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Management Charge & Estates Services Summary 2017

Foreword Peter Roach, Chief Executive What is the Bournville Scheme of Management and why does it matter? Whether you have lived on the Bournville estate for many years or are a new resident, we believe it is important that you are aware of the services freeholders receive in return for the management charge that they pay. Our Scrutiny Panel, made up of residents who work with us to improve services agree and this document was developed following a piece of work they undertook. For those of you unaware of the Bournville Scheme of Management, it is a statutory power that was granted to us nearly 50 years ago. It outlines the basis upon which we manage the Bournville estate (the Scheme of Management area) in return for a charge paid by residents within the Scheme of Management area. Without this power we would have no control over some of the key ingredients that set the village apart from others and make it such a special place to live. For example we wouldn’t be able to manage building alterations, the careful management of which protects the unique identity of the homes and streetscape of Bournville. We would not be able to recover the cost of our landscapes service which maintains and enhances the many green and open spaces enjoyed by residents. The management charge that you pay also ensures that we can deliver a variety of other quality services which create and maintain a flourishing community in Bournville. This leaflet explains all of these services in more detail along with a full breakdown of how the charge you pay is spent. We hope you find it informative and we would be keen to hear your feedback, which you can provide by emailing


Committed to quality Maintaining and protecting open spaces We work hard all year round to make sure that the communities that we manage look their very best. Our dedicated landscape service, Bournville Village Landscapes (BVL), is responsible for this and they are committed to protecting the environment that you live in. The service is made up of four teams which focus on hedge cutting, shrub bed maintenance, grass cutting and arboricultural work. BVL’s work has been recognised by Keep Britain Tidy, which has awarded Bournville’s Village Green Green Flag status for four consecutive years. In addition last year, BVL began the process of applying for Green Flag status for Weoley Park. We hope to achieve this during 2018.

A member of our landscape team.

Over the last year we have... Cut over 500,000 sq. metres of grass twice a month from April to October, and once in March and November. That’s equivalent to 70 football pitches a month. Cutting grass on the estate.

Emptied 90 litter bins between three and five times a week. That’s almost 19,000 bins each year.

Trimmed over 14 miles of hedges a year. Hedges in passageways are cut three times a year, usually in April/May, July/August and in October. All other hedges are cut twice a year.

Carried out planned and reactive tree work. We plant up to 30 new trees every year and inspect around 4,000 trees to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

Pruned shrub beds in spring, summer and winter taking into account seasonality. Paths are sprayed twice a year, usually in April/May and August/September.

Picked litter and cleared graffiti as soon as we were made aware of it.

Filled and maintained 40 grit bins.


Dedicated to distinctive development Managing your neighbourhood The Bournville Scheme of Management allows us to maintain the appearance and facilities that make Bournville so special and unique. As well as maintaining the estate, our Estates team carry out a development control function of homes and land. This involves managing alterations, allotments and caravan sites, street lighting, BVT-owned footpaths, roads and access ways, and commercial stock like shops. BVT-owned communal areas are inspected by our Estate Officer at least once a year and we divide the estate into 32 manageable inspection areas. Our inspections check each area for health and safety issues, repairs to street furniture or replacements, and landscaping issues. Another important part of our work is to make sure alterations are carried out sympathetically and in line with our Design Guide. If you are thinking of altering the external appearance of your home, please read the Guides on our website

Members of the Estates team including – back row Richard Hughes and Mia Laundy, front row (L-R) Wendy James, Joyce Byrne and Sue McGeown.

Over the last year we have... Processed over 300 applications for alterations to homes.

Installed security gates to the garage area at Spiceland Road.

Cleared part of Garland Way pool.

Managed trespassing incidents by travellers at Woodlands Park and Weoley Park. This year we are applying for an injunction to prevent travellers accessing these sites.

Spiceland Road where security gates have been installed to the garage area.

Cleared all BVT owned gulleys.

Replaced broken gulleys at Lower Shenley.

Replaced 30 estate management signs, for example ‘No Dog Fouling’ and ‘No Flytipping.’

Constructed a parking layby at Hay Green Lane.


Introduced a new driveway policy to our Design Guide to help protect and enhance the ‘green’ look of the estate.

