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Knockdown Rebuild Process Guide


If you’re knocking down your existing home and rebuilding, Boutique has the right solution for you. Our experienced team specialises building in inner urban and established suburbs around Melbourne. Our experience in dealing with local councils ensures a smooth process. Building a new Boutique home gives you the benefits of a beautiful design and quality finishes with the luxury of a floorplan that’s designed with your lifestyle in mind. With Boutique you can have it all – location, space, quality, convenience and lifestyle. Upfront pricing Access to niche finance products Beautiful new home designs Floorplan design options Quality construction 25 year structural guarantee 12 month warranty service Part of the ABN Group, we have over 40 years’ experience One stop shop: in-house finance, conveyancing and legal services through Resolve Finance


Your complete service At Boutique, our personalised customer service makes it all happen: Consultation with our New Homes Consultant to understand your requirements. Assessment of your property including: • • • • •

Site conditions Planning permit restrictions Council requirements Service connections Neighbouring properties

Advice on home selection from our range of beautiful new home designs. Assistance with finance and conveyancing through our in-house experts, Resolve. Design options are available to help tailor our homes to your individual needs. Interior selection service in our Palette showroom to determine colour schemes, specification selections and electrical requirements. Approvals when required will be managed by our specialist team. Demolition and services abolishment will be managed by our specialist team. Communication maintained throughout the process including contact with your Site Manager who will manage the construction of your new home. What do I need? All you need is a current copy of your land title and our New Homes Consultant will assist you with the rest.


Andrew and Katrina completed a knockdown rebuild and built the Airlie 33 - Hamptons facade


Let’s get started The journey of building your new home is an exciting one, which is why we have created this guide to help you understand the process and plan for what lies ahead. Who will I be dealing with?

What payments do I have to make?

When organising finance: Resolve Finance Consultant if using our in-house finance.

$5,000 at the time of signing a Preliminary Works Contract, 5% deposit at New Home Contract signing (less the $5,000 already paid) and the following progress payments during construction:

Prior to attending your contract signing: New Homes Consultant Showroom walkthrough & colour selection meeting: Colour Consultant From contract signing to site start: Prestart Consultant During construction: Client Liaison Coordinator Site Manager After completion of construction: Warranty Assist Coordinator Warranty Assist Manager

When can I make changes to the home? Preliminary Works Contract: Personalise your home from a range of floorplan design options and facades. Colour selection meeting: Specifications, colour, floor & wall tiles (no structural changes). Contract signed: No further changes after the contract is signed. Your Prestart Consultant will provide regular updates on progress by your preferred method of communication.


Base slab complete


Frame complete


Lockup complete


Fixing complete


Final handover of keys


How long does it take to build? Pre-construction (approximately 36 weeks): Deposit to contract signing: Contract to demolition: Demolition to Ready To Start construction: Total:

12 weeks 14 weeks 12 weeks 38 weeks

Construction: Once all essential information has been received, your Prestart Consultant will hand your file over to your Client Liaison Coordinator who will contact you to advise the date when we will start construction of your new home. New Home Presentation: Your Client Liaison Coordinator will contact you when your home is ready to be presented. PLEASE NOTE Time taken for pre-construction is dependent on site specific and local authority approvals that may be required.



The process Stage 1 Assess your site and choose your home

Stage 2 Preparation of your HIA contract

1.1 Initial property assessment Our specialist team will assess your property to understand the constraints of the local planning scheme and the impact of your neighbouring properties.

We will obtain all relevant preliminary reports such as a feature survey, soil test and engineering design to allow us to prepare your contract plans and confirm your site costs before you sign your HIA contract.

1.2 Finance assessment Your New Homes Consultant can put you in touch with a Resolve Finance Consultant to assist in determining your budget and obtaining the best loan if required. 1.3 New home selection From what we have identified in the initial property assessment and based on your budget, your New Homes Consultant will assist you to choose your new home from our suite of designs and personalise your chosen home using our menu of design and facade options. 1.4 New home property assessment Once you have chosen your new home and design options, our specialist team will review the siting and assess its compliance against Rescode and the local Council planning scheme. 1.5 Preliminary Works Contract Your New Homes Consultant will walk you through the next steps of the new home process, review the selections you have made and explain the extent of any approvals that are required. It is then time to sign your Preliminary Works Contract (PWC) and pay the initial deposit. At this point there are no further structural changes permitted. 1.6 Prepare for your colour selections You will receive a Palette Selection File after signing the PWC. This contains essential information, product options and images to help you prepare for choosing your colours and specifications at your colour selection appointment in our Palette Showroom. We also recommend visiting our display homes to get some colour inspiration.

