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SURJYATAPA RAY CHOUDHURY Portfolio | 2011-2017

Bachelor of Architecture Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh

I believe in the creation of spaces that are free of specific functions; spaces that are flexible in use, spaces which are defined by the users and not forced upon them.

CONTENTS Graduation Thesis Hyperdense Conflux: a solution to informal migrant

cores in a metropolis

Urban Design + Structure Street Verve: rehabilitating the imageability of Jan Marg,


On-Site Work (Internship) 246 Commune: Food court, Ayoyama, Tokyo

Documentation and Analysis Martand Sun Temple: Kashmir, India

Artworks and Sculptures

HYPERDENSE CONFLUX - a solution to informal migrant cores in a metropolis

ABSTRACT Migration often results in the formation of pockets of new communities at concentrated areas of the metropolis- an area which reflects the commercial fabric of the metro itself and its typological, topographical and architectural features but varies deeply in terms of the social structure. But ironically these are the ones that stand most neglected; no set architectural dialog has been established for the incremental and organic nature of these cores, resulting in the outgrowth of slums and squatter settlements with substandard living conditions. The inclusive design of the settlement, its strong social structure and habitat values demand a more in-depth research, along with a detailed study of the built units and their foundations- an architecture entirely constructed by the migrant themselves. The Thesis aims at finding and developing a High Density Incremental solution to the scenario that amalgamates the functions of Living, Working and Socialising to form a unified entity; a structure that does not compromise the lighting and sanitary conditions and basic services due to the inhabitants, owing to its Additive nature.


8m wide road

Entry to site

Women Welfare centre

Road connecting clusters

Co-operative housing societies

Open green areas

8m wide road



Small family: work/ live environment

Large family


Small scale industries: textile, printing etc.

Market place , community areas

ILLUSTRATION Spillover + Incremental area


lvl +34.95m lvl +33.55m lvl +32.25m lvl +29.20m lvl +26.35m lvl +23.40m lvl +20.45m lvl +17.50m lvl +14.55m lvl +11.60m lvl +08.65m lvl +05.70m lvl +02.95m

lvl +00.02m


STREET VERVE - Rehabilitating the imageability of Jan Marg, Chandigarh

The Pavilion: functions as a node of cultural activities set to revive the leisure valley.

Sunken plaza: located at multiple points to aid the underground connection and provide a seamless medium between the ground and the level below

Mixed use building: proposed in the plot on the other side of the street, functioning as an absorbant space to the activities provided by the pavilion and plazas.

Green ramp: functions as a recreational space with shops below, creating a continuous connection between the ground and the mixed-use building




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