours.»

«Pale gold color with a slight amber hue. Delicate transparent fine bubbles. With very fresh citrus aromas, this is a sparkling wine that offers good sensations, fresh acidity and a delicate fruity taste that gradually unfolds»

Bouvet Ladubay Sparkling Wines

Bouvet Ladubay Brut Bouvet Saumur Brut Bouvet Saumur Brut Bouvet Saumur Brut Zéro: a naked wine Trésor Blanc - 90 points Blanc Trésor - 89 points Saphir Vintage



Bouvet News #6 - Spring 2014

Profile for Bouvet Ladubay

Bouvet news #6 - Spring 2014  

Bouvet news #6 - Spring 2014