Within a few weeks of signing your PWC, we will make contact to arrange appointments for you to sign your New Home Contract, make your colour selections and determine your electrical requirements. We will obtain relevant reports in order to provide you with a fully prepared HIA contract. These preliminary reports include; soil testing, a survey of your land, engineering designs and a hydraulics report. These reports allow us to ascertain an earthworks quote, complete your contract plans and contract quotation.

Stage 3 Signing your New Home Contract and colour selections Day 1: You will sign your Contract (1.5 hours) and meet with our in-house experts to determine your specific electrical requirements (2 hours). Day 2: Meet with your specialised colour consultant to select all your fixtures and fittings at your colour selection meeting. All appointments will be held during business hours from Monday to Friday. No further variations will be accepted after completing the colour section appointment. Payment of the balance of 5% deposit is due within five business days of the contract signing.


The process continued Stage 4 Council approvals

Stage 8 Building permit and ordering materials

If your new home requires a report and consent or town planning, our specialist team will prepare the necessary plans and provide them to our consultants to lodge and manage through Council. Updates on the progress will be provided during this process by your Prestart Consultant.

With all of the hard work behind us, the building permit will be obtained and materials ordered ready for construction of your new home to commence.

Depending on the complexity of the application and the local council approval time frames this process can take 3-12 months to obtain approval.

Stage 5 Demolition On confirmation that your old home is vacant we will commence the service abolishment process and request a demolition permit. Once these are complete we will demolish your old home have a new power pit installed and cap off the existing sewer point.

You will also have an opportunity to complete a final review to approve your final plans as well as your colour selection documents before construction commences.

Stage 9 Construction Your Client Liaison Coordinator will contact you when it’s time to start construction and regularly update you. A Site Manager will manage all trades and suppliers to ensure construction is completed to our quality standards. Due to OH&S requirements you will need to arrange any site visits through your Client Liaison Coordinator.

Stage 6 Siting Plans

Once your new home is complete it will be presented to you by your Site Manager.

Once your lot is clear, we will arrange for the final soil test and survey to be carried out and complete your siting drawings.

When we have received the final payment, you will receive your keys, this occurs at our head office during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Now is the time to finalise your finance approval as construction is due to commence in the coming months.

Boutique Assist

Stage 7 Final Engineering Once the engineering and energy ratings are complete, we will prepare your final construction plans.

You will now receive Boutique Assist, our industry leading aftercare program which includes a 25 year structural guarantee and 12 month service warranty.

Referral program Now that you’re living in your brand new Boutique home, you’re eligible for rewards through our Refer a Friend program. You can refer to the information in your handover pack, or alternatively visit to refer your friends and family directly online.



Pre-construction timeline

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Property assessment Finance assessment New home selection Sign PWC.

Preliminary testing: - soil - survey - engineering - hydraulics - property services info - earthworks quote Contract preparation

Contract signing Electrical consultation Colour selection appointment

Town planning or report and consent if required. Specific timing to be confirmed.*

Service Abolishment Demolition








*Stage 4 Town Planning or Report and Consent if required. NOTE this process varies in time and can take anywhere from 3 mths to 12 mths depending on the complexity of the application and the local councils approval time frames. All information, including timeframes, contained within this brochure was accurate at time of printing. Timeframes are subject to change without notice.


Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Final soil test Final survey Siting plans Finance approval

Engineering Energy rating Final plans

Building permit Order materials








Frequently asked questions When do I start the demolition process? Your Prestart Consultant will notify you when to commence the demolition process. What can I expect from a demolition contractor? Experienced contractors should be able to offer a complete demolition service including: — Abolishment of services — Remove asbestos and provide a hygiene certificate — Remove all debris and clear your block How do I know what needs to be demolished? We will provide a demolition plan in your Contract, you should use this when seeking quotes. Do I need to arrange temporary fencing? Yes, this will need to be installed prior to demolition and removed before we commence construction. Do I need a new underground power pit? Yes, underground power pits are required to be installed for the connection of power to your new home. How do I arrange an underground power pit? A new underground power pit is applied for to your electricity provider. If you are unsure which provider operates in your area please feel free to contact your Prestart Consultant. When should I apply for a new underground power pit? A new underground power pit can take approximately three months from the time of application, therefore we recommend that you start the process as soon as you have signed your Contract. How many underground power pits do I need? You only need one underground power pit, which will be located on either side of your front  title boundary. How many phases does my power supply need to be? A standard power supply is single phase, however if you are installing a pool, spa or refrigerated cooling a three phase power supply may be required. It’s best to check these requirements with your Prestart Consultant.


Do I need new fences? If your existing fences are less than 1.8m high, you will need to install fence extensions or a new fence. The extent of any fencing requirements will be shown on your contract plans. Do I need a report and consent? A report and consent is required for varying reasons and each home is different. We will assess your new home to determine if a report and consent is required and engage our expert consultant to manage the approval process through Council. Where possible we will site your new home to remove the requirement for a report and consent. How long does a report and consent take? The timing will vary depending on the exemption being applied for and whether or not we need your neighbours consent to the application. Once the application is made it generally takes 8-10 weeks. Do I need town planning? Similar to a report and consent we will assess the planning controls of your property and site your new home with the aim of not entering into town planning. In some cases town planning cannot be avoided, in these cases we will engage our expert consultant to manage the town planning process. How long does town planning take? The timeframe to obtain a planning permit can vary considerably, depending on the reason for applying. If your new home needs to go through the town planning process we will work with our expert consultant to advise you accordingly. What happens once a planning permit is issued? Once a town planning permit has been issued it means that the council has approved the application. It is likely that extra requirements will be imposed on your design (ie. landscape or drainage designs) the delivery of these designs will be managed with the help of our expert consultants.

Have you spoken to anyone about financing your new home? If yes, please provide your New Homes Consultant with a copy of the pre approval. If not, our in house finance experts at Resolve Finance will gladly provide you with some advice and assist in finding you the best home loan to suit your needs. What if my pre approval expires before I receive my contract? The validity of mortgage pre approval letters can vary between different lenders. Generally a pre approval is valid up to 90 days. If your pre approval has expired, your lender may request an extension assuming your financial situation hasn’t changed during the validity period. Can I demolish before my finance is formally approved? No, we strongly recommend having your formal finance in place prior to arranging the demolition of your existing property to ensure your lender will provide a sufficient amount to cover the cost of the new build. When can I arrange a valuation on my existing property that will be demolished? You may arrange your valuation once you have received a copy of your HIA building contract including your contract plans and Boutique premium inclusions.

What do the valuers take into consideration when completing a valuation? Valuers will generally take the below points into consideration before providing the final valuation report:

- Architectural style of the home

- Land size / layout of the block

- Location in relation to schools, public transport, shops and amenities

- Number of rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the kitchen

- Size and layout of the floorplan

- Standard inclusions of the home e.g. flooring

- Recent comparable sales

When will I receive my fixed price building contract? We will be able to prepare your HIA building contract once we have received all of the preliminary site information as this will allow us to prepare your contract plans as well as provide you with an accurate site cost amount. Please allow 12 weeks from signing your Preliminary Works Contract to obtain all preliminary information. What is a provisional sum and will this affect my finance? A provisional sum is an amount of money included in the contract sum to cover work or materials, the extent of which cannot be specifically detailed when entering the contract. A provisional sum may be credited back if it is not required via a post contract variation, after the contract has been signed. This amount may or may not affect your finance depending on your budget as it will be factored into the final contract amount.


You First

Clear & Simple


Purchasing a new home is an enjoyable and exciting experience. We understand this and are committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process. We also listen to your feedback and are constantly improving our products, processes and services to best meet your needs.

We will be honest with you throughout the entire process, so you feel in control. We’ll work with you on options and premium inclusions via our Clear & Simple process, so you know your costs upfront, making it easy to manage your decisions and budget.

We ensure all our new homes are high quality by focussing on four essential elements: • Quality material selection • Reliable and diligent tradespeople • Quality building supervision • A combination of in-house and independent quality control inspections.

Boutique is proud to be part of ABN Group, Australia’s leader in construction, property and finance. This means every Boutique home is backed by 40 years of industry excellence in the design, construction and delivery of quality homes. Find out more about what this connection means for you at

Structural guarantee


Our commitments don’t end when construction wraps. We stand by the quality of the materials, fixtures and tradespeople we use and back every Boutique home with a 25-year structural guarantee. We build your home to last.

We’ll help you settle in. Through our industry leading aftercare program, Boutique Assist, we offer a 12-month service warranty during your first year in your new home to make sure everything is as it should be.

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Disclaimer © 2018, all plans are protected by copyright and are owned by ABN Group (VIC) Pty Ltd. Plans are based on a modern facade. Images used in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and may depict fixtures, finishes, features, furnishings and landscaping not included in standard pricing or supplied by Boutique Homes including, but not limited to, planter boxes, fences, indoor fireplaces, hearth and tiling and barbeques. For more information on the pricing and specification of these homes please contact one of our New Homes Consultants. All information contained within this brochure was accurate at time of printing – June 2018.

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Boutique Homes Knockdown Rebuild Guide  

Boutique Homes Knockdown Rebuild Guide