Toi Magazine Sept./Oct 2020 No.22

Page 12


ZOE My name is Zoe, and I’m a 24-year-old Jewish genderfluid lesbian. I grew up in New York City and went to an all-girls school for 13 years (prior to realizing my gender identity), and then went to college at the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in English and Creative Writing and minored in Theatre Arts. All throughout my life, I have loved to create – whether that was through writing, drawing, performing, or any other possible medium. I’ve also always been a huge nerd. I love school and learning new things and forming bonds with teachers and mentors. I also adore playing video games. In these two parts of my life – the creative and the academic – I have always succeeded. But when it came to my interpersonal life (friendships and relationships with people my own age), I struggled. My inner life looks very different from how it did growing up -- I have a lot of self-confidence and selftrust now, which helps me better process my emotions, rather than be consumed or controlled by them. But who I am deep down remains exactly the same – I love to create, and I’m a huge nerd. And now, I also love to express my individuality and share about my experiences getting here!