Passionate about people Involving you in what we do Our aim is always to create and sustain flourishing communities where you want to live and a big part of this is giving you the chance to get involved with what we do. The BVT Community team support this aim by: • Developing opportunities for you to get involved with our work • Organising a variety of community events and projects in the area • Supporting partners to provide activities. A family enjoying Heritage Open Day.

Over the next 12 months we will… • Make our new Village Voices involvement programme a central part of what we do and continue to develop the Scrutiny Panel • Continue our digital inclusion programme • Develop and help residents involved in a variety of ‘green’ BVT projects • Provide support for a wide range of community events and projects including, Heritage Open Day and the Bournville Christmas Festival. For more information about the ways that you can get involved and to register your interest, please visit our website

Residents getting support with digital technology.

Over the last year we have... Seen 100 residents attend formal meetings or volunteer their time to help us improve our services.

Worked with our Scrutiny Panel to carry out successful reviews. These included checks to our fire safety measures, following the Grenfell tragedy, and recommendations to improve the way we communicate what the management charge is. This document is one of the outcomes of that review.

Seen over 3,000 people use our four community halls every week.

Helped to organise two new community events, Heritage Open Day and Bournville Christmas Festival, with 3,000 visitors attending each.

Offered digital support and helped nearly 100 residents.


Facts and figures Pie chart explained 1. Landscaping - 39% Includes grass cutting, planting, pruning, hedge cutting, weeding, leaf clearance, emptying bins, litter picking and general repairs.

2. Staffing - 11.23% A contribution toward staffing costs of the Estates services. Includes direct staffing costs, i.e.wages, and additional costs, i.e. national insurance, tax and other expenses.


3. Tree works - 3.57%

Tree pruning, planting and associated works.

4. Repairs and maintenance - 3.38% Spend on minor day-to-day repairs and the maintenance of street furniture.

5. Estate renewals - 3.26%  Spend on the replacement and renewal of larger items such as paths, tarmacked areas, lighting and other street furniture.

6. Lighting and utilities - 3.06% Maintaining communal lighting in areas owned by BVT and the electricity costs.

7. Legal and professional fees - 2.20% Instructing consultants to undertake specific work, i.e tree surveys, and legal fees associated with our work, such as arrears recovery and bailiff fees.

8. Direct office costs - 1.08% Office costs such as stationery, training and travel expenses.

9. Insurance - 0.77%

 recover costs we incur for providing public liability and To other insurance cover for management functions.

10. Indirect costs - 32.37% Including: health and safety, information and communication technologies (ICT), audit, governance, finance, human resources, payroll, management, etc.


9 8 7 6 5 4 3

What we spent managing the Bournville estate in 2017 Where our money came from • Freeholders: £307,171 • Tenants: £192,679 Total income: £499,850


What we spent managing the Bournville estate Direct costs • Landscaping: £425,321 • Staffing: £122,427 • Tree works: £38,981 • Repairs and maintenance: £36,911 • Estates renewals: £35,591 • Lighting and utilities: £33,347 • Legal and professional fees: £24,011


total cost of managing the Bournville estate in 2017


came from the contributions that BVT residents pay


of this was funded by BVT

• Direct office costs: £11,754 • Insurance: £8,440

Indirect costs Including: health and safety, information and communication technologies (ICT), audit, governance, finance, human resources, payroll, management, etc: £353,000 Total Expenditure: £1,089,783

Other BVT-funded services


As part of the wider stewardship of the Bournville estate, BVT also fund community development activities and manage a number of community assets. These include, Bournville Junior and Infant School, four community halls, community development activities and Selly Manor Museum. The overall expenditure of which totals approximately £380,000. A significant proportion of these services directly benefit residents on the Bournville estate, which contributes to the community being a place where people choose to live.


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This review was funded by BVT. BVT is a charity and housing association founded by chocolate-maker and philanthropist George Cadbury in 1900. Its vision is to create and sustain flourishing communities where people choose to live and it does this by providing high-quality housing and estate management services across Birmingham and Shropshire.

Management Charge & Estate Services summary 2017 2018  
Management Charge & Estate Services summary 2017 